Pictures of Lockdown

During our trip to and from Cornwall I took some pictures of never before seen sights. You can share these, provided they remain unaltered.

In almost 70 years I have never experienced such a period of weather in the Spring. I remember the Summer drought of 1976 well; it was awful.
The London Underground was unbearably hot, the streets were a choking, smelly horror and there was no relief.
This is very different and delightful. The birds in my garden are making full use of it.

Someone said to me last week that, perhaps, it was Mother Nature saying to us "look what I can do for you if you just let me get on with it".

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Taken from West Pentire, looking across Crantock Bay to the Gannel Estuary.
The 'back' of Newquay is in the centre of the background. The only people visible are my sons.

Finally, this letter. The only time in history that a UK citizen has needed such a document in Peacetime.
I hope we will never need one again.

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