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Old to New Street names 1857 - 1929

New to Old
Please bear in mind that the "Present Name" often already existed, the "Former Name"being incorporated as a part, and in some cases has been changed again later.

The "Parish" usually refers to amalgamated Parishes which are almost equivalent to the Metropolitan Boroughs described on this page.

The "Date" is the range of years during which the change took place, starting in 1857. The # symbol indicates that it does not appear in later editions of the LCC books (see Notes below). The exact year is shown in the eBook version.

Don't forget to check with the 1929 - 1945 list of changes as well as this one.

I have no plans to join my ancestors anytime soon, but when I do the information on this website may disappear. In order that it does not get lost to posterity I have turned all four lists of Street Name Changes into an eBook, which you can download and keep. It contains more entries and more precise information than is shown here. This and 3 other resources to help find places that disappeared for other reasons are described on the Lost London Streets page.

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Former name Present Name Parish Date
A streetAlperton streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Abbeville road NorthAbbeville roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Abbey placeAbercorn placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Abbey road WestAbbey roadHampsteadpre 1912
Abbey terraceBlenheim terraceSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Abbott's cottagesRomer placeLewishampre 1912
Abdale road (part)Stanlake roadHammersmithpre 1912
Abercorn road Hatchard roadIslingtonpre 1912
Abercrombie street (part)Burns roadBatterseapre 1912
Aberdeen mewsAberdeen laneIslington1917-20
Aberdeen park roadAberdeen roadIslingtonpre 1912
Abernethy streetAbernethy roadLewishampre 1912
Abingdon terraceAbingdon roadKensingtonpre 1912
Abingdon villas WestAbingdon villasKensingtonpre 1912
Abinger road WestDesmond streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Absolom road Golborne gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Academy hillAcademy roadWoolwichpre 1912
Ackroyd streetAckroyd roadLewishampre 1912
Ackworth streetCranworth gardensLambethpre 1912
Acorn placeTrinity roadBermondseypre 1912
Acre streetAkers streetNewingtonpre 1912
Acre street (part)Yeovil streetBatterseapre 1912
Acuba streetAcuba roadWandsworth Borough1917-20
Adam placeOran placeBermondseypre 1912
Adam streetBrunel roadBermondseypre 1912
Adam street EastAdam streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Adam street WestSeymour placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Adam's mewsHampden Gurney streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Adam's placeEve's placeSouthwarkpre 1912
Addington mews (part)Goodyear placeCamberwellpre 1912
Addington mews (part)Kitson roadCamberwellpre 1912
Addison gardens NorthUpper Addison gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Addison gardens SouthAddison gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Addison placeNormandy roadLambeth1920-29
Addison road (part)Holland park gardensKensington1920-29
Addison road NorthAddison avenueKensington1912-17
Addison terraceHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Addison terraceSt. Mary Abbot's terraceKensingtonpre 1912
Adelaide placeIvy yardShoreditchpre 1912
Adelaide road North (part)Adelaide roadHampsteadpre 1912
Adelaide road North (part)Hilgrove roadHampsteadpre 1912
Adelphi wharfLower RoadwayCity of Westminster1912-17
Aden grove NorthSpringdale roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Aden grove SouthAden groveStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Adrian terraceIfield roadKensingtonpre 1912
Adwell streetLennox roadIslington1920-29
Afghan roadCandahar roadBatterseapre 1912
Agnew streetAgnew roadLewishampre 1912
Ainger terraceAinger roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Ainsworth streetClub rowBethnal greenpre 1912
Aitken streetAitken roadLewishampre 1912
Aland roadWeedington roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Albany mewsPeto placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Albany placeRedhill placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Albany roadOfford roadIslingtonpre 1912
Albany rowCalmington roadCamberwellpre 1912
Albany villasVanbrugh parkGreenwichpre 1912
Albert cottages, Becklow roadBecklow placeHammersmith1912-17
Albert crescentBoones roadLewishampre 1912
Albert gate (part)KnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Albert grove (part)Chadwick roadCamberwellpre 1912
Albert grove (part)Choumert groveCamberwellpre 1912
Albert house stablesJay mewsCity of Westminster1920-29
Albert placeIxworth placeChelsea1920-29
Albert placeLeader streetChelsea1912-17#
Albert placeInstow placeIslington1912-17
Albert placeSidford placeLambethpre 1912
Albert placeTownley streetNewingtonpre 1912
Albert placeUnderwood streetStepneypre 1912
Albert placeWeimar roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Albert placePhilip passageShoreditchpre 1912#
Albert placeAlbert bridge roadBatterseapre 1912
Albert place or cottages, Marryat streetMarryat cottagesHammersmith1912-17
Albert place, Becklow roadBecklow placeHammersmith1912-17
Albert roadWaterloo roadBethnal greenpre 1912
Albert roadHoltham roadHampsteadpre 1912
Albert roadMiranda roadIslingtonpre 1912
Albert roadSydenham parkLewishampre 1912
Albert roadArmagh roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Albert roadMoody streetStepneypre 1912
Albert road EastAlbert roadHackneypre 1912
Albert streetStanworth streetBermondseypre 1912
Albert streetCastlemain roadCamberwellpre 1912
Albert streetBelshaw streetHackneypre 1912#
Albert streetGotha streetHackneypre 1912#
Albert streetVictoria squareCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Albert streetSwan yardIslingtonpre 1912
Albert streetAlberta streetNewingtonpre 1912
Albert streetPrinces road Plumsteadpre 1912
Albert streetGladstone streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Albert streetLyme streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Albert streetGrove street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Albert streetMilford streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Albert street Sand streetWoolwichpre 1912
Albert street, Bancroft roadMoody streetStepneypre 1912
Albert street, Halcomb streetHalcomb placeShoreditchpre 1912
Albert street, High street HomertonWardle streetHackney1920-29
Albert street, Hight street ShadwellSolander streetStepneypre 1912
Albert street, King Edward's roadWarneford streetHackney1920-29
Albert street, Kingsland roadLaburnum streetShoreditchpre 1912
Albert street, Railway placeEntick streetStepneypre 1912
Albert terrace Sears street Camberwellpre 1912
Albert terrace Cavan terraceChristchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Albert terrace KnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Albert terrace Belsize road Hampsteadpre 1912
Albert terrace Pembridge roadKensingtonpre 1912
Albert terrace Boones road Lewishampre 1912
Albert terrace Lyme terrace St. Pancraspre 1912
Albert terrace (part) Aldebert terraceLambethpre 1912
Albert terrace (part) St. Stephen's terraceLambethpre 1912
Albion cottagesBrook green Hammersmithpre 1912
Albion cottages, Redman's roadRedman's cottages Stepney1912-17
Albion gardens NorthAlbion gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Albion gardens South Albion gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Albion gardens South Flora gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Albion grove Northam streetGreenwichpre 1912
Albion grove Stannard roadHackneypre 1912
Albion grove Ripplevale groveIslington1920-29
Albion grove WestAlbion groveIslingtonpre 1912#
Albion grove WestRipplevale groveIslington1920-29
Albion placeDorset street Islingtonpre 1912
Albion placeHeygate streetNewingtonpre 1912
Albion place Connaught streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Albion roadStockmar roadHackneypre 1912
Albion roadDalling roadHammersmithpre 1912
Albion roadFurlong roadIslingtonpre 1912
Albion road East (part)Brackenbury roadHammersmithpre 1912
Albion road East (part)Dalling road Hammersmithpre 1912
Albion road WestAlbion road Stoke Newingtonpre 1912
Albion street Hemming streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Albion street Albion hillGreenwichpre 1912
Albion street Colwick streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Albion terrace Abingdon roadKensingtonpre 1912
Aldebert streetHaycroft roadLambeth1920-29
Aldeburgh street NorthAldeburgh streetGreenwichpre 1912
Aldenham street WestAldenham streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Alderley streetAlderney streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Alderville streetAlderville roadFulhampre 1912
Aldgate (part)Fenchurch streetCity of London1912-17
Aldred street Aberdour streetBermondseypre 1912
Aldred street Aldred road Newingtonpre 1912
Aldrich road Bartholomew road St. Pancraspre 1912
Alexandra streetPalace street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Alfred placeSaltdean placeBattersea1917-20
Alfred placeAlexander placeKensington1917-20
Alfred placeWaverley roadPaddington1917-20
Alfred placeBate placeSt. Paul, Deptford1917-20
Alfred place Fritton placeCamberwellpre 1912
Alfred place WestAlfred placeKensington1917-20
Alfred place, Bolney streetMadrid place Lambethpre 1912
Alfred place, Kipling streetRudyard placeBermondseypre 1912
Alfred place, Salisbury placeLlama placeBermondseypre 1912#
Alfred place, Whitgift streetAdo placeLambethpre 1912
Alfred roadAlfred streetBatterseapre 1912
Alfred street Gloucester roadCamberwellpre 1912
Alfred street Sterling streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Alfred street Sonning streetIslingtonpre 1912
Alfred street Bolney street Lambethpre 1912
Alfred street Huntley streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Alfred street Shandy streetStepneypre 1912
Alfred street, Upper North streetCotall street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Alfred street, Westferry roadManilla streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Alfred terrace Spenlow streetStepneypre 1912
Alice placeSpenlow streetStepneypre 1912
Alie placeSt. Mark streetStepneypre 1912
Alkham road (part) Darenth road Hackneypre 1912
All Saints placeAll Saints streetIslingtonpre 1912
Allen streetDigswell streetIslingtonpre 1912
Allen streetCentaur streetLambethpre 1912
Allen streetAlsace street Newingtonpre 1912
Allen streetVane streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Allenby road Houston roadLewishampre 1912
Aller streetWear street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Allington streetArneway streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Allonby streetMoray roadIslington1920-29
Allport villas Strathmore gardens Kensington1920-29
Allsop mewsAllsop street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Alma roadRitson road Hackneypre 1912
Alma roadVorley road Islingtonpre 1912
Alma roadFenelon road Kensingtonpre 1912
Alma road (part)York roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Alma terrace Chancellors roadHammersmithpre 1912
Alma terrace Redan terraceLambethpre 1912
Almack road (part) Mayola road Hackneypre 1912
Almeric street Almeric road Batterseapre 1912
Alpha street Green Hundred roadCamberwellpre 1912
Alveston mewsRoland mewa Kensington1920-29
Amelia place Dunlop place Bermondseypre 1912
Amelia rowDunlop place Bermondseypre 1912
Amelia street Teather streetCamberwellpre 1912
Amelia terraceReginald squareSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
America square (part)Vine streetCity of London1912-17
Amersham grove NorthAmersham groveSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Amersham vale road Amersham valeSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Amhurst road East Amhurst roadHackneypre 1912
Amner road (part)Roseneath roadBatterseapre 1912
Ampton place Ampton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Anchor and Hope alleyRed Lion streetStepneypre 1912
Anchor street Sclater street Bethnal green, etc.pre 1912
Andover road Perrers road Hammersmithpre 1912
Anerley park (part)Anerley park roadPenge1920-29
Angell placeDalkey placeSouthwarkpre 1912#
Angles road (part)Farm avenue Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Angles road (part)Pendennis roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Anglesea hill Anglesea roadWoolwichpre 1912
Ann streetLinda street Batterseapre 1912
Ann streetFlorida street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Ann streetGoldie streetCamberwellpre 1912
Ann streetBevan street Islingtonpre 1912
Ann streetAylesbury roadNewington1920-29
Ann streetAylesbury streetNewingtonpre 1912#
Ann streetAnnabel streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Ann streetPitt streetWoolwichpre 1912
Ann street, Braintree streetHadleigh streetStepney1920-29
Ann street, Brick laneWentworth streetStepneypre 1912
Ann street, Devonport streetBarnardo streetStepneypre 1912
Ann street, Margaret streetFernsbury streetFinsbury1912-17
Ann street, Pentonville roadCynthia streetFinsburypre 1912
Ann street, Upper Chapman streetTillman streetStepneypre 1912
Anne street Boyce street Lambethpre 1912
Anne street, Wellesley streetApsley streetStepneypre 1912
Ann's placeGooch place Bermondseypre 1912
Ann's placePritchard's roadBethnal green, etc.pre 1912
Ann's placeLomond placeCamberwell1912-17
Ann's placeBath street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Ann's placeArno placeLimehouse, Stepneypre 1912
Ann's place (part)Davey squareWoolwichpre 1912
Ann's place, Lant streetAster placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Ann's place, Tower streetFalka place St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Ann's rowWooler street Newington1912-17
Ann's terrace or placeLoftie street Bermondseypre 1912
Anthony streetJaneway streetBermondseypre 1912
Antonine streetLesly street Islingtonpre 1912
Antrim street (part) Antrim grove Hampstead1912-17
Antrim street (part) Antrim road Hampstead1912-17
Approach roadShepherd's Bush marketHammersmith1920-29
Arabella row Lower Grosvenor placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Arbour street East (part)Arbour squareStepneypre 1912
Arbour street East (part)East Arbour street Stepneypre 1912
Arbour street West West Arbour street Stepneypre 1912
Archway road Ransom road Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Ardilaun road (part)Kelross road Islingtonpre 1912
Ardville road Rushcroft roadLambethpre 1912
Argyll placeGreat Marlborough streetCity of Westminster1920-29
Argyll roadArgyle place Hammersmith1920-29
Ariel streetAriel roadHampsteadpre 1912
Arkell mews Cambridge gate mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Arlington streetArlington roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Arliss road (part)Broughton streetBatterseapre 1912
Arliss road (part)Eversleigh roadBatterseapre 1912
Armagh road South Armagh road Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Arnold street Dawson streetFulhampre 1912
Arnolds road Borland road Camberwellpre 1912
Arodene road (part) Helix roadLambethpre 1912
Arragon streetArragon gardensWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Arthur grove Elaine grove St. Pancraspre 1912
Arthur street King Arthur street Camberwellpre 1912
Arthur street Camberwell gateNewington1912-17
Arthur street Chadbourn streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Arthur street Corston streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Arthur street Pixley street Stepneypre 1912
Arthur street (part), Gray's inn roadAmpton streetSt. Pancras1920-29
Arthur street (part), King's Cross roadCubitt street St. Pancraspre 1912
Arthur street East (part)Monument streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Arthur street WestArthur street City of Londonpre 1912
Arthur street, KnightsbridgeTrevor squareCity of Westminster1917-20
Arthur street, Prince of Wales roadHealey street St. Pancraspre 1912
Arthurdon streetArthurdon roadLewisham1912-17
Artichoke placeKimpton roadCamberwellpre 1912
Artillery buildingsFinsbury streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Artillery courtFinsbury streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Artillery streetArtillery lane City of London, etc.pre 1912
Artizans streetArtizan streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Arundel place (part)Westbourne roadIslingtonpre 1912
Arundel streetHemming streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Arundel terraceEllington streetIslingtonpre 1912
Arundel terraceBlenheim crescent Kensingtonpre 1912
Ashburton roadClaybrook roadFulhampre 1912
Ashford terraceAshford streetShoreditchpre 1912
Ashley placePitsea place Stepneypre 1912
Ashmole cottagesAshmole placeLambethpre 1912
Ashmore placeAshmole placeLambethpre 1912
Ashton roadJervis roadFulhampre 1912
Askew terraceAskew crescentHammersmithpre 1912
Asmara street Asmara road Hampstead1920-29
Aspenlow terraceAzenby road Camberwellpre 1912
Assembly row Falkland placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Aston roadPowis terrace Kensingtonpre 1912
Astwood road Ashburn gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Athearn roadSunwell streetCamberwellpre 1912
Atheling roadSt. Charles squareKensingtonpre 1912
Athenaeum roadCamden road Islingtonpre 1912
Atherford streetAtherford roadLambethpre 1912
Athole streetDunkeld streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Atlantic road (part) Railton roadLambethpre 1912
Atlas courtAtlas street Greenwichpre 1912
Atlinson's mewsCaspian streetCamberwellpre 1912
Atterbury streetOld Queen streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Auburn streetIrwin street Plumsteadpre 1912
Augusta streetHarmood placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Augustine terraceBrook green Hammersmithpre 1912
Aukland hill (part)St. Louis roadLambethpre 1912
Aulay avenue Aulay street Camberwellpre 1912
Aulton passageAulton place Lambethpre 1912
Aveland streetSurrendale placePaddington1920-29
Avenue cottagesRomer place Lewishampre 1912
Avenue park villasMaley avenueLambethpre 1912
Avenue road Wanless road Lambethpre 1912
Avenue road Le May avenueLewisham1920-29
Avenue road Autumn streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Avenue road Truman's roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Avenue road, ClaphamMackay road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Avenue road, SouthfieldsGressenhall roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Avenue, The Courtlands avenue Eltham1912-17
Avenue, The Ravenscourt avenue Hammersmithpre 1912
Avenue, The (part), Baring roadLe May avenueLewisham1920-29
Avenue, The, Acre laneConcanon roadLambethpre 1912
Avenue, The, High street, PeckhamRosewell avenueCamberwellpre 1912
Avenue, The, Linden groveForester road Camberwellpre 1912
Avenue, The, West hill, SydenhamLawrie park avenue Lewishampre 1912
Axe's placeNuttall streetShoreditchpre 1912
Aylesbury streetAylesbury roadNewington1912-17
Aylmer road Azenby road Camberwellpre 1912
Aylsham streetDahomey roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Aylwin street Melrose gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Ayresome roadAyrsome roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Aysgarth streetAysgarth roadCamberwellpre 1912
Azenby squareAzenby road Camberwellpre 1912
B street Barfett street Paddingtonpre 1912
Baalzephon streetWeston streetBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Bache's rowBache's streetShoreditchpre 1912
Back alleySt. Margaret's court St. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Back laneElmington roadCamberwellpre 1912
Back laneElectric lane Lambethpre 1912
Back lane, Artillery placeBelford grove Woolwichpre 1912
Back lane, Tooting Rectory lane Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Back roadElmington roadCamberwellpre 1912
Back roadBoleyn road Islington, etc.pre 1912
Back roadCable streetStepneypre 1912
Back streetHigh street, BromleyPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Back walkGoldsmith roadCamberwellpre 1912
Back wayOrme lanePaddington1912-17
Badgemore terraceHeavitree roadWoolwichpre 1912
Baggally street West Baggally streetStepneypre 1912
Bagley street Brougham streetBatterseapre 1912
Bagnigge Wells road King's Cross roadSt. Pancras & Finsburypre 1912
Baker streetElephant roadNewingtonpre 1912
Baker's rowVallance roadStepneypre 1912
Baldwin streetRoby street Finsburypre 1912
Ballingdon road (part)Roseneath roadBatterseapre 1912
Ball's buildingsLink streetHackneypre 1912
Balmain streetOrleans road Islington1920-29
Balser roadDe Morgan roadFulhampre 1912
Balstone road Ardlui road Lambethpre 1912
Baltic placeRotherhithe Old roadBermondseypre 1912
Bancroft placeHarford streetStepneypre 1912
Bank buildingsBelsize road Hampsteadpre 1912
Banner squareBanner streetFinsburypre 1912
Bannerman streetWestville roadHammersmithpre 1912
Barby avenue Oakhill avenueHampsteadpre 1912
Barchester street (part)Fawe streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Bardolph streetBardolph roadIslingtonpre 1912
Bardsley road Simpson streetBattersea1920-29
Bardwell street (part)Corporation streetIslington1912-17
Barking road (part) East India Dock roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Barnet street Columbia roadBethnal greenpre 1912
Barnsbury laneLaycock streetIslington1912-17
Baroda placeHigh street Shadwell, Stepneypre 1912#
Baroness streetBaroness roadBethnal greenpre 1912
Barossa place South parade Chelseapre 1912
Barossa place EastSouth parade Chelseapre 1912
Barrett street Vauxhall streetLambethpre 1912
Barrett's courtSt. Christopher's placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Barrow hillSt. Edmund's terraceSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Barrow hill placeAlbert road St. Pancras & St. Marylebonepre 1912
Barrowcliff streetEverleigh streetIslington1920-29
Barrow's yard Barrow's placeLewishampre 1912
Bartholomew placeCudworth streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Bartholomew road NorthLawford road St. Pancraspre 1912
Bartram streetBartram roadLewishampre 1912
Basham road Tasso roadFulham1920-29
Basing's folly Tuskar street Greenwichpre 1912
Basket alley Garrett streetFinsburypre 1912
Basnett grove Basnett road Batterseapre 1912
Batchelor's squareClock placeNewingtonpre 1912
Bath placeBath streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Bath place, Cheam placeEwell placeCamberwell1912-17
Bath place, Copenhagen streetCarlsbad streetIslingtonpre 1912
Bath place, Rothery streetBothery placeIslington1912-17
Bath place, Sumner roadLisford street Camberwellpre 1912
Bath roadAsylum road Camberwellpre 1912
Bath rowCrawford passageFinsburypre 1912
Bath rowRamsgate streetHackneypre 1912
Bath streetRoman Bath street City of Londonpre 1912
Bath streetJohn Penn streetGreenwichpre 1912
Bath streetWarham streetLambethpre 1912
Bath streetThirza streetRatcliffe, Stepneypre 1912
Bath streetRivington streetShoreditchpre 1912
Bath street, Albany roadHarling streetCamberwellpre 1912
Bath street, Cambridge roadBirkbeck streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Bath street, Commercial roadHawker streetCamberwellpre 1912
Bath street, Eavenscroft streetShipton streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Batsford road .St. John's valeSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Batsford streetSt. John's valeSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Batstone street (part)Batson street Hammersmith1912-17
Batstone street (part)Davisville roadHammersmithpre 1912
Batters road Blanmerle roadElthampre 1912
Battersea High street (part)Vicarage roadBattersea1912-17
Battersea rise (part) Clapham common, West sideBatterseapre 1912
Battersea squareBattersea High streetBatterseapre 1912
Battle bridge Pentonville roadIslingtonpre 1912
Bawtrey road Bawtree roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Bayard street Ullin street Poplar Borough1920-29
Bayham street SouthBayham streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Baynes rowMount PleasantFinsburypre 1912
Bayonne road Biscay roadFulhampre 1912
Beacon dale roadBecondale roadLambethpre 1912
Beaconsfield terrace High road, KilburnHampsteadpre 1912
Beaconsfield terrace Grafton roadLewishampre 1912#
Beaconsfield terrace Burford road Lewisham1920-29
Beaconsfield villasBassett road Kensingtonpre 1912
Bear laneOld Woolwich roadGreenwichpre 1912
Beauclerk roadBeauclerc roadHammersmithpre 1912
Beaufort buildingsSavoy court City of Westminsterpre 1912
Beaulieu avenuePerceval avenueHampstead1912-17
Beaulieu hill Gipsy hillLambethpre 1912
Beaumaris gardensCromwell groveHammersmithpre 1912
Beaumont placeDieppe street Fulhampre 1912
Beaumont streetBoxmoor streetHammersmithpre 1912
Beckett street Bowyer streetCamberwellpre 1912
Becmead road Becmead avenueWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Bective crescentBective road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Bective road Mulgrave roadFulhampre 1912
Beddome roadTarver road Newington1920-29
Bedell's road Chantrey roadLambeth1920-29
Bedford court Dunstable courtSt. George the Martyrpre 1912
Bedford court Carey placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Bedford place Welford terraceFulhampre 1912
Bedford place Sunfields placeGreenwichpre 1912
Bedford place Bedford squareSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Bedford place Fitzroy place St. Pancraspre 1912
Bedford Private roadLandor road Lambethpre 1912
Bedford row Fenwick placeLambethpre 1912
Bedford row Zoar streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Bedford squareFord square Stepneypre 1912
Bedford square (part)Bedford streetStepneypre 1912
Bedford streetSandison streetCamberwellpre 1912
Bedford streetBayley street St. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Bedford streetBarnby streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Bedford street Victor roadIslingtonpre 1912
Bedford street, Bedford rowSandland streetSt. Andrew, Holbornpre 1912
Bedford street, Clerkenwell roadVine streetSt. Andrew, Holborn, etc.pre 1912
Beechwood streetAshwin streetHackneypre 1912
Beilby road (part)Courtfield gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Beilby road (part)Courtfield roadKensingtonpre 1912
Belgrave road Loftus road Hammersmithpre 1912
Belgrave road Langdon roadIslingtonpre 1912
Belgrave street SouthLower Belgrave streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Belgrave terraceHaymerle roadCamberwellpre 1912
Belgrave terraceBuckingham palace roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Belgrave terraceGlenton road Lewishampre 1912
Belgrave villasGlenton roadLewishampre 1912
Belgrave villas roadGlenton road Lewishampre 1912
Belinda street Halton road Islingtonpre 1912
Belitha villas WestBelitha villas Islingtonpre 1912
Bell alleyBayer street Finsburypre 1912
Bell green (part)Sydenham roadLewishampre 1912
Bell street (part)Elverton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Bell street (part)Greycoat streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Belle vueCheyne walk Chelseapre 1912
Belle vuePulross road Lambethpre 1912
Bellevue terraceBellevue roadBattersea, etc.pre 1912
Bell's buildingsSt. Bride's passage City of Londonpre 1912
Belmont terraceStoke Newington commonHackneypre 1912
Belmont terraceJackson streetWoolwichpre 1912
Belshaw streetWardle streetHackney1912-17
Belsize part gardens (part)Belsize grove Hampsteadpre 1912
Belvoir street Belvoir road Camberwellpre 1912
Bendall street Pegwell streetPlumstead1912-17
Benjamin roadShelbume roadIslingtonpre 1912
Benn roadBenn street Hackneypre 1912
Bennett streetHoskins streetGreenwichpre 1912
Bennett street Bennet street City of Westminster1917-20
Bennett's buildingsRegency placeLambethpre 1912#
Bennett's hill (part) Godliman streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Bennett's placeBlackheath villageCharlton & Kidbrooke, etc.1920-29
Bennett's placeTranquil valeLewisham, etc.pre 1912#
Bentinck mewsEamont mewsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Bentinck streetLivonia streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Berkeley placeConnaught streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Berkley street Clack street Bermondseypre 1912
Berlin roadCanadian avenueLewisham1917-20
Bermondsey Lower roadJamaica road Bermondseypre 1912
Bermondsey New road (part)Bermondsey streetBermondseypre 1912
Bermondsey New road (part)Tower Bridge road Bermondseypre 1912
Bermondsey square (part)Tower Bridge road Bermondseypre 1912
Bermondsey wall (part)Rotherhithe street Bermondseypre 1912
Bernard streetChamberlain street St. Pancras1920-29
Berry's place Mill rowShoreditchpre 1912
Beta placeAlpha roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Bettisfield street or roadTroughton roadCharlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Bexley court or placeDownes place Camberwell1912-17
Bexley place Downes place Camberwell1912-17
Bexley street Grainger streetCamberwellpre 1912
Bicknell road Delverton roadNewington1920-29
Bicknell streetThrush street Newington1920-29
Bifrons street Sevington streetPaddington1920-29
Billington streetBillington roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Binstead streetGreat Titchfield streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Bird streetMonkton streetLambethpre 1912
Bird streetTench street Stepneypre 1912
Birdcage walk Columbia roadBethnal greenpre 1912
Birdhurst road (part) Bramford roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Bird's terrace Alexander roadIslingtonpre 1912
Birkbeck roadElthome roadIslingtonpre 1912
Birkbeck streetThurlow hill Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Birkwood roadKirkwood roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Bishop's road Patmos road Lambethpre 1912
Bishop's road Killowen roadHackneypre 1912
Bishop's road (part)Filmer roadFulhampre 1912
Bishopsgate road (part)Burdett streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Bishopsgate road (part)Norris road Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Bishopsgate street WithinBishopsgate City of Londonpre 1912
Bishopsgate street WithoutBishopsgate City of Londonpre 1912
Bismarck roadWaterlow roadIslington1912-17
Black Bull courtEnglish groundBermondseypre 1912
Black Horse yardMaze yardBermondseypre 1912
Black Horse yardTorrens streetIslingtonpre 1912
Blackburn(s) mews Blackburne's mews City of Westminster1920-29
Blackheath villasVanbruch parkGreenwichpre 1912
Blackland's courtSymons streetChelseapre 1912
Blackman streetBorough High streetSouthwarkpre 1912
Blackman's alleyLoftie street Bermondseypre 1912
Blackstock laneBlackstock roadIslington1920-29
Blackstock road (part)Highbury parkIslington1917-20
Blackstone laneBlackstock roadIslingtonpre 1912#
Blackwall lane (part) Dreadnought street Greenwichpre 1912
Blackwall lane (part) River wayGreenwich1920-29
Blackwall lane (part) Tunnel avenueGreenwichpre 1912
Blagdon streetBlagdon road Lewishampre 1912
Blakes road (part)Hornby road Camberwellpre 1912
Blandfields streetBlandfield roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Blandford placePark roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Bleakhall lane Emmanuel roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Blein's yardWilna yardWandsworth Borough1917-20
Bleisho roadBeauchamp roadBatterseapre 1912
Blenheim mewsRamillies placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Blenheim placeGrove end roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Blenheim streetRamillies streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Blenheim street (part)Burnsall streetChelsea1920-29
Blenheim terraceMorgan streetStepneypre 1912
Blenheim villasBlenheim terraceSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Blinco roadDaubeney roadHackneypre 1912
Blind laneVancouver roadLewishampre 1912
Blomfield gardensSwindon streetHammersmithpre 1912
Blomfield gardens (part)Blomfield roadHammersmithpre 1912
Blomfield mewsStanlake mewsHammersmithpre 1912
Blomfield roadStanlake roadHammersmithpre 1912
Blomfield streetWelbury streetHackneypre 1912
Blomfield terraceStanlake villasHammersmithpre 1912
Blomfield villasStanlake villasHammersmithpre 1912
Bloomburg street (part)Charlwood streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Bloomfield placeBloomfield terraceCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Bloomsbury market Silver street St. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Bloomsbury street (part)Shaftesbury avenue City of Westminster, etc.pre 1912
Blore's place Lyon's place St. Marylebonepre 1912
Blows cottagesBlows placeLewishampre 1912
Blucher streetDartford streetNewington1912-17
Blucher's buildingsPurvis terraceGreenwichpre 1912
Blue Anchor lane (part)St. James's roadBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Blue Anchor roadSouthwark park roadBermondseypre 1912
Blue cross streetOrange street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Blythe terrace Finck street Lambethpre 1912
Bodney street Bodney road Hackneypre 1912
Bolan street (part)Petworth streetBatterseapre 1912
Bolton gardens SouthSouth Bolton gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Bolton mews Cresswell placeKensingtonpre 1912
Bolton rowCurzon street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Bolton terraceJames streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Bond streetIrwell place Bermondseypre 1912
Bond streetCale streetChelseapre 1912
Bond streetBazon street Lambethpre 1912
Bond streetKell streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Bones placeIrongate wharf roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Bonner laneBonner streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Booth streetPrincelet streetStepney1920-29
Boreham streetArthur streetHackneypre 1912
Boscobel placeAlpha roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912#
Bostal hill roadBostall hillPlumsteadpre 1912
Bostal lane (part)Abbey wood roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Bourton streetTintagel crescentCamberwellpre 1912
Bow lane (part)Garlick hillCity of Londonpre 1912
Bow lane (part)Follett street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Bow lane (part)Ida streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Bowater crescentSamuel streetWoolwichpre 1912
Bowling streetTufton street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Bowman's place (part)Hercules placeIslingtonpre 1912
Boxall rowBoxall road Camberwellpre 1912
Boyne terrace Holland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Boyton's placeCheam place Camberwellpre 1912
Bracton road (part) Eugenia road Bermondsey & St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Bracy street Bracey street Islingtonpre 1912
Bradmore terraceLamington streetHammersmithpre 1912
Bradney gardensCampden hill gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Bramble streetAcacia groveCamberwellpre 1912
Bramfield roadCresford roadFulham1920-29
Bramshill road (part)Bewlys roadLambeth1920-29
Bramshill road (part)Roxburgh roadLambeth1920-29
Bramston streetBranstone streetKensington1920-29
Bran(d)sford streetPorlock streetKensington1912-17
Branch buildingsRosemary roadCamberwellpre 1912
Brandenburgh roadWinslow roadFulham1917-20
Brandon road Knowles hill crescentLewishampre 1912
Brandon row Rockingham street Newingtonpre 1912
Brandon streetSwan Mead Bermondseypre 1912
Brandon street (part)Yeovil place Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Brandon street (part)Yeovil street Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Brandreth streetBrandreth roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Bransby road Railton road Lambethpre 1912
Brantridge streetEric streetStepneypre 1912
Bravington mewsBravington placePaddingtonpre 1912
Braxted road Brasted park Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Braxton road Westwell road approachWandsworth Borough1912-17
Brecknock streetBonny street St. Pancraspre 1912
Bremen street Dericote streetHackney1917-20
Brewer street Hyde street St. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Brewer street Burnsall streetChelsea1920-29
Brewer street Midland road St. Pancraspre 1912
Brewer's alley English groundBermondseypre 1912
Brewer's courtCherry garden place Bermondseypre 1912
Brewer's greenBuckingham gateCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Brewer's green mews (part)Seaforth placeSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminster1912-17
Brewer's green mews (part)Spenser streetSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminster1912-17
Brewer's rowBrewer's green mewsSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminsterpre 1912#
Brewer's row (part)Spenser streetSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminster1912-17
Brewer's row (part) Seaforth placeSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminster1912-17
Brewer's turningBethel place Bermondseypre 1912
Brewer's yardCherry garden place Bermondseypre 1912
Brewery streetWillard streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Brewhouse laneStreatley placeHampsteadpre 1912
Brewhouse yardWescombe cottages Hammersmithpre 1912
Brewster road Priscilla road Poplar Borough1920-29
Briardale streetBriardale gardensHampsteadpre 1912
Brick laneCentral streetSt. Luke, Finsburypre 1912
Bridge roadBattersea Bridge roadBatterseapre 1912
Bridge roadRoman road (part)Bethnal green, etc.pre 1912
Bridge roadWells street Camberwellpre 1912
Bridge roadHammersmith bridge roadHammersmith1912-17
Bridge roadLoudoun roadHampstead, etc.pre 1912
Bridge roadWestminster bridge roadLambethpre 1912
Bridge road mewsLoudoun road mews Hampsteadpre 1912
Bridge rowBuckingham palace roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Bridge street Stanworth streetBermondseypre 1912
Bridge street High street, Fulham Fulhampre 1912
Bridge street Ship laneHammersmith1920-29
Bridge street Westminster bridge roadLambethpre 1912
Bridge street Southwark Bridge roadSt. Saviour & St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Bridge terrace Ladbroke groveKensington, etc.pre 1912
Bridge terrace Lee streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Bridgewater gardens Fann street City of London, etc.pre 1912
Brightfield road (part)Aislibie road Lewishampre 1912
Brighton streetWhidbourne street St. Pancraspre 1912
Brinsmead streetClaude road Camberwell1920-29
Bristol place Bristol gardensPaddingtonpre 1912
Britannia placePrebend streetIslingtonpre 1912
British street (part)Cemetery rowStepneypre 1912
Brixton riseBrixton hillLambeth, etc.pre 1912
Broad Sanctuary (part)The SanctuaryCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Broad street Red Lion streetStepneypre 1912
Broad street (part)Shaftesbury avenueCity of Westminster, etc.pre 1912
Broad street buildingsLiverpool streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Broad street buildingsNew Broad streetCity of Londonpre 1912#
Broad street buildingsBroad street avenueCity of London1920-29
Broad street mewsNew Broad streetCity of Londonpre 1912#
Broad street mewsBroad street avenueCity of London1920-29
Broadhurst roadBroadhurst gardensHampsteadpre 1912
Broadlands roadPlayford roadIslington1920-29
Broadley streetBroadley terraceSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Broadway (part)Tothill street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Broadway mewsArgon mews Fulhampre 1912
Brockley cottagesMalyons terraceLewishampre 1912
Brockley lane Brockley groveLewishampre 1912
Brockley lane (part)Ladywell roadLewishampre 1912
Brockley park (part)Montem road Lewishampre 1912
Brockley rise (part)Brockley roadLewishampre 1912
Brockley road (part)Brockley rise Lewishampre 1912
Brockley road (part)Brockley CrossSt. Paul, Deptford1912-17
Brockley road (part) Upper Brockley roadSt. Paul, Deptford1912-17
Brodie street Brodia road Stoke Newingtonpre 1912
Bromley hill roadOld Bromley roadLewisham1920-29
Bromley road Baring road Lewishampre 1912
Bromley road (part) Old Bromley roadLewisham1920-29
Bromley road (part) Bromley hill Lewisham1920-29
Brompton crescentEgerton crescentKensingtonpre 1912
Bronte place Villette place Camberwellpre 1912
Brook green laneBrook green roadHammersmithpre 1912
Brook mews Lancaster yardPaddingtonpre 1912
Brook placeSmyrks road St. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Brook roadBrookside roadIslingtonpre 1912
Brook roadGrazebrook roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Brook street Worlidge streetHammersmithpre 1912
Brook street Lancaster streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Brook street Ranwell streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Brook street Stanhope streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Brook street, College laneHolmbrook streetHackneypre 1912
Brook street, Riley streetPurbrook streetBermondseypre 1912
Brookdene streetBrookdene roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Brooke street, Tower Bridge roadAlice streetBermondseypre 1912
Brooke street, Upper Clapton roadNorthwold roadHackneypre 1912
Brooklyn cottagesLydbrook streetStepneypre 1912
Brooklyn roadLime groveHammersmith1920-29
Brooks place Harvey road Camberwellpre 1912
Brook's terraceLydbrook streetStepneypre 1912
Broom laneBroomhouse roadFulhampre 1912
Broomfield roadFairfax road Hampsteadpre 1912
Broomhouse laneBroomhouse roadFulhampre 1912
Brougham roadKingsdown roadIslingtonpre 1912
Broughton road (part)Furness road Fulhampre 1912
Browning's placeStraightsmouthGreenwichpre 1912
Brownlow streetBetterton streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Brown's buildingsEversley courtCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Brown's lane Hanbury streetStepneypre 1912
Brownswood parkGreen lanesStoke Newington1917-20
Broxholme roadNew King's roadFulhampre 1912
Bruce road WestBruce roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Brunel roadWarwick roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Brunel street Tyers streetLambethpre 1912
Brunswick courtColombo courtChristchurch, Southwark1917-20
Brunswick courtWick courtNewington1917-20
Brunswick mewsCalsen yard St. Pancraspre 1912
Brunswick placeUpper Harley street St. Marylebone1920-29
Brunswick placeCrossett place Christchurch, Southwark1917-20
Brunswick placeCircular road Newingtonpre 1912
Brunswick placeBlackheath villageCharlton & Kidbrooke, etc.1920-29
Brunswick placePrittlewell placeStepney1912-17
Brunswick placeTranquil valeLewisham etc.pre 1912#
Brunswick road, Brunswick squareBenhill road Camberwellpre 1912
Brunswick road, Camberwell New roadFlodden road Camberwell, etc.pre 1912
Brunswick road, Cobourg roadNeate street Camberwellpre 1912
Brunswick rowParis garden Christchurch, Southwark1917-20
Brunswick rowQueen square placeSt. George the Martyrpre 1912
Brunswick streetParis garden Christchurch, Southwark1917-20
Brunswick streetBrunswick closeFinsburypre 1912
Brunswick streetFalmouth roadNewingtonpre 1912
Brunswick streetTonbridge streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Brunswick streetDeloraine streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Brunswick terraceElmington roadCamberwellpre 1912
Brunswick terraceBrunswick gardens Kensington1912-17
Brunswick terrace, Alvey streetNamur terraceNewingtonpre 1912
Brunswick terrace, Grosvenor parkGrosvenor terraceNewingtonpre 1912
Bryce street Senrab street Stepney1920-29
Brydges streetCatherine streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Buccleugh roadIdmiston roadLambethpre 1912
Bucer placeSidford place Lambethpre 1912
Buckingham cottagesGreencoat placeCity of Westminster1912-17
Buckingham rowBuckingham gateCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Buckland villasBuckland crescent Hampsteadpre 1912
Buckleigh roadTankerville roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Buckrose streetMoreland streetIslington1920-29
Bucks row (part)Durward streetStepneypre 1912
Bull alleyClevedon passageHackney1920-29
Bull courtEnglish groundBermondseypre 1912
Bull inn yardAldgate avenueCity of Londonpre 1912
Bull laneBen Jonson roadStepneypre 1912
Bullen roadIlminster gardensBatterseapre 1912
Burdett streetVilla streetNewington, etc.pre 1912
Burlington gardensLedbury streetKensingtonpre 1912
Burlington mews EastEast Burlington mewsPaddingtonpre 1912
Burlington mews WestEast Burlington mewsPaddingtonpre 1912
Burl's groveGairloch roadCamberwellpre 1912
Burn streetDupont streetStepneypre 1912
Burnard terraceBurnard placeIslingtonpre 1912
Burnt ash laneBurnt ash roadLewishampre 1912
Burry terrace Ranelagh roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Burton crescentCartwright gardens St. Pancraspre 1912
Burton street South Eaton place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Burying ground passageAshland placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Bushell's rentsBushell streetStepneypre 1912
Butcher's lane Mineral streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Butler's place Coxson place Bermondseypre 1912
Byde streetSclater street Bethnal greenpre 1912
C street Caird street Paddingtonpre 1912
Cabul street (part)Battersea park roadBatterseapre 1912
Cadenham roadHuguenot roadCamberwellpre 1912
Cadogan gardens (part)Cadogan placeChelseapre 1912
Cadogan terrace (part)Cadogan gardensChelseapre 1912
Cage laneLakedale roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Caledonia streetGlasgow terraceCity of Westminster1912-17
Caledonian crescent Keystone crescentIslington1912-17
Caledonian terraceBramerton streetChelseapre 1912
Calton roadCalton avenueCamberwell1920-29
Calvert street Watts street Stepneypre 1912
Calvert's cottagesCalvert streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Cambole streetGambole roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Cambridge crescent Cambridge greenEltham1912-17
Cambridge gardens WestCambridge gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Cambridge heath (part)Cambridge roadBethnal greenpre 1912
Cambridge heath (part)Mare streetHackneypre 1912
Cambridge placeChester gateSt. Pancraspre 1912
Cambridge roadMorton roadIslingtonpre 1912
Cambridge roadWerter roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Cambridge streetMorton roadIslingtonpre 1912
Cambridge streetLexington streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Cambridge terraceRathmore roadGreenwichpre 1912
Cambridge terraceSanford terraceHackneypre 1912
Cambridge terraceEllerslie road Hammersmithpre 1912
Cambridge terrace, Gerrard streetGrantbridge streetIslingtonpre 1912
Cambridge terrace, Offord roadArundel placeIslingtonpre 1912
Camden broadwayGreat College street St. Pancraspre 1912
Camden cottage mewsRochester placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Camden cottagesAstoria placeLewishampre 1912#
Camden grove North Cronin road Camberwellpre 1912
Camden mews East Camden mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Camden mews North Camden mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Camden mews South Camden mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Camden place Tranquil vale Lewisham, etc.pre 1912
Camden road Walerand roadLewishampre 1912
Camden road mews Sandall road mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Camden road villas Camden road Islington, etc.pre 1912
Camden squareAstoria placeLewishampre 1912#
Camden streetAinsley streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Camden streetMorecombe streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Camden street North Camden streetNewingtonpre 1912
Camden terraceDuncan terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Camden terrace gardensCamden gardensSt. Pancraspre 1912
Camera square (part) Beaufort streetChelseapre 1912
Camera streetBeaufort streetChelseapre 1912
Camilla road North Camilla road Bermondseypre 1912
Campden House roadHornton streetKensington1920-29
Campion streetCampion roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Canal Bank, New Church roadBoyton's cottagesCamberwell1912-17
Canal bank, Sumner roadBoathouse walkCamberwell1912-17
Canal placeStanton streetCamberwellpre 1912
Canal roadCrinan street Islingtonpre 1912
Canal roadCloyne rowBermondseypre 1912
Canal rowManchester roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Canal terraceCanal bankCamberwellpre 1912
Canal terraceBaldwin terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Canfield roadPriory road Woolwichpre 1912
Cannon hall roadCannon place Hampsteadpre 1912
Cannon rowWarren lane Hampsteadpre 1912
Cannon street Oscar street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Cannon street Cannon street roadStepneypre 1912
Cannon street WestCannon streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Canonbury park squareAlwyne squareIslingtonpre 1912
Canonbury place (part)Alwyne place Islingtonpre 1912
Canonbury terraceAlwyne villas Islingtonpre 1912
Canterbury cottagesUpper Bland streetNewingtonpre 1912
Canterbury mewsCanterbury terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Canterbury placeEldred place Batterseapre 1912
Canterbury placeHurlock streetIslingtonpre 1912
Canterbury place, Falmouth roadRalph street Newingtonpre 1912
Canterbury place, Newington ButtsPenton place Newingtonpre 1912
Canterbury roadBomore road Kensingtonpre 1912
Canterbury roadFaversham roadLewishampre 1912
Canterbury road (part)Kilburn lane Paddingtonpre 1912
Canterbury terraceUpper Bland streetNewingtonpre 1912
Cape of Good Hope mewsDevonshire mews EastSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Capel terrace Tredegar terraceStepneypre 1912
Capland mews Capland streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Capland street (part) Gateforth streetSt. Marylebone1912-17
Capland street North Capland streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Cardozo road Freegrove roadIslington1920-29
Carline crescentLitlington streetBermondseypre 1912
Carlisle laneCarlisle streetLambethpre 1912
Carlisle terraceAbingdon roadKensingtonpre 1912
Carlos streetCarlos place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Carlton grove Leitrim groveBatterseapre 1912
Carlton grove Bernays groveLambethpre 1912
Carlton hill EastCarlton hillSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Carlton mews Andover placePaddington1912-17
Carlton mews or stablesAnglesea yardCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Carlton place Caslon place Bethnal greenpre 1912
Carlton place Greville road Hampstead, etc.pre 1912
Carlton road Culmore road Camberwellpre 1912
Carlton road Penda road Hackneypre 1912
Carlton road Tavistock crescentKensingtonpre 1912
Carlton road Carlton vale Paddingtonpre 1912
Carlton road Walsham roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Carlton road South Carlton road Stepneypre 1912
Carlton road WestMeeting House lane Camberwellpre 1912
Carlton street Bird-in-bush roadCamberwellpre 1912
Carlton terraceGreat Western road Paddingtonpre 1912
Carlyle gardensCheyne rowChelseapre 1912
Caroline mews Bedford avenueSt. George, Bloomsbury, etc.pre 1912
Caroline place Pinto placeCamberwellpre 1912
Caroline place Sanford terraceHackneypre 1912
Caroline place Ostend place Newingtonpre 1912
Caroline place, Carr streetCarr placeStepney1912-17
Caroline place, Globe roadBude placeStepney1912-17
Caroline streetCadell street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Caroline streetSandgate streetCamberwellpre 1912
Caroline streetRoan streetGreenwichpre 1912
Caroline streetGoda streetLambethpre 1912
Caroline streetCarlow street St. Pancraspre 1912
Caroline street East Caroline streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Carpenter streetWeybridge streetBattersea1912-17
Carpenter's rowNorth end roadFulhampre 1912
Carrington placeDown street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Carrol roadChetwynd roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Carter street Saul streetBethnal green, etc.1912-17
Carter street Clothier streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Carter street Carmen streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Carter street Treby street Stepney1912-17
Carter's rentsSaul streetBethnal green, etc.1912-17
Casella road (part)Ventnor road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Casella road EastVentnor road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Cassingley roadAshington roadFulhampre 1912
Cassiobury roadDorncliffe roadFulhampre 1912
Castle alleyOld Castle streetStepney1912-17
Castle courtFulwood placeSt. Andrew, Holborn1912-17
Castle laneCastle street Batterseapre 1912
Castle laneSouthwark Bridge roadSt. Saviour, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Castle mewsSydenham placeLambeth1920-29
Castle placeSydenham placeLambeth1920-29
Castle place mewsSydenham placeLambeth1920-29
Castle streetCharing cross roadCity of Westminster1920-29
Castle streetCornelia streetIslingtonpre 1912
Castle streetCrosswayStoke Newington1912-17
Castle street EastEastcastle streetSt. Marylebone1917-20
Castle street, Camberwell roadMansion streetCamberwellpre 1912
Castle street, HolbomFurnival streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Castle street, HoundsditchGoring streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Castle street, Neate streetDalbiac streetCamberwellpre 1912
Castle terraceHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Catel placeCromer streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Catherine placeCatherine streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Catherine placeKarl placeLambethpre 1912
Catherine placeDupont streetStepneypre 1912
Catherine streetMuriel streetFinsburypre 1912
Catherine streetWhittlesey streetLambethpre 1912
Catherine streetIda streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Catherine streetNile streetShoreditchpre 1912
Catherine street, Commercial road EastAnthony streetStepneypre 1912
Catherine street, White Horse streetMaroon streetStepney1920-29
Cavendish roadViceroy road Lambethpre 1912
Cavendish streetQueen's crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Cavendish terraceHigh road, KilburnHampstead, etc.pre 1912
Caves terrace Mardale streetHammersmithpre 1912
Cecilia roadKidderpore gardens Hampsteadpre 1912
Cedar groveFloyd roadCharlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Cedars roadDeodar road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Cemetery road (part)Gibbon road Camberwellpre 1912
Cemetery road (part)Lausanne roadCamberwellpre 1912
Ceylon road (part)Milson road Hammersmithpre 1912
Chalcot terraceChalcot crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Chaloner streetChalloner streetFulhampre 1912
Chamber streetMasters streetStepneypre 1912
Champion park (part)Champion crescent Lewishampre 1912
Champion terraceElmington roadCamberwellpre 1912
Champion terrace (part)Kerfield crescentCamberwellpre 1912
Chancelott roadChancelot roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Change alleyDunkirk streetLambeth1912-17
Chapel Farm laneCourt roadElthampre 1912
Chapel House street (part)Chapel House place Poplar Borough1920-29
Chapel placeSlingsby placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Chapel placeCapella placeGreenwichpre 1912
Chapel placeConewood placeIslingtonpre 1912
Chapel placeMaundy placeSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminsterpre 1912#
Chapel placeCranmore placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912#
Chapel placeCheval place Kensington, etc.pre 1912
Chapel place Hankey placeSt. George, Southwark1917-20
Chapel place Regent's rowShoreditchpre 1912
Chapel place NorthSouth Audley street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Chapel place SouthSouth Audley street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Chapel place, Church passageNantes place Stepneypre 1912
Chapel place, Clapham roadLingham streetLambethpre 1912
Chapel place, Holloway streetSynagogue placeStepneypre 1912
Chapel place, West NorwoodJaffray place Lambethpre 1912
Chapel roadWindus road Hackneypre 1912
Chapel street Aldford streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Chapel street Rothery streetIslingtonpre 1912
Chapel street Lingham streetLambethpre 1912
Chapel street Tottenham streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Chapel street Scrutton streetShoreditchpre 1912
Chapel street Tait streetStepneypre 1912
Chapel street EastEast Chapel street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Chapel street WestWest Chapel street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Chapel street, Barrow hill roadCobham streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Chapel street, Great Portland streetGildea street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Chapter street (part)Moreton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Charles court Earl's buildingsFinsburypre 1912
Charles mews Chilworth mewsPaddington1912-17
Charles place Karl placeLambethpre 1912
Charles place Speedwell streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Charles place Bache's streetShoreditchpre 1912
Charles place, Prince of Wales roadPrince of Wales crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Charles squareCanrobert streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Charles streetBrewer street Woolwich1920-29
Charles street Kensington Court placeKensingtonpre 1912
Charles street Charlecote groveLewisham1920-29
Charles street Chilworth streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Charles street Crescent road Plumstead1917-20
Charles street Gerridge streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Charles street Macklin streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Charles street (part) Mortimer streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Charles street (part), Farringdon roadCowcross streetFinsbury1920-29
Charles street (part), High streetComet street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Charles street (part), High streetSpeedwell streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Charles street (part), Tottenham court roadGoodge streetSt. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Charles street EastDrummond streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Charles street mewsComet place St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Charles street WestChilworth streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Charles street, Abbey streetNeckinger streetBermondseypre 1912
Charles street, Albany roadCunard street Camberwellpre 1912
Charles street, Albert roadCharlbert streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Charles street, Back Church laneSander street Stepneypre 1912
Charles street, Baker streetGeorge street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Charles street, Bethnal green roadCanrobert streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Charles street, Blundell streetCharlesworth street Islingtonpre 1912
Charles street, Bonwell streetTuscan street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Charles street, Braintree streetSceptre streetStepney1920-29
Charles street, Brandon streetCharleston streetNewingtonpre 1912
Charles street, BromleyDonald street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Charles street, Brooklands roadBrooklands streetLambethpre 1912
Charles street, Camberwell New roadDugdale streetLambethpre 1912
Charles street, Church streetArtillery streetBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Charles street, City roadMoreland streetFinsburypre 1912
Charles street, Commercial roadSumner road Camberwellpre 1912
Charles street, Commercial road EastWatney streetStepneypre 1912
Charles street, George streetKing's place St. Marylebonepre 1912
Charles street, Greenfield streetCoke streetStepneypre 1912
Charles street, Grosvenor squareCarlos place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Charles street, Hackney roadHassard streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Charles street, Harper street Amott streetNewingtonpre 1912
Charles street, King's roadArthur street Chelseapre 1912
Charles street, KnightsbridgeSeville street Chelseapre 1912
Charles street, Leonard streetRavey street Shoreditchpre 1912
Charles street, Lisson groveRanston streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Charles street, Liverpool roadGibson squareIslingtonpre 1912
Charles street, Long AcreAme streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Charles street, Northampton squareLower Charles streetClerkenwell, Finsburypre 1912
Charles street, Oakley streetMurphy streetLambethpre 1912
Charles street, Old Gravel laneRaine street Stepneypre 1912
Charles street, Old Kent roadLeo streetCamberwellpre 1912
Charles street, Oxford streetSoho streetSt. Anne, Westminsterpre 1912
Charles street, Paul streetLuke street Shoreditchpre 1912
Charles street, Pedley streetBratley streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Charles street, Pitfield streetCharles squareShoreditchpre 1912
Charles street, Seymour streetDrummond streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Charles street, Sumner roadNutt street Camberwellpre 1912
Charles street, Tanner's hillThornville streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Charles street, Upper streetSwanley streetIslingtonpre 1912
Charles street, West streetSceptre streetStepneypre 1912#
Charles street, Westferry roadMalabar streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Charles street, Whiston streetGovan street Shoreditchpre 1912
Charles street, Whitechapel roadVallance roadStepneypre 1912
Charles street, WhitehallKing Charles street City of Westminster1920-29
Charles terraceStewart streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Charleville crescentCharleville circusLewishampre 1912
Charlotte mews WestHallam mews St. Marylebonepre 1912
Charlotte placeTamar street Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Charlotte placeSutherland placeNewingtonpre 1912
Charlotte placeUnderwood streetStepneypre 1912
Charlotte rowPurnell place Bermondseypre 1912
Charlotte rowWalbrookCity of Londonpre 1912
Charlotte squareLockyer streetBermondseypre 1912
Charlotte streetBloomsbury street St. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Charlotte streetTamar street Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Charlotte streetUnion street Christchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Charlotte streetPalace street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Charlotte streetThornham streetGreenwichpre 1912
Charlotte streetHallam streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Charlotte streetLeeke street St. Pancraspre 1912
Charlotte streetFieldgate streetStepneypre 1912
Charlton crescentCharlton placeIslington1920-29
Charlton road (part)Charlton Park road Charlton & Kidbrooke1920-29
Charlton road (part)Charlton wav Greenwich1920-29
Charlton road (part)Little Heath Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Charlton valeWoolwich roadWoolwichpre 1912
Charlwood roadCharlwood roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Charlwood terrace (part)Quill laneWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Charsley streetCharsley roadLewishampre 1912
Charterhouse laneCharterhouse street City of London, Saffron hill, etc.pre 1912
Charterhouse street (part)Hayne street City of London, etc.pre 1912
Chartfield roadChartfield avenueWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Chatham placeChatham streetNewington, etc.pre 1912
Chatham roadHorsman streetNewingtonpre 1912
Chatham rowHemp rowNewingtonpre 1912
Chatham streetGoschen streetNewingtonpre 1912
Chatham terraceChatham streetBatterseapre 1912
Chator mewsLinden mews Kensingtonpre 1912
Chelsea villasLimerston streetChelseapre 1912
Chenies mews (part)Ridgmount streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Chepstow Tavern mewsChepstow mewsPaddington1920-29
Chepstow villas WestChepstow villasKensingtonpre 1912
Chesholm streetChesholm roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Chesnut road Aldworth groveLewishampre 1912
Chesnut road (part)Brewery road Woolwichpre 1912
Chester placeBessy street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Chester placeChester squareCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Chester streetBanning streetGreenwichpre 1912
Chester terrace (part)Chester squareCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Cheveley mewsQueensberry mews WestKensingtonpre 1912
Cheviot road (part)Roxburgh roadLambeth1920-29
Chichester roadRosmead roadKensingtonpre 1912
Chilkwell streetDanehurst streetFulhampre 1912
Christabell streetCommercial streetSpitalfields, Stepneypre 1912#
Christchurch passageGreyfriars passageCity of London1917-20
Church crescentChurch street Lambethpre 1912
Church fieldsStraightsmouthGreenwichpre 1912
Church groveCoxson place Bermondseypre 1912
Church laneBrandram road, LeeLewishampre 1912
Church laneBucknall streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Church lane (part)Commercial road EastStepneypre 1912
Church lane, Commercial road EastChurch row Stepneypre 1912
Church passageClock placeNewingtonpre 1912
Church passage (part), Kingswood placeSt. Margaret's passageLewisham1920-29
Church passage,Tress placeChristchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Church passage, Chancery laneRolls passage City of Westminsterpre 1912
Church passage, Commercial road EastCharles street Stepneypre 1912
Church passage, Dacre streetRoyal Oak placeLewishampre 1912
Church passage, LimehouseSt. Anne's passage Stepney1920-29
Church pathChurch walk Stoke Newington1912-17
Church path (part)Hackney groveHackneypre 1912
Church path (part)Tower street Hackneypre 1912
Church place Church crescentHackneypre 1912
Church roadRylston road Fulhampre 1912
Church roadNorwood roadLambeth, etc.pre 1912
Church roadSutton street EastStepneypre 1912
Church roadChurch walk Stoke Newington1920-29
Church road Eton roadHampsteadpre 1912
Church road St. James'sSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Church road (part), De Beauvoir squareChurch road terrace Hackney1912-17
Church road (part), Everine roadManse road Hackney1912-17
Church road (part), Stoke Newington roadEvering road Hackney1912-17
Church road, Howard roadChurch walk Stoke Newington1912-17#
Church road, KingslandSandingham roadHackneypre 1912
Church rowPrima roadLambethpre 1912
Church rowDurham row Stepneypre 1912
Church street Church road Batterseapre 1912
Church street St. Marychurch streetBermondseypre 1912
Church street Ruby street Camberwellpre 1912
Church street Burrell street Christchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Church street New King's roadFulhampre 1912
Church street Christchurch street Greenwichpre 1912
Church street Mare streetHackneypre 1912
Church street St. Philip streetIslingtonpre 1912
Church street Long laneSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Church street Kelly street St. Pancraspre 1912
Church street Cathedral streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Church street Trinity place Shoreditchpre 1912
Church street Christabel streetSpitalfields, Stepneypre 1912
Church street SummerstownWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Church street (part)Bethnal green road Bethnal green1920-29
Church street (part), KenningtonPrima roadLambethpre 1912
Church street, Albert embankmentLambeth roadLambethpre 1912
Church street, Brick laneHanbury streetStepneypre 1912
Church street, Commercial streetFournier streetStepneypre 1912#
Church street, Grundy streetLindale road Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Church street, High street, WappingScandrett streetStepney1912-17
Church street, Manchester roadNewcastle streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Church street, MillbankDean Stanley street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Church street, MinoriesSt. Clare streetStepney1920-29
Church street, Newington ButtsCrampton streetNewingtonpre 1912
Church street, Pimlico roadSt. Barnabas street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Church street, Trinity squareBrockham streetNewingtonpre 1912
Church street, Waterloo roadExton street Lambethpre 1912
Church terraceSecker street Lambeth1920-29
Church terraceLiverpool streetNewingtonpre 1912
Church terraceKelly street St. Pancraspre 1912
Cinder pathWestmount roadEltham1917-20#
Circus mews, Circus roadCochrane mewsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Circus road EastLamble streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Circus road NorthRochford streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Circus road SouthRochford streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Cirencester placeGreat Titchfield streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
City gardens City garden rowIslingtonpre 1912
City terraceGreat Eastern streetShoreditchpre 1912
Clapham common, West side (part)Nightingale laneWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Clapham junction passagewayClapham Junction approachBattersea1912-17
Clapham rise Clapham roadWandsworth Borough & Lambethpre 1912
Clapham road North side, Wandsworth CommonWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Claremont placeBidborough streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Claremont terraceAbingdon roadKensingtonpre 1912
Clarence courtLovat placeBermondseypre 1912#
Clarence courtKinburn streetBermondsey1920-29
Clarence place Lovat placeBermondseypre 1912#
Clarence place Kinburn streetBermondsey1920-29
Clarence place Malmsey placeLambethpre 1912
Clarence place Paul's passageNewingtonpre 1912
Clarence place Westcott streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Clarence place Tanner's hill St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Clarence place Park roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Clarence road Isledon road Islingtonpre 1912
Clarence road Malmesbury roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Clarence road (part) Downs road Hackneypre 1912
Clarence road West Malmesbury roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Clarence row Tanner's hill St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Clarence streetMassinger streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Clarence streetColwick terraceSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Clarendon cottagesDenbigh roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Clarendon placeCantire placeCamberwellpre 1912
Clarendon placeBalcorne streetHackneypre 1912
Clarendon retreatBaker street Lambethpre 1912
Clarendon roadCottesmore gardens Kensingtonpre 1912
Clarendon roadRhodesia roadLambethpre 1912
Clarendon road NorthClarendon roadKensingtonpre 1912
Clarendon streetCouncillor streetCamberwellpre 1912
Clarendon streetLaw streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Clarendon streetUnderhill streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Clarendon villasKimberley roadLambethpre 1912
Clarens road Clarens streetLewishampre 1912
Clareville grove (part)Clareville streetKensington1912-17
Clarkson placeHoniton streetCamberwellpre 1912
Claylands terraceClaylands roadLambethpre 1912
Claypit laneMarvels lane Lewisham1920-29
Cleghorn cottages (part)Cleghorn streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Cleghorn cottages (part)Congreve streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Cleopatra groveQuentin road Lewishampre 1912
Cleveland cottagesRedcar cottagesCamberwell1920-29
Cleveland mewsLeinster mewsPaddington1920-29
Cleveland streetRedcar street Camberwell1920-29
Cleveland terrace gardensSunningdale gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Clifden road EastClifden roadHackneypre 1912
Clifton cottagesFoote's rowBatterseapre 1912
Clifton cottagesLoder street Camberwellpre 1912
Clifton crescentHove street Camberwellpre 1912
Clifton grove Clifton crescentCamberwellpre 1912
Clifton place Galena road Hammersmithpre 1912
Clifton roadFerncliff roadHackneypre 1912
Clifton roadGalena road Hammersmithpre 1912
Clifton roadClifton hillSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Clifton roadClifton hillSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Clifton road EastClifton hillSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Clifton street North Clifton street Shoreditchpre 1912
Clifton terrace Holland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Clifton terrace Clifton road Paddingtonpre 1912
Clock passage Clock placeNewingtonpre 1912
Clonmell streetAlma terrace Islington1920-29
Clorane street Clorane gardensHampsteadpre 1912
Clough's cottagesClough place City of Westminster1912-17
Cluff s cottagesClough place City of Westminster1912-17
Clyde roadCoomer road Fulhampre 1912
Coal yardGoldsmith streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Cobbold roadLarden road Hammersmithpre 1912
Cobden street Linford streetBatterseapre 1912
Cobham row Mount PleasantSt. Pancraspre 1912
Coborn New roadSt. Stephen's road Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Coburg laneIrwell place Bermondseypre 1912
Coburg rowGreencoat placeSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminster1912-17
Coburg street Neptune streetBermondseypre 1912
Coburg street Goode street Finsbury1912-17
Cock hillBroad street Stepneypre 1912
Coimbra road Baylin road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Colborne road Golbome roadKensington1920-29
Colchester street (part)Braham streetStepney1920-29
Colchester street (part)Manningtree street Stepney1920-29
Cold blow laneMonson road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Cold blow roadMonson road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Coldbath lane Kenmure roadHackneypre 1912
Cole placeGlobe street Newingtonpre 1912
Cole street NorthGlobe street Newingtonpre 1912#
Cole street NorthPilgrimage streetNewington1920-29
Colebrook terraceDuncan terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Coleharbour streetKavenscroft street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Coleman streetColeman roadCamberwellpre 1912
Coleman streetKingsman streetWoolwichpre 1912
Coleman street (part) Baird street Finsbury1920-29
Coleman street (part) Roscoe street Finsburypre 1912
Coleman street, buildingsMoorgate placeCity of Londonpre 1912
Coleshill streetEaton terraceCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Colfe road (part)Upper Colfe roadLewisham1920-29
Colinett roadColinette roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Coliton road Colyton road Camberwellpre 1912
Collard gardensLebanon gardensWandsworth Borough1920-29
College avenueTresham avenueHackneypre 1912
College hillAubert park Islingtonpre 1912
College houses Footscray roadEltham1920-29
College houses Clare GardensEltham1912-17#
College place EastMaidenstone hillGreenwichpre 1912
College place WestMaidenstone hillGreenwichpre 1912
College street Shand street Bermondseypre 1912
College street Lettsom streetCamberwellpre 1912
College street Elystan streetChelsea1912-17
College street Elwood streetIslingtonpre 1912
College street Woodland roadLambeth, etc.pre 1912
College street NorthGreat College streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
College street WestCollege place St. Pancraspre 1912
College terraceCollege crescentHampsteadpre 1912
College villas roadCollege crescentHampsteadpre 1912
Collier street Lamerton streetSt. Nicholas, Deptfordpre 1912
Collingbourne streetCollingbourne roadHammersmithpre 1912
Collingwood streetHeckford streetStepneypre 1912
Collingwood streetEbenezer streetShoreditchpre 1912
Collin's place Surat street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Collwyn (Colwyn) street Wickham gardensSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Collyer cottagesCollyer place Camberwellpre 1912
Collyer's rents English groundBermondseypre 1912
Cologne street Bohn streetStepneypre 1912
Colonnade (part)Herbrand streetSt. George, Bloomsbury, etc.pre 1912
Colonnade mewsBolton mews St. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Colonnade mewsColonnadeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Colva streetBalmore streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Colville grove Oglander roadCamberwellpre 1912
Colville mansionsPowis terrace Kensingtonpre 1912
Colville square terraceTalbot road Kensingtonpre 1912
Colville square, NorthColville housesKensingtonpre 1912
Colville terrace East (and West)Colville terraceKensingtonpre 1912
Combe Farm lane or roadWestcombe hillGreenwichpre 1912
Combe laneVanbrugh hillGreenwichpre 1912
Combedale road (part)Westerdale roadGreenwichpre 1912
Commercial Dock roadRedriff road Bermondseypre 1912
Commercial roadEbury Bridge roadCity of Westminster1912-17
Commercial streetOsprey street Bermondseypre 1912
Commercial streetClutton streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Como road (part)Shipman roadLewishampre 1912
Compton mewsCompton avenueIslingtonpre 1912
Compton street EastCompton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Comrie roadMargate road Lambethpre 1912
Conduit laneVanbrugh hillGreenwichpre 1912
Conduit streetCraven road Paddingtonpre 1912
Conduit street WestCraven road Paddingtonpre 1912
Conduit valeHyde valeGreenwichpre 1912
Condy roadEffort street Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Coniger road (part)Studdridge streetFulhampre 1912
Connaught place WestHyde park placePaddingtonpre 1912
Connaught terraceGildersome streetWoolwichpre 1912
Constable alleyHobbs' place Shoreditchpre 1912
Constitution hillWestdale passagePlumsteadpre 1912
Conway court Ossington buildingsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Cooke's folly Esther cottagesSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Cooks ground Glebe placeChelseapre 1912
Cooper's arms laneLacy road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Cooper's court or placeSalisbury mewsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Copenhagen street, WestCopenhagen streetIslingtonpre 1912
Copperas lane (part)Bronze street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Copperas lane (part)Copperas streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Coppice row Farringdon roadFinsburypre 1912
Copthall buildingsCopthall avenueCity of Londonpre 1912
Corbet(t)'s courtCorbet place Spitalfields, Stepney1920-29
Corbett's lane (part)Corbett's passageBermondseypre 1912
Corbett's lane (part)St. Helena roadBermondseypre 1912
Cormon road Cormont roadLambethpre 1912
Cormon road Halsmere roadLambethpre 1912
Cormont road (part)Halsmere roadLambethpre 1912
Cormont terraceHalsmere roadLambethpre 1912
Cornwall gardens stables (part)Cornwall gardensKensington1920-29
Cornwall mewsKynance mewsKensington1920-29
Cornwall placeEden groveIslingtonpre 1912
Cornwall road Rowan road Hammersmithpre 1912
Cornwall streetTregenna streetLambethpre 1912
Cornwall terraceCreeland groveLewishampre 1912
Corporation laneCorporation rowFinsburypre 1912
Cortayne streetCortayne roadFulhampre 1912
Cosbycott avenueCosbycote avenueLambeth1920-29
Cotsford mewsThorpe mews Kensington1920-29
Cottage court Lilac placeLambethpre 1912
Cottage placeWoodman's placeNewingtonpre 1912
Cottage place Cusack placeBermondseypre 1912#
Cottage place Dutton street Greenwichpre 1912
Cottage place Nelson terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Cottage place or court, Broad streetLilac placeLambethpre 1912
Cottage place, Bazon placeCage placeLambethpre 1912#
Cottage place, Monkton streetStrewan placeLambethpre 1912#
Cottage place, Newburn streetDunmow placeLambethpre 1912
Cottage roadRanelagh roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Cottage roadGerald road City of Westminsterpre 1912
Cottage rowFarncombe streetBermondseypre 1912
Cottage rowCatesby streetNewingtonpre 1912
Cottesbrooke street (part)Marchant streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Cotton street (part) Manisty streetPoplar Borough1920-29
Cotton street, Oxford streetMilward streetStepneypre 1912
Cotton street, Turner's roadLocksley streetStepneypre 1912
Counter hillLewisham High roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Counter streetStoney street St. Saviour, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Court hill roadCourthill roadLewisham1920-29
Court road (part)Elmcourt roadLambeth1920-29
Court road (part)Lovelace roadLambeth1920-29
Courtfield placeCourtfield gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Courtland terraceBrunswick gardensKensington1912-17
Cousins cottagesEdge streetKensingtonpre 1912
Cow alleyBoss streetBermondseypre 1912
Cow laneRedriff lane Bermondsey1920-29
Cow laneCopeland roadCamberwellpre 1912
Cowcross street (part)Turnill streetFinsbury1920-29
Cowday streetCowdry streetHackney1920-29
Cowley placeStanton streetCamberwellpre 1912
Crab Tree alleyCrab Tree laneFulhampre 1912
Crab Tree row Columbia roadBethnal greenpre 1912
Crab tree shot roadSumner roadCamberwellpre 1912
Craigallion gardensGrove parkCamberwellpre 1912
Crambrooke streetCranbrook streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Cranbourn passageCharing cross roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Cranbourn passage (part)Cranbourn placeBermondseypre 1912
Cranbrook cottages or terraceHendre cottagesSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Cranbrook streetCranbrook roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Craven laneLeinster terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Craven road (part)Praed streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Crawford placeCrawford passageFinsburypre 1912
Crawley streetSeymour streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Crayford mewsRuston mewsKensington1920-29
Crediton roadCrediton hillHampstead1912-17
Creechurch buildingsCreechurch laneCity of Londonpre 1912
Creek road (part)Albury streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Cremorne roadCheyne walkChelseapre 1912
Crescent placeMornington placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Crescent placeWhitmore roadShoreditch, etc.pre 1912
Crescent roadCanonbury park SouthIslingtonpre 1912
Crescent road Tressillian crescentSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Crescent road Bowland roadWandsworth Borough1917-20
Crescent road, Tressillian roadCrescent waySt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Crescent streetEuston street St. Pancraspre 1912
Crescent, TheCrescent groveWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Crescent, The (part)Lillie roadFulhampre 1912
Crescent, The (part)North end roadFulhampre 1912
Crescent, The, Asylum roadClifton crescentCamberwellpre 1912
Crescent, The, Southampton streetWells crescentCamberwellpre 1912
Cressida road Parolles road Islingtonpre 1912
Creswick streetCreswick roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Cripplegate buildingsWood street City of Londonpre 1912
Crisp terrace Heavitree roadWoolwichpre 1912
Critchill place New North roadIslingtonpre 1912
Crombie mewsRush hill mewsBatterseapre 1912
Crombie mewsCrombie PlacePoplar Boroughpre 1912#
Crome roadAmersham roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Cromwell avenueEdenhurst avenueFulhampre 1912
Cromwell housesFellows road Hampsteadpre 1912
Cromwell place (part) Onslow place Kensingtonpre 1912
Cromwell roadEvandale roadLambethpre 1912
Cromwell road West West Cromwell road Kensingtonpre 1912
Cronin roadOswyth road Camberwellpre 1912
Cross alleyNile cottages Woolwichpre 1912
Cross courtGanton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Cross laneSouthwood roadElthampre 1912
Cross laneNewton streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Cross roadIngleside groveGreenwichpre 1912
Cross roadSouthmead roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Cross road, Addington groveDepot streetCamberwellpre 1912
Cross road, South Croxted roadChurch approachCamberwellpre 1912
Cross streetAscalon streetBatterseapre 1912
Cross streetGanton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Cross streetWelland streetGreenwichpre 1912
Cross streetHomerton rowHackneypre 1912
Cross streetHenshall streetIslingtonpre 1912
Cross streetVian streetLambethpre 1912#
Cross streetGlyndon roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Cross streetShirbutt streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Cross streetGage streetSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Cross streetCrosslet streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Cross streetBevil street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Cross street (part)General Gordon placeWoolwich1920-29
Cross street EastCross streetWoolwichpre 1912
Cross street North and SouthMaltby street Bermondseypre 1912
Cross street, Addington squareSugden street Camberwellpre 1912
Cross street, Allen streetBerry street St. Luke, Finsburypre 1912
Cross street, Beccles streetBungay streetLimehouse, Stepney1912-17
Cross street, Blackfriars roadMeymott streetChristchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Cross street, Brook streetRatcliff Cross street Ratcliffe, Stepney1912-17
Cross street, Cherry garden streetPottery streetBermondseypre 1912
Cross street, Church streetChance street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Cross street, Commercial road EastDean streetStepneypre 1912
Cross street, Coventry streetDelta street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Cross street, Digby roadDaley street Hackneypre 1912
Cross street, East roadNile streetShoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Essex streetJerrold street Shoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Frampton park roadAskew street Hackneypre 1912
Cross street, Fulbourne streetTrahorn streetWhitechapel, Stepney1912-17
Cross street, Fulford streetRoney streetBermondseypre 1912#
Cross street, Gee streetLudlow streetFinsburypre 1912
Cross street, Green streetAmes street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Cross street, Hassard streetHassard placeBethnal greenpre 1912
Cross street, HatchamPenarth streetCamberwellpre 1912
Cross street, Hessel streetAmazon streetStepney1912-17
Cross street, Hoxton streetFalkirk streetShoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Hoxton streetMyrtle street Shoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Kennington parkHarmsworth street Newingtonpre 1912
Cross street, King and Queen streetAngle street Newingtonpre 1912
Cross street, Kingsland roadMill rowShoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Leonard streetRavey street Shoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Lingham streetCrossford streetLambethpre 1912
Cross street, Lower roadCope streetBermondseypre 1912
Cross street, Mape streetKelsey street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Cross street, Moreland streetGard streetFinsburypre 1912
Cross street, Newington ButtsDraper street Newingtonpre 1912
Cross street, Old Kent roadWagner streetCamberwell, etc.pre 1912
Cross street, Pearson streetShap streetShoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Pitfield streetAske streetShoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Royal roadOtto streetNewingtonpre 1912
Cross street, Surrey groveBagshot streetNewington, etc.pre 1912
Cross street, Swan laneSeth streetBermondseypre 1912
Cross street, Three Colts laneGlass streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Cross street, Tuilerie streetBusk streetShoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Vauxhall walkLaud streetLambethpre 1912
Cross street, Viaduct streetViaduct placeBethnal greenpre 1912
Cross street, Vince streetHenson streetShoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, Waterloo streetMurton streetFinsburypre 1912
Cross street, Wenlock roadSturt streetShoreditchpre 1912
Cross street, York roadMepham streetLewishampre 1912
Crossfield lane Crossfield streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Crouch end crescent Hornsey rise gardensIslingtonpre 1912
Crowder streetRedmead laneStepneypre 1912
Crown courtHorselydown laneBermondseypre 1912
Crown courtTinman courtLambethpre 1912
Crown courtDiadem courtCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Crown placeJewel street Stepneypre 1912
Crown roadLillie roadFulhampre 1912
Crown streetSun streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Crown streetCharing cross road City of Westminsterpre 1912
Crown streetNovello streetFulhampre 1912
Crown streetMiles street Hammersmithpre 1912
Crown streetWalworth roadNewingtonpre 1912
Crown streetCoronet streetShoreditchpre 1912
Crown streetHellings streetStepneypre 1912
Croxted parkCroxted road Lambeth & Camberwellpre 1912
Croxtod road (part) South Croxted road Lambeth & Camberwellpre 1912
Crumpsal streetCrumpsall streetPlumstead1912-17
Cubitt street (part)Ampton streetSt. Pancras1912-17
Culford road North Culford road Hackneypre 1912
Culmstock road (part)Chatto road Battersea1920-29
Culmstock streetAdderley groveBatterseapre 1912
Culmstock street (part)Culmstock roadBatterseapre 1912
Cumberland mewsBusby mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Cumberland mews or placeWigton place Lambethpre 1912
Cumberland placeNeath placeBethnal greenpre 1912#
Cumberland placeCaldew street Camberwellpre 1912
Cumberland placeBray placeChelsea1920-29
Cumberland placeBeehive placeLambeth1912-17
Cumberland placeCourtnell streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Cumberland streetWalton streetChelsea, etc.pre 1912
Cumberland streetGreat Cumberland placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Cumberland streetLittle Goodge street St. Pancraspre 1912
Cumberland street EastEdward streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Cumberland street WestCumberland street St. Pancraspre 1912
Cumberland street, Curtain roadHearn street Shoreditchpre 1912
Cumberland street, Hackney roadScawfell streetShoreditchpre 1912
Cumberland terrace Courtnell streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Cumming street NorthCumming streetFinsburypre 1912
Curzon place St. Mary Abbot's terraceKensingtonpre 1912
Cut sideOak laneStepneypre 1912
Cut Throat laneCoplestone passage Camberwell1912-17
Cut Through laneCoplestone passage Camberwell1912-17
Cut Through lanePutney heath laneWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Cuthbert road St. Cuthbert's road Hampsteadpre 1912
D street Droop street Paddingtonpre 1912
Dacre placeTurner road Lewishampre 1912
Dagmar road Rommany roadLambethpre 1912
Dagnan road (part)Lynn roadWandsworth Borough1917-20
Dahlia road (part)Brodrick grovePlumstead1920-29
Dahomey streetDahomey roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Dale streetLarcom streetNewingtonpre 1912
Dalebury streetSnowbury roadFulhampre 1912
Daleham gardens (part)Akenside roadHampsteadpre 1912
Dalesford roadGranard road Batterseapre 1912
Dalhousie roadRommany roadLambethpre 1912
Dalkeith gardensLyndhurst gardensHampsteadpre 1912
Dallinger road (part) Holme Lacey roadLewisham1920-29
Dalston lane (part)Pembury placeHackneypre 1912
Dalston riseDalston lane Hackneypre 1912
Dancer street Dancer road Fulhampre 1912
Dane avenue (part)Ferndene roadLambeth1920-29
Dantzic street Keyworth streetSt. George, Southwark1917-20
Dark alleyModder place Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Darlan road (part)Kelvedon roadFulhampre 1912
Darnley crescentDarnley road Hackneypre 1912
Darrell street Darrell road Camberwellpre 1912
Dartmouth park avenue (part)Lewisham roadSt. Pancras1920-29
Dartmouth roadGlenthorne roadHammersmithpre 1912
Dartmouth roadDartmouth park roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Dartmouth road (part)High street, SydenhamLewishampre 1912
Dartmouth rowLewisham streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Dassett street Dassett road Lambethpre 1912
David streetPortman mansionsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Davis's cottagesPriory place Hackneypre 1912
Davisville road (part)Batson street Hammersmith1912-17
Dawson place East Dawson place Paddingtonpre 1912
De Beauvoir road SouthDe Beauvoir roadHackneypre 1912
Dean mews or yard Deanery mewsCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Dean streetStainer street Bermondseypre 1912
Dean streetSun streetCity of London, etc.pre 1912
Dean streetGreat Smith street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Dean streetDane street St. Andrew, Holborn, etc.pre 1912
Dean streetRushton streetShoreditchpre 1912
Dean streetGarth street Shadwell, Stepneypre 1912
Deepdene roadValley road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Denbigh terraceDenbigh road Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Denmark roadFaroe roadHammersmithpre 1912
Denmark streetKenbury streetLambethpre 1912
Dennington park mewsInglewood mewsHampsteadpre 1912
Dent de Lion roadSt. Cuthbert's road Hampsteadpre 1912
Deptford Lower road Lower roadBermondseypre 1912
Deptford Lower road (part)Evelyn street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Deptford road Lower roadBermondseypre 1912
Derby placeType street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Derby roadLockner road Hackneypre 1912
Derby villasDerby hillLewisham1920-29
Dermody road (part)Dermody gardensLewishampre 1912
Dermot roadBoundaries roadBattersea, etc.pre 1912
Derwent roadGlengall road Camberwellpre 1912
Desborough placeTorquay streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Desborough terrace Torquay streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Devonshire cottages, court or placeBideford courtNewingtonpre 1912
Devonshire placeGrove roadIslingtonpre 1912
Devonshire placeWilcove placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Devonshire place, Kennington roadWalcot squareLambethpre 1912
Devonshire place, Upper Kennington laneVauxhall streetLambethpre 1912
Devonshire roadOld Devonshire roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Devonshire streetSouthcombe street Fulhampre 1912
Devonshire streetCornelia streetIslingtonpre 1912
Devonshire streetCourtenay streetLambethpre 1912
Devonshire streetAvonmouth streetNewingtonpre 1912
Devonshire streetAshmill streetSt. Marylebone1912-17
Devonshire streetBracklyn streetShoreditchpre 1912
Devonshire streetWinterton streetStepneypre 1912
Devonshire street East and WestDevonshire streetStepneypre 1912
Devonshire terraceCatherine groveGreenwichpre 1912
Devonshire terrace, Cromwell roadMarloes road Kensingtonpre 1912
Devonshire terrace, Notting HillPembridge roadKensingtonpre 1912
Diamond row Redmans roadStepneypre 1912
Didlington roadCazenove roadHackneypre 1912
Dives roadIlminster gardensBatterseapre 1912
Dobney's courtPenton grove Finsbury1912-17
Dock passage Commercial Dock passageBermondseypre 1912
Dock sideMiddlesex wharfHackneypre 1912
Dock streetPrince street St. Paul, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Dockhead placeMillstream roadBermondseypre 1912
Dockley road (part)Thurland roadBermondseypre 1912
Doddington grove (part)Doddington placeNewingtonpre 1912
Dodworth roadFonthill road Islington1920-29
Doleshill road Oakhurst groveCamberwellpre 1912
Dolman terraceBonharm road Lambeth1920-29
Donald road Godman roadCamberwellpre 1912
Donegal place South groveCamberwellpre 1912
Doris street East and WestDoris streetLambethpre 1912
Dorrington streetMount PleasantFinsburypre 1912
Dorset mews Rampayne mewsCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Dorset mews EastKenrick placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Dorset place Whitcomb streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Dorset streetRampayne streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Dorset streetDorinda streetIslingtonpre 1912
Dorset streetDorset road Lambethpre 1912
Dorset streetDuval street Stepneypre 1912
Dorset terrace mewsPalfrey place Lambethpre 1912
Dorville crescentDorville road Hammersmithpre 1912
Doughty streetNewport streetLambethpre 1912
Douglas road NorthWallace road Islingtonpre 1912
Douglas street (part)Walcott streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Douglas terraceDouglas placePaddingtonpre 1912
Dover street Cornelia streetIslingtonpre 1912
Dowdale road Linnell road Camberwellpre 1912
Down Dock sideMiddlesex wharfHackneypre 1912
Downes street (part)Downes place Camberwell1912-17
Downes street (part)Ethnard road Camberwell1912-17
Downs crescentFarleigh road Hackneypre 1912
Dragmire lane Cavendish roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Draper's place Brantome placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Dray courtDraycourt placeCamberwell1912-17
Draycott placeDraycourt placeCamberwell1912-17
Draycott place (part)Cadogan gardensChelseapre 1912
Draycott streetCadogan gardensChelseapre 1912
Drayton groveDrayton gardensFulhampre 1912
Drayton villas Thistle grove Kensingtonpre 1912
Duck laneSt. Matthew streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Dudley streetShaftesbury avenueCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Duke streetDucal street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Duke street Cheyne walkChelseapre 1912
Duke street Hallam streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Duke street Alverton streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Duke street (part)Bevis MarksCity of London1920-29
Duke street (part)Creechurch laneCity of London1920-29
Duke street (part), New Oxford streetCoptic streetSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Duke street, Aldersgate streetLittle BritainCity of Londonpre 1912
Duke street, Brady streetPereira street Stepneypre 1912
Duke street, High HolbornHyde streetSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Duke street, Quilp streetDorrit street St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Duke street, Tower streetDodson streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Duke street, Upper Chapman streetMorris street Stepneypre 1912
Duke's terraceRhyl streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Dukethorpe roadDukesthorpe roadLewishampre 1912
Dulwich riseLordship laneCamberwellpre 1912
Dulwich roadCollege road Camberwellpre 1912
Dulwich roadBeckenham roadPenge1920-29
Dumbleton roadDane avenueLambethpre 1912
Duncan placeThe BroadwayShoreditch, etc.pre 1912
Duncan streetWelshpool streetHackney1917-20
Duncan streetCamperdown streetStepney1920-29
Duncombe roadDunfield roadLewisham1920-29
Dundalk streetDundalk roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Dunford road EastDunford roadIslingtonpre 1912
Dunraven streetDunraven roadHammersmithpre 1912
Dunvegan gardensEltham park gardensEltham1920-29
Dunvegan road (part)Dunvegan gardensEltham1912-17#
Dunvegan road (part)Eltham park gardensEltham1920-29
Durham roadDarlington roadLambethpre 1912
Durham roadQueensmere roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Durham road NorthDurham road Islingtonpre 1912
Durham streetTeesdale streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Durham streetChristchurch streetChelseapre 1912
Durham streetDurham house streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Duriston road (part)Northwold streetHackneypre 1912
Durnford placeMarsden streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Durnford terraceMarsden streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Dutton street Tankerton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Dyer streetMauve streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
E street Enbrook streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Eagle streetNile streetShoreditchpre 1912
Eardley crescent (part)Penywern roadKensingtonpre 1912
Earl streetUpper Thames streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Earl streetMarsham streetCity of Westminster1920-29
Earl streetEarl's court roadKensingtonpre 1912
Earl street (part), Brodie street Rivet street Camberwellpre 1912
Earl street (part), Cooper's roadBrodie street Camberwellpre 1912
Earl street EastEarl streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Earl street WestEarl streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Earl street, Chumleigh streetCowan street Camberwellpre 1912
Earlsfield road (part) Windmill roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
East Church rowAmoy placeStepneypre 1912
East cottages Phœnix place Kensingtonpre 1912
East crescent mews Phœnix place Kensingtonpre 1912
East Dulwich grove (part)Village way Camberwell1920-29
East end road Parsons greenFulhampre 1912
East hillSt. Germans roadLewishampre 1912
East hill (part)Huguenot placeWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
East laneEastney streetGreenwichpre 1912
East placeEastcote streetLambethpre 1912
East placeOrient street St. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
East rowThe OrchardSt. Nicholas, Deptfordpre 1912#
East rowChusan place Stepneypre 1912
East rowGonson place St. Nicholas, Deptford1920-29
East streetEastney streetGreenwichpre 1912
East streetOrient street St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
East streetBancroft roadStepneypre 1912
East street (part)Randall's roadIslingtonpre 1912
East street, Bishop's roadLyte streetBethnal greenpre 1912
East street, Clifton streetFinsbury marketShoreditchpre 1912
East street, Goldsmith's rowAudrey streetShoreditchpre 1912
East street, Hoxton streetFanshaw streetShoreditchpre 1912
East street, Kennington roadLollard street Lambethpre 1912
East street, Southesk streetEastcote streetLambethpre 1912
East street, Usk streetMoss streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Eastdown park (part)Wisteria road Lewishampre 1912
Eastlake streetEastlake roadLambethpre 1912
Eaton mews or place Romsey placeCamberwell1920-29
Eaton place SouthSouth Eaton place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Eaton place WestWest Eaton placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Eaton terrace (part) Eaton gateCity of Westminster1912-17
Eatonville road (part)Eatonville villasWandsworth Borough1920-29
Ebbsfleet streetEbbsfleet roadHampsteadpre 1912
Ebenezer buildingsHamond squareShoreditchpre 1912
Ebenezer cottagesDaimler cottagesCamberwellpre 1912
Ebenezer placePallador placeCamberwellpre 1912
Eccleston street SouthEccleston streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Eden placeCrown place St. Pancraspre 1912
Edenham streetHazlewood crescent Kensington1920-29
Edge hill road Edge hillPlumsteadpre 1912
Edge terraceEdge streetKensingtonpre 1912
Edgware road (part) Cricklewood broadwayHampsteadpre 1912
Edgware road (part) Maida valePaddingtonpre 1912
Edinburgh roadBarlby road Kensingtonpre 1912
Edmund street (part) Garton street Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Edmund street (part) Vermont streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Edmunds buildings Edmund placeCity of Londonpre 1912
Edmund's placeHoltby place Battersea1912-17
Edward streetWye streetBatterseapre 1912
Edward streetEckett street Bermondseypre 1912
Edward streetPowis street Woolwichpre 1912
Edward street Kerbela streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Edward street Earlswood streetGreenwichpre 1912
Edward street Redhill streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Edward street Drysdale streetShoreditchpre 1912
Edward street (part)Cavour streetNewingtonpre 1912
Edward street (part)Delverton streetNewingtonpre 1912
Edward street WestEdward streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Edward street, Barnsbury roadMaygood streetIslingtonpre 1912
Edward street, Ernest streetDuckett streetStepneypre 1912
Edward street, Lower Kennington laneDenny streetLambethpre 1912
Edward street, Portman squareLower seymour streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912#
Edward street, St. George's roadEastdene streetCamberwellpre 1912
Edward street, St. John's Wood terraceAquila streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Edward street, St. Paul's roadLeopold streetStepneypre 1912
Edward street, Salmon laneBlount street Stepneypre 1912
Edward street, Sumner roadGarnies streetCamberwellpre 1912
Edward street, Tower Bridge streetDecima streetBermondseypre 1912
Edward street, Upper Park placeLinhope streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Edward street, York roadRailway streetIslingtonpre 1912
Edward street, York roadChicheley streetLambethpre 1912
Edward terraceWood's road Camberwellpre 1912
Edward(s) street, Cavendish squareWigmore streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Eelbrook gardensEffie placeFulhampre 1912
Effie road (part)Effie placeFulhampre 1912
Egbert place (part)Manley streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Egbert terraceManley streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Egerton place studiosYeoman's rowKensingtonpre 1912
Eglinton road (part) Eglinton hill Plumstead1917-20
Elcho roadTyneham roadBatterseapre 1912
Elder laneSt. Gothard roadLambethpre 1912
Elderton terraceElderton roadLewishampre 1912
Eleanor road North Eleanor road Hackneypre 1912
Elfort road (part)Stavordale roadIslingtonpre 1912
Elgin roadElgin crescentKensingtonpre 1912
Elgin roadElgin avenue Paddingtonpre 1912
Elgin streetChapman roadHackneypre 1912
Eli streetShap streetShoreditchpre 1912
Eliot park (part)Oakcroft roadLewishampre 1912
Eliot park (part)St. Austell roadLewishampre 1912
Elizabeth mewsClough place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Elizabeth mews, EastElizabeth mewsHampsteadpre 1912
Elizabeth placeClun's place Bermondseypre 1912
Elizabeth placeIris placeNewingtonpre 1912
Elizabeth placeLizette place St. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Elizabeth place or cottagesBraddon streetBermondseypre 1912
Elizabeth place, Dorset streetHorndon placeRatcliffe, Stepney1912-17
Elizabeth place, Wodeham streetCrashawe placeStepney1912-17
Elizabeth streetMansford streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Elizabeth streetLisford street Camberwellpre 1912
Elizabeth streetChristchurch streetChelseapre 1912
Elizabeth streetHans roadKensington, etc.pre 1912
Elizabeth streetBartley streetLambethpre 1912
Elizabeth streetStutfield streetStepneypre 1912
Elizabeth street SouthElizabeth streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Elizabeth street, Duff streetRigden street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Elizabeth street, Kerbey streetSouthill streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Elizabeth street, St. Leonard's roadRowlett streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Elizabeth terraceCorunna terraceBatterseapre 1912
Elizabeth terraceEngland's laneHampsteadpre 1912
Elizabeth terraceCloudesley placeIslingtonpre 1912
Elland street Elland road Camberwellpre 1912
Ellington terraceEllington streetIslingtonpre 1912
Elliott's row Voss streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Ellison road (part)Estreham roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Ellis's square Crampton streetNewingtonpre 1912
Elm groveRavine grove Plumsteadpre 1912
Elm grove streetElm streetWoolwichpre 1912
Elm grove, Brixton hillElm parkLambethpre 1912
Elm grove, Norwood Dunbar streetLambethpre 1912
Elm grove, Rosendale roadElmworth groveLambethpre 1912
Elm park (part)Craster road Lambethpre 1912
Elm park (part)Leander road Lambethpre 1912
Elm park (part)Ostade road Lambethpre 1912
Elm park mewsHenniker mewsChelseapre 1912
Elmhurst street (part)Edgeley road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Elms road (part)Calton avenueCamberwellpre 1912
Elmsleigh road (part) Elmsleigh terraceWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Eltham bottomWellhall road Eltham, etc.pre 1912
Eltham road Wellhall road Eltham, etc.pre 1912
Eltham road (part) Eltham hill Eltham1920-29
Eltringliam street (part)Cotman streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Elverson road South Elverson roadGreenwich & Lewishampre 1912
Elvyn roadLeysfield roadHammersmith1920-29
Elwell street Elwell road Wandsworth Borough, etc.pre 1912
Ely placeLansdell placeBethnal greenpre 1912
Elysium mewsElysium placeFulham1917-20
Embleton streetEmbleton roadLewishampre 1912
Emily's cottagesAcom placeCamberwellpre 1912
Ena roadWoodboume avenue Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Endsleigh gardens (part)Gordon streetSt. Pancras1920-29
Endymion road (part)Beechdale roadLambethpre 1912
Endymion streetEndymion roadLambethpre 1912
Enfield road North Ardleigh streetHackneypre 1912
Enfield road South Enfield road Hackneypre 1912
Engine street Brick streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
England row Bath streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Englefield road West Englefield roadIslington & Hackneypre 1912
Enmore gardensStrathray gardensHampsteadpre 1912
Enmore street Enmore road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Ennersdale road (part)Leahurst roadLewishampre 1912
Ennismore placeEnnismore gardens City of Westminsterpre 1912
Ensham streetFranciscan roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Ensoll street Peak hill gardensLewisham1912-17
Epping place Sidney street Stepneypre 1912
Erlam street Erlam roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Ermine street Ermine road Lewishampre 1912
Ernest streetRobert street St. Pancraspre 1912
Ernest street WestEastbury terraceStepneypre 1912
Ernshaw mewsCarlton mews Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Esher roadFairbridge roadIslingtonpre 1912
Esher roadGrantham roadLambethpre 1912
Esmond road Roman road (part)Bethnal green & Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Essex placeHarwich placeLewishampre 1912
Essex placeBenfleet placeShoreditchpre 1912
Essex place (part)Chesil placeWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Essex place (part)Oldridge roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Essex streetTemple lane City of London1912-17
Essex streetDanbury streetIslingtonpre 1912
Essex streetGaselee streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Essex streetCanvey streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Essex streetRomford streetStepneypre 1912
Essex street, Bethnal green roadBlythe street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Essex street, Three Colts laneBuckhurst streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Estcourt roadHendrick avenueBattersea1912-17
Etham place Tabard street St. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Etheridge roadSt. Charles squareKensingtonpre 1912
Eukestons roadStormont roadBatterseapre 1912
Euston mews EastSeymour row St. Pancraspre 1912
Euston square (part) Endsleigh gardensSt. Pancraspre 1912
Euston square (part) Gordon streetSt. Pancras1920-29
Evans street Pekin street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Evelyn mansions (part)Vauxhall bridge roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Evelyn street Lucas street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Evelyn terraceEvelyn gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Everdon road Ashbourne groveCamberwellpre 1912
Everett street Marchmont streetSt. George, Bloomsbury, etc.pre 1912
Evering mews Heatherley placeHackney1912-17
Ewer street (part)Lavington streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Ewhurst streetEwhurst roadLewishampre 1912
Ewhurst streetVilla streetNewington, etc.pre 1912
Exeter placeSloane street Chelseapre 1912
Exeter place Vanston placeFulhampre 1912
Exeter street Hans crescentChelseapre 1912
Exeter street Torbay streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Exeter street South Torbay streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Eyton roadEythorne roadLambethpre 1912
F streetFarrant streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Fair placeCharles street Stepneypre 1912
Fair street SouthFair streetStepneypre 1912
Fairfax mews Fairfax place Hampstead1920-29
Fairfield road MillfieldsroadHackneypre 1912
Fairmount road (part)Beechdale roadLambethpre 1912
Fakenham street (part)Bardwell streetIslington1912-17
Fakenham street (part)Corporation streetIslington1912-17
Falcon laneFalcon road Batterseapre 1912
Falcon place Falcon terraceBatterseapre 1912
Farebrother streetNew CutLambethpre 1912
Farm laneDallling road Hammersmithpre 1912
Farm placeVanston placeFulhampre 1912
Farm street mewsFarm street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Farnan street Farnan road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Farnell square Earl's court squareKensingtonpre 1912
Farrant terraceSpenlow streetStepneypre 1912
Farrell streetMoore park roadFulhampre 1912
Fashion streetTanner street Bermondseypre 1912
Fawnsbrake avenue Kestrel avenueLambethpre 1912
Feathers courtHolborn placeSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Felix streetBarnsbury streetIslingtonpre 1912
Fellows street North Fellows streetShoreditchpre 1912
Fellows street South Fellows streetShoreditchpre 1912
Fendick road Graylands roadCamberwell1920-29
Fenmore road Woodberry DownStoke Newington1920-29
Fergus street Fingal street Greenwichpre 1912
Fernbrook roadLeahurst roadLewishampre 1912
Ferncroft roadFerncroft avenueHampsteadpre 1912
Field placeRodney road Newingtonpre 1912
Field viewLondon fields West sideHackneypre 1912
Field view terraceLondon fields West sideHackneypre 1912
Fifteen foot laneSt. Chad's placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Filey crescent Oldhill street Hackneypre 1912
Filey placeFiley avenue Hackneypre 1912
Filey roadFiley avenue Hackneypre 1912
Filey roadOldhill street Hackneypre 1912
Filmer place Filmer road Fulham1920-29
Finchley New road Finchley roadHampstead, etc.pre 1912
Finland street Finland road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Finley street Grovedale roadIslington1920-29
Finnemore courtBrunswick courtBermondsey1920-29
Finsbury market (part)Pindar street Shoreditchpre 1912
Finsbury pavement (part)MoorgateSt. Luke, City of London1920-29
Finsbury placeFinsbury pavement Finsburypre 1912
Finsbury place SouthMoorgateSt. Luke, City of Londonpre 1912
Fish streetBenmore streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Fishmonger's alleySt. Margaret's court St. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Fitzroy place, Gloucester roadDumpton placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Fitzroy place, Princess roadKingstown streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Fitzroy road Grafton terraceSt. Pancraspre 1912
Five Bell streetBatavia road St. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Flaxley road Mazenod avenueHampstead1920-29
Fleet lane (part)Seacoal lane City of Londonpre 1912
Fleet mewsFleet placeHampstead1917-20
Fleet streetPedley street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Fletching streetFletching roadHackneypre 1912
Flight's yard (part)Laycock streetIslington1912-17
Flint streetSilex streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Flodden streetFlodden road Lambeth, etc.pre 1912
Florence road Elmington roadCamberwellpre 1912
Florence road Cook's road Newingtonpre 1912
Floyd street Melrose terraceHammersmithpre 1912
Folly street Stewart streetPoplar Borough1920-29
Fontaine streetFontaine roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Fopstone road Nevern place Kensingtonpre 1912
Forbes road Mosslea road Penge1920-29
Forcett road Winchester roadHampstead1920-29
Fordwych road North (part)Richborough roadHampsteadpre 1912
Fore streetAlbert embankment Lambethpre 1912
Fore streetNarrow streetStepneypre 1912
Forest rowForest road Hackneypre 1912
Formosa terraceFormosa streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Fort streetFort roadBermondseypre 1912
Fortune green laneFortune green road Hampsteadpre 1912
Foster's buildingsHerring streetCamberwellpre 1912
Fountain courtSavoy buildingsCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Fountain road (part)Broadwater roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Fountain streetFount streetLambeth1912-17
Fournier streetBoundary streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Fox and Goose yardColeman streetStepneypre 1912
Fox hillPlumstead common roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Fox laneHaggerston roadHackneypre 1912
Fox terraceFarringdon roadFinsbury1920-29
Foxberry groveFoxberry roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Foxley road Scarsdale villasKensingtonpre 1912
Frances street, Catherine streetStaff street Shoreditchpre 1912
Franchise streetAndover roadIslingtonpre 1912
Francis placeScylla roadCamberwellpre 1912
Francis placeRobert street Plumsteadpre 1912
Francis placeTupman placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Francis roadTranton road Bermondseypre 1912
Francis streetLithgow streetBatterseapre 1912
Francis streetAir streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Francis streetHopgood streetHammersmithpre 1912
Francis street Crampton streetNewingtonpre 1912
Francis street Kirkham streetPlumstead1917-20
Francis street Seaford streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Francis street Oscar street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Francis street Farrance streetStepneypre 1912
Francis street, Hyde roadWitham streetShoreditchpre 1912
Francis street, Vauxhall streetFrank street Lambethpre 1912
Francis street, Westminster bridge roadLanfranc streetLambethpre 1912
Frean street (part)Rouel roadBermondseypre 1912
Frederick mewsPortsea mewsPaddingtonpre 1912
Frederick placeBala placeBermondseypre 1912
Frederick placeJerdan place Fulhampre 1912
Frederick placeTranquil vale Lewisham, etc.pre 1912
Frederick place, Devonshire streetOrson place Stepneypre 1912
Frederick place, Manor placeDelverton streetNewingtonpre 1912
Frederick place, Nelson streetCameron placeStepneypre 1912
Frederick place, Newington ButtsHurlbutt placeNewingtonpre 1912
Frederick streetFreda street Bermondseypre 1912
Frederick streetRockfield streetGreenwichpre 1912
Frederick streetGalt streetStepneypre 1912
Frederick streetNewby streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Frederick street, Albany streetLongford streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Frederick street, Amersham groveAtkinson streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Frederick street, Cornwall roadPrague street Lambethpre 1912
Frederick street, Hampstead roadWilliam streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Frederick street, Kender streetLubbock streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Frederick street, Myatt roadFrederick crescent Lambeth1912-17
Frederick terraceDelverton roadNewingtonpre 1912
Freeschool streetTooley streetBermondseypre 1912
French alleyBasterfield streetFinsburypre 1912
French alleyFrench placeShoreditchpre 1912
French courtShoreditch High streetShoreditchpre 1912
Frenches fieldsWatergate streetSt. Nicholas, Deptfordpre 1912#
Friendly placeEly terraceStepneypre 1912
Friston streetTustin street Camberwellpre 1912
Frog lanePopham roadIslingtonpre 1912
Frognal avenueFrognalHampsteadpre 1912
Frognal roadFrognalHampsteadpre 1912
Frognal streetScotts roadHammersmithpre 1912
Frost roadCountess roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Fryton street Cromartie roadIslington1920-29
Fulham park gardens extensionFulham park gardensFulhampre 1912
Fulham park road (part)Elysium streetFulhampre 1912
Fulham road Fulham Palace road Fulhampre 1912
Fullerton road (part) Tonsley place Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Fulwood's rentsFulwood placeSt. Andrew, Holborn1912-17
Funston streetGatesborough streetShoreditchpre 1912
G streetGalton street Paddingtonpre 1912
Gainsborough cottagesGainsborough roadHackneypre 1912
Gainsborough road (part)Wick roadHackneypre 1912
Gainsborough road (part)Lee Conservancy roadHackneypre 1912
Garden cottagesAstoria placeLewishampre 1912#
Garden cottagesHoltby place Batterseapre 1912
Garden cottagesAmpfield cottagesCamberwellpre 1912
Garden cottagesBurrup placeLambethpre 1912
Garden place Holtby placeBattersea1912-17
Garden place Cruden placePoplar Boroughpre 1912
Garden place Ilva placeShoreditchpre 1912
Garden rowPetyt placeChelseapre 1912#
Garden rowSt. John's roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Garden row, Kennington park roadRood cottagesLambethpre 1912
Garden row, Stangate streetMytton rowLambethpre 1912
Gardener's courtShanklin courtLambethpre 1912
Gardener's lanePalmer street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Gardener's laneFelsham road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Gardener's placeLilac placeLambethpre 1912
Gardom street Mayland streetStepney1912-17
Garland streetGarland roadPlumstead1920-29
Garnault placeRosebery avenueFinsburypre 1912
Garthwaite roadRecreation roadLewisham1920-29
Gates streetCanton street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Gatton road Tilson roadCamberwellpre 1912
Gaveric street Gaverick streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Geddes roadElmsleigh roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Gedling place Rose court Bermondseypre 1912
General road Bloemfontein avenueHammersmithpre 1912
George cottagesSwinford cottagesLambethpre 1912
George courtOliver Twist courtBermondsey1912-17#
George court, Casson streetCasson place Stepneypre 1912
George court, Commercial road EastBoulcott streetStepneypre 1912
George court, PiccadillyPiccadilly placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
George court, Wardour streetRupert court City of Westminsterpre 1912
George place Brady streetBethnal greenpre 1912#
George place Ganton place City of Westminsterpre 1912
George place Georgette placeGreenwichpre 1912
George place Olinda place Hackneypre 1912
George place Thorparch placeLambethpre 1912
George place Hamar place St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
George place Swansea placeShoreditch1912-17
George place Orchard placeWoolwichpre 1912#
George place Greenlaw placeWoolwich1920-29
George place or cottagesWaterworks placeLambethpre 1912
George place, Commercial road EastBoulcott streetStepneypre 1912
George place, Silver streetClive streetStepneypre 1912
George rowCatesby streetNewingtonpre 1912
George street Hibbert streetBatterseapre 1912
George street Renforth streetBermondseypre 1912
George street Dolben street Christchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
George street Grimaldi streetFinsburypre 1912
George street Dyott street St. Giles in the Fields, etc.pre 1912
George street (part)Fairchild placeShoreditch1912-17
George street (part)Fairchild streetShoreditch1912-17
George street North, Trafalgar roadColomb streetGreenwichpre 1912
George street, Ada streetAntwerp streetHackneypre 1912
George street, Albert roadEllery street Camberwellpre 1912
George street, Bendall streetStalbridge streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
George street, BromleyEmpson streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
George street, Butler streetBonwell streetBethnal greenpre 1912
George street, Buxton streetCode streetBethnal greenpre 1912
George street, Commercial road EastBoulcott streetRatcliffe, Stepneypre 1912
George street, Eden groveHartnoll streetIslingtonpre 1912
George street, Gidsy hillCawnpore streetLambeth1912-17
George street, Great Suffolk streetSturge street St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
George street, Green Hundred roadTrimby streetCamberwellpre 1912
George street, Harper streetStandard streetNewingtonpre 1912
George street, Hyde valeKing George street Greenwichpre 1912
George street, Kentish Town roadClarence road St. Pancraspre 1912
George street, King's Cross roadWicklow streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
George street, Knott streetBenmore streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
George street, Langham streetGosfleld streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
George street, Latimer roadStebbing streetHammersmithpre 1912
George street, Lewisham High roadFriendly streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
George street, London fieldsCroston streetHackney1920-29
George street, London fieldsHamburg streetHackneypre 1912#
George street, London roadOntario streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
George street, Lorrimore roadHeiron street Newingtonpre 1912
George street, MinoriesIndia street City of London1912-17
George street, New North roadMorton road Islingtonpre 1912
George street, Old Bethnal green roadPoyser streetBethnal greenpre 1912
George street, Old Kent roadGervase streetCamberwellpre 1912
George street, Old Montague streetCasson street Stepneypre 1912
George street, Oxford streetBalderton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
George street, Pall MallSt. James's square City of Westminsterpre 1912
George street, Princes roadHutton road Lambethpre 1912
George street, Rodney roadWadding streetNewingtonpre 1912
George street, St. Ann's roadBangor streetKensingtonpre 1912
George street, St. Peter's squareSt. Peter's villasHammersmith1912-17
George street, Salmon laneBrenton streetLimehouse, Stepneypre 1912
George street, Silver streetClive streetStepneypre 1912
George street, Sumner roadScipio street Camberwellpre 1912
George street, Tabard streetSterry street St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
George street, The TowerTower hillStepneypre 1912
George street, Trafalgar roadColomb streetGreenwichpre 1912
George street, Trafalgar streetDate streetNewingtonpre 1912
George street, Turin streetCymon street Bethnal greenpre 1912
George street, Vauxhall walkGlasshouse streetLambethpre 1912
George street, Waterloo streetLomond groveCamberwell1912-17
George street, Waterloo streetMarryat streetHammersmithpre 1912
George street, Wentworth streetLolesworth streetSpitalfields, Stepneypre 1912
George street, Westferry roadTobago streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
George street, Wyndham roadUlric streetCamberwellpre 1912
George yardDancey yard City of Westminsterpre 1912
George yard Allexton yardSt. Marylebonepre 1912
George yard (part), Whitefriars streetAshentree courtCity of London1912-17
George yard (part), Whitefriars streetMagpie alley City of London1912-17
George yard, AldermanburyAldermanbury buildingsCity of London1912-17
George yard, Bow laneWell courtCity of Londonpre 1912
George yard, Fenchurch streetDionis yardCity of Londonpre 1912#
George yard, Golden laneLensden placeFinsburypre 1912
George yard, Old streetAmias place Finsburypre 1912
George yard, St. George streetDrood yardStepneypre 1912
George yard, Upper Thames streetCaldwell yardCity of London1912-17
George yard, Whitechapel High streetGunthorpe streetStepney1912-17
George's groveGeorge's road Islingtonpre 1912
George's place George's road Islingtonpre 1912
George's place East and WestKinross streetBermondseypre 1912
Gibbs terrace Barnsbury terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Gibson buildingsGibson gardensHackneypre 1912
Gibson place Formosa streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Gibson street Oakley street Lambethpre 1912
Gilbert street Twining streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Gilston road (part)The BoltonsKensington1912-17
Gingscliff roadGuyscliff roadLewishampre 1912
Gipsy House roadGipsy roadLambethpre 1912
Gipsy laneBroadhurst gardens Hampsteadpre 1912
Gipsy laneMount grove roadIslingtonpre 1912
Glanfield streetGwynne road Batterseapre 1912
Glasshouse streetGlasshouse fieldsRatcliffe, Stepney1917-20
Gledhill roadFenwick groveCamberwellpre 1912
Glenfillan roadSach roadHackneypre 1912
Glengall groveGlengall road Camberwellpre 1912
Glenilla street Glenilla road Hampsteadpre 1912
Glenista road Glenistor roadGreenwichpre 1912
Glenloch streetGlenloch roadHampsteadpre 1912
Glenmore streetGlenmore roadHampsteadpre 1912
Globe streetBeatson streetBermondseypre 1912
Globe streetGlobe roadBethnal greenpre 1912
Globe street (part)Pilgrimage streetNewington1912-17
Gloster place Parmiter streetBethnal green1912-17
Gloucester court, LimehouseNotgrove courtStepney1912-17
Gloucester court, Settles streetSettles courtStepney1912-17
Gloucester crescentTetbury placeIslington1912-17
Gloucester crescentGloucester terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Gloucester crescent NorthGloucester terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Gloucester gardensColling streetBethnal greenpre 1912#
Gloucester gardens (part)Gloucester terracePaddington1920-29
Gloucester grove EastClareville streetKensington1912-17
Gloucester grove WestClareville groveKensingtonpre 1912#
Gloucester grove West (part)Clareville streetKensington1920-29
Gloucester grove West (part)Clareville groveKensington1920-29
Gloucester housesGloucester terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Gloucester mewsCerney mews Paddington1912-17
Gloucester mewsGloucester gate mewsSt. Pancras1912-17
Gloucester mews EastGloucester mewsPaddington1917-20
Gloucester mews EastRodmarton mewsSt. Marylebone1912-17
Gloucester mews WestGloucester place mewsSt. Marylebone1920-29
Gloucester passageGarner passageBethnal green1912-17
Gloucester placeGloucester terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Gloucester placeKay streetShoreditchpre 1912
Gloucester place EastLeighton roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Gloucester place, Albany roadChumleigh streetCamberwellpre 1912
Gloucester place, Camden TownCrowndale roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Gloucester place, Gloucester crescentWellington streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Gloucester place, Kentish Town roadLeighton roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Gloucester place, Old Kent roadHumphrey streetCamberwellpre 1912
Gloucester roadHarrowgate roadHackney1912-17
Gloucester roadRolls roadBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Gloucester road NorthGloucester roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Gloucester road, Downham roadAlmorah roadIslingtonpre 1912
Gloucester road, Seven Sisters roadSalterton roadIslington1912-17
Gloucester rowDeacon streetNewingtonpre 1912
Gloucester rowCrondall placeShoreditch1912-17
Gloucester streetGloucester placeSt. Marylebone1912-17
Gloucester streetOld Gloucester streetSt. George the Martyr1912-17
Gloucester street West, Kingsland roadMansfield streetShoreditchpre 1912
Gloucester street, Cambridge roadParmiter streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Gloucester street, Commercial road EastSettles street Stepneypre 1912
Gloucester street, Crowndale roadBayham placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Gloucester street, Curtain roadHewett streetShoreditchpre 1912
Gloucester street, Great Cambridge streetWhiston streetShoreditchpre 1912
Gloucester street, Hackney roadGarner street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Gloucester street, Lower MarshFrazier street Lambethpre 1912
Gloucester street, Mawbey streetKenchester streetLambethpre 1912
Gloucester street, Mornington crescentAlbert street St. Pancraspre 1912
Gloucester street, New North roadCrondall streetShoreditchpre 1912
Gloucester street, Salmon laneNotgrove streetStepneypre 1912
Gloucester street, Vauxhall walkTinworth streetLambethpre 1912
Gloucester street, West NorwoodCotswold streetLambeth1912-17
Gloucester street, Whiston streetCester street Shoreditchpre 1912
Gloucester terraceWheatsheaf terrace Fulhampre 1912
Gloucester terraceGrove, TheGreenwichpre 1912
Gloucester terraceGloucester walkKensingtonpre 1912
Gloucester terraceGloucester gateSt. Pancras1912-17
Gloucester yardAlbert street St. Pancraspre 1912
Glyndon streetGlyndon roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Golborne road Chesterton roadKensingtonpre 1912
Gold streetMalay streetStepneypre 1912
Goldhawke roadGoldhawk roadHammersmithpre 1912
Goldhurst roadGoldhurst terraceHampstead1920-29
Goldington street NorthGoldington streetSt. Pancras1920-29
Goldsmith's alleyGoldsmith streetHolbornpre 1912
Goldsmith's groveGoldsmith's squareShoreditchpre 1912
Goldsmith's placeGoldsmith's rowShoreditchpre 1912
Goldsmith's walkGoldsmith's square Shoreditchpre 1912
Goodinge road (part) Corinth road Islingtonpre 1912
Goodrich road (part) Hillcourt roadCamberwell1912-17
Goodson road Silwood streetSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Gordon House laneGordon House road St. Pancras1920-29
Gordonbrock streetGordonbrock roadLewisham1912-17
Gore crescent Gore roadHackneypre 1912
Gore placeGore roadHackneypre 1912
Gore place (part)Morpeth roadHackneypre 1912
Gore place (part)St. Thomas roadHackneypre 1912
Gosford road Albion road Lewishampre 1912
Goswell street GoswelI road Finsburypre 1912
Gotha street Warneford streetHackney1917-20
Gothic rowLassell street Greenwichpre 1912
Gough street North Gough street St. Pancraspre 1912
Gough yardGough street Woolwichpre 1912
Goulston squareGoulston streetStepneypre 1912
Gower street NorthGower street St. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Goyer streetChad streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Grafton court Ossington buildings St. Marylebonepre 1912
Grafton place Prince of Wales roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Grafton road Burford road Lewishampre 1912
Grafton street Litcham streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Grafton street East Grafton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Graham streetDartford streetNewington1912-17
Graham street West Graham streetHackneypre 1912
Graham terraceRocliffe streetIslingtonpre 1912
Granby rowVoss streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Granby streetAubin streetLambethpre 1912#
Granby terraceGranby streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Grange gardensMinford gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Grange roadRock streetIslingtonpre 1912
Grange road Burma road Stoke Newingtonpre 1912
Grange road (part)Tower Bridge road Bermondseypre 1912
Grange road East, Malvern roadGayhurst roadHackneypre 1912
Grange road, Malvern roadGayhurst roadHackneypre 1912
Grange road, Queen's roadLenthall roadHackneypre 1912
Grange road, Upper Clapton roadSouthwold roadHackneypre 1912
Grange streetBurgundy streetCamberwellpre 1912
Gransden roadLennox road Islingtonpre 1912
Granville mewsMyron place Lewishampre 1912
Gravel lane (part)Sumner streetChristchurch, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Graylands road (part)Lidgate road Camberwell1920-29
Gray's inn laneGray's inn roadSt. Andrew, Holborn, etc.pre 1912
Great Bride streetEllington streetIslingtonpre 1912
Great Carlisle street Carlisle streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Great Carter laneCarter laneCity of Londonpre 1912
Great Chapel streetBroadwayCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Great Cheyne rowCheyne row Chelseapre 1912
Great Coram streetCoram street St. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Great Cumberland streetGreat Cumberland placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Great Eastern squareVallance roadStepneypre 1912
Great George street Abbey street Bermondseypre 1912
Great George street Holcombe streetHammersmithpre 1912
Great Guildford streetSumner streetChristchurch, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Great James streetBendall streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Great Knightrider streetKnightrider streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Great Manchester streetMenotti streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Great Marylebone streetNew Cavendish streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Great Mitchell street Mitchell streetFinsburypre 1912
Great Orchard rowMazzard row Camberwellpre 1912
Great Ormond yard Ormond yard St. George the Martyrpre 1912
Great Queen streetOld Queen streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Great Russell streetRussell street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Great Ryder streetRyder street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Great Tower street (part)Byward streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Great Union streetLancaster streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Great vine streetWarwick streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Great Warner street Warner streetFinsburypre 1912
Great Western terraceGreat Western road Paddingtonpre 1912
Great Wild streetWild streetSt. Giles in the Fields, etc.pre 1912
Great William street Copenhagen streetIslingtonpre 1912
Green courtEmerald streetSt. Andrew, Holbornpre 1912
Green laneLavender walkBattersea1912-17
Green lane, South streetRoyal hillGreenwichpre 1912
Green lane, Woolwich roadVanbrugh hillGreenwichpre 1912
Green Man's laneGreen Man streetIslingtonpre 1912#
Green streetChancel streetChristchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Green streetGaza streetNewingtonpre 1912
Green streetEmerald streetSt. Andrew, Holbornpre 1912
Green streetRushworth streetSt. George, Southwark1912-17
Green street, Cephas streetNicholas streetStepneypre 1912
Green street, New roadOxford street Stepneypre 1912
Green street, Turner streetPasteur streetStepney1920-29
Green street, White Horse streetWakeling streetRatcliffe, Stepney1912-17
Green walkHolland streetChristchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Greenfell street (part)Blackwall laneGreenwich1920-29
Greenfield placeBoscawen streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Greenhill road Fitzjohn's avenueHampsteadpre 1912
Greenland groveLucas placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Greenland place (part), Camden streetHamilton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Greenland place, Gray's inn roadCromer streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Greenman's laneGreenman streetIslington1920-29
Green's end (part)Beresford squareWoolwichpre 1912
Green's end (part)Thomas streetWoolwichpre 1912
Green's rowBuff placeCamberwellpre 1912
Green's rowSt. Leonard's terraceChelseapre 1912
Green's squareBuff placeCamberwellpre 1912
Greenville placeAshburn placeKensington1920-29
Greenville placeGrenville placeKensingtonpre 1912
Greenwich and Woolwich Lower roadWoolwich roadGreenwich & Woolwichpre 1912
Gregory streetGraham streetFinsbury & Islingtonpre 1912
Grenfell street Greenfell streetGreenwichpre 1912
Grenfell street (part)Blackwall laneGreenwich1917-20#
Grenville mewsAldenham mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Grenville streetAldenham streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Gresham park Gresham roadLambethpre 1912
Gresham street West Gresham streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Gresley road (part)Cressida road Islingtonpre 1912
Greyhound lane (part)Streatham valeWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Grimston streetGrimston roadFulhampre 1912
Grinnell streetGreenfell streetGreenwich1920-29
Grosvenor gardens mews WestGrosvenor gardens mews NorthCity of Westminster1920-29
Grosvenor gatePark laneCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Grosvenor mews (part)Bourdon streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Grosvenor park (part)Grosvenor terraceNewingtonpre 1912
Grosvenor park NorthGrosvenor parkNewingtonpre 1912
Grosvenor park SouthGrosvenor parkNewingtonpre 1912
Grosvenor roadHargrave roadIslingtonpre 1912
Grosvenor roadAytoun road Lambethpre 1912
Grosvenor roadBoundary roadSt. Marylebone, etc.pre 1912
Grosvenor rowPimlico road City of Westminsterpre 1912
Grosvenor streetGawber streetBethnal green1920-29
Grosvenor streetGauber streetBethnal greenpre 1912#
Grosvenor streetHinchliffe streetSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminster1912-17
Grosvenor streetProvence streetIslington1912-17
Grosvenor street West, Eaton squareHobart place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Grosvenor street West, Grosvenor gardensLower Grosvenor placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Grosvenor terraceMentmore terraceHackneypre 1912
Grove avenue Heckfield placeFulhampre 1912
Grove hill, Camberwell groveGrove hill roadCamberwellpre 1912
Grove hill, Overhill roadLordship laneCamberwellpre 1912
Grove laneLithgow streetBatterseapre 1912
Grove laneReading lane Hackneypre 1912
Grove laneGrove street St. Nicholas, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Grove parkBaring road Lewishampre 1912
Grove passage Hackney groveHackneypre 1912
Grove placeShetland streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Grove placeColeman roadCamberwellpre 1912
Grove placeRenbold placeGreenwichpre 1912
Grove placeSylvester roadHackneypre 1912
Grove placeBeauchamp placeKensingtonpre 1912
Grove placeLisson grove St. Marylebonepre 1912
Grove place, Adelina groveAdelina placeStepney1912-17
Grove place, Artichoke hillCuttle place Stepney1912-17
Grove place, Grove streetDurer place Stepneypre 1912
Grove place, Kennington roadAulton place Lambethpre 1912
Grove roadEste roadBatterseapre 1912
Grove roadSotheron roadFulhampre 1912
Grove roadLynmouth roadHackneypre 1912
Grove roadStandish roadHammersmithpre 1912
Grove roadFowler road Islingtonpre 1912
Grove roadDalmain roadLewishampre 1912
Grove roadBoscastle roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Grove roadHawksley roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Grove squareGoldsmith's squareShoreditchpre 1912
Grove streetShetland streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Grove streetLindsell streetGreenwichpre 1912
Grove streetLauriston roadHackneypre 1912
Grove streetClinton roadStepneypre 1912#
Grove streetBygrove streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Grove streetArlington roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Grove street Thurlow streetNewingtonpre 1912
Grove street (part)Plough road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Grove street hillGrove street St. Nicholas, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Grove street roadVictoria park road Hackneypre 1912
Grove street, Fowler roadHayman streetIslingtonpre 1912
Grove street, George's roadEden groveIslington1920-29
Grove street, Roman roadCornelia streetIslingtonpre 1912
Grove terrace Balcorne streetHackneypre 1912
Grove terrace Holland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Grove terrace Grove roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Grove, TheDurand gardensLambethpre 1912
Grove, TheChapel grove St. Pancraspre 1912
Grove, TheEwer street St. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Grove, TheCrescent groveWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Grove, The (part), Mare streetReading lane Hackneypre 1912
Grove, The (part), Mare streetHackney groveHackneypre 1912
Grove, The, Belmont hillBelmont groveLewishampre 1912
Grove, The, Brooksby's walkHomerton groveHackneypre 1912
Grove, The, Clarence roadTilia roadHackneypre 1912
Grove, The, Lewis groveMercia grove Lewishampre 1912
Grundy street EastGrundy streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Guelph street (part)Twilley streetWandsworth Borough1920-29
Guildford placeBantry placeBermondseypre 1912
Guildford street EastAttneave streetFinsburypre 1912
Gun alleyWhite's groundsBermondseypre 1912
Gun laneGrenade streetStepneypre 1912
Gun squarePadstow placeStepneypre 1912
Gun streetBoyfield streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Gurdon road Lugard road Camberwellpre 1912
H street Huxley streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Haberdasher's place Pitfield street Shoreditchpre 1912
Haberdasher's walk Pitfield streetShoreditchpre 1912
Haddo villas Eliot valeLewishampre 1912
Hafer streetHafer roadBatterseapre 1912
Haggerston laneLaburnum streetShoreditchpre 1912
Half Moon lane (part)Village wayCamberwell1920-29
Half Moon lane (part)East Dulwich groveCamberwellpre 1912#
Half paved courtDorset buildingsCity of Londonpre 1912
Halifax street Chicksand streetStepneypre 1912
Halkin street West West Halkin street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Halkin terraceLowndes streetChelsea, etc.pre 1912
Hall placeHall roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Halliford placeHalliford streetIslingtonpre 1912
Halsey terraceCadogan streetChelseapre 1912
Halton street Halton road Islingtonpre 1912
Hamburg streetCroston streetHackney1917-20
Hamburgh placeSuncroft placeLewisham1917-20
Hamilton placeHamilton roadIslingtonpre 1912
Hamilton road (part) Carnac street Lambethpre 1912
Hamilton road (part) Clive roadLambethpre 1912
Hamilton streetPascal street Lambethpre 1912
Hamilton terraceDouglas placePaddingtonpre 1912
Hammond squareHamond squareShoreditchpre 1912
Hampshire groveHampshire streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Hampshire hog yard Clark's mews St. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Hampstead hill gardensPond streetHampsteadpre 1912
Hampstead hill gardens (part)Rosslyn hillHampsteadpre 1912
Hampstead streetSouthampton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Hancock streetJackson streetWoolwichpre 1912
Hanley road WestMarlborough roadIslingtonpre 1912
Hannington streetHurlingham gardens Fulhampre 1912
Hanover cottagesLorne gardensSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Hanover placeHanover gardensLambethpre 1912
Hanover placePark roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Hanover place Sedley place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Hanover roadElmdene roadPlumstead1917-20
Hanover squareHanover gardensLambethpre 1912
Hanover streetNeston street Bermondseypre 1912
Hanover streetSteedman streetNewingtonpre 1912
Hanover street, Loampit valeElmira street Lewishampre 1912
Hanover street, Long AcreEndell street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Hanover street, Lupus streetGlamorgan streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Hanover street, SydenhamHalifax streetLewishampre 1912
Hanover terraceElmdene roadPlumstead1917-20
Hanover terrace villasHanover terraceKensingtonpre 1912
Hanover villasHanover terraceKensingtonpre 1912
Harcourt roadHaysleigh gardensPenge1920-29
Harden's lane Shersby lane Woolwichpre 1912
Hardy road (part)Ingleside groveGreenwichpre 1912
Hargrave lane Hargrave roadIslingtonpre 1912
Hargrave park roadHargrave parkIslingtonpre 1912
Hargwyne roadHargwyne streetLambethpre 1912
Harland squareMill rowShoreditchpre 1912
Harley mews North North Harley mews St. Marylebone1920-29
Harley roadHarley gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Harley road (part)Wadham gardensHampsteadpre 1912
Harmatton roadLucerne road Islingtonpre 1912
Harold street Lilford road Lambethpre 1912
Harold street Gospel Oak groveSt. Pancraspre 1912
Harold's alley Harad's placeStepneypre 1912
Haroldstone roadTempleton placeKensingtonpre 1912
Harriet street Wandon road Fulham, etc.pre 1912
Harriet street Grindal streetLambethpre 1912
Harrington groveCharteris roadIslingtonpre 1912
Harrington roadHarrington streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Harrington street NorthHarrington streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Harrington terraceProspect placeWoolwichpre 1912
Harris placeRill streetCamberwellpre 1912
Harrow alley, Aldgate High streetLittle Somerset streetCity of London1920-29
Harrow alley, Middlesex streetHarrow placeCity of London1920-29
Hart streetFloral street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Hartland placeBuck street St. Pancraspre 1912
Hartopp terraceHartopp avenueFulhampre 1912
Hart's laneBarnet grove Bethnal greenpre 1912
Harwar street Cremer street Shoreditch1912-17
Harwood terrace (part)Waterford roadFulhampre 1912
Haseltine streetHaseltine roadLewishampre 1912
Hasted road Trewsbury roadLewisham1920-29
Hatcliffe road Tuskar street Greenwichpre 1912
Hatcliffe streetCommerell streetGreenwichpre 1912
Hatcliffe street NorthCommerell streetGreenwichpre 1912
Hatfield streetAvonley road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Hatherley streetHatherley grovePaddington1920-29
Hauberk streetHauberk roadBatterseapre 1912
Haverham roadHeverham roadPlumstead1920-29
Haverstook terraceBelsize grove Hampsteadpre 1912
Hawkesford streetCromwell groveHammersmith1920-29
Hawksley road (part) Lilian streetStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Hawley road West Hawley streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Hayes buildingsDuncan squareHackneypre 1912
Hayes cottagesDuncan squareHackneypre 1912
Hayes placeHaslam placeCamberwellpre 1912
Hayes placeDibden street Islingtonpre 1912
Heath placeThorpebank roadHammersmithpre 1912
HeathfieldHeathfield gardens Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Heathfield streetWalmer road Kensingtonpre 1912
Heathurst roadHeath Hurst roadHampsteadpre 1912
Hebron street Hebron road Hammersmithpre 1912
Heddon court Heddon streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Hedgers grove (part) Selman streetHackneypre 1912
Helix gardens (part) Arodene road Lambethpre 1912
Helmsley terraceLondon fields East sideHackney1920-29
Helmus terraceRoyal avenueChelseapre 1912
Hemberton road (part)Atherfold roadLambethpre 1912
Hen and Chicken laneAlvey street Newingtonpre 1912
Henniker streetBeaufort streetChelseapre 1912
Henrietta placeAspen place Hammersmithpre 1912
Henrietta streetBarrett streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Henrietta streetHandel streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Henrietta streetKemp street Shoreditch1912-17
Henrietta street EastConn streetSt. Nicholas, Deptford1920-29
Henrietta street WestButt streetSt. Nicholas, Deptford1920-29
Henry placeArthur street Chelseapre 1912
Henry placeBoxmoor streetHammersmithpre 1912
Henry street Loftie street Bermondseypre 1912
Henry street Leverett streetChelseapre 1912
Henry street Donegal streetFinsburypre 1912
Henry street Draco street Newingtonpre 1912
Henry street Lingen street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Henry street Pardoner streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Henry street EastHenry street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Henry street, Back Church laneBoyd streetStepneypre 1912
Henry street, Burdett roadClemence streetLimehouse, Stepneypre 1912
Henry street, Cumberland marketGlen streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Henry street, Dorset roadCobbett streetLambethpre 1912
Henry street, Hampstead roadSeaton street St. Pancraspre 1912
Henry street, Jubilee streetRutland streetStepneypre 1912
Henry street, Loftine roadBelper street Islingtonpre 1912
Henry street, New Cross roadBriant street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Henry street, Salmon laneCarr streetStepneypre 1912
Henry street, Vassall roadFarrar street Lambethpre 1912
Henry street, White Horse laneCadiz streetStepneypre 1912
Henry street, Wotton roadChilders streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Henry street, York squareChaseley streetRatcliffe, Stepneypre 1912
Henry's place McGrath placeShoreditchpre 1912
Hepburn streetPoplar grove Hammersmithpre 1912
Hepworth streetHepworth roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Herat streetBrick laneStepneypre 1912
Herbert crescent (part)Hans crescentChelseapre 1912
Herbert placeLansdowne placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Herbert streetHolms streetShoreditchpre 1912
Herbert's buildingsGray streetLambeth, etc.pre 1912
Hercules buildingsHercules roadLambethpre 1912
Hercules terraceNewnham terraceLambethpre 1912
Hereford placeMitcham streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Hereford road NorthHereford roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Hereford streetHereford gardensSt. George, Hanover squarepre 1912#
Hereward avenueKestral avenueLambethpre 1912
Hereward road (part)Moffat roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Herman roadBowles roadCamberwell1917-20
Hermes hillRisinghill streetFinsburypre 1912
Herne terraceCornflower terraceCamberwellpre 1912
Herschell road (part)Bovill roadLewishampre 1912
Hertford placeYarmouth mewsCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Hertford placeHaggerston roadShoreditchpre 1912
Hertford streetWhitfield streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Hetherington road (part)Kepler road Lambeth1912-17
Heverham streetHeverham roadWoolwichpre 1912
Hickman's folly (part)DockheadBermondseypre 1912
High roadKnightsbridgeCity of Westminster, etc.pre 1912
High roadUpper Clapton road Hackneypre 1912
High roadHammersmith road Hammersmithpre 1912
High roadKing streetHammersmithpre 1912
High roadCamberwell roadNewingtonpre 1912
High road, Lower StreathamStreatham High roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
High rowKnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
High streetBattersea High streetBatterseapre 1912
High streetDenmark hill Camberwell, etc.pre 1912
High streetCamberwell roadCamberwell, etc.pre 1912
High streetEltham High streetElthampre 1912
High streetKingsland High streetHackneypre 1912
High streetKensington High streetKensingtonpre 1912
High streetDartmouth roadLewishampre 1912
High streetNewington ButtsNewington, etc.pre 1912
High streetBow roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
High streetBorough High streetSt. Saviour, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
High streetHoxton streetShoreditchpre 1912
High streetShoreditch High streetShoreditchpre 1912
High streetStoke Newington High streetStoke Newington, etc.pre 1912
High streetGreat Garden streetStepneypre 1912
High streetStepney High street Stepneypre 1912
High streetUpper Tooting road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
High street, DulwichDulwich villageCamberwell1912-17
High street, Fulham (part)Putney bridge approachFulham1912-17
High street, Fulham (part)Old Bridge roadFulhampre 1912#
High street, PlumsteadPlumstead High streetPlumstead1920-29
High street, TootingTooting High street Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
High street, VauxhallAlbert embankmentLambethpre 1912
High street, WoolwichWoolwich High streetWoolwich1920-29
Higham circusCharleville circusLewisham1920-29
Highbury crescent WestFieldway crescentIslingtonpre 1912
Highbury hill parkDrayton parkIslingtonpre 1912
Highbury mewsCorsica street Islingtonpre 1912
Highbury New park roadHighbury New park Islingtonpre 1912
Highbury park NorthAubert park Islingtonpre 1912
Highbury park SouthLeigh roadIslingtonpre 1912
Highbury park WestHamilton roadIslingtonpre 1912
Highbury place mewsCorsica street Islingtonpre 1912
Highbury valeBlackstock roadIslingtonpre 1912
Hildyard streetHildyard roadFulhampre 1912
Hill streetCoate street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Hill streetOldhill street Hackneypre 1912
Hill streetHillingdon streetNewingtonpre 1912
Hill streetThornville streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Hindon streetWilton road City of Westminsterpre 1912
Hither green lane (part)Verdant lane Lewishampre 1912
Hobart place Lower Grosvenor placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Hobbs's crescentHobbs' place Shoreditchpre 1912
Hobman streetTrident streetBermondsey1912-17
Hobson's courtHobson's cottagesStepneypre 1912
Hog laneOld Woolwich road Greenwichpre 1912
Holbeck road Offley roadLambethpre 1912
Holden terrace (part) Buckingham palace roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Holden terrace (part) Terminus placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Holland park gardens (part)Holland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Holland park terrace (part)Campden hill place Kensingtonpre 1912
Holland park terrace (part)Holland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Holland place St. Mary Abbot's terraceKensingtonpre 1912
Holland road NorthClaribel road Lambethpre 1912
Holland streetMonck street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Hollingsworth street NorthRhodes streetIslingtonpre 1912
Holloway road (part)Highbury comerIslington1912-17
Holly groveOldridge roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Holly roadCrawthew groveCamberwellpre 1912
Holly street NorthHolly street Hackneypre 1912
Holly street SouthHolly street Hackneypre 1912
Hollycroft roadHollycroft avenueHampsteadpre 1912
Holmes street Exmouth streetStepneypre 1912
Holmesley streetHolmesley roadLewisham1920-29
Holmewood road (part)Maplestead roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Holmewood road NorthMaplestead roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Holroyd streetHolroyd road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Holywell streetPage streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Holywell streetShoreditch High streetShoreditchpre 1912
Home road (part)Abercrombie street Batterseapre 1912
Homeleigh roadHolmleigh roadHackneypre 1912
HomesdaleLoampit vale Lewishampre 1912
Hook's road (part)Sunwell streetCamberwellpre 1912
Hooper squareHooper streetStepneypre 1912
Hooper streetBerry street Finsburypre 1912
Hopcroft streetMilborne streetHackneypre 1912#
Hope placeBratton streetIslingtonpre 1912
Hope placeLonghope placeLambethpre 1912
Hope place WestRice placeIslingtonpre 1912
Hope streetTreadway streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Hope streetWilkes street Stepneypre 1912
Hope terraceHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Horace streetHome roadBatterseapre 1912
Hornsey rise (part)Hornsey roadIslingtonpre 1912
Horseferry Branch roadBranch road Stepney1912-17
Horsemonger laneUnion roadNewingtonpre 1912
Horsted roadSt. Norbert roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Hotham villas roadHotham road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Howe streetLangdale roadGreenwichpre 1912#
Howitt streetHowitt road Hampsteadpre 1912
Howley place villasHowley place Paddingtonpre 1912
Howth place Rochester placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Hoxton town Hoxton streetShoreditchpre 1912
Hoyle streetHoyle roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Huckle street Grafton terraceSt. Pancraspre 1912
Hudson's courtCotton's gardensShoreditchpre 1912
Hugh street WestHugh street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Hughes court Worsdale courtNewingtonpre 1912
Hugon road (part)Stephendale roadFulhampre 1912
Humber road EastHumber roadGreenwichpre 1912
Hunsdon road (part)Monson road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Hunt courtHunton courtStepneypre 1912
Hunt placeHunton place Stepneypre 1912
Hunt streetHunton streetStepneypre 1912
Hunter street Weston streetBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Hunter street (part)Judd streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Huntingdon streetFalkirk streetShoreditchpre 1912
Huntslet streetHunslett streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Huntsworth mews North and SouthHuntsworth mewsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Hurlingham avenueRanelagh gardensFulhampre 1912
Hurlingham laneHurlingham roadFulhampre 1912
Husband streetIngestre placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Hyde park gate SouthHyde park gateCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Hyde park place (part)Edgware roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Hyde park place (part)Marble arch St. Marylebonepre 1912
Hyde park place WestHyde park terrace Paddingtonpre 1912
Hyde park terraceKensington goreCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Hyde park terrace mewsJay mewsCity of Westminster1920-29
Hyde streetAchilles streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
I street Ilbert street Paddingtonpre 1912
Ingelby road Ingleby road Islingtonpre 1912
Ingelow road (part)Broughton streetBatterseapre 1912
Ingomar road Coliston road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Inkerman terraceFort roadBermondseypre 1912
Inner groveSandown placeWandsworth Borough1920-29
Inverleith avenueAmbleside avenueWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Inverness roadInverness terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Invicta road (part)Bramshot avenueGreenwichpre 1912
Isabella street Tanswell streetLambethpre 1912
Ivy lane (part)Ivy streetShoreditchpre 1912
Ivy placeIvy yardShoreditchpre 1912
Ivy streetMintern streetShoreditchpre 1912
Jacques buildingsBethel place Bermondseypre 1912
Jamaica levelSouthwark park roadBermondseypre 1912
Jamaica placeBeccles street Stepneypre 1912
James groveEast Surrey groveCamberwellpre 1912
James placeMander streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
James place, Alvey streetInnis placeNewingtonpre 1912
James place, Doon streetMilan placeLambethpre 1912
James place, Hillingdon streetJerome place Newingtonpre 1912
James place, North streetCrow placeLambethpre 1912
James street Denyer street Chelseapre 1912
James street Walmer road Kensingtonpre 1912
James street Revesby streetNewingtonpre 1912
James street King James streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
James street Gaskell streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
James street Spearman stieetWoolwich1920-29
James street NorthJacobin streetShoreditchpre 1912
James street WestLeinster placePaddingtonpre 1912
James street, Bethnal green roadChilton streetBethnal greenpre 1912
James street, Cadiz streetKnott street Stepneypre 1912
James street, Church streetAlvar street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
James street, City roadNew Charles street Finsburypre 1912
James street, Commercial roadCator street Camberwellpre 1912
James street, East India Dock roadVesey street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
James street, East streetRufford streetIslingtonpre 1912
James street, Edward streetTaplow streetShoreditchpre 1912
James street, Essex roadElmore streetIslingtonpre 1912
James street, Fleet street hillWeaver streetBethnal greenpre 1912
James street, Grove streetBurslem streetStepneypre 1912
James street, Haggerston roadHilcot street Shoreditchpre 1912
James street, Havil streetHarris street Camberwellpre 1912
James street, HaymarketOrange streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
James street, Kensington squareAnsdell streetKensingtonpre 1912
James street, Lambeth walkHamish streetLambethpre 1912
James street, Lewisham High roadSt. John's roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
James street, Lothian roadTindal street Lambethpre 1912
James street, Lower MarshLauncelot streetLambethpre 1912
James street, Old streetMallow streetFinsburypre 1912
James street, Paul streetMark streetShoreditchpre 1912
James street, RatcliffeDrewton streetStepneypre 1912
James street, Ravenscroft streetEzra streetBethnal greenpre 1912
James street, St. Agnes placeWarham stieetLambethpre 1912
James street, St. Leonard's streetShenfield placePoplar Boroughpre 1912
James street, St. Peter's streetFrome street Islingtonpre 1912
James street, Salmon laneConder street Limehouse, Stepneypre 1912
James street, Sidmouth streetDerry street St. Pancraspre 1912
James street, Strand Durham house streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
James street, Torriano avenueHampshire streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
James street, Victoria streetBuckingham gateCity of Westminsterpre 1912
James street, Whiston streetJacobin streetShoreditchpre 1912
James street, Wotton roadChilders streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
James yardBrady placeBethnal greenpre 1912
James's placeJaneway streetBermondseypre 1912
Jane streetJanet street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Janes placeTranby placeHackneypre 1912
Janes street Venice street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Jenner mews Heatherley placeHackney1912-17
Jephtha gardensJephtha roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Jervis street Silvester roadCamberwellpre 1912
Jevington roadLytton groveWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
John ('s) placeRodney streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
John courtEpsom court Bermondseypre 1912
John courtSpelman courtStepneypre 1912
John streetBognor streetBatterseapre 1912
John streetNorman streetChelseapre 1912
John streetRisinghill streetFinsburypre 1912
John streetLundy street Fulhampre 1912
John streetKeats grove Hampsteadpre 1912
John streetEngate street Lewishampre 1912
John streetWoodfield gardens Paddingtonpre 1912
John streetRosebery avenueSt. Andrew, Holborn, etc.pre 1912
John streetKidd street Woolwichpre 1912
John street NorthGrundy streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
John street NorthKnox street St. Marylebonepre 1912
John street WestUfford street Christchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
John street WestLofting road Islingtonpre 1912
John street, Albany roadJardine streetCamberwellpre 1912
John street, Ben Jonson roadHalley place Stepneypre 1912
John street, Blackfriars roadBurrell streetChristchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
John street, Bonner streetTagg streetBethnal greenpre 1912
John street, Cambridge roadVyner streetBethnal greenpre 1912
John street, Cambridge roadKey streetStepneypre 1912
John street, Cannon street roadCrellin street Stepneypre 1912
John street, Church laneAssam street Stepneypre 1912
John street, Church streetAlvar streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
John street, Coldbath streetAiry streetGreenwichpre 1912
John street, Commercial roadCator street Camberwellpre 1912
John street, Commercial road EastJohnson streetStepneypre 1912
John street, Cornwall roadDoon streetLambethpre 1912
John street, Cranmer roadChryssel road Lambethpre 1912
John street, Curtain roadRivington streetShoreditchpre 1912
John street, Davies streetBourdon streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
John street, Dorset roadBolney street Lambethpre 1912
John street, Dove rowMoye streetShoreditchpre 1912
John street, Duff streetRigden street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
John street, East streetBarlow street Newingtonpre 1912
John street, Edgware roadCrawford placeSt. Marylebone1912-17#
John street, Edmund streetNotley street Camberwellpre 1912
John street, Ethelred streetGundulf streetLambethpre 1912
John street, Finch streetSpelman streetStepneypre 1912
John street, Ford squareClark street Stepneypre 1912
John street, Frederick streetEamont streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
John street, Gainsford streetBoss streetBermondseypre 1912
John street, George's roadBratton streetIslingtonpre 1912
John street, Great Eastern streetPhipps street Shoreditchpre 1912
John street, Great Suffolk streetToulmin streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
John street, Hackney roadGorsuch placeShoreditchpre 1912
John street, Hanway streetHanway placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
John street, Harper streetRipley street Newingtonpre 1912
John street, Hayles streetLamlash streetSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
John street, Hercules roadNewnham terraceLambethpre 1912
John street, Holloway roadWedmore streetIslingtonpre 1912
John street, HomertonBanister streetHackneypre 1912
John street, King Henry's walkSt. Jude streetIslingtonpre 1912
John street, Kingsland roadLaburnum streetShoreditchpre 1912
John street, Liverpool roadLofting road Islingtonpre 1912
John street, London fieldsDericote streetHackney1920-29
John street, London fieldsBremen streetHackneypre 1912#
John street, Lorrimore roadHeiron street Newingtonpre 1912
John street, Mile end roadSouth grove Stepneypre 1912
John street, Old Kent roadLeroy streetBermondseypre 1912
John street, Oxford streetGreat Portland streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
John street, Pall MallSt. James's square City of Westminsterpre 1912
John street, Parker's rowOxley street Bermondseypre 1912
John street, Quaker streetWilkes streetStepneypre 1912
John street, RatcliffeHilton street Stepneypre 1912
John street, Renbold placeWinforton streetGreenwichpre 1912
John street, Rhodeswell roadEndive street Stepneypre 1912
John street, Roupell streetTheed street Lambethpre 1912
John street, Samuel streetRepton streetStepneypre 1912
John street, Shacklewell laneDunn street Hackneypre 1912
John street, Upper North streetGrundy streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
John street, Waterloo roadAlaska street Lambethpre 1912
John street, Watney streetSheridan streetStepneypre 1912
John street, Wenlock roadWenlock placeShoreditchpre 1912
John street, White Horse laneSkidmore streetStepneypre 1912
John street, Windmill streetWhitfield streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
John's court Jason court St. Marylebonepre 1912
John's placeAvonmore placeFulhampre 1912
John's place Sidcup place Finsburypre 1912
John's place St. Alban's placeIslingtonpre 1912
John's place Ivan placeLambethpre 1912
John's place Eamont placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
John's place Ridler place St. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
John's place Snowdon placeShoreditchpre 1912
John's place Batley roadHackneypre 1912
John's place, Grange roadWood's place Bermondseypre 1912
John's place, Hatteraick streetNolan place Bermondseypre 1912
John's place, Henry streetJohn's mews Holbornpre 1912
John's place, Parker's rowOxley street Bermondseypre 1912
John's place, Spa roadMarshall's placeBermondseypre 1912
John's street, St. Thomas streetFenning streetBermondseypre 1912
Johnson street, Cable streetSage streetStepneypre 1912
Johnson street, King Edward streetMeggs place Stepney1912-17
Johnson street, Mile end roadHarford streetStepneypre 1912
Johnson street, Old Gravel laneChandler streetStepneypre 1912
Johnson's courtLeman passageStepneypre 1912
Joiner street Barbel street St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Jolly Gardeners' yardLilac placeLambethpre 1912
Joseph street, Cable streetMartineau streetStepney1920-29
Joseph street, Cannon street roadSly streetStepneypre 1912
Judkins street Judkin street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Junction road Rufford streetIslingtonpre 1912
Junction road (part) Fortess road St. Pancraspre 1912
Junction streetGrafton crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Juniper rowJuniper streetStepneypre 1912
K street Kilravock streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Keating road Pilkington roadCamberwellpre 1912
Keith gardensKeith grove Hammersmithpre 1912
Kelloway streetHetherington roadLambeth1912-17
Kelvin road EastKelvin road Islingtonpre 1912
Kemble road (part)Siddons road Lewishampre 1912
Kempsford gardens (part)Earl's court squareKensingtonpre 1912
Kenneth road Stewart's roadBattersea, etc.pre 1912
Kennett road Kennet road Paddingtonpre 1912
Kenning's buildingsKenning streetBermondseypre 1912
Kennington greenKennington roadLambethpre 1912
Kennington streetBeresford streetNewington, etc.pre 1912
Kensington garden terraceLancaster gate terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Kensington park road NorthKensington park roadKensingtonpre 1912
Kensington park terraceChepstow villasKensingtonpre 1912
Kensington road (part)Kensington High streetKensingtonpre 1912
Kent street Tabard streetSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Keppel street (part)Sloane avenue Chelsea1912-17
Keppel street (part)Tryon street Chelsea1912-17
Kesteven roadChelmer road Hackneypre 1912
Kestrel avenue (part)Fawnbrake avenue Lambethpre 1912
Khama streetKhama road Wandsworth Borough1920-29
Kidbrooke park EastHervey road Greenwichpre 1912
Kidbrooke park placeEastbrook roadGreenwichpre 1912
Kidbrooke park WestKidbrooke groveGreenwichpre 1912
Kilgour street Kilgour road Lewisham1920-29
Killearn road (part) Muirkirk roadLewishampre 1912
Kimberley road (part)Clitheroe roadLambethpre 1912
Kimberley road (part)Grantham roadLambethpre 1912
Kinaston streetJohanna streetLambethpre 1912
King David FortSutton street EastStepneypre 1912
King Edward street Kingscote streetCity of Londonpre 1912
King Edward street Clave streetWapping, Stepney1912-17
King streetBridge road WestBatterseapre 1912
King streetSouthampton rowSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
King streetNew North roadIslington, etc.pre 1912
King streetShelton streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
King streetHarton streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
King streetNewcomen streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
King streetKingsman streetWoolwichpre 1912
King street EastHammersmith roadHammersmithpre 1912
King street mewsCulross streetCity of Westminster1912-17
King street WestKing streetHammersmithpre 1912
King street WestKing streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
King street, Bath streetLeage street Finsburypre 1912
King street, Borough roadKing James streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
King street, Brick laneGosset street Bethnal greenpre 1912
King street, Cambridge streetShaftesbury avenue City of Westminsterpre 1912
King street, Cloth FairKinghorn streetCity of Londonpre 1912
King street, Commercial road EastJamaica streetStepneypre 1912
King street, Cornwall roadEthelm streetLambethpre 1912
King street, Doveton streetWickford streetStepney1912-17
King street, Dunston roadLoanda streetShoreditchpre 1912
King street, East streetKing and Queen streetNewington1920-29
King street, Finsbury squareChristopher square Finsburypre 1912
King street, Goswell roadCyrus street Finsburypre 1912
King street, Great Marlborough streetKingly street City of Westminsterpre 1912
King street, Hackney roadDiss streetBethnal greenpre 1912
King street, Hoxton squareRufus street Shoreditchpre 1912
King street, Lambeth walkWake street Lambethpre 1912
King street, Leadenhall streetCreechurch laneCity of Londonpre 1912
King street, Lewisham roadSparta street Lewisham, etc.pre 1912
King street, Long AcreNeal streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
King street, Marshalsea roadCaleb street St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
King street, Old Ford roadMace streetBethnal greenpre 1912
King street, Old Gravel lanePrusom streetStepneypre 1912
King street, Old Kent roadLeroy street Bermondseypre 1912
King street, Old Kent roadKinglake streetSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
King street, Old Montague streetQueen street Stepneypre 1912
King street, Park streetCulross street City of Westminsterpre 1912
King street, Rotherhithe streetFulford streetBermondseypre 1912
King street, St. Martin's laneGarrick streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
King street, Trafalgar roadKing William street Greenwichpre 1912
King street, Viaduct streetViaduct placeBethnal greenpre 1912
King William street Clyston streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
King's Arms yardMonarch yardSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
King's Arms yardGoldsmith streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
King's Head court, Beech streetBeech court City of Londonpre 1912
King's Head court, Fetter laneStokes court City of Londonpre 1912
King's Head court, Fleet streetWine Office courtCity of Londonpre 1912
King's Head yardShipwright yardBermondseypre 1912
King's mews Rex placeCity of Westminster1912-17
King's placePorlock placeBermondseypre 1912
King's placeStamp placeBethnal greenpre 1912
King's placePall Mall placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
King's placeNeptune streetFulhampre 1912#
King's placeNorth end roadFulhampre 1912
King's placeSeaham streetLambeth1920-29
King's placeMinor placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
King's roadDigby roadHackneypre 1912
King's roadKingsbury roadIslingtonpre 1912
King's roadTheobalds roadSt. Andrew, Holborn, etc.pre 1912
King's roadNuttall streetShoreditchpre 1912
King's roadKings avenue Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
King's road (part)New King's roadFulhampre 1912
King's road EastKing's roadChelseapre 1912
King's rowLafone street Bermondseypre 1912
King's rowMerrow streetNewingtonpre 1912
King's rowWiltshire rowShoreditchpre 1912
King's terrace Digby roadHackneypre 1912
Kingsgate mewsKingsgate placeHampsteadpre 1912
Kingsland green (part)Kingsland High streetHackney, etc.pre 1912
Kingston terraceKingston streetNewingtonpre 1912
Klondike road Dinsmore roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Knaresborough road Knaresborough placeKensingtonpre 1912
Knee Hill roadBrampton roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Knightland streetKnightland roadHackneypre 1912
Knight's hill mews Nettlefold placeLambethpre 1912
Knight's hill road (part)Court roadLambethpre 1912#
Knight's hill road (Part), Rosendale roadLovelace roadLambethpre 1912
Knight's hill road, High street, West NorwoodKnight's hill Lambethpre 1912
Knights villasBarnsbury terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Knightsbridge terraceKnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Kota placeThe MountLewishampre 1912
L streetLothrop streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Lack's cottagesDouglas placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Laconia mews De Vere cottagesKensington1920-29
Ladbroke grove (part)Kensington park gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Ladbroke grove road Ladbroke groveKensingtonpre 1912
Ladbroke placeLadbroke groveKensingtonpre 1912
Ladbroke villasLadbroke roadKensingtonpre 1912
Lady Lake's grove Adelina groveStepneypre 1912
Ladywell park terraceCampshill roadLewisham1920-29
Lambeth buttsBroad street Lambethpre 1912
Lambeth hlll (part)Old Change hillCity of Londonpre 1912
Lamb's buildingsTranquil vale Lewisham, etc.pre 1912
Lambs buildings (part)Lamb's passageFinsburypre 1912
Lamb's Conduit placeGuilford placeSt. George the Martyr, etc.pre 1912
Lambton mewsLambton placeKensington1912-17
Lambton terracePelton road Greenwichpre 1912
Lambton terraceWestboume groveKensingtonpre 1912
Lancaster road (part)Lambolle placeHampsteadpre 1912
Lancaster road EastLancaster roadKensingtonpre 1912
Lancaster road WestLancaster roadKensingtonpre 1912
Lancaster terrace, Bayswater roadLancaster gatePaddingtonpre 1912
Lancaster terrace, Gloucester terraceLancaster streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Lancel roadLancell streetStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Landgrave roadNevem road Kensington1920-29
Landseer streetColegrove roadCamberwellpre 1912
Landseer terraceLandseer streetBatterseapre 1912
Langford roadAllcroft roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Langham place (part)Portland placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Langton terraceDelacourt roadGreenwichpre 1912
Lansdowne circusLansdowne gardens Lambethpre 1912
Lansdowne placeHartington roadLambethpre 1912
Lansdowne place (part)Law streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Lansdowne road NorthLansdowne roadKensingtonpre 1912
Lansdowne road NorthLansdowne gardens Lambethpre 1912
Larpent streetLarpent avenueWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Latymer road Latimer road Hammersmithpre 1912
Laurie grove (part)Dixon roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Lausanne road (part)Evelina road Camberwell, etc.pre 1912
Lausanne road (part)Gibbon road Camberwellpre 1912
Lavender grove EastLavender groveHackneypre 1912
Lavender laneLavender walkBattersea1912-17
Lavers streetLavers road Stoke Newingtonpre 1912
Lawn, TheBoundaries roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Layland roadThe Gardens Camberwellpre 1912
Lea bridge placeLea bridge roadHackneypre 1912
Leader streetIxworth placeChelsea1917-20
Leamington gardensSt. Helen's gardens Kensingtonpre 1912
Leathersellers' buildingsCopthall avenueCity of Londonpre 1912
Leathwaite road (part)Ashness road Batterseapre 1912
Lebanon gardens (part)Lebanon roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Ledbury mewsBoundary mewsKensingtonpre 1912
Ledbury road (part)Chepstow crescentKensingtonpre 1912
Ledbury road NorthLedbury roadPaddington & Kensingtonpre 1912
Lee lane (part)Belmont hill Lewishampre 1912
Lee lane (part)Lee terraceLewishampre 1912
Lee road (part)Blackheath village Charlton & Kidbrooke, etc.1920-29
Lee terraceLee streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Lee terraceLyford street Woolwichpre 1912
Leete streetCadogan gardensChelseapre 1912
Leicester street, Regent streetHeddon streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Leicester street, Regent streetRegent placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Leigh streetDane streetSt. Andrew, Holborn, etc.pre 1912
Leigham court road WestDrewstead roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Leigham lane, Norwood roadLeigham vale Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Leigham lane, Streatham High roadSunnyhill roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Leigham valley roadLeigham vale Wandsworth Borough, etc.pre 1912
Leinster mewsOssington yardKensington1920-29
Leinster terraceLeinster gardensPaddingtonpre 1912
Leipsic roadComber groveCamberwell1917-20
Lemon courtBeet courtLambethpre 1912#
Lemon streetLoman streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912#
Lemon streetSawyer street St. Saviour, Southwark1920-29
Lenham road (part)Lamp Mead roadLewishampre 1912
Lennox road WestLennox road Islingtonpre 1912
Lenthall mewsLenthall placeKensingtonpre 1912
Leonard squareLeonard streetShoreditch, etc.pre 1912
Lett streetRailton roadLambethpre 1912
Leven roadAbbott road Poplar Borough1920-29
Leventhorp avenueNapier avenueFulhampre 1912
Leverton cottagesFalkland placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Leverton street NorthLeverton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Lewis placeGildersome streetWoolwichpre 1912
Lewisham High road (part)Loampit hill Lewisham1917-20
Lewisham Park crescentLewisham parkLewishampre 1912
Lewisham roadHigh street, LewishamLewishampre 1912
Lewisham road, Stanstead roadRockbourne roadLewishampre 1912
Lexham roadLexham gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Leylang streetLeylang road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Leysfield roadGreenside roadHammersmith1920-29
Lilford roadWinston road Stoke Newingtonpre 1912
Lilford streetFlaxman roadLambethpre 1912
Limburg streetLimburg roadBatterseapre 1912
Lime streetDugald streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Limekiln hillThree Colt streetStepneypre 1912
Limes grove NorthLimes grove Lewishampre 1912
Linden groveLinden gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Lindore streetLindore road Batterseapre 1912
Lindsey placeCheyne walkChelseapre 1912
Lindsey rowCheyne walkChelseapre 1912
Lingard roadPrince Arthur road Hampsteadpre 1912
Linton street South Linton street Islingtonpre 1912
Linton's placeLocksideStepneypre 1912
Liquorpond streetClerkenwell roadFinsburypre 1912
Lissenden roadWolfington roadLambethpre 1912
Little Albany street NorthLittle Albany street St. Pancraspre 1912
Little Anchor street Chance streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Little Bell alleyCopthall avenueCity of Londonpre 1912
Little Bolton street Smith street Lambethpre 1912
Little Bride streetBride street Islingtonpre 1912
Little Bridge street Pilgrim streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Little Brook streetLongford streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Little Bruton street Bruton place City of Westminster1912-17
Little Cambridge streetDunloe streetShoreditchpre 1912
Little Canterbury placeCanterbury placeLambethpre 1912
Little Carter laneCarter laneCity of Londonpre 1912
Little Catherine streetMuriel street Finsburypre 1912
Little Chapel street Caxton street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Little Charles street Wybert streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Little Charlotte row Lockyer streetBermondseypre 1912
Little Charlotte streetPalace place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Little Cherry garden streetCherry garden streetBermondseypre 1912
Little Chesterfield streetNew Chesterfield streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Little Cheyne rowUpper Cheyne row Chelseapre 1912
Little Church wayChurchwaySt. Pancraspre 1912
Little Clarence street Clarence streetFinsburypre 1912
Little Clarendon streetWolcot streetSt. Pancras1912-17
Little Clarkson streetClarkson streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Little College streetPym streetChelseapre 1912#
Little Collingwood streetColling streetBethnal greenpre 1912#
Little Compton streetOld Compton street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Little Coram streetHerbrand streetSt. George, Bloomsbury, etc.pre 1912
Little Crescent street Euston buildingsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Little Croft streetCroft street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Little Cross streetAngle street Newingtonpre 1912
Little Distaff laneDistaff lane City of Londonpre 1912
Little Ebenezer streetLanfrey placeFulhampre 1912
Little Exeter street Landon place Chelsea1920-29
Little Foxlow street Foxlow streetBermondseypre 1912
Little Galway street Galway streetFinsburypre 1912
Little George street The Grange Bermondseypre 1912
Little George street King George street Greenwichpre 1912
Little George street Carton street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Little George street Oak streetWoolwichpre 1912
Little George street (part), Parliament streetGreat George street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Little George street, Buckingham gateVandon streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Little George street, Drummond streetCobourg streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Little George street, Fleet street hillPedley street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Little George street, King's Cross roadWicklow streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Little George street, MinoriesVine streetCity of London1912-17
Little George street, Old Bethnal green roadPoyser street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Little Gloster street Pickworth streetLambeth1912-17
Little Guildford streetGreat Guildford streetSt. Saviour, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Little Guilford street Herbrand streetSt. George, Bloomsbury, etc.pre 1912
Little Harrow street Harrow streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Little James streetBuckingham gateCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Little James streetVesey street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Little James streetLisson street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Little John streetBoss streetBermondseypre 1912
Little John streetPitsea place Stepneypre 1912
Little King streetKinglake streetSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Little King street North and SouthLittle King streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Little Knightrider streetKnightrider streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Little London street Wolseley streetBermondseypre 1912
Little Manchester street Menotti streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Little Marylebone streetMarylebone streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Little Matilda placeWarford placeBermondseypre 1912
Little Mitchell streetMitchell streetFinsburypre 1912
Little MoorfieldsMoorfieldsCity of Londonpre 1912
Little Nelson streetMurton streetFinsburypre 1912
Little Norris streetNorris street Shoreditchpre 1912
Little North streetWinthrop streetStepneypre 1912
Little Orchard rowBullace rowCamberwellpre 1912
Little Ormond streetCosmo place St. George, Bloomsbury, etc.pre 1912
Little Pancras streetMortimer marketSt. Pancraspre 1912
Little Park placeHalpin placeNewingtonpre 1912
Little Park streetCarteret streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Little Park streetSancroft streetLambethpre 1912
Little Paulin streetPaulin streetBermondseypre 1912
Little Peter streetWood streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Little Prescot street Mansell streetStepneypre 1912
Little Queen streetBrisbane streetCamberwellpre 1912
Little Queen streetOld Queen streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Little Queen streetForset street St. Marylebone1917-20
Little Russell street Russell street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Little Russell street Russell street Stepneypre 1912
Little Rutland streetPickworth streetLambeth1912-17
Little Rutland streetNewark streetStepneypre 1912
Little Ryder streetRyder streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Little St. Mary axeSt. Mary axe City of Londonpre 1912
Little Scarborough streetScarborough street Stepneypre 1912
Little Smith streetWoodfall streetChelseapre 1912
Little Spencer street Anning streetShoreditchpre 1912
Little Stockwell streetBridson streetCamberwellpre 1912
Little Store streetChenies mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Little Thames street St. Katharine's way Stepney1912-17
Little Thomas street Linnet street Lambethpre 1912
Little Torrington streetTorrington mewsSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912#
Little Tower hill (part)St. Katharine's way Stepney1912-17
Little Tower hill (part)Tower hillStepneypre 1912
Little Tower street EastcheapCity of Londonpre 1912
Little Union streetMorris street Stepneypre 1912
Little Warner street Warner streetFinsburypre 1912
Little Weymouth streetWesley street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Little Wild streetKeeley street St. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Little Windmill streetLexington streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Little Woodstock streetWestmoreland streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Little York streetWhitby strertBethnal greenpre 1912
Liverpool road (part)Lowther roadIslingtonpre 1912
Lloyd's court Little Denmark streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Loampit vale (part)Loampit hill Lewishampre 1912
Loat's roadKings avenue Lambeth, etc.pre 1912
Locbaber streetLochaber roadLewishampre 1912
Logan terrace Benworth streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Loman street (part) Sawyer street St. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Lombard streetCheyne walk Chelseapre 1912
Lombard streetLombard laneCity of London1912-17
Lomond streetWrotham roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Londesborough road (part)Clonbrook roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
London court Felma court Greenwichpre 1912
London placeLondon fields East sideHackney1920-29
London road Plough road Bermondseypre 1912
London road Kenninghall roadHackneypre 1912
London street Wolseley streetBermondseypre 1912
London street Ropley street Bethnal greenpre 1912
London street Ontario streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
London street Plough road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
London street Maple street St. Pancraspre 1912
London terraceLondon fields West sideHackneypre 1912
Londonderry roadWarner road Camberwellpre 1912
Long alleyFinsbury avenueShoreditchpre 1912
Long roadTooting Bec roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Longbeech roadLongbeach roadBatterseapre 1912
Longbridge roadCampshill roadLewisham1920-29
Longfellow road EastWhitman roadStepneypre 1912
Longstone road (part)Nimrod road Wandsworth Borough1912-17
Longton groveLongton avenueLewishampre 1912
Lonsdale villasWestbourne grovePaddington & Kensingtonpre 1912
Lorrimore terracePenrose streetNewingtonpre 1912
Loughborough park roadLoughborough park Lambethpre 1912
Loughborough road NorthAkerman roadLambethpre 1912
Lovat placeKinburn streetBermondsey1912-17
Love laneCathay street Bermondseypre 1912
Love laneTalwin street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Love lanePutney bridge road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Loving Edward's laneEdward streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Lowden road (part)Heron roadLambethpre 1912
Lower Ann streetAnn streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Lower Belgrave placeBuckingham palace roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Lower Berner street Berner street Stepneypre 1912
Lower Calthorpe streetCalthorpe streetSt. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Lower Chester street Chester streetGreenwichpre 1912
Lower Copenhagen streetCopenhagen streetIslingtonpre 1912
Lower Cornwall streetCornwall streetStepneypre 1912
Lower Creed placeHoskins streetGreenwichpre 1912
Lower Doctor street Doctor street Newingtonpre 1912
Lower East SmithfieldSt. Katharine's way Stepney1912-17
Lower East streetEast streetCharlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Lower East streetEastney streetGreenwichpre 1912
Lower Eglinton road Eglinton roadPlumstead & Woolwichpre 1912
Lower Garden rowGarden row Finsburypre 1912
Lower George street Empson streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Lower Grove street Grove street Stepneypre 1912
Lower HomertonHigh street, HomertonHackneypre 1912
Lower John streetLofting road Islingtonpre 1912
Lower John streetBlakesley streetStepneypre 1912
Lower Kennington greenKennington roadLambeth & St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Lower King streetChristian streetStepneypre 1912
Lower Mansfield placeHolmes road St. Pancraspre 1912
Lower Marsh (part) New CutLambethpre 1912
Lower Maryon road Rolfe roadCharlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Lower North street Basil streetKensington & Chelseapre 1912
Lower Notting hill terraceHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Lower Orchard streetSaxby street Wandsworth Borough1912-17
Lower Oxford street Oxford street Stepneypre 1912
Lower Park placeGossage road Plumsteadpre 1912
Lower Park roadWaverley roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Lower Park streetPark streetGreenwichpre 1912
Lower Phillimore mewsPhillimore mewsKensingtonpre 1912
Lower Phillimore placeKensington High streetKensingtonpre 1912
Lower Queen street Rotherhithe street Bermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Lower Queen street Queensbury streetIslingtonpre 1912
Lower Ranelagh groveRanelagh groveCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Lower roadEssex roadIslingtonpre 1912
Lower road (part)Evelyn streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Lower St. James's roadBoundary roadHammersmith & Kensingtonpre 1912
Lower Seymour streetWigmore streetSt. Marylebone1920-29
Lower Stewart's groveCale streetChelseapre 1912
Lower Storer street Nelson street Greenwichpre 1912
Lower StreathamStreatham High roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Lower streetEssex roadIslingtonpre 1912
Lower Symons street Symons streetChelseapre 1912
Lower Tulse hillTulse HillLambethpre 1912
Lower Uxbridge streetUxbridge streetKensingtonpre 1912
Lower Wandsworth roadBattersea park road Batterseapre 1912
Lower West streetWest street Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Lower Whitecross streetWhitecross streetFinsbury & City of Londonpre 1912
Lower Wood street, Exmouth streetPine streetFinsburypre 1912
Lower Wood street, Rosoman streetNorthampton road Finsburypre 1912
Lower Woodland terraceWoodland terraceCharlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Lower Woolwich roadWoolwich roadGreenwich & Woolwich, etc.pre 1912
Lower York streetElgar street Bermondseypre 1912
Lowfield road Abbey road Hampsteadpre 1912
Lowndes terraceKnightsbridgeCity of Westminster, etc.pre 1912
Lows lairsTileyard or Tile yard roadIslingtonpre 1912
Lowthorpe roadOxford gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Lucas streetCathay street Bermondseypre 1912
Lucas terrace Alfred street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Lucknow terraceRichmond roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Lucretia road Wincott streetLambethpre 1912
Lucretia streetGrindal streetLambethpre 1912
Lucy roadAlexander roadIslingtonpre 1912
Lucy's terrace Longhedge streetBatterseapre 1912
Ludgate streetLudgate hill City of Londonpre 1912
Ludlam roadMarnock roadLewishampre 1912
Lugard road (part)Caulfield roadCamberwellpre 1912
Luke streetBuxton streetBethnal green, etc.pre 1912
Lutterward roadForthbridge roadBatterseapre 1912
Luttrell street, PutneyLuttrell avenueWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Lyall placeChesham streetChelseapre 1912
Lyndhove avenueRanelagh gardensFulhampre 1912
Lyndhurst villasLyndhurst roadCamberwellpre 1912
Lynn streetLynn roadWandsworth Borough1917-20
Lynton street Lynton road Bermondseypre 1912
Lyon's mews Lyon's place St. Marylebonepre 1912
Lysaght road Abbeville roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
M streetMarne street Paddingtonpre 1912
Mabledon rowNorth crescent mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912#
Macclesfield street NorthGraham streetFinsburypre 1912
Macclesfield street SouthMacclesfield streetFinsburypre 1912
Macclesfield terraceMoreland streetFinsburypre 1912
Macdowell placeWhitmore roadHackney & Shoreditchpre 1912
Macers roadMajor roadBermondseypre 1912
Mackay squareNightingale squareWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Maclaren streetPercy roadHammersmithpre 1912
Macleod mews McLeod's mewsKensingtonpre 1912
Macmurdo roadLysia street Fulhampre 1912
Macoma road (part) Macoma terracePlumsteadpre 1912
Magdalena roadMagdalen roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Magpie alley Fleur-de-lis streetShoreditchpre 1912
Maida hillMaida valeHampstead, etc.pre 1912
Maiden laneBrecknock roadSt. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Maiden lane (part)Dartmouth park hillIslington, etc.pre 1912
Maidenstone terrace Maidenstone hillGreenwichpre 1912
Maidlow road The Gardens Camberwellpre 1912
Maidstone placeMaidstone streetShoreditchpre 1912
Maismore squareLeyton squareCamberwellpre 1912
Maismore terraceMaismore streetCamberwellpre 1912
Maley terrace Maley avenueLambethpre 1912
Malone road Lavender gardensBattersea1920-29
Malvern cottagesMalvern terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Malyon road Malyons road Lewishampre 1912
Manchester streetMenotti streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Manchester streetMersey street Kensingtonpre 1912
Manchester street (part)Manchester roadKensington, etc.pre 1912
Manley place St. Agnes placeNewington & Lambethpre 1912
Manley terraceSt. Agnes placeNewington & Lambethpre 1912
Manners road Ellerdale roadHampsteadpre 1912
Manning streetMarket street Bermondseypre 1912
Manning streetCarlisle streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Manor laneOld Manor laneBermondsey1912-17
Manor lane (part)Kellerton roadLewisham1912-17
Manor lane (part)Manor lane terrace Lewisham1912-17
Manor mewsPilcher place Lambethpre 1912
Manor riseLordship laneCamberwellpre 1912
Manor riseBrixton road Lambethpre 1912
Manor roadGalley wall roadBermondseypre 1912
Manor roadBarry roadCamberwell1920-29
Manor roadManor gardensIslingtonpre 1912
Manor roadManor mountLewisham1912-17
Manor roadCarter street Newingtonpre 1912
Manor road (part)Geoffrey road St. Paul, Deptford1912-17
Manor road, Amhurst roadSpurstowe roadHackneypre 1912
Manor road, Balcorne streetHolcroft road Hackneypre 1912
Manor street Ambrose streetBermondseypre 1912
Manor street Tustin street Camberwellpre 1912
Manor street Plimsoll streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Manorville roadAshbrook roadIslingtonpre 1912
Mansfield placeHolmes road St. Pancraspre 1912
Mansion House placeRobert Raikes streetLambeth1912-17#
Mansion House squareWesson squareCamberwell1912-17
Mansion House streetLeamore streetHammersmith1912-17
Mansion House streetCottington streetLambeth1912-17
Manstone streetManstone roadHampsteadpre 1912
Manthorpe streetManthorp roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Manton cottages or placeFairfeld road Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Mapperton roadRayner's rondWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Maresfield terraceMaresfield gardens Hampsteadpre 1912
Margaret row Moye street Shoreditchpre 1912
Margaret streetSwale street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Margaret streetWhiston streetShoreditchpre 1912
Margaret streetLowell street Stepneypre 1912
Margaret terraceBrook green Hammersmithpre 1912
Margravine road (part)St. Dunstan's road Fulhampre 1912
Maria terrace Lambert streetIslingtonpre 1912
Marigold courtCluny place Bermondseypre 1912
Market paradeAmhurst paradeHackney1912-17
Market placeBrunswick closeFinsburypre 1912
Market placeJerdan placeFulhampre 1912
Market streetBarter street St. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Market streetHorseferry roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Market streetBrunswick closeFinsburypre 1912
Market streetDantzic streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912#
Market streetMart streetLambethpre 1912
Market streetKeyworth streetSt. George, Southwark1920-29
Market streetGreat Titchfield street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Market street Whitfield placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Market street mews Market street Paddington1917-20
Marlborough cottages or placeGibson street Greenwichpre 1912
Marlborough mewsRamillies placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Marlborough placeTorquay streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Marlborough roadMarmont roadCamberwellpre 1912
Marlborough roadDraycott avenueChelsea & Kensingtonpre 1912
Marlborough roadEcclesbourne roadIslingtonpre 1912
Marlborough roadMalbrook roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Marlborough road (part)Howards laneWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Marlborough streetGreat Marlborough streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Marlborough streetLassell street Greenwichpre 1912
Marlborough streetTorquay streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Marlborough street Gray streetLambeth, etc.pre 1912
Marmaduke streetLangdale streetStepneypre 1912
Marman streetUmberston streetStepneypre 1912
Marmion road (part) Taybridge roadBatterseapre 1912
Marquis terraceMarquis road St. Pancraspre 1912
Marsden terraceMarsden streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Marsh hill (part)High street, HomertonHackneypre 1912
Marsh laneEthelburga streetBatterseapre 1912
Marsh lane (part)Blackwall laneGreenwichpre 1912
Marsh street Tobago streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Marshall street (part) Foubert's placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Martha street Wadeson streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Martha street Angrave streetShoreditchpre 1912
Martha street, George streetPicton street Camberwellpre 1912
Martha street, Southampton streetAcorn street Camberwellpre 1912
Martin street Miniver streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Martin's lane Martin laneCity of London1917-20
Martin's road Melon roadCamberwellpre 1912
Martlett road (renamed Trehendre road)Nevern squareKensington1920-29
Mary Ann placeMuscatel placeCamberwellpre 1912
Mary Ann's placeCreeland groveLewishampre 1912
Mary cottages Mancroft cottagesLambethpre 1912
Mary placeStanhope buildings St. Pancraspre 1912
Mary streetAylton street Bermondseypre 1912
Mary streetBamborough gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Mary streetStanhope streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Mary street Lynedoch streetShoreditchpre 1912
Mary street, Crozier streetSudbury streetLambethpre 1912
Mary street, Dorset roadKibworth streetLambethpre 1912
Mary street, Duckett streetWaley street Stepneypre 1912
Mary street, Fairfield roadBlondin streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Mary street, Harley streetBenworth streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Mary street, High street, PoplarRook streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Mary street, Rhodeswell roadDora streetStepneypre 1912
Mary street, St. Leonard's streetMarner street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Marylebone roadBorland roadCamberwellpre 1912
Marylebone streetGlasshouse streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Marylebone streetCarville streetIslingtonpre 1912
Maryon grove (part)Lyford street Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Mary's place Webber row St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Masboro' road North Masboro' roadHammersmithpre 1912
Masboro' road or Masboro' road WestCaithness roadHammersmithpre 1912
Mason street Besson street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Mason street, Cornwall roadSecker street Lambethpre 1912
Mason street, Westminster bridge roadBoniface streetLambethpre 1912
Massington roadNassington roadHampsteadpre 1912
Matilda place Warford place Bermondseypre 1912
Matthias streetAbbot street Hackneypre 1912
Maude grove Fernshaw roadChelseapre 1912
Maurice street Blanmerle roadElthampre 1912
Maybank cottagesSpringbank roadLewishampre 1912
Mayfield streetMayfleld roadHackneypre 1912
Mayland road Connigham roadHammersmithpre 1912
Maze hill roadMaze hillGreenwich1912-17
McLeod avenueMcLeod road Plumsteadpre 1912
Meades placeAvonmouth streetNewingtonpre 1912
Meadow streetLordship terraceStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Meard's court Meard's streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Medora road (part)Leander road Lambethpre 1912
Meikle roadLudwick roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Melcombe mewsBoston place St. Marylebonepre 1912
Meldrum road Fitzjohn's avenueHampstead1920-29
Melmoth placeNorth end roadFulhampre 1912
Melon placeMelon roadCamberwellpre 1912
Melton crescentEuston street St. Pancraspre 1912
Melton place Euston street St. Pancraspre 1912
Mendelssohn gardens Sloane court WestChelseapre 1912
Mentone streetMentone roadIslingtonpre 1912
Merchant street (part)Cemetery rowPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Meridian placeArnold's placeBermondseypre 1912
Merivale streetBalham groveWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Merton road Tooting High streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Mews, The, Commercial roadBomsey placeCamberwell1920-29
Mews, The, Dulwich Kerfield placeCamberwellpre 1912
Michael's groveEgerton terraceKensingtonpre 1912
Middle Ann streetAnn streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Middle George street Empson streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Middle Grove street Grove street Stepneypre 1912
Middle mall Lower mallHammersmithpre 1912
Middle rowKnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Middle rowHigh HolbornSt. Andrew, Holbornpre 1912
Middle Storer street Nelson streetGreenwichpre 1912
Middle Uxbridge streetUxbridge streetKensingtonpre 1912
Middleton roadBelmont parkLewishampre 1912
Middop grove Wickersley roadBattersea1920-29
Midway place Bush roadBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Milford grove Naylor road Camberwellpre 1912
Mill laneBattle bridge laneBermondseypre 1912
Mill laneBrookmill roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Mill laneNew roadWoolwichpre 1912
Mill placeCorn placePoplar Boroughpre 1912
Mill Pond row West laneBermondseypre 1912
Mill streetRodsley streetCamberwellpre 1912
Mill streetJuxon street Lambethpre 1912
Millbank row Grosvenor roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Millbank streetMillbankCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Miller's laneSt. Oswald's placeLambethpre 1912
Millman streetChaston streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Millpond streetJamaica road Bermondseypre 1912
Millward road Gildersome streetWoolwichpre 1912
Milman's rowMilman's streetChelseapre 1912
Milner terrace Milner street Chelseapre 1912
Milton place Milton road Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Milton roadOrmiston roadGreenwichpre 1912
Milton street Balcombe streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Mindora road Mendora roadFulhampre 1912
Minera street Chester terraceCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Mineral street (part)Hector street Plumsteadpre 1912
Minnow street (part) Minnow placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Mitcham road Mitcham laneWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Modbury terraceModbury streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Molesworth squareWeston streetBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Monmouth road NorthMonmouth roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Montague mewsMontagu mewsHammersmith1912-17
Montague placeCox's courtCity of Londonpre 1912
Montague placeTrowbridge placeHackney1917-20
Montague roadTrowbridge roadHackney1917-20
Montague road West Colvestone crescentHackneypre 1912
Montague streetTurin street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Montague streetMontagu streetHammersmith1912-17
Montague street, Commercial streetHanbury streetStepneypre 1912
Montague street, Middlesex streetCobb street Stepneypre 1912
Montague terraceTrowbridge placeHackney1920-29
Montolieu streetMontolieu gardensWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Montpelier roadChoumert roadCamberwellpre 1912
Montpelier square (part)Montpelier terraceCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Montpelier square (part)Stirling streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Montpelier terracePortland roadKensingtonpre 1912
Monument squareMonument streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Moocas cottagesCamden gardensSt. Pancraspre 1912
Moore street Baildon streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
MoorgateFinsbury pavementCity of London, etc.pre 1912#
Moorgate Station buildings (part)Finsbury pavementCity of London, etc.pre 1912#
Moorgate Station buildings (part)MoorfleldsCity of Londonpre 1912#
Moorgate Station buildings (part)MoorgateCity of London1920-29
Moorgate Station buildings (part)MoorfleldsCity of London1920-29
Moorgate streetMoorgateCity of London1920-29
Moorgate street buildingsMoorgate buildingsCity of London1920-29
Moray road EastCharteris roadIslingtonpre 1912
Moreshed roadMorshead roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Moreton streetVictoria road St. Pancraspre 1912
Moreton street WestMoreton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Morgan streetHessel street Stepneypre 1912
Mortimer road (part)Mortimer crescentHampstead1912-17
Mortimer road (part)Mortimer placeHampstead1912-17
Mostyn road (part)Akerman roadLambethpre 1912
Motley placeChalmers streetBattersea, etc.pre 1912
Motley street (part)Chalmers streetBattersea, etc.pre 1912
Mott's laneWall streetIslingtonpre 1912
Mount placeWilmount streetWoolwich & Plumsteadpre 1912
Mount PleasantMoyser road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Mount streetWestminster bridge roadLambeth, etc.pre 1912
Mount streetArnside streetNewingtonpre 1912
Mount streetWilmount streetWoolwich, etc.pre 1912
Moyser streetBarnsbury terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Mulgrave placeRectory placeWoolwich1917-20
Munster streetOsnaburgh streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Murray street Rhyl streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Musgrave roadMusgrave crescentFulhampre 1912
Musgrove road (part)Sherwin road St. Paul, Deptford1917-20
Myddelton mewsClaremont mewsFinsburypre 1912
Myrtle placeVanbrugh parkGreenwichpre 1912
Myrtle streetHurlock streetIslingtonpre 1912
Myrtle streetMapledene roadHackneypre 1912
Myrtle street WestMapledene roadHackneypre 1912
Myrtle terraceVanbrugh parkGreenwichpre 1912
Myrtle terraceRavenscourt gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Myrtle villasVanbrugh parkGreenwichpre 1912
Myrtle villasRavenscourt gardensHammersmithpre 1912
N street Nutbourne streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Nag's head courtLombard courtCity of Londonpre 1912
Napier street Nebraska streetNewingtonpre 1912
Napoleon placeArnold's placeBermondseypre 1912
Nassau streetGerrard placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Natal roadKambala roadBatterseapre 1912
Necker streetChubworthy streetSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Neckinger roadAbbey street Bermondseypre 1912
Neeld roadFernhead roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Nelson courtFavonia streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Nelson placeStrathnairn streetBermondseypre 1912
Nelson placeCranbrook streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Nelson place, East streetOrb streetNewingtonpre 1912
Nelson place, South streetRossett place Newingtonpre 1912
Nelson square Hamilton squareBermondseypre 1912
Nelson streetHoratio streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Nelson streetToulon street Camberwellpre 1912
Nelson streetFavonia streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Nelson streetVanguard streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Nelson streetMoye street Shoreditchpre 1912
Nelson street, Albion streetTemeraire streetBermondseypre 1912
Nelson street, Ernest streetDuckett streetStepneypre 1912
Nelson street, Leman streetBeagle street Stepneypre 1912
Nelson street, Long streetKipling streetBermondseypre 1912
Nelson terrace Strathnairn streetBermondseypre 1912
Nepaul square (part)Candahar roadBatterseapre 1912
Nepaul square (part)Kerrison roadBatterseapre 1912
Nepaul square (part)Nepaul road Batterseapre 1912
Neptune courtAylton streetBermondseypre 1912
Neptune streetSeaham streetLambeth1912-17
Neptune streetChatham streetNewingtonpre 1912
Neptune street (part)Rupack streetBermondsey1912-17
Nesbitt's rentsPadstow placeStepneypre 1912
Netherhall terraceNetherhall gardensHampsteadpre 1912
Neville place Neville street Lambethpre 1912
New Battle streetColestown streetBattersea1920-29
New Blomfield streetRosebery placeHackneypre 1912
New Braddyll streetBraddyll streetGreenwichpre 1912
New Bridge streetUpper Kennington laneLambethpre 1912
New Broad street (part)Old Broad streetCity of London1920-29
New Broad street buildingsNew Broad streetCity of Londonpre 1912#
New Charles streetHassard streetBethnal greenpre 1912
New Church laneSt. Ann's hill Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
New Church roadBalcorne streetHackneypre 1912
New Church streetChurch streetPaddington, etc.pre 1912
New Church street WestChurch streetPaddington, etc.pre 1912
New Claude roadClaude roadCamberwellpre 1912
New Clive roadClive roadLambethpre 1912
New courtGreat Arthur streetFinsburypre 1912
New court, Hanbury streetLotus court Stepneypre 1912
New court, Wentworth streetCorea placeStepneypre 1912
New CraneNew Gravel laneStepneypre 1912
New Croxted roadSouth Croxted roadLambeth & Camberwellpre 1912
New Derbyshire streetHereford streetBethnal greenpre 1912
New Dorset place mewsPalfrey place Lambethpre 1912
New Earl streetQueen Victoria streetCity of Londonpre 1912
New Finchley road (part)Finchley roadHampstead, etc.pre 1912
New Gloucester street, Hoxton streetCrondall streetShoreditchpre 1912
New Gloucester street, Kingsland roadMansfield streetShoreditchpre 1912
New Grove roadEstcourt roadFulhampre 1912
New Hampstead roadCastle roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
New inn passageBoundary passageShoreditchpre 1912
New Ivy streetIvy streetShoreditchpre 1912
New King streetBusby streetBethnal greenpre 1912
New King streetGarrick streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
New King's roadLamont roadChelseapre 1912
New laneMaguire streetBermondseypre 1912
New Millman streetMillman streetSt. Andrew, Holbornpre 1912
New Montague streetHanbury streetStepneypre 1912
New Norfolk street, (part)Dereham placeShoreditchpre 1912
New Norfolk street, (part)French placeShoreditchpre 1912
New Norfolk street, New North roadEcclesbourne roadIslingtonpre 1912
New Norfolk street, New North roadPopham roadIslingtonpre 1912
New North road (part)Canonbury roadIslingtonpre 1912
New North streetScrutton streetShoreditchpre 1912
New Ormond streetGreat Ormond streetSt. Andrew, Holborn, etc.pre 1912
New Park roadStockwell park roadLambethpre 1912
New Park roadBathgate roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
New Park streetPark streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
New Peter streetChadwick streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
New placeDonne place Bermondseypre 1912
New roadPrested road Batterseapre 1912
New roadTranton road Bermondseypre 1912
New roadPavilion road Chelseapre 1912
New roadGoldhawk roadHammersmithpre 1912
New roadHillsleigh roadKensingtonpre 1912
New roadPreston's roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
New roadCable street Stepneypre 1912
New road (part)Pentonville roadFinsburypre 1912
New road (part)Marylebone roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
New road (part)Euston road St. Pancraspre 1912
New Rutland streetRutland streetStepneypre 1912
New Somerford streetSomerford streetBethnal greenpre 1912
New squareHolmes avenueBethnal greenpre 1912
New squareMaguire streetBermondseypre 1912
New squareQuaker squareStepneypre 1912
New square, MinoriesVine streetCity of London1912-17
New streetNewling streetBethnal greenpre 1912
New streetHans crescentChelseapre 1912
New streetCayton street Finsburypre 1912
New streetNewcombe streetKensingtonpre 1912
New streetChilcot street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
New streetLibrary streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
New streetDyott street St. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
New streetArmada streetSt. Nicholas, Deptfordpre 1912
New streetSmedley streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
New streetLyford street Woolwichpre 1912
New street mewsChagford streetSt. Marylebone1920-29
New street, Broad streetIngestre placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
New street, Brunel roadHatteraick streetBermondseypre 1912
New street, Carter laneBurgon streetCity of Londonpre 1912
New street, Charing crossSpring gardensCity of Westminsterpre 1912
New street, Clapham roadLandor road Lambethpre 1912
New street, Cloth FairNewbury streetCity of Londonpre 1912
New street, Deacon streetAsh streetNewingtonpre 1912
New street, Drysdale streetDrysdale placeShoreditchpre 1912
New street, Fieldgate streetYalford streetStepneypre 1912
New street, Fitzalan streetTopaz street Lambethpre 1912
New street, Goldsmith's rowAudrey streetShoreditchpre 1912
New street, Maltby streetLarnaca streetBermondseypre 1912
New street, Neptune streetRisdon street Bermondseypre 1912
New street, New roadNewark streetStepneypre 1912
New street, Princes roadNewburn streetLambethpre 1912
New street, Three Colt streetPhœbe street Limehouse, Stepneypre 1912
New street, Tooley streetFair streetBermondseypre 1912
New street, Townley streetHard street Newingtonpre 1912
New street, Webber streetCaffyn street Lambethpre 1912
New Suffolk streetWalden streetStepneypre 1912
New terraceDuncan terraceIslingtonpre 1912
New Tothill streetDean Farrar streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
New Vanbrugh terraceVanbrugh parkGreenwichpre 1912
New Weston streetWeston streetBermondseypre 1912
New Winchester streetWinchester streetFinsbury & Islingtonpre 1912
New Windsor roadBerkshire roadHackneypre 1912
New York streetJersey street Bethnal greenpre 1912
New York streetVarden streetStepneypre 1912
Newcastle placeGateshead placeStepneypre 1912
Newcastle streetScotswood streetFinsburypre 1912
Newcombe roadThe GardensCamberwellpre 1912
Newington roadNewington green roadIslingtonpre 1912
Newington terraceSt. Agnes placeNewington, etc.pre 1912
Newington turningKelross roadIslingtonpre 1912
Newland streetChester terraceCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Newland streetAbingdon roadKensingtonpre 1912
Newman mewsBerners placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Newnham streetBrendon streetSt. Marylebone1912-17
Newport streetCudworth streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Newquay roadPenberth roadLewishampre 1912
Newton streetSylvia streetShoreditchpre 1912
Nightingale laneBrightlingsea placeStepneypre 1912
Nightingale terraceNightingale placeWoolwichpre 1912
Nile placeOstend placeNewingtonpre 1912
Nile streetVanguard streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Noble streetBastwick streetFinsburypre 1912
Nonesuch roadFieldhouse roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Norfolk gardensDereham placeShoreditchpre 1912
Norfolk mews SouthNorfolk square mewsPaddington1920-29
Norfolk place NorthFrench place Shoreditchpre 1912
Norfolk place SouthFrench place Shoreditchpre 1912
Norfolk streetFellbrigg streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Norfolk streetReedham streetCamberwellpre 1912
Norfolk streetDolland streetLambethpre 1912
Norfolk streetCleveland streetSt. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Norfolk streetOrange street St. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Norfolk streetVarden street Stepneypre 1912
Norfolk terraceWestwick gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Norfolk terraceWestbourne groveKensingtonpre 1912
Norland placeHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Norland terraceHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Norman streetHelmet row Finsburypre 1912
Normand laneNormand roadFulhampre 1912
Normandy placeNormandy roadLambethpre 1912
Normanton terraceEverthorpe roadCamberwellpre 1912
North Bruton mewsBruton place City of Westminster1912-17
North buildingsEldon street City of Londonpre 1912
North Conduit streetCanrobert streetBethnal greenpre 1912
North Cumberland mewsWythburn mewsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
North end roadFairhazel gardensHampsteadpre 1912
North groveMildmay groveIslingtonpre 1912
North grove WestMildmay groveIslingtonpre 1912
North passagePeary placeBethnal greenpre 1912
North placeKirkwall placeBethnal greenpre 1912
North placeNorthall streetLambethpre 1912
North placeWest square St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
North placeCumberland marketSt. Pancraspre 1912
North placeTalavera placeShoreditchpre 1912
North placeRiver street Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
North Pole laneNorman road Greenwichpre 1912
North roadEwart road Lewishampre 1912
North roadKenway roadKensingtonpre 1912
North roadGoodwood roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
North streetPortman placeBethnal green, etc.pre 1912
North streetRosemary roadCamberwellpre 1912
North streetFinsbury streetCity of London, etc.pre 1912
North streetBasil streetKensington, etc.pre 1912
North streetSouth street Newingtonpre 1912
North streetLower street NorthPoplar Boroughpre 1912
North streetNorval street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
North streetFinsbury marketShoreditchpre 1912
North streetFairfield streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
North street Northdown atreetFinsbury & Islingtonpre 1912
North street Northall streetLambethpre 1912
North street Aybrook streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
North street Chitty street St. Pancraspre 1912
North street, Aston streetElsa streetStepneypre 1912
North street, Back Church laneFairclough streetStepneypre 1912
North street, Sidney streetLindley streetStepneypre 1912
North street, Whitechapel roadBrady street Stepneypre 1912
Northop streetCulross streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Northover mewsWinchester mewsHampsteadpre 1912
Northumberland mewsBingham placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Northumberland streetHadrian streetGreenwichpre 1912
Northumberland terraceRegent's park roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Norwich court Norwich streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Norwood lane Norwood roadCamberwell & Lambethpre 1912
Notley roadHopton road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Notting Barns road (part)St. Helen's gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Notting hill groveAubrey walk Kensingtonpre 1912
Notting hill squareCampden hill squareKensingtonpre 1912
Notting hill terraceHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Nottingham mewsOldbury placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Nottingham placeMaria street Shoreditchpre 1912
Nottingham streetVallance roadStepneypre 1912
Nuding street Nuding road Lewishampre 1912
Nunhead cottagesMay's place Camberwellpre 1912
Nunhead passage (part)Scylla roadCamberwellpre 1912
Nursery place Northwold roadHackneypre 1912
Nutcroft road (part)Fenham road Camberwellpre 1912
Nuthurst avenue (partWavertree roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
O street Oliphant streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Oak cottages Oak placeBermondseypre 1912
Oak hillGipsy roadLambethpre 1912
Oak Tree mewsFairlop place St. Marylebonepre 1912
Oak Tree yardFairiop place St. Marylebonepre 1912
Oakley crescent NorthOakley crescentChelseapre 1912
Oakley crescent SouthOakley crescentChelseapre 1912
Oakley roadBenbow road Hammersmithpre 1912
Oakley square Carlyle squareChelseapre 1912
Oakley street Granby streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Obligation roadBeachcroft roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Oborne road Southmead roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Observatory avenueCampden house roadKensingtonpre 1912#
Observatory avenueHornton streetKensington1920-29
Offa roadKelvin road Islingtonpre 1912
Offa road NorthKelvin road Islingtonpre 1912
Oglander road (part)Marsden road Camberwellpre 1912
Old Burlington mewsNew Burlington placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Old Castle streetVirginia road Bethnal greenpre 1912
Old Fish street (part)Knightrider streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Old Fish street hill (part)Lambeth hill City of Londonpre 1912
Old Grove roadEstcourt roadFulhampre 1912
Old Kent road (part)New Cross roadSt. Paul, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Old King streetWatergate streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Old Manor roadWhite Horse streetStepneypre 1912
Old roadRotherhithe Old roadBermondsey1912-17
Old roadWhite Horse streetStepneypre 1912
Old Rochester rowGreycoat placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Old St. Pancras roadPancras roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Old street roadOld streetFinsburypre 1912
Old Suffolk streetWalden streetStepneypre 1912
Old Wellington streetRhodes streetIslingtonpre 1912
Old Windsor roadBerkshire roadHackneypre 1912
Olive roadRanulf roadHampsteadpre 1912
Onslow square (part)Onslow housesKensingtonpre 1912
Opening, The London streetStepneypre 1912
Oram streetMonkton streetLambeth1920-29
Orange cottagesDuke's head passageLambeth1912-17
Orange street Parton street St. George the Martyrpre 1912
Orchard cottagesTulip placeBermondseypre 1912
Orchard cottagesStation buildingsHackney1912-17
Orchard cottagesJaffray place Lambethpre 1912
Orchard groveOrchard, TheSt. Nicholas, Deptfordpre 1912#
Orchard groveGonson place St. Nicholas, Deptford1920-29
Orchard hillOrchard hill cottagesHackney1912-17
Orchard house placeOrchard placePoplar Boroughpre 1912
Orchard place Buckler place Fulham1912-17
Orchard place Hindrey place Hackney1912-17
Orchard place Orchard cottagesLewisham1912-17
Orchard place Clarence groveSt. Pancras1912-17
Orchard place Greenlaw placeWoolwich1912-17
Orchard road Curwen road Hammersmith1912-17
Orchard road Orchard driveLewisham1912-17
Orchard road Ancona road Plumstead1912-17
Orchard row Medlar street Camberwellpre 1912
Orchard streetIronmonger rowFinsburypre 1912
Orchard streetFane placeFulham1912-17
Orchard streetLindsell streetGreenwich1920-29
Orchard streetWakeham streetIslington1912-17
Orchard streetGordon place Kensingtonpre 1912
Orchard streetPaignton streetPaddington1912-17
Orchard streetTorbay streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Orchard streetGreenlaw streetWoolwich1912-17
Orchard street (part), Leamouth roadOrchard placePoplar Boroughpre 1912
Orchard street, ClaphamLillieshall roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Orchard street, East India Dock roadLeamouth roadPoplar Borough1912-17
Orchard street, Elsdale streetMilborne streetHackney1920-29
Orchard street, Kingsland Hiph streetBradbury streetHackney1920-29
Orchard street, St. Leonard's roadWillis street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Orchard street, York roadShoreham streetWandsworth Borough1912-17
Orchard terraceAbingdon villasKensingtonpre 1912
Orchard, The Blue Anchor laneCamberwellpre 1912
Orchard, The Gonson place St. Nicholas, Deptford1912-17
Orchard, The Ratcliffe OrchardRatcliffe, Stepney1912-17
Ord streetWestferry roodPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Ordnance road (part)Eglinton roadWoolwich, etc.pre 1912
Ordnance road (part)Fenwick streetWoolwichpre 1912
Ormerod streetLamprell streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Orme's placePond terraceChelseapre 1912#
Ormond court Ormond gate Chelseapre 1912
Ormond streetGreat Ormond streetSt. George the Martyrpre 1912
Orsett placeOrsett terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Orsett villasGloucester terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Orwell roadArrow roadPoplar Borough1912-17
Osbome place Palfrey place Lambethpre 1912
Osbome place (part)Tranquil valeLewisham, etc.pre 1912
Osborne place (part)Montpelier valeLewishampre 1912
Osnaburgh place (part)Osnaburgh streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Osnaburgh place (part)Euston road St. Pancraspre 1912
Ouseley road Deauville roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Oval roadCarroun road Lambethpre 1912
Ovington terraceOvington gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Oxford gardens WestOxford gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Oxford road Iffley roadHammersmithpre 1912
Oxford street Wingham streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Oxford street Oxford road Islingtonpre 1912
Oxford terraceEllerslie road Hammersmithpre 1912
Oxford terraceGrantbridge streetIslingtonpre 1912
Oxford terrace (part)Sussex gardensPaddingtonpre 1912
Oxley placeOxley street Bermondseypre 1912
P streetPeach street Paddingtonpre 1912
Packhorse laneWellington roadIslingtonpre 1912
Pactolus road Beechdale roadLambeth1920-29
Pactolus road Fairmount roadLambeth1920-29
Paddington roadHichisson roadCamberwellpre 1912
Paddock placeCadet place Greenwichpre 1912
Paget roadTritton roadLambethpre 1912
Pagoda villasGlenton roadLewishampre 1912
Palace court livery stablesOssington yardKensington1920-29
Palace gardens mansionsLinden gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Palace gardens mansions (part)High street, Notting hillKensingtonpre 1912
Palace gardens villasPalace gardens terraceKensingtonpre 1912
Palace New roadLambeth Palace roadLambethpre 1912
Palace parkHillcrest roadLewishampre 1912
Palace roadAlleyn parkCamberwell, etc.pre 1912
Palace roadLambeth Palace roadLambethpre 1912
Palace street (part)Wilfred streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Palace yardBunyan placeLambethpre 1912#
Palk roadDarien roadBatterseapre 1912
Palmer streetTroon streetStepneypre 1912
Palmer's passagePalmer streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Palmer's rentsKirby streetBermondseypre 1912
Palmerston roadPlayford roadIslington1912-17
Palmerston terraceKenton roadHackneypre 1912
Pancras roadReynolds roadCamberwellpre 1912
Parade, TheAmhurst paradeHackney1912-17
Parade, TheHone paradeLambeth1920-29
Paradise placeNant streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Paradise placeChatham placeHackneypre 1912
Paradise placeParadise rowHammersmithpre 1912
Paradise placeDibden street Islingtonpre 1912
Paradise rowUnion roadBermondseypre 1912
Paradise street Christchurch streetChelseapre 1912
Paradise street Old Paradise streetLambethpre 1912
Paradise street Wicklow streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Paragon mewsParagon place Lewishampre 1912
Parbury streetParbury roadLewisham1920-29
Park avenueMaley avenueLambethpre 1912
Park cottagesRavenscourt gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Park cottages, Doverfield roadGilham's cottagesLambethpre 1912#
Park cottages, Sancroft streetPegwell cottagesLambethpre 1912#
Park crescentStockwell park crescentLambethpre 1912
Park endSydenham parkLewishampre 1912
Park hill (part)Clapham park roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Park hill gardensPark hillWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Park laneGoldsmith roadCamberwellpre 1912
Park laneJay mewsCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Park laneOfford roadIslingtonpre 1912
Park lane mewsJay mewsCity of Westminster1920-29
Park lane placeElm park roadChelseapre 1912
Park lane road Elm park roadChelseapre 1912
Park placeGladstone terraceBatterseapre 1912
Park placeConewood streetIslingtonpre 1912
Park placeAbingdon roadKensingtonpre 1912
Park placeHalstead streetLambethpre 1912
Park placeElsted streetNewingtonpre 1912
Park placeSt. Mary's terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Park placePark roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Park placeTalavera placeShoreditchpre 1912
Park place (part)Abbeville roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Park place terraceSt. Mary's squarePaddingtonpre 1912
Park roadPeckham Park roadCamberwellpre 1912
Park roadParkholme roadHackneypre 1912
Park roadParkhill roadHampsteadpre 1912
Park roadKilburn park roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Park roadParnell roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Park roadDartmouth park avenueSt. Pancraspre 1912
Park roadClissold roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Park roadClapham park roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Park road (part), Norwood roadRobson roadLambethpre 1912
Park road EastBeaufort streetChelseapre 1912
Park road SouthParnell roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Park road WestCallow streetChelseapre 1912
Park road WestWaverley roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Park road, BarnsburyCloudesley roadIslington, etc.pre 1912
Park road, Camden roadParkhurst roadIslingtonpre 1912
Park road, Clapham roadStockwell park roadLambethpre 1912
Park road, Dartmouth roadSydenham park roadLewishampre 1912
Park road, Ewart roadWastdale roadLewishampre 1912
Park road, Highbury placeKelvin roadIslingtonpre 1912
Park road, Hither green laneBeacon roadLewishampre 1912
Park road, Kennington parkFarmer's road Lambeth, etc.pre 1912
Park rowHolbeck rowCamberwellpre 1912
Park rowTisdall placeNewingtonpre 1912
Park sideKnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Park streetPurbrook streetBermondseypre 1912
Park streetQueen Anne's gateCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Park streetElsted streetNewingtonpre 1912
Park streetWaverley roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Park streetDevas streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Park streetGlentworth streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Park streetStyman street Shoreditchpre 1912
Park streetCephas streetStepneypre 1912
Park street, Brixton roadRobsart streetLambethpre 1912
Park street, Kennington roadSancroft streetLambethpre 1912
Park street, Peckham Park roadLevant street Camberwellpre 1912
Park street, Southampton streetParkhouse streetCamberwellpre 1912
Park terraceMoore park roadFulhampre 1912
Park terracePark placeGreenwichpre 1912
Park terraceNorthwold roadHackneypre 1912
Park terracePark roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Park villasRavenscourt gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Park villasChestnut road Lambethpre 1912
Park villasHeavitree roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Park walkStockwell park walkLambethpre 1912
Park wallMaze hillGreenwich1912-17
Park, TheHillcrest roadLewishampre 1912
Parker streetOrmsby streetShoreditchpre 1912
Parker's rowDockheadBermondseypre 1912
Parliament hill roadParliament hillHampsteadpre 1912
Parsefal roadParsifal roadHampsteadpre 1912
Parsonage walkSt. Gabriel streetNewingtonpre 1912
Pascoe streetBayford streetHackney1920-29
Passfield rentsWormald placeBermondseypre 1912
Pasture roadBarrow roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Pathfield roadRotherhill avenueWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Patriot streetHessel streetStepneypre 1912
Paul streetVenables streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Paul's ChainGodliman streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Paulton's squarePaultons squareChelsea1920-29
Paultons terracePaultons streetChelseapre 1912
Paved passagePaternoster avenueCity of Londonpre 1912
Paved placeCorsham placeLambethpre 1912#
Pavilion squareCadogan squareChelseapre 1912
Pawleyn roadArpley roadPenge1920-29
Pawnbroker's alley (part)Kynaston avenueStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Pawnbrokers' alley (part)Kynaston roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Paxton lanePaxton placeLambethpre 1912
Paxton mewsPaxton placeLambethpre 1912
Paxton roadHillcrest roadLewishampre 1912
Paxton yardPaxton placeLambethpre 1912
Paynton streetHind streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Peckham parkFenham roadCamberwellpre 1912
Peckham roadHonor Oak roadLewishampre 1912
Peckham rye (part)Rye laneCamberwellpre 1912
Peel grove (part)Patriot squareBethnal greenpre 1912
Peerless rowPeerless streetFinsburypre 1912
Pelham place NorthPelham placeKensingtonpre 1912
Pemberton roadPemberton gardensIslingtonpre 1912
Pemberton villas (part)Pemberton gardensIslingtonpre 1912
Pemberton villas (part)St. John's parkIslingtonpre 1912
Penford street (part)Burton roadLambethpre 1912
Penge laneNewlands parkLewishampre 1912
Penge placeArpley roadPenge1920-29
Penge roadCollege roadCamberwellpre 1912
Penmartin roadDrakefell roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Penn road villasPenn roadIslington1912-17
Pennistone gardensRookley roadHammersmithpre 1912
Pennistone streetRockley roadHammersmithpre 1912
Penton streetAmelia streetNewingtonpre 1912
Pentonville hillPentonville roadFinsburypre 1912
Penwith streetPenwith roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Pepys road SouthPepys roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Percy squareVernon squareFinsburypre 1912
Percy streetPenryn street St. Pancraspre 1912
Percy terraceMaxey roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Percy villasSheffield terraceKensington1920-29
Perham crescentChalloner crescentFulham1920-29
Periwinkle streetRatcliffe Cross streetRatcliffe, Stepney1912-17
Perkbury roadOakbury roadFulhampre 1912
Perry's placeGorsuch streetShoreditchpre 1912
Perseverance terraceProspect placeWoolwichpre 1912
Peter streetClenham streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Peterborough roadAvalon roadFulhampre 1912
Philbeach crescentPhilbeach pardensKensington1920-29
Philip street (part)Shadwell placeStepneypre 1912
Philip street (part)Station placeStepneypre 1912
Phillipa streetHowick placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Philp streetHewling streetStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Phipps streetPhipp streetShoreditch1912-17
Phœbe streetStreatfield streetStepneypre 1912
Phœnix cottagesLambert streetIslingtonpre 1912
Phœnix mewsPhœnix placeKensingtonpre 1912
Phœnix placeMontpelier valeLewishampre 1912
Phœnix placeMedland streetStepneypre 1912
Phœnix streetBucknall streetSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Phœnix yardPhœnix placeKensingtonpre 1912
Pickering placeQueen's roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Pied Bull yardGalen placeSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Pier street WestPier streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Piermost roadPiermont roadCamberwellpre 1912
Pig hill laneLatchmere roadBatterseapre 1912
Pigwell pathWilton roadHackney1912-17
Pilgrim hill (part)Pilgrim terraceLambeth1920-29
Pilgrim streetMontford placeLambethpre 1912
Pimlico road (part)Royal Hospital roadChelseapre 1912
Pincey roadDaubeney roadHackneypre 1912
Pitman's buildingsIronmonger rowFinsburypre 1912
Pitt streetCoventry streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Pitt streetPitman streetCamberwellpre 1912
Pitt streetDarwin streetNewington, etc.pre 1912
Pitt streetOswin streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Pitt's Head placeWood's placeBermondseypre 1912
Placquett road Copleston roadCamberwellpre 1912
Placquett terraceEverthorpe roadCamberwellpre 1912
Pleasant groveVale RoyalIslington1920-29
Pleasant placeMiddlesex wharfHackneypre 1912
Pleasant placeMalling placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Pleasant place, Bonner streetHersee placeBethnal greenpre 1912
Pleasant place, Brady streetDagnall placeBethnal greenpre 1912
Pleasant place, Hickman's FollyKing's Arms placeBethnal greenpre 1912
Pleasant place, Kennington roadBrook streetLambeth, etc.pre 1912
Pleasant place, Opal streetLyric placeLambethpre 1912
Pleasant place, Page's walkClove placeBermondseypre 1912
Pleasant place, Spa roadDunlop placeBermondseypre 1912
Pleasant place, Tyer's terraceLapford placeLambethpre 1912
Pleasant place, Whitgift streetCotford placeLambethpre 1912
Pleasant rowFarndon rowCamberwellpre 1912
Pleasant rowOpal streetLambethpre 1912
Pleasant rowKingston streetNewingtonpre 1912
Pleasant rowCarrol placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Pleasant rowCorliss placeSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Pleasant rowRedman's roadStepneypre 1912
Pleasant rowSplidts streetStepneypre 1912
Plough cottagesSwinford cottagesLambethpre 1912
Plough lanePlough roadBatterseapre 1912
Plough laneCampden hill roadKensingtonpre 1912
Plough lane EastPlough roadBatterseapre 1912
Plough lane WestPlough terraceBatterseapre 1912
Plough terraceStrath terraceBatterseapre 1912
Plumber street Provost street Shoreditchpre 1912
Plummer's laneAda roadCamberwellpre 1912
Plumstead road (part)Plumstead High streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Polsted road (part)Casslee roadLewisham1920-29
Pond laneMillfields road Hackneypre 1912
Pond placeVanston place Fulhampre 1912
Ponsonby streetGrosvenor roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Ponton road WestEverett streetBatterseapre 1912
Poole terracePeerless streetFinsburypre 1912
Poole's laneLots roadChelseapre 1912
Pope streetSouthwood roadElthampre 1912#
Pope streetAvery hill roadEltham1920-29
Poplar row, Darwin streetCrail rowNewingtonpre 1912
Poplar row, New Kent roadTarn streetNewingtonpre 1912
Porchester housesQueen's roadPaddington1920-29
Porchester terrace NorthPorchester terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Portland gardensPortland roadKensingtonpre 1912
Portland placeHothfield placeBermondseypre 1912
Portland placeBrunswick closeFinsburypre 1912
Portland placeAddison bridge placeFulhampre 1912
Portland placeCanonbury roadIslingtonpre 1912
Portland placeWarner streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Portland placeCircus roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Portland placeChesil place Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Portland roadSt. John's placeKensingtonpre 1912#
Portland roadGreat Portland streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Portland road (part)Penzance placeKensington1920-29
Portland road NorthPortland roadKensingtonpre 1912
Portland streetD'Arblay streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Portland streetGorleston streetFulhampre 1912
Portland streetHemans streetLambethpre 1912
Portman terraceAllas roadBethnal greenpre 1912
Portobello terracePembridge roadKensingtonpre 1912
Portsdown road NorthPortsdown roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Portugal streetBalfour place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Potier placeRephidim streetBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Potter's lane Natal roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Pound rowDatchelor placeCamberwellpre 1912
Pound's place Pound's passageFinsburypre 1912
Povah roadCowan street Camberwellpre 1912
Powell street EastPowell street Finsburypre 1912
Powell street WestPowell street Finsburypre 1912
Pratt's roadGlyn roadHackneypre 1912
President street EastPresident streetFinsburypre 1912
President street WestPresident streetFinsburypre 1912
Preston street St. Silas streetSt. Pancras1920-29
Preston street Hanbury streetStepneypre 1912
Price's street (part)Chancel street Christchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Priests place Tudor street City of Londonpre 1912
Prince Albert roadQueen's gate Kensington, etc.pre 1912
Prince Consort roadBelsize crescentHampsteadpre 1912
Prince Edward streetElton street Islingtonpre 1912
Prince of Wales avenueWellesley placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Prince street Whitstable streetBermondseypre 1912
Prince Teck buildingsKenway road Kensingtonpre 1912
Prince's cottagesArgon mews Fulhampre 1912
Prince's mews Argon mewsFulhampre 1912
Prince's mews, Exhibition roadPrince's gate mewsKensington, etc.pre 1912
Princes mews, Portland roadPottery lane Kensingtonpre 1912
Princes placeBywell placeLambethpre 1912#
Princes placeRegia place Bermondseypre 1912
Princes placeChristian streetStepneypre 1912
Princes roadMarlow road Hackneypre 1912
Prince's roadBevington streetBermondsey1920-29
Prince's roadVienna roadBermondseypre 1912
Princes squareCory streetLambethpre 1912#
Princes squareGate streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Princes streetChambord streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Princes streetRawlings streetChelseapre 1912
Princes streetBridgewater streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Princes street Valetta street Finsburypre 1912
Princes street Princeton streetSt. Andrew, Holborn, etc.pre 1912
Princes street Gate streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Princes street Whitfleld streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Princes street or Princess streetRisborough streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Princes street, Charles streetDempsey streetStepneypre 1912
Princes street, Coventry streetWardour streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Princes street, Drury laneKemble streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Princes street, Dunston roadClarissa streetShoreditchpre 1912
Princes street, High street, WappingRedmead laneStepneypre 1912
Princes street, King & Queen streetBeddome streetNewingtonpre 1912
Princes street, Old Gravel laneRaine street Stepneypre 1912
Princes street, Osborn streetOld Montague streetStepneypre 1912
Princes street, Oxford streetSilver street Stepney1912-17
Princes street, Pall Mall EastWhitcomb streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Princes street, Princes squareSwedenborg streetStepney1912-17
Princes street, Stamford streetCoin streetLambethpre 1912
Princes street, VauxhallAlbert embankmentLambethpre 1912
Princes street, Walworth roadEmpress streetNewingtonpre 1912
Princes street, Wilkes streetPrincelet streetStepneypre 1912
Princes street, Wilson streetDysart street Shoreditchpre 1912
Princes terrace Ennismore gardensCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Princes terrace Marsden streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Princess terraceBelsize road Hampsteadpre 1912
Princess terracePrincess road St. Pancraspre 1912
Priory mews Hermit place Hampstead1917-20
Priory mews Priory place St. Pancraspre 1912
Priory villasBelsize road Hampsteadpre 1912
Pritchard's placeThe BroadwayShoreditch, etc.pre 1912
Private road Medlar street Camberwellpre 1912
Procter street Verney way Camberwellpre 1912
Prospect cottagesGreenwood placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Prospect placeBishop's road Bethnal greenpre 1912
Prospect placeJerdan place Fulhampre 1912
Prospect placeTooke street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Prospect placeGreenwood placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Prospect place (part), Prospect streetArica placeBermondseypre 1912
Prospect place (part), Prospect streetLagos place Bermondseypre 1912
Prospect place (part), Union roadProspect streetBermondseypre 1912
Prospect place, Cable streetLibrary place Stepney1920-29
Prospect place, Eastfield streetEastfield cottagesStepney1920-29
Prospect place, Rotherhithe New roadDebnams roadBermondseypre 1912
Prospect place, Stepney greenGold streetStepneypre 1912
Prospect road Palace squarePenge1920-29
Prospect row Haliday walk Islington1912-17
Prospect row Deacon streetNewingtonpre 1912
Providence cottagesSanford terraceHackneypre 1912
Providence placeEzra streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Providence placeHopewell placeCamberwellpre 1912
Providence placeDunsley placeLewishampre 1912
Providence placeHutchings streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Providence placePlantain placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Providence place, Ayliffe streetPitney place Newingtonpre 1912
Providence place, East streetSouth street Newingtonpre 1912
Providence place, Halley streetLufton place Stepneypre 1912
Providence place, Limehouse causewayHolker place Stepneypre 1912
Providence rowWorship streetFinsburypre 1912
Providence streetSouth street Newingtonpre 1912
Providence streetWestmoreland placeShoreditchpre 1912
Providence yardAspen place Hammersmithpre 1912
Prusom's IslandHilliard's courtStepneypre 1912
Pulteney courtSilver placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Pump yardMedland streetStepneypre 1912
Purbrook street (part)Tower Bridge roadBermondseypre 1912
Purcell street Purcell crescentFulhampre 1912
Quadrant roadHighbury quadrantIslingtonpre 1912
Quadrant road NorthHighbury quadrantIslingtonpre 1912
Quay laneBrunswick roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Queen Anne streetWodeham streetStepney1912-17
Queen Elizabeth's avenueQueen Elizabeth's walkStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Queen square Queen Anne's gateCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Queen square Ivy laneShoreditchpre 1912
Queen street Brisbane streetCamberwellpre 1912
Queen street Flood street Chelseapre 1912
Queen street Malta street Finsburypre 1912
Queen street Howe street Greenwich1920-29
Queen street Hans roadKensington, etc.pre 1912
Queen street Carthage streetLewishampre 1912
Queen street King and Queen streetNewingtonpre 1912
Queen street Quilp street St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Queen street Shorts gardensSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Queen street Harrowby streetSt. Marylebone1917-20
Queen street Lamerton streetSt. Nicholas, Deptfordpre 1912
Queen street Herbert streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Queen street Rowley streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Queen street Samuel street Woolwichpre 1912
Queen street (part), Pitfield streetCharles squareShoreditchpre 1912
Queen street (part), Pitfield streetCoronet streetShoreditchpre 1912
Queen street, Chrisp streetCording streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Queen street, Cleveland streetDoveton streetStepneypre 1912
Queen street, Commercial road EastExmouth streetStepneypre 1912
Queen street, Dunston roadStean street Shoreditchpre 1912
Queen street, Ebury Bridge roadPimlico road City of Westminsterpre 1912
Queen street, Finsbury marketVandy street Shoreditchpre 1912
Queen street, Greek streetBateman streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Queen street, Hart streetLumley streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Queen street, Hassard streetArline street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Queen street, High streetBickmore streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Queen street, Kennington roadStannary streetLambethpre 1912
Queen street, London streetMedland streetStepneypre 1912
Queen street, Oxford streetHill's placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Queen street, Paradise streetBraddon streetBermondseypre 1912#
Queen street, Prusom streetClegg street Stepneypre 1912
Queen street, Quaker streetSheba street Stepneypre 1912
Queen street, Shad ThamesLafone street Bermondseypre 1912
Queen street, Sherwood streetDenman streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Queen street, Tower Bridge roadRothsay streetBermondseypre 1912
Queen street, Viaduct streetWeldon streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Queen street, Webber streetUfford street Lambethpre 1912
Queen's crescentPrince of Wales crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Queen's gate terrace mews WestQueen's gate mewsKensingtonpre 1912
Queen's Head laneQueen's Head streetIslingtonpre 1912
Queen's placeFarmcote placeBermondseypre 1912#
Queen's placeJoan placeLambethpre 1912
Queen's placeIvy laneShoreditchpre 1912
Queen's roadAlscot roadBermondseypre 1912
Queen's roadBird-in-bush roadCamberwellpre 1912
Queen's roadRoyal Hospital roadChelseapre 1912
Queen's roadBerger road Hackneypre 1912
Queen's road Queensland roadIslingtonpre 1912
Queen's road Queensdale roadKensingtonpre 1912
Queen's road Poynders roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Queen's road (part)Ingate place Batterseapre 1912
Queen's road (part), Norland roadHume roadHammersmithpre 1912
Queen's road EastRoyal Hospital roadChelseapre 1912
Queen's road NorthHume roadHammersmithpre 1912
Queen's road WestRoyal Hospital roadChelseapre 1912
Queen's road WestRegent's park roadSt. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Queen's road, Gloucester roadRegent's park roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Queen's road, King's roadWrotham roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Queen's road, Prince of Wales roadQueen's crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Queen's road, Queen streetCrisp roadHammersmithpre 1912
Queen's rowWiltshire row Shoreditchpre 1912
Queen's square (part)St. Philip streetBatterseapre 1912
Queen's terrace mews (part)Petersham laneKensington1920-29
Raby mewsFoscote mewsPaddington1920-29
Raglan road EastRaglan roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Railway approachClapham Junction approachBattersea1912-17
Railway approachShepherd's Bush marketHammersmith1920-29
Railway approach (part)Station road Lambethpre 1912
Railway buildingsStock's place Stepneypre 1912
Railway cottagesFirbeck cottagesBermondseypre 1912
Railway cottages (part)Crewe place Hammersmith1912-17
Railway cottages (part)Stoke placeHammersmith1912-17
Railway cottages (part)Egbert place St. Pancraspre 1912
Railway cottages (part)Manley street St. Pancraspre 1912
Railway crescentChapman roadHackneypre 1912
Rainton terraceRainton road Greenwichpre 1912
Raleigh road Merivale roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Ralph placeRalph street Newingtonpre 1912
Ramsbury roadHonor Oak parkLewisham & Camberwell1920-29
Randall street Salter street Stepneypre 1912
Randall street, Chrisp streetTetley street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Randall street, East India Dock roadAugusta streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Randel place Randall placeGreenwich1912-17
Randell's row Randell's roadIslingtonpre 1912
Randolph gardens (part)Kilburn park roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Randolph roadTelford road Kensingtonpre 1912
Randolph roadRudolf road Paddingtonpre 1912
Ranelagh place mewsGrosvenor gardens mews WestCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Ranelagh streetEbury street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Rankin street St. Elmo roadHammersmith1912-17
Rannoch streetRannoch roadFulham1912-17
Ransom streetRansom road Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Rastell roadRastell avenueWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Ratcliff cross Narrow streetStepneypre 1912
Ratcliff squareRatcliffe Cross streetRatcliffe, Stepney1912-17
Rathmore streetRathmore roadGreenwichpre 1912
Raven rowArtillery lane City of London, etc.pre 1912
Raven street Bedford streetStepneypre 1912
Raven terrace Raven rowStepneypre 1912
Ravensboume park (part)Ravensbourne park crescentLewisham1920-29
Ravensboume park roadMontacute roadLewisham1912-17
Ravensboume roadRavensbourne avenueLewisham1920-29
Ravensboume streetKnott street St. Nicholas, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Ravensboume street or roadBrookmill roadSt. Paul, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Ravensboume villas roadRavensbourne roadLewishampre 1912
Ravensbourne streetNorman road Greenwichpre 1912
Ravensbury road (part)Ravensbury terraceWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Ravenscourt cottagesRavenscourt gardensHammersmithpre 1912
Ravenscourt terraceRavenscourt parkHammersmithpre 1912
Ravensworth streetHeckfield placeFulhampre 1912
Rawstorne streetMontpelier streetKensington, etc.pre 1912
Ray street (part)Farringdon roadSaffron Hill, etc.pre 1912
Rayment roadMorgan streetStepneypre 1912
Rayner placeSt. Leonard's terraceChelseapre 1912
Rebecca courtWells buildingsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Rectory laneRectory road Fulhampre 1912
Red Cap laneElthorne roadIslingtonpre 1912
Red Cow laneColet gardens Hammersmithpre 1912
Red Lion courtRetford courtShoreditchpre 1912
Red Lion courtPuma courtStepneypre 1912
Red Lion lane Lordship roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Red Lion streetRetford streetShoreditchpre 1912
Red Lion streetBarchard streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Red Lion street (part)York roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Red Lion terrace or cottagesRed Lion placePlumstead1920-29
Red Lion yardRedcar yardSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912#
Red Lion yardCavendish buildingsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Redcross courtRedcross placeSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Redcross square (part)Redcross placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Redcross square, Jewin streetHamsell streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Reddin road Reddins road Camberwellpre 1912
Redesdale street (part)St. Leonard's terraceChelsea1920-29
Redesdale street (part)Tedworth gardensChelseapre 1912
Redesdale street (part)Tedworth squareChelsea1920-29
Redman's rowRedman's roadStepneypre 1912
Redmore terraceLamington streetHammersmithpre 1912
Redruth road Manor laneLewisham1912-17
Redvers rood Randlesdown roadLewisham1920-29
Redwald streetRedwald roadHackneypre 1912
Reedholm roadReedholm villasStoke Newington1912-17
Reeve street Giraud street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Reform street Alsen roadIslingtonpre 1912
Reforton road Reporton roadFulhampre 1912
Regency place (part)Robert Raikes streetLambeth1912-17#
Regency square (part)Robert Raikes streetLambeth1912-17#
Regent cottagesFife terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Regent place Curran place Camberwellpre 1912
Regent place Maplin place Stepney1920-29
Regent place EastSidmouth streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Regent place WestCompton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Regent street Riddell streetCamberwellpre 1912
Regent street Stayton streetChelseapre 1912
Regent street Regency streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Regent street Ethelred streetLambethpre 1912
Regent street Gaselee streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Regent street Prioress streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Regent street Frankham streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Regent street Gill streetStepneypre 1912
Regent street EastLondon street Stepneypre 1912
Regent street NorthLumsden streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Regent street NorthMaplin street Stepneypre 1912
Regent street SouthMaplin street Stepneypre 1912
Regent terraceFife terrace Islingtonpre 1912
Regent('s) courtLoom court Stepney1920-29
Regent's courtParnham placeStepney1920-29
Regent's mewsRadlett place Hampstead1920-29
Regent's mewsRegent's buildingsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Regent's park gardenRegent's park roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Regent's placeParnham placeStepney1920-29
Regent's road NorthCoutts road Stepneypre 1912
Regent's road SouthCoutts road Stepneypre 1912
Reginald placeReginald squareSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Reginald streetReginald squareSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
Rembrandt road (part)Murillo road Lewishampre 1912
Rempstone placeMintern streetShoreditchpre 1912
Remus passageRemus road Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Repingdon roadBamwell roadLambeth1920-29
Reservoir cottagesEdge streetKensingtonpre 1912
Retreat, The Holbeach roadLewishampre 1912
Revel's rowCollinson streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Revelstoke gardensSloane court EastChelseapre 1912
Rhodeswell road (part)Ben Jonson roadStepneypre 1912
Rhodeswell road (part)Dixon street Stepneypre 1912
Ria streetRhea street Woolwichpre 1912
Rich terrace WestRich terraceKensingtonpre 1912#
Richard street Whittlesey streetLambethpre 1912
Richard street Cayley street Stepneypre 1912
Richard street Hare streetWoolwichpre 1912
Richard street, Grundy streetLodore street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Richard street, Randall's marketRicardo streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Richard street, St. Leonard's roadTapley street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Richard street, Sussex streetLatham streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Richard's placeDunston roadShoreditchpre 1912
Richardson streetWinwood streetStepney1912-17
Richford street (part)Astrop terraceHammersmithpre 1912
Richmond groveSheen grove Islingtonpre 1912
Richmond placeWoodland streetHackneypre 1912
Richmond placeThane villas Islingtonpre 1912
Richmond placeRichmond streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Richmond place WestWoodland streetHackneypre 1912
Richmond road EastRichmond roadHackneypre 1912
Richmond road NorthRichmond roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Richmond streetShaftesbury avenueCity of Westminster, etc.pre 1912
Richmond streetBlackwood streetNewingtonpre 1912
Richmond streetColnbrook streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Richmond villasLondon fields West sideHackneypre 1912
Richmond villasThane villas Islingtonpre 1912
Ricketts streetRickett streetFulhampre 1912
Rickman's rentsLock sideStepneypre 1912
Riley street Loxham streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Riley terrace Riley street Bermondseypre 1912
Rilla placePowlett placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Ringcroft roadRingcroft streetIslingtonpre 1912
Risbie's Rope walkNorthey streetStepneypre 1912
Riseldine road Bonneville roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Riseldine streetRiseldine roadLewishampre 1912
River laneSt. Peter's streetIslingtonpre 1912
River street Tiber street Islingtonpre 1912
River terrace Cheyne walkChelseapre 1912
Robert place Ross place City of Westminster1912-17
Robert streetGataker streetBermondseypre 1912
Robert streetSydney streetChelseapre 1912
Robert streetChancel streetChristchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Robert streetRoss streetCity of Westminster1912-17
Robert street Cuba streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Robert street Fanshaw streetShoreditchpre 1912
Robert street, Brixton roadRobsart streetLambethpre 1912
Robert street, Lower MarshTanswell streetLambethpre 1912
Robert street, Ogilby streetRideout streetWoolwich1912-17
Robert street, St. Paul's roadRobeson streetStepneypre 1912
Robert street, Sidney streetWolsey streetStepneypre 1912
Robert street, Waterloo roadMepham streetLambeth1920-29
Roberts lowVanston placeFulhampre 1912
Roberts place Firmin street Stepneypre 1912
Robertson street EastRobertson streetBattersea, etc.pre 1912
Robertson street WestRobertson streetBattersea, etc.pre 1912
Robertson's placeSouthesk streetLambethpre 1912
Robertson's streetBrightfield roadLewishampre 1912
Robinson placeBestwood streetSt. Paul, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Robinson terrace (part)Bestwood streetSt. Paul, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Robinson terrace (part)Trundley's roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Robinson's roadJohn Campbell roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Rochester placeCoberg rowSt. Pancraspre 1912#
Rochester placeGreencoat placeCity of Westminster1920-29
Rochester road mewsRochester mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Rochester villasRochester roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Rodney street NorthMuriel street Finsburypre 1912
Rodway streetWinterwell roadLambeth1920-29
Rollescourt avenueRollscourt avenueLambeth1920-29
Rommany road (part)St. Louis roadLambethpre 1912
Rondu street Rondu road Hampsteadpre 1912
Roscoe place Honiton streetCamberwellpre 1912
Rose cottages (part)Tristan cottagesBermondseypre 1912
Rose cottages (part)Tulip placeBermondseypre 1912
Rose courtBrune place Newingtonpre 1912
Rose gardens Cardross streetHammersmithpre 1912
Rose laneMill placeLimehouse, Stepney1912-17
Rose streetManette streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Rose streetPaton street Finsburypre 1912
Rose streetPark roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Rose streetRivington placeShoreditchpre 1912
Rosecroft roadRosecroft avenueHampsteadpre 1912
Rosemont streetRosemont roadHampsteadpre 1912
Rosenau road (part)Rosenau crescentBatterseapre 1912
Rosendale grove EastMyton roadLambeth1920-29
Rosendale grove SouthTritton roadLambeth1920-29
Rosendale grove WestMartell roadLambeth1920-29
Rosetta street Aston streetStepneypre 1912
Roslyn street Rosslyn hillHampsteadpre 1912
Rosmore road Crystal Palace roadCamberwellpre 1912
Rossall road Witherington roadIslington1920-29
Rossdale streetRossdale roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Rosslyn gardensBelsize lane Hampsteadpre 1912
Rotherfield street NorthRotherfield streetIslingtonpre 1912
Rotherhithe New road (part)Hawkstone roadBermondseypre 1912
Rothsay terraceBradmore park roadHammersmithpre 1912
Rowhill streetRowhill road Hackneypre 1912
Rowley roadWarrender roadIslington1920-29
Roxburgh groveBelmont streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Roxley streetRoxley road Lewishampre 1912
Roy roadThurleigh roadBatterseapre 1912
Royal hillQueen's road Paddingtonpre 1912
Royal mews EastPhœnix place Kensingtonpre 1912
Royal Oak place (part)St. Margaret's passageLewisham1917-20
Royal parade (part)Montpelier valeLewishampre 1912
Royal place Stanton streetCamberwellpre 1912
Royal place courtRentarn cottagesGreenwichpre 1912
Royal street Royal roadNewingtonpre 1912
Royston street (part)Moravian streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Ruby street (part)Sandgate streetCamberwellpre 1912
Rudolf road Rudolph roadPaddington1912-17
Rumball streetHarris street Camberwellpre 1912
Rushbrook streetRushbrook roadEltham1920-29
Rushmead streetMansford streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Russell mews Cleveland mewsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Russell place Tidal placeBermondseypre 1912
Russell place Haddonhall streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Russell place Fitzroy streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Russell place Hopetown placeSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Russell place General Gordon placeWoolwich1920-29
Russell street Britten street Chelseapre 1912
Russell street Listowel streetLambethpre 1912
Russell street, Bermondsey streetTanner street Bermondseypre 1912
Russell street, Chrisp streetCarmen streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Russell street, Preston's roadYabsley streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Russell street, Redriff roadDerrick streetBermondseypre 1912
Russell's buildingsGreat Hermitage streetStepneypre 1912
Rutford streetRutford road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Ruthella road Como roadLewishampre 1912
Ruthin street Felday road Lewishampre 1912
Rutland streetNewark streetStepneypre 1912
Rutland streetAppleby streetShoreditchpre 1912
Rutland street EastRutland streetStepneypre 1912
Rutland terraceGlamorgan streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Rutland terraceRutland streetKensington, etc.pre 1912
Ryall streetCampden hill gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Rymill roadCicely roadCamberwellpre 1912
Sainfoin streetSainfoin road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
St. Agnes terraceNorthwold roadHackneypre 1912
St. Alphege cottages or placeWatton place Greenwich1920-29
St. Andrew's roadRockingham streetNewingtonpre 1912
St. Andrew's terraceHolmes terraceLambethpre 1912
St. Ann's lane Gresham streetCity of Londonpre 1912
St. Ann's roadAndover roadIslingtonpre 1912
St. Ann's roadHackford roadLambethpre 1912
St. Ann's road NorthSt. Ann's roadKensington, etc.pre 1912
St. Bartholomew roadDalmeny avenueIslingtonpre 1912
St. Charles streetSt. Charles squareKensingtonpre 1912
St. Clement's road (part)Grenfell road Kensingtonpre 1912
St. Clement's road (part)Sirdar roadKensingtonpre 1912
St. Dunstan's road (part)Eric streetStepneypre 1912
St. Dunstan's terraceMantua streetBatterseapre 1912
St. Faith's villasFullerton roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
St. George street, Southampton streetWells street Camberwellpre 1912
St. George terraceBelsize road Hampsteadpre 1912
St. George's courtChallis court Stepneypre 1912
St. George's mewsHugh mews City of Westminster1912-17
St. George's passageOntario passageSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
St. George's placeKnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
St. George's placeKynance placeKensingtonpre 1912
St. George's placeEffra parade Lambethpre 1912
St. George's placeBalin placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
St. George's place SouthCardol place St. George, Southwarkpre 1912
St. George's roadWadhurst roadBatterseapre 1912
St. George's roadKirkside roadGreenwich1912-17
St. George's roadNorland gardensHammersmithpre 1912
St. George's roadSt. George's avenueIslingtonpre 1912
St. George's roadCamelford roadKensingtonpre 1912
St. George's roadFalmouth roadNewingtonpre 1912
St. George's rowHarling streetCamberwellpre 1912
St. George's rowSutherland terraceCity of Westminsterpre 1912
St. George's rowOntario streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
St. George's streetRoydon streetBattersea1920-29
St. George's street, Commercial roadPentridge streetCamberwell1912-17
St. George's terraceGrosvenor roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
St. George's terraceRichmond roadIslingtonpre 1912
St. George's terraceHyde park placeSt. Marylebone, etc.pre 1912
St. George's terraceGolding terraceStepneypre 1912
St. Germain's road, Brockley riseHonor Oak parkLewisham, etc.pre 1912
St. Germain's road, High street, LewishamCressingham roadLewishampre 1912
St. Germains road, Stanstead roadSt. Germans roadLewishampre 1912
St. German's roadHonor Oak parkLewisham & Camberwell1920-29
St. German's terraceWestboume park crescentPaddingtonpre 1912
St. Helena placeSt. Helena streetFinsburypre 1912
St. James placeRideout streetWoolwich1912-17
St. James's cottagesCupar cottagesLambethpre 1912#
St. James's placeAgatha streetStepneypre 1912
St. James's place (part)Creechurch laneCity of Londonpre 1912
St. James's place EastPlume place EastGreenwich1920-29
St. James's place WestPlume place WestGreenwich1920-29
St. James's road NorthSt. James's roadBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
St. James's streetLayard road Bermondseypre 1912
St. James's streetOrmside streetCamberwellpre 1912
St. James's streetWynford roadIslington, etc.pre 1912
St. James's streetJameson strertKensingtonpre 1912
St. John streetGrimsby streetBethnal greenpre 1912
St. John streetGayfere streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
St. John streetCruden street Islingtonpre 1912
St. John street roadSt. John streetFinsburypre 1912
St. John the Evangelist roadEvangelist roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
St. John's placeTilbury place Bermondseypre 1912
St. John's placePriory place Hackneypre 1912
St. John's placePenzance placeKensingtonpre 1912
St. John's placeSelsea place Stoke Newingtonpre 1912
St. John's roadSt. John's gardensKensingtonpre 1912
St. John's road (part)St. John's valeSt. Paul, Deptford1920-29
St. John's road EastSt. John's roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
St. John's terraceHudsons terraceCity of Westminsterpre 1912
St. John's terraceNorth end roadFulhampre 1912
St. John's terraceElgin crescentKensingtonpre 1912
St. John's terraceSeymour streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
St. John's terraceGorsuch streetShoreditchpre 1912
St. John's villas or terraceEast Dulwich roadCamberwellpre 1912
St. John's villas roadSt. John's villasIslingtonpre 1912
St. John's wood placePortland terraceSt. Marylebonepre 1912
St. Julian's roadLeigham court roadLambeth, etc.pre 1912
St. Katharine St. Katharine's wayStepney1912-17
St. Katharine's roadWilsham streetKensington1917-20
St. Leonard's gardensFormosa streetPaddingtonpre 1912
St. Luke's squareStrafford streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
St. Luke's villasHannen road Lambethpre 1912
St. Margaret's terraceCoberg rowSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminsterpre 1912#
St. Margaret's terraceGreencoat placeCity of Westminster1920-29
St. Mark's crescentCornwall roadKensingtonpre 1912
St. Mark's gardensSt. Mark's roadKensingtonpre 1912
St. Mark's mewsTalbot mews Kensingtonpre 1912
St. Mark's roadMoray road Islingtonpre 1912
St. Mark's roadFambridge roadLewishampre 1912
St. Mark's roadSt. Mark's gatePoplar Borough1912-17
St. Mark's square (part)Colvestone crescentHackneypre 1912
St. Mark's square (part)St. Mark's roadHackney1912-17
St. Mark's villasSt. Mark's roadHackney1912-17
St. Mary Abbott's placeSt. Mary Abbot's placeKensington1920-29
St. Mary's placeTregunter roadKensingtonpre 1912
St. Mary's terraceWestmorland roadPaddingtonpre 1912
St. Michael's crescentChampion crescentLewishampre 1912
St. Michael's roadChampion parkLewishampre 1912
St. Oswald's roadOngar roadFulhampre 1912
St. Patrick's terraceRalph streetNewingtonpre 1912
St. Paul street SouthSt. Paul streetIslingtonpre 1912
St. Paul's closeRectory groveWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
St. Paul's groveMarquess roadIslingtonpre 1912
St. Peter's roadGeoffrey roadSt. Paul, Deptford1912-17
St. Peter's streetCephas street Stepneypre 1912
St. Philip's terraceStratford roadKensingtonpre 1912
St. Stephen's crescentSt. Stephen's terraceLambethpre 1912
St. Stephen's terraceAldebert terraceLambethpre 1912
St. Thomas placeHewling streetStoke Newingtonpre 1912
St. Thomas streetRaleigh streetIslingtonpre 1912
St. Thomas street EastSt. Thomas streetSt. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
St. Thomas' terraceMaze pond terraceBermondseypre 1912
St. Thomas's placeBaltic street Finsburypre 1912
St. Thomas's roadShorncliffe roadSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Salem gardens Moscow place Paddington1920-29
Salisbury laneFlockton streetBermondseypre 1912
Salisbury placeJaneway streetBermondseypre 1912
Salisbury placeWalter street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Salisbury placeRodney road Newingtonpre 1912
Salisbury streetWalter street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Salisbury streetDarwin streetNewington, etc.pre 1912
Salisbury streetAston street Stepneypre 1912
Salisbury street (part)Fisherton streetSt. Marylebone1912-17
Salter streetKinder street Stepney1912-17
Samuda street (part)Stewart streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Samuel street, Burslem streetWicker streetStepneypre 1912
Samuel street, Finch streetSpelman streetStepneypre 1912
Sandburn streetSandbourne roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Sandhurst gardensSangley road Lewishampre 1912
Sandhurst road (part)Sangley road Lewishampre 1912
Sandon street St. Charles squareKensingtonpre 1912
Sandringham road (part)John Campbell roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Sandrock road (part)Shell roadLewishampre 1912
Sandwell park Sumatra roadHampsteadpre 1912
Sandy hillSandy hill roadWoolwich & Plumsteadpre 1912
Sanford place Sanford terraceHackneypre 1912
Sanford terrace (part)Northwold roadHackneypre 1912
Sapley street Fairbank streetShoreditchpre 1912
Sarah Ann streetLarcom streetNewingtonpre 1912
Sarah placeHaddo place Greenwichpre 1912
Sarah placeSwan laneBermondseypre 1912
Sarah streetSturry street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Sarah streetWallwood streetStepneypre 1912
Sarah's buildingsStaff streetShoreditch1920-29
Sarah's place Southall placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Saravia road Springbank roadLewishampre 1912
Sarsfield roadTrouville roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Saxondale roadBriar walkWandsworth Borough1920-29
School roadBroadwater roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Schuckburgh roadSilvermere roadLewishampre 1912
Scrivelbaye roadMarmion roadBatterseapre 1912
Scrubbs lane Scrubs laneHammersmith1920-29
Scrutton road Stansfield roadLambeth1920-29
Scuder's row Willow walk Lewishampre 1912
Seabright streetDinmont streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Seagrave mewsLillie Bridge mewsFulhampre 1912
Selby street EastSelby street Bethnal green, etc.pre 1912
Selby street WestSelby street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Selkirk road (part)Khama road Wandsworth Borough1920-29
Selsey roadSelsey street Stepneypre 1912
Sermon lane Mantell streetFinsburypre 1912
Seven step alley (part)Braddon streetBermondseypre 1912
Seymour crescentEuston street St. Pancraspre 1912
Seymour mewsChariot mews Paddingtonpre 1912
Seymour placeSeymour streetBatterseapre 1912
Seymour placeRailway approachLewishampre 1912
Seymour placeCranbrook roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Seymour streetFfinch street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Seymour terraceSeymour placeKensingtonpre 1912
Shadwell road Cornwallis roadIslingtonpre 1912
Shaftesbury streetAylesbury roadNewington1912-17
Shaftesbury terraceTyneham roadBatterseapre 1912
Shakspeare roadShakespeare roadLambethpre 1912
Shards roadShard roadCamberwellpre 1912
Sheepcote lane (part)Cabul roadBatterseapre 1912
Sheldrake streetTidemore streetBatterseapre 1912
Shell streetShell roadLewishampre 1912
Shepherd's court, Curzon streetMarket street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Shepherd's court, Upper Brook streetShepherd's placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Shepherd's laneFerndale roadLambethpre 1912
Shepperton cottagesShepperton roadIslingtonpre 1912
Shepperton streetShepperton roadIslingtonpre 1912
Sheppy yard Sheppy place Stepneypre 1912
Sherborne streetHarewood avenueSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Sherlock road Scylla roadCamberwellpre 1912
Sherrard placeSherwood pplaceSt. James, Westminsterpre 1912#
Ship courtShip streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912#
Ship street NorthShip streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Shirland gardensShirland roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Shoemaker rowCarter laneCity of Londonpre 1912
ShoreditchShoreditch High streetShoreditch1920-29
Short streetSmall street Bermondseypre 1912
Short streetWalworth roadNewingtonpre 1912
Short streetGlover street Shoreditchpre 1912
Short street, Brandon streetEider street Newingtonpre 1912
Short street, Hardlnge streetPoonah streetStepneypre 1912
Short street, Hercules roadNewnham terraceLambethpre 1912
Short street, Mercer streetJuniper streetShadwell, Stepney1912-17
Short street, Tower streetEmery street Lambethpre 1912
Short street, Wentworth streetLeydon streetSpitalfields, Stepney1912-17
Short street, York streetCotham streetNewingtonpre 1912
Shorter's rentsFlank street Whitechapel, Stepney1912-17
Short's buildingsSans walkFinsburypre 1912
Shrewsbury lane (part)Plum lanePlumstead1920-29
Shrubland groveMapledene roadHackneypre 1912
Shrubland grove EastMapledene roadHackneypre 1912
Sibthorpe roadBrookdale roadLewisham1920-29
Siddall streetSiddall roadCamberwellpre 1912#
Sidmouth placeKirlkand placeGreenwichpre 1912
Sidney alleySidney place City of Westminsterpre 1912
Sidney street Dennis street Islingtonpre 1912
Siemens streetSiemens road Woolwichpre 1912
Silsby roadBlythe road Hammersmithpre 1912
Silver streetBeak streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Silver streetNevada streetGreenwichpre 1912
Silver streetChurch street Kensingtonpre 1912
Silver streetPorson street Lewishampre 1912
Silver streetArgent street St. Saviour, Southwarkpre 1912
Silver street, Devonshire streetCephas street Stepneypre 1912
Silver street, Dod streetCalcutta streetLimehouse, Stepney1912-17
Silver street, Finch streetSpelman streetStepneypre 1912
Silver street, Prusom streetPenang streetStepney1912-17
Simpson's alleyRuskin walk Camberwellpre 1912
Singleton streetHaberdasher streetShoreditchpre 1912
Sion squareMulberry streetStepney1912-17
Skardu street Skardu road Hampsteadpre 1912
Skelton street Roan streetGreenwichpre 1912
Skinner street Pindar street City of London & Shoreditchpre 1912
Skinner street Midland streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Skittles laneRiverdale roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Sladedale road (part)Goldsmid streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Slaughterhouse laneCreek street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Smalley place Smalley road Hackney1920-29
Smith street Jocelyn streetCamberwellpre 1912
Smith street Ives streetChelseapre 1912
Smith street Sondes street Newingtonpre 1912
Smith's buildings, Long laneTay buildingsBermondseypre 1912
Smith's buildings, Tower Bridge roadDecima streetBermondseypre 1912
Smith's buildings, Vine streetBethel place Bermondseypre 1912
Smith's cottagesRentarn cottagesGreenwichpre 1912
Smith's cottagesBlow's place Lewishampre 1912
Smith's cottagesGilham's cottagesLambethpre 1912#
Smith's gardensFerrand streetBermondseypre 1912
Smith's place Druid street Bermondseypre 1912
Smith's place Gretton placeLambethpre 1912#
Smith's place Smith's buildingsBethnal greenpre 1912#
Smith's place, High street, WappingWainright placeStepneypre 1912
Smith's place, Lower Chapman streetAgra placeStepneypre 1912
Smith's yard Smith's court City of Westminsterpre 1912
Snead's gardensYarmouth mewsCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Snow's rentsSt. Ermin's hillSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminster1912-17
Solent crescentSolent roadHampsteadpre 1912
Solway street Solway road Camberwellpre 1912
Somali street Somali road Hampsteadpre 1912
Somerset streetMansell streetStepneypre 1912
South bankHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
South Conduit streetViaduct streetBethnal greenpre 1912
South end (part)Ansdell streetKensington1920-29
South end (part)St. Alban's roadKensington1920-29
South groveBridge street Stepneypre 1912
South grove EastMildmay groveIslingtonpre 1912
South grove WestMildmay groveIslingtonpre 1912
South hill park roadParliament hillHampsteadpre 1912
South Lambeth new roadDorset road Lambeth1920-29
South Lambeth road (part)Old South Lambeth roadLambethpre 1912
South Lawrie parkAnerley pork Penge1920-29
South parade North end roadFulhampre 1912
South placeFort roadBermondseypre 1912
South placeKnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
South placeColwyn place Lambeth1912-17
South placeInwood place St. Pancras1912-17
South place (part)Kennington park placeNewington, etc.1912-17
South place (part)Cook's road Newington1912-17
South place, Lomond groveLomond placeCamberwell1912-17
South place, Rye laneSouth grove Camberwellpre 1912
South roadKings avenue Wandsworth Borough, etc.pre 1912
South roadMalham road Lewishampre 1912
South rowGanton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
South rowHogarth placeKensingtonpre 1912
South streetFort roadBermondseypre 1912
South streetCadogan gardensChelseapre 1912
South streetSouthern streetFinsburypre 1912
South streetCook's road Newingtonpre 1912
South streetBlandford streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
South streetPindar street Shoreditchpre 1912
South streetGarratt laneWandsworth Borough1920-29
South street Southolm streetBatterseapre 1912
South street Florida street Bethnal greenpre 1912
South street, Choumert roadCosta streetCamberwellpre 1912
South street, Havil streetDalwood streetCamberwellpre 1912
South street, Hercules roadColwyn streetLambethpre 1912
South street, Lingham streetSouthesk streetLambethpre 1912
South street, Long laneSouthall placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
South street, PeckhamRye laneCamberwellpre 1912
South street, Rich streetTrinidad streetStepney1920-29
South street, West squareAustral streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
South street, Whitechapel roadBedford streetStepneypre 1912
South terrace South street Kensingtonpre 1912
South terrace, New streetDoddington groveNewingtonpre 1912
South terrace, Walworth roadPenrose streetNewingtonpre 1912
South valeSouthvale roadLewisham1912-17
South view driveSouthview driveBethnal green1920-29
Southampton buildingsRegnart buildingsSt. Pancras1920-29
Southampton courtCosmo place St. George, Bloomsbury1920-29
Southampton courtBeaumont placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Southampton mewsEuston buildingsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Southampton roadGloucester roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Southampton street (part)New Church roadCamberwellpre 1912
Southampton street or buildingsPortswood placeBethnal green1912-17
Southampton street, Euston squareLancing streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Southampton street, Hampstead roadMornington crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Southside terraceStoke Newington commonHackneypre 1912
Southwood road (part)Avery hill roadEltham1920-29
Sow alleyNile cottages Woolwichpre 1912
Spa road (part)Thurland roadBermondseypre 1912
Speedy's lane Ball's Pond placeIslingtonpre 1912
Spencer place Tranquil vale Lewisham, etc.pre 1912
Spencer road Spenser road Lambethpre 1912
Spencer road Viewfield roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Spencer street Church road Batterseapre 1912
Spencer street Anning street Shoreditchpre 1912
Spencer street Endive place Stepneypre 1912
Spencer terraceCoburg rowSt. Margaret & St. John, Westminsterpre 1912#
Spencer terraceGreencoat placeCity of Westminster1920-29
Spicer streetBuxton streetBethnal green, etc.pre 1912
Splidts terraceSplidts streetStepneypre 1912
Spray's buildingsSpray street Plumstead & Woolwichpre 1912
Spread Eagle courtRoyal Exchange avenueCity of Londonpre 1912
Spread Eagle streetGill streetStepney & Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Spring garden placeStayner's roadStepneypre 1912
Spring garden terraceSpring gardensCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Spring garden terraceRalph streetNewingtonpre 1912
Spring gardensShadwell greenShadwell, Stepneypre 1912#
Spring grove Hartington roadLambethpre 1912
Spring placeWilcox road Lambethpre 1912
Spring street St. Helena streetFinsburypre 1912
Spring street Montagu mansionsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Springfield gardens (part)Bell terrace Hampsteadpre 1912
Springfield place (part)Crimsworth roadLambethpre 1912
Springfield roadGreville roadHampstead, etc.pre 1912
Springfield terraceBrecknock roadIslingtonpre 1912
Springfield villas (part)Greville road Hampstead, etc.pre 1912
Springfield villas (part)Kilburn prioryHampsteadpre 1912
Spur streetPanton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Spurstowe placeSpurstowe terraceHackneypre 1912
Stackfield roadGlenfield roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Stafford place SouthCatherine streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Stafford streetCosway streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Stainborough streetStainsbury streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Stalham streetStatham streetPaddington1912-17
Stamford terraceBelfast road Hackneypre 1912
Stanbridge terraceStanbridge roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Stanhope placeEarl streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Stanhope placeStanhope streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Stanhope streetDelancey streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Stanley park roadCambria streetFulhampre 1912
Stanley place St. Mary's squarePaddingtonpre 1912
Stanley road Frampton park roadHackneypre 1912
Stanley road Landseer roadIslingtonpre 1912
Stanley street Ovington streetChelseapre 1912
Stanley street Alderney streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Stanley street Cropley streetShoreditchpre 1912
Stansby street Southvale roadLewisham1912-17
Stapleford roadHowards laneWandsworth Borough1920-29
Stapleford roadWoodborough roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Star cornerBermondsey streetBermondseypre 1912
Star laneStar roadFulhampre 1912
Star street, Commercial road EastPlanet street Stepneypre 1912
Star street, Wapping wallMonza street Stepneypre 1912
Starch alleyBaltic street Finsburypre 1912
Starch Factory roadSteelworks roadBatterseapre 1912
Starch green road (part)Askew road Hammersmithpre 1912
Starch green road (part)Becklow road Hammersmithpre 1912
Station approachRidsdale roadPenge1920-29
Station buildingsLenthall placeKensingtonpre 1912
Station place (part)Shadwell placeStepneypre 1912
Station roadAndoe road Batterseapre 1912
Station roadCamberwell station roadCamberwellpre 1912
Station roadCrathorne streetLewishampre 1912
Station road Court roadElthampre 1912
Station road Belsize road Hampsteadpre 1912
Station road Elephant roadNewingtonpre 1912
Station road (part)Belson roadWoolwich1917-20
Station road (part)Borgard roadWoolwichpre 1912
Station road, Abbey Wood roadHarrow manorwayPlumstead1917-20
Station road, ClaphamVoltaire roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Station road, Effra roadRailton road Lambethpre 1912
Station road, Gipsy hillSainsbury roadLambethpre 1912
Station road, Loughborough JunctionRathgar road Lambethpre 1912
Station road, Walmer roadSouthport roadPlumstead1917-20
Station road, West NorwoodHannen road Lambethpre 1912
Steel yardMaze pond terraceBermondseypre 1912
Stefano road Cardozo roadIslington1920-29
Stella road (part)Byton roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Stephen streetShroton streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Stewart's lane WestStewart's laneBattersea1920-29
Stingo laneSeymour placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Stirling grove Orville road Batterseapre 1912
Stock streetBurcham streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Stockbridge terraceVictoria streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Stocker street Hocker streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Stockwell crescentStockwell terraceLambethpre 1912
Stockwell green (part)Stockwell roadLambethpre 1912
Stockwell Private roadLandor road Lambethpre 1912
Stockwell streetBridson streetCamberwellpre 1912
Stoke Newington High street (part)Stoke Newington roadHackney & Stoke Newingtonpre 1912
Stone yard placeHedgley streetLewishampre 1912
Stonebeck groveShirley grove Battersea1920-29
Stonebridge placeHaggerston roadHackney & Shoreditchpre 1912
Stonefield terraceRichmond roadIslingtonpre 1912
Stoneham row Faraday road Kensingtonpre 1912
Stones endNewington causewaySt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Stoney laneBlythe vale Lewishampre 1912
Stracey street Jamaica streetStepneypre 1912
Stranraer placeSutherland avenuePaddingtonpre 1912
Streatboume roadStreathbourne roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Streatham common (part)Streatham HighroadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Streatham laneTooting Bec roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Strewan squareGillray squareChelseapre 1912
Strewan terraceMilman's streetChelseapre 1912
Strickland street (part)Brookmill roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Sturge roadBerryfield roadNewington1920-29
Suffolk place Hardwidge streetBermondseypre 1912
Suffolk place Elton place Islingtonpre 1912
Suffolk place Bateman's placeShoreditchpre 1912
Suffolk street Coventry streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Suffolk street Shotley streetFulhampre 1912
Suffolk street Ecclesbourn roadIslingtonpre 1912
Suffolk street Walden streetStepneypre 1912
Suffolk street, PentonvilleBaron street Finsburypre 1912
Suffolk street, St. John streetHayward's placeFinsburypre 1912
Sultan street (part)Baily streetCamberwellpre 1912
Summerfield roadBoothby roadIslingtonpre 1912
Sumner streetSumner road Camberwellpre 1912
Sumner terraceSumner place Kensington1920-29
Sun courtShepherd marketCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Sun courtYule courtStepneypre 1912
Sun in the Sands laneSun laneGreenwichpre 1912
Sun placeSun streetWoolwichpre 1912
Sun streetFane streetFulhampre 1912
Sun streetOrb streetNewingtonpre 1912
Sun streetAlvar street St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Sun streetHenson streetShoreditchpre 1912
Sun Tavern gapGlamis road Stepneypre 1912
Sun terraceSun laneGreenwichpre 1912
Sunnyside road (part)Hazellville roadIslingtonpre 1912
Surat placeSurat street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Surrendale streetSurrendale placePaddington1920-29
Surrey buildingsMinnow streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Surrey lane or villasBanstead streetCamberwellpre 1912
Surrey mews Fremantle streetNewingtonpre 1912
Surrey place Faustin placeBermondseypre 1912#
Surrey place Cheam place Camberwellpre 1912
Surrey terrace Frensham streetCamberwellpre 1912
Susannah cottagesTulip placeBermondseypre 1912
Susannah placeLandrail placeBermondseypre 1912
Susby roadSwaby road Wandsworth Borough1920-29
Sussex passagePowlett placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Sussex place Redan street Hammersmithpre 1912
Sussex place Launceston placeKensingtonpre 1912
Sussex place Ferdinand placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Sussex roadBlenheim crescentKensingtonpre 1912
Sussex street Wadhurst roadBatterseapre 1912
Sussex street Daintry streetHackney1920-29
Sussex street Milstead streetLambethpre 1912
Sussex street Huntley streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Sussex terraceSussex place Kensingtonpre 1912
Sussex terraceLancaster gate terracePaddingtonpre 1912
Sussex terracePrince of Wales crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Sussex villasLaunceston placeKensingtonpre 1912
Sutherland gardens (part)Sutherland avenuePaddingtonpre 1912
Sutherland roadSutherland groveWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Sutherland square EastSutherland squareNewingtonpre 1912
Sutherland square SouthSutherland squareNewingtonpre 1912
Sutherland street (part)Sutherland squareNewingtonpre 1912
Suthers roadSuther street Hackneypre 1912
Sutton placeBonby place Hackney1917-20
Sutton streetPater street Kensingtonpre 1912
Sutton streetSutton street EastStepneypre 1912
Swaby roadNorthcote roadBatterseapre 1912
Swan courtGrebe court Stepneypre 1912
Swan placeComus placeSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Swan place, Borough High streetAvon placeNewingtonpre 1912
Swan place, Draper streetSherston placeNewingtonpre 1912
Swan place, Uxbridge streetFoston place Newingtonpre 1912
Swan streetCygnet streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Swan streetPage's walkBermondseypre 1912
Swan yardBunyan placeLambethpre 1912#
Sweep, TheThe PavementWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Swinburne roadCliff terraceSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Swing bridge roadRedriff roadBermondseypre 1912
Sydenham groveLansdown hillLambethpre 1912
Sydenham mewsSydenham placeLambeth1920-29
Sydney placePortland place NorthLambethpre 1912
Sydney streetArcadia streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Sylvester rowSylvester roadHackneypre 1912
Symons street (part)Culford gardensChelseapre 1912
Tabernacle rowLeonard streetShoreditch & Finsburypre 1912
Tabernacle squareTabernacle streetFinsbury & Shoreditchpre 1912
Tabernacle walkTabernacle streetFinsbury & Shoreditchpre 1912
Talbot mews Burlington mewsPaddingtonpre 1912
Talbot road Talbot grove Kensingtonpre 1912
Talbot road Brecknock roadSt. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Tancred road Edithna streetLambeth1912-17
Tantillon road Tantallon roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Tarlings lane Oxford road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Tarn mewsKelso placeKensingtonpre 1912
Tatnell street Tatnell road Lewisham1920-29
Taunton mews EastHuntsworth mewsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Taunton mews WestTaunton mowsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Taunton place Park roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Tavistock mewsMorwell streetSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Tavistock streetBedford avenueSt. Giles in the Fieldspre 1912
Tavistock terraceTavistock roadPaddington, etc.pre 1912
Teale streetCheshire streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Tedworth gardens (part)Tedworth squareChelseapre 1912
Tedworth gardens (part)St. Leonard's terraceChelsea1912-17
Tedworth square (part)St. Leonard's terraceChelsea1920-29
Tedworth square (part)Tedworth gardensChelseapre 1912
Telegraph placeMaidenstone hillGreenwichpre 1912
Templar's parkAubert park Islingtonpre 1912
Temple laneCourt roadElthampre 1912
Temple street Barnsley streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Temple street Tudor street City of Londonpre 1912
Temple terraceBarnsley streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Templeton roadPlimsoll road Islingtonpre 1912
Tennis court (part)Mermaid courtSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Tenter street EastEast Tenter streetStepney1920-29
Tenter street NorthNorth Tenter streetStepney1920-29
Tenter street SouthSouth Tenter streetStepney1920-29
Tenter street WestWest Tenter streetStepney1920-29
Terrace road WestEIsdale street Hackneypre 1912
Terrace, The Kennington terraceLambethpre 1912
Terrace, The Porchester gardensPaddingtonpre 1912
Terrett's courtTerrett's placeIslingtonpre 1912
Tetuan road Stanlake roadHammersmithpre 1912
Thames street Odessa street Bermondseypre 1912
Thaxted streetThaxted road Eltham1920-29
Theatre street (part)Heathwall streetBatterseapre 1912
Theodore road (part)Radford road Lewishampre 1912
Thirleby gardensThirleby roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Thirlmere terraceThirlmere roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Thistle grove Drayton gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Thistle grove laneThistle groveKensingtonpre 1912
Thistlewaite road (part)Cornthwaite roadHackneypre 1912
Thomas mews Thresher's placeKensingtonpre 1912
Thomas passageVoss streetBethnal greenpre 1912
Thomas passage or placeMerceron streetStepneypre 1912
Thomas placeLayfield placePoplar Boroughpre 1912
Thomas place Baltic street Finsburypre 1912
Thomas place King streetHammersmithpre 1912
Thomas place Runcorn placeKensingtonpre 1912
Thomas place Thobal place Newingtonpre 1912
Thomas place Caffrey placeSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912#
Thomas place Day placeStepneypre 1912
Thomas place Hewling streetStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Thomas place, Grange roadKintore streetBermondseypre 1912
Thomas place, Norwood roadWaylett placeLambethpre 1912
Thomas place, Parker's rowOxley street Bermondseypre 1912
Thomas place, Princes roadOver placeLambethpre 1912
Thomas place, Waterloo roadStarling placeLambethpre 1912
Thomas streetBeckett streetCamberwellpre 1912#
Thomas streetTamar street Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Thomas streetRibstone streetHackneypre 1912
Thomas streetLenton streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Thomas street Pauntley streetIslingtonpre 1912
Thomas street Tobin streetKensingtonpre 1912#
Thomas street Avondale park roadKensington1920-29
Thomas street, Brick laneBacon street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Thomas street, BromleyDonald streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Thomas street, Cadiz streetKnott street Stepneypre 1912
Thomas street, Cambridge roadFaith street Stepneypre 1912
Thomas street, Christian streetPinchin streetStepneypre 1912
Thomas street, Coin streetAquinas streetLambethpre 1912
Thomas street, Commercial road EastParfett street Stepneypre 1912
Thomas street, Curtain roadGatesborough streetShoreditchpre 1912
Thomas street, Devonport streetLake streetStepneypre 1912
Thomas street, Grange roadKintore streetBermondseypre 1912
Thomas street, Hackney roadCremer streetShoreditch1920-29
Thomas street, Hackney roadHarwar streetShoreditchpre 1912#
Thomas street, Lower MarshCoral street Lambethpre 1912
Thomas street, Queen Elizabeth streetCurlew street Bermondseypre 1912
Thomas street, St. Agnes placeWarham streetLambethpre 1912
Thomas street, Stainsby roadGough street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Thomas street, Sumner roadShields street Camberwellpre 1912
Thomas street, Tarn streetArch streetNewingtonpre 1912
Thomas street, Tower Bridge roadAberdour streetBermondsey, etc.pre 1912
Thomas street, Vallance roadFulbourn streetStepneypre 1912
Thomas street, Walworth roadLarcom streetNewingtonpre 1912
Thomas street, Westferry roadHavannah streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Thomas's cottagesWillow rowStepneypre 1912
Thornbury terraceNorthwold roadHackneypre 1912
Thorne streetThorncroft streetLambeth1912-17
Thorney streetShaftesbury avenueSt. Giles in the Fields, etc.pre 1912
Thornhill streetWynford roadFinsbury & Islingtonpre 1912
Thornton road (part)Thornton avenueWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Thornton streetTooley street Bermondseypre 1912
Thornton streetWooler street Newington1912-17
Thrale road (part)Westcote roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Three Colt streetSt. Stephen's roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Three Falcon courtCheshire courtCity of Londonpre 1912
Three Tuns alleyTranquil passageLewishampre 1912
Thresher's cottagesThresher's placeKensingtonpre 1912
Thurleigh road (part)Thurleigh avenueBatterseapre 1912
Thurloe mewsThurloe close Kensington1920-29
Thurlow place Thurlow streetNewingtonpre 1912
Thurlow street, Gambia streetGambia place Christchurch, Southwark1920-29
Tichborne street (part)Glasshouse streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Tichborne street (part)Regent street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Tideswell streetTideswell roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Tilekiln road Tileyard or Tile yard roadIslingtonpre 1912
Tobin street Avondale park roadKensington1920-29
Toddman's laneTuskar street Greenwichpre 1912
Tollit streetTollet street Stepney1912-17
Tom's buildingsEquity buildingsSt. Pancraspre 1912
Tonsley hill (part)Tonsley placeWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Tooting Bec road (part)Tooting Bec gardensWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Tor villasTor gardens Kensingtonpre 1912
Torrens street Dolman streetLambeth1920-29
Torriano groveTorriano avenueSt. Pancraspre 1912
Torriano yard Welch's yard St. Pancraspre 1912
Torwood gardensPalace court Paddingtonpre 1912
Totten street Belgrave streetStepneypre 1912
Tottenham groveTottenham roadHackneypre 1912
TotterdownTotterdown streetWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Tower Bridge approachTower Bridge roadBermondseypre 1912
Tower dockTower hillCity of Londonpre 1912
Tower terrace Martello terraceHackneypre 1912
Townmead road (part)Carnwath roadFulhampre 1912
Townmead road (part)Glenrosa streetFulhampre 1912
Tradescant streetTradescant roadLambethpre 1912
Trafalgar placeSouth end rowKensington1920-29
Trafalgar placeRodney road Newingtonpre 1912
Trafalgar placeNeath placeBethnal Greenpre 1912#
Trafalgar street (part)Prospect placeWoolwichpre 1912
Trafalgar street (part)Sand streetWoolwichpre 1912
Tramway yardIngate street Batterseapre 1912
Tranquil placeTranquil vale Lewishampre 1912
Tranquil vale (part)Blackheath villageCharlton & Kidbrooke, etc.1917-20
Treborer road Trebovir roadKensingtonpre 1912
Tregarvon streetTregarvon roadBatterseapre 1912
Trehurst avenueRanelagh avenueFulhampre 1912
Trench road Cerise roadCamberwellpre 1912
Tresmere roadWoodger roadHammersmith1920-29
Tretower roadTrevanion roadFulhampre 1912
Trevor terraceKnightsbridgeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Triangle placeWarburton streetHackneypre 1912
Triangle, The (part)Highlever roadKensingtonpre 1912
Trigg's placeChivers court Stepneypre 1912
Trilby road (part)Cibber road Lewishampre 1912
Trilby road (part)Shipman roadLewishampre 1912
Trinity grove Trinity squareLambethpre 1912
Trinity road, Acre laneTrinity squareLambethpre 1912
Trinity road, Christchurch roadHillside road Lambethpre 1912
Trinity road, Norwood roadTrinity riseLambeth1912-17
Trinity rowOrchard placePoplar Boroughpre 1912
Trinity street Rotherhithe streetBermondseypre 1912
Trinity street Dutton streetGreenwichpre 1912
Trinity terraceTrinity squareLambethpre 1912
Trinity terraceMorgan streetStepneypre 1912
Tripe streetStrype street Stepneypre 1912
Troughton road (part)Rathmore roadCharlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Trout roadStour roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Truman's placeTruman's roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Trundley's laneTrundley's roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Tucker's rentsEastnor placeSt. Pancraspre 1912#
Tufton street Hatley road Islingtonpre 1912
Tugela roadMantua streetBatterseapre 1912
Tunis roadStanlake roadHammersmithpre 1912
Turk streetBrick laneStepney, etc.pre 1912
Turkey mews Crownstone roadLambethpre 1912
Turle road NorthAlmington streetIslingtonpre 1912
Twemlow terraceWestgate streetHackneypre 1912
Twister's alleyDufferin streetFinsburypre 1912
Two Brewers alleyEnglish groundBermondseypre 1912
Tyler's court Foubert's placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Tyler's street Foubert's placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Tyneham groveTyneham roadBatterseapre 1912
Type streetMoor laneCity of Londonpre 1912
Tyssen street Brick laneBethnal green, etc.pre 1912
Ufton road NorthUfton roadHackneypre 1912
Uganda street Fishponds roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Ulleswater streetUlleswater roadLambethpre 1912
Ullin streetUamvar streetPoplar Borough1920-29
Ulverstone streetUlverstone roadLambethpre 1912
Underwood placeUnderwood streetShoreditchpre 1912
Unicorn streetAlton streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Union buildingsCreton streetWoolwichpre 1912
Union buildings (part)Myrtle streetWoolwichpre 1912
Union cottagesRoy placeNewingtonpre 1912
Union courtVentry placeNewingtonpre 1912#
Union courtFells squareBermondseypre 1912
Union court or cottageMusk courtBermondseypre 1912
Union passageWatney passageStepneypre 1912
Union placeWest laneBermondseypre 1912
Union placeGareth placeBermondseypre 1912#
Union placeEdward streetChristchurch, Southwarkpre 1912
Union placeBuckingham palace roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Union placeBarrow's placeLewishampre 1912
Union placeUlmar place Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Union place, Borough High streetHulme place Newingtonpre 1912
Union place, Draper streetRoy placeNewingtonpre 1912
Union place, Falmouth roadRalph street Newingtonpre 1912
Union place, Gill streetGill placeStepneypre 1912
Union place, Stepney greenCressy place Stepneypre 1912
Union roadUsk roadBatterseapre 1912
Union roadOdell street Camberwellpre 1912
Union roadBradstock roadHackneypre 1912
Union roadOrleston road Islingtonpre 1912
Union rowBentley road Hackney, etc.pre 1912
Union rowGurney streetNewingtonpre 1912
Union rowMulberry streetStepney1912-17
Union streetTurin street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Union streetBrushfield streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Union street Haddo street Greenwichpre 1912
Union street Sirdar roadKensingtonpre 1912
Union street Fitzalan streetLambethpre 1912
Union street Townley streetNewingtonpre 1912
Union street Daventry streetSt. Marylebone1920-29
Union street Albury street St. Nicholas, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Union street Stibbington streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Union street (part)Gough streetWoolwichpre 1912
Union street EastBrushfield streetCity of Londonpre 1912
Union street, Cleveland streetWhitehead streetStepneypre 1912
Union street, East roadCustance streetShoreditchpre 1912
Union street, Hackney roadBoston street Shoreditchpre 1912
Union street, Hill streetWaverton streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Union street, London roadBurman streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Union street, New Bond StreetDering streot City of Westminsterpre 1912
Union street, Newington causewayLancaster streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Union street, Watney streetDunch street Stepney1920-29
Union street, Whitechapel roadAdler street Whitechapel, Stepney1912-17
Union terraceHolland park avenueKensingtonpre 1912
Union terraceUnion square Newingtonpre 1912
Union terraceDewsbury terraceSt. Pancraspre 1912
Union terraceAndom terraceSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Union yardDering yardCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Union yardTapnell yardSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upham roadKelvedon roadFulhampre 1912
Upper Albany streetAlbany streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Ann streetAnn streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Upper Avenue roadAvenue roadSt. Marylebone, etc.pre 1912
Upper Baker streetRussell streetStepneypre 1912
Upper Barnsbury streetBarnsbury streetIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Belgrave placeBuckingham palace roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Belgrave terraceBuckingham palace roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Bemerton streetBemerton streetIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Berkeley street WestConnaught streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Upper Berner streetBerner street Stepneypre 1912
Upper Bingfield streetBingfleld streetIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Blurton roadBlurton roadHackneypre 1912
Upper Boaton streetBoston streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Boston placeBoston placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Bride streetBride streetIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Brunswick placeVorley roadIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Bryanston steetBryanston streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Capland streetCapland streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Carlisle streetCarlisle streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Charles streetParliament streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Charles streetDonald streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Upper Charles streetThornville streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Upper Charlotte streetCharlotte streetSt. Marylebone, etc.pre 1912
Upper Chenies mewsChenies mewsSt. Giles in the Fields, etc.pre 1912
Upper Chrisp streetChrisp street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Upper Clayton roadClayton road Camberwellpre 1912
Upper Cleveland streetCleveland streetSt. Pancras, etc.pre 1912
Upper Clifton streetClifton street Shoreditchpre 1912
Upper College groveCollege grove St. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Copenhagen streetCopenhagen streetIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Cornwall streetCornwall streetStepneypre 1912
Upper Cottenham roadCottenham roadIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Cranfield roadCranfield roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Upper Doctor streetDoctor street Newingtonpre 1912
Upper Dorset streetRampayne streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Dorset street mewsClaylands placeLambeth1912-17
Upper Dunlace roadDunlace roadHackneypre 1912
Upper Durham roadDurham roadIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Ebury streetEbury streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Eccleston streetBelgrave placeCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Eglinton roadEglinton hillPlumsteadpre 1912
Upper Elder streetElder streetStepneypre 1912
Upper Fitzroy ploceFitzroy placeSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Fitzroy streetFitzroy streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Freeling streetFreeling streetIslingtonpre 1912
Upper George streetSedding streetChelsea1912-17
Upper George street Empson streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Upper George street, Hyde valeKing George streetGreenwichpre 1912
Upper George street, Trafalgar roadColomb streetGreenwichpre 1912
Upper Gifford street Gifford street Islingtonpre 1912
Upper Gillingham streetGillingham streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Gloucester streetGloucester streetFinsburypre 1912
Upper Gloucester streetUpper Gloucester placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Gordon streetGordon streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Gower streetGower street St. Giles in the Fields, etc.pre 1912
Upper Grafton streetGrafton streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Green streetRushworth streetSt. George, Southwark1912-17
Upper Grenville streetAldenham streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Grove laneGrove laneCamberwellpre 1912
Upper Grove streetGrove street Stepneypre 1912
Upper Harefield roadHarefield roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Upper Harley street Harley street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Hartland placeBuck street St. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Hartland roadHartland roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Highlever roadHighlever roadKensingtonpre 1912
Upper HomertonHigh street, HomertonHackneypre 1912
Upper HomertonUrswick road Hackneypre 1912
Upper Hyde park gardensLancaster gatePaddingtonpre 1912
Upper Hyde park streetHyde park streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Upper James streetJames street St. Pancraspre 1912
Upper John streetNorman streetChelseapre 1912
Upper John streetLofting road Islingtonpre 1912
Upper John streetWhitfield streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper John streetBlakesley streetStepneypre 1912
Upper Kennington greenKennington road.Lambethpre 1912
Upper King streetSouthampton rowSt. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Upper King streetKinglake streetSt. George, Southwark, etc.pre 1912
Upper King streetChristian streetStepneypre 1912
Upper Lansdowne road NorthLansdowne gardensLambethpre 1912
Upper Leathwaite roadAshness road Batterseapre 1912
Upper Lisson streetLisson street St. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Mary streetMarner street Poplar Boroughpre 1912
Upper Maxey roadMaxey road Plumsteadpre 1912
Upper Montague streetTredegar terraceStepneypre 1912
Upper Moore park roadMoore park roadFulhampre 1912
Upper Mount street Mount street Charlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Upper North street Northdown streetIslington & Finsburypre 1912
Upper North street Brady street Stepney, etc.pre 1912
Upper Ogle streetOgle streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Orchard street, Brixton hillKirkby streetWandsworth Borough1912-17
Upper Paget road Paget roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Upper Palmerston roadPalmerston roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Upper park placeHeavitree roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Upper park roadPark roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Upper park terrace Upper park roadHampsteadpre 1912
Upper Penton street Barnsbury roadFinsbury & Islingtonpre 1912
Upper Phillimore mewsPhillimore mewsKensingtonpre 1912
Upper Portland placePortland placeSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Portsdown gardensPortsdown roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Upper Queen street Queensbury streetIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Randall streetAugusta streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Upper Ranelagh streetEbury street City of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Robert street Robert street Plumsteadpre 1912
Upper Rosoman streetRosoman streetFinsburypre 1912
Upper St. John's parkSt. John's parkGreenwichpre 1912
Upper St. Paul's crescentSt. Paul's crescentSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Salisbury streetFisherton streetSt. Marylebone1920-29
Upper Salisbury streetSalisbury streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912#
Upper Seymour streetSeymour streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Seymour streetSeymour streetSt. Pancraspre 1912
Upper Seymour street WestSeymour streetSt. Marylebone, etc.pre 1912
Upper Sherwood streetSherwood streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Upper Southampton streetSouthampton streetFinsbury & Islingtonpre 1912
Upper Southwick streetSouthwick streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Upper Spring street Montagu mansionsSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Stainsby road Stainsby roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Upper Stamford streetStamford streetLambeth, etc.pre 1912
Upper Storer street Nelson street Greenwichpre 1912
Upper Tachbrook streetTachbrook streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Tollington roadTollington roadIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Tyler streetTyler streetGreenwichpre 1912
Upper Uxbridge streetUxbridge streetKensingtonpre 1912
Upper Victoria road Chalfont roadIslingtonpre 1912
Upper Villa roadVillas roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Upper Well alleyDundee streetStepneypre 1912
Upper Wellington streetWestmacott streetCamberwellpre 1912
Upper Wellington streetWellington streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Upper Weymouth streetWeymouth streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper Whitecross streetWhitecross streetFinsburypre 1912
Upper Whitworth roadWhitworth roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Upper Winchester streetWinchester streetFinsbury & Islingtonpre 1912
Upper Woodland terraceWoodland terraceCharlton & Kidbrookepre 1912
Upper York placeSt. Ann's terraceSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper York street, Baker streetYork streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upper York street, Marylebone roadHarcourt streetSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Upton roadBelsize road Hampsteadpre 1912
Usher road SouthUsher roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Vale avenueThe ValeChelsea1920-29
Vale cottages Tuskar street Greenwichpre 1912
Vale placeTuskar street Greenwichpre 1912
Valentine placePepin placeBermondseypre 1912
Valley roadHillcrest roadLewishampre 1912
Vanbrugh park road EastBeaconsfield roadGreenwich1920-29
Vassall terracePitt streetKensingtonpre 1912
Vauxhall crossWandsworth roadLambethpre 1912
Verney road (part)Verney way Camberwell1920-29
Vernon road (part)Edgeley road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Vernon road (part)Voltaire roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Verulam terraceHall roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Vicarage streetGordon place Kensingtonpre 1912
Victoria circusQueen's road Batterseapre 1912
Victoria cottagesPennon cottagesStepney1920-29
Victoria crescentQueen's road Batterseapre 1912
Victoria grove Coxson place Bermondseypre 1912
Victoria grove Netherton groveChelseapre 1912
Victoria grove Ossington streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Victoria grove, Morpeth roadMorpeth groveHackney1917-20
Victoria grove, Victoria park roadEarlston groveHackney1917-20
Victoria mews Olympia yardPaddington1920-29
Victoria placeFisherton streetSt. Marylebone1912-17
Victoria place Havelock terraceBatterseapre 1912
Victoria place Pansy place Bermondseypre 1912
Victoria place Darnall placeGreenwichpre 1912
Victoria place Dibden streetIslingtonpre 1912
Victoria place, Basing roadBasing placeCamberwell1912-17
Victoria place, Falmouth roadRalph street Newingtonpre 1912
Victoria place, Nebraska streetParel placeNewingtonpre 1912
Victoria place, Old Kent roadAstley street Camberwellpre 1912
Victoria place, Ormside streetManor groveCamberwellpre 1912
Victoria roadQueen's road Batterseapre 1912
Victoria roadDulwich wood parkCamberwellpre 1912
Victoria roadBuckingham palace roadCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Victoria roadFootscray roadEltham1920-29
Victoria roadPearscroft roadFulhampre 1912
Victoria roadWick roadHackneypre 1912
Victoria roadBecklow roadHammersmithpre 1912
Victoria roadFairfax road Hampsteadpre 1912
Victoria road BIackheath riseLewishampre 1912
Victoria road Usher roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Victoria road Brougham roadShoreditch, etc.pre 1912
Victoria road Redgrave roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Victoria road SouthVictoria road St. Pancraspre 1912
Victoria road, Cleveland roadElmore streetIslingtonpre 1912
Victoria road, Evelyn streetGrove street St. Paul, Deptford, etc.pre 1912
Victoria road, Homsey riseBeaumont roadIslingtonpre 1912
Victoria road, Lausanne roadMona road St. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Victoria road, Sheringham roadChalfont roadIslingtonpre 1912
Victoria streetCasket street Bethnal greenpre 1912
Victoria streetFarringdon roadCity of Londonpre 1912
Victoria streetVicary street Lambethpre 1912
Victoria streetBeddome streetNewingtonpre 1912
Victoria streetDellow street Stepneypre 1912
Victoria street Cording streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Victoria street (part)Artillery row City of Westminsterpre 1912
Victoria street, College laneHolmbrook streetHackneypre 1912
Victoria street, King Edward roadWarneford streetHackney1917-20
Victoria terraceSears street Camberwellpre 1912
Victoria terraceWick roadHackneypre 1912
Victoria terraceWilkinson streetLambethpre 1912
Victoria terraceBarrow hill roadSt. Marylebonepre 1912
Victoria terraceRochester squareSt. Pancraspre 1912
Victory placeWoolf street Bermondseypre 1912
Victory streetCranbrook roadSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Vidal roadStrathray gardensHampstead1920-29
Vidal roadGlenelg road Lambethpre 1912
Vienna roadBevington streetBermondsey1917-20
Villa roadVillas roadPlumsteadpre 1912
Village, TheHigh street, LewishamLewishampre 1912
Village, ThePlumstead High streetPlumsteadpre 1912
Villiers roadBramblebury roadPlumstead1920-29
Vincent streetOvington squareKensingtonpre 1912
Vincent streetVince street Shoreditch1920-29
Vincent street, Carr streetHalley street Stepneypre 1912
Vincent street, Charles streetPerth street Stepneypre 1912
Vine courtCarmel court Kensington1912-17
Vine courtLittle Pearl streetStepneypre 1912
Vine streetRomney streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Vine streetCollege street Lambethpre 1912
Vine streetHatton wall St. Andrew, Holbornpre 1912
Vine streetGrape street St. George, Bloomsburypre 1912
Violet streetViolet roadPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Virginia courtVirginia placeStepney1920-29
Virginia rowVirginia road Bethnal greenpre 1912
Voltaire streetVoltaire road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Wadham road McKerrell roadCamberwellpre 1912
Walbrook streetCropley streetShoreditchpre 1912
Walburgh courtWalburgh placeStepney1920-29
Walcot cottagesReedworth streetLambethpre 1912
Waldeck villasWaldeck groveLambethpre 1912
Waldridge streetChristchurch streetGreenwichpre 1912
Waldstock roadEaglesfield roadPlumstead1920-29
Walker street Brabazon streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Walker street (part)Fawe streetPoplar Boroughpre 1912
Wall streetEmily streetPaddingtonpre 1912#
Wallflower roadOpenshaw roadPlumstead1920-29
Wallingford avenue (part)Pangbourne avenueKensington1920-29
Wallington placeWalcot squareLambethpre 1912
Walmer place Dulford streetKensingtonpre 1912
Walpole road Sandy Hill roadWoolwichpre 1912
Walpole streetPagnell streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Walrond streetEdencourt roadWandsworth Borough1920-29
Walter street Dawlish streetLambethpre 1912
Walton villas Walton streetKensington & Chelseapre 1912
Wandsworth bridge road (part)Bridgend roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Wandsworth lane, PutneyPutney bridge roadWandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Wandsworth lane, WandsworthTrinity road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Warburton roadAdys roadCamberwellpre 1912
Warner place SouthWarner place Bethnal greenpre 1912
Warren road Warren avenueLewisham1920-29
Warren street Delancey roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Warriner gardens (part)Lurline gardensBatterseapre 1912
Warwick crescentWarwick gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Warwick gardensFormosa streetPaddingtonpre 1912
Warwick gardens EastWarwick gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Warwick gardens WestWarwick gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Warwick mewsCarlton mews City of Westminsterpre 1912
Warwick placeClarendon streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Warwick placeWarwick yardFinsbury1912-17
Warwick placeKirkland placeGreenwichpre 1912
Warwick placeScott Ellis gardensHampsteadpre 1912
Warwick placeHesketh placeKensingtonpre 1912
Warwick placeDurning placeStepneypre 1912
Warwick place WestWest Warwick placeCity of Westminster1920-29
Warwick roadWarwick avenuePaddingtonpre 1912
Warwick road Warwickshire roadStoke Newingtonpre 1912
Warwick road NorthCastellain roadPaddingtonpre 1912
Warwick road WestWarwick avenuePaddingtonpre 1912
Warwick squareWarwick gardensKensingtonpre 1912
Warwick squareMilcote streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Warwick streetWarwick house streetCity of Westminsterpre 1912
Warwick streetTate streetLambethpre 1912
Warwick streetPater street Kensingtonpre 1912
Warwick streetMilcote streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Washington streetSingle street Stepneypre 1912
Water laneMorning lane Hackneypre 1912
Waterloo court or placeWicker terraceStepney1920-29
Waterloo placePetyt placeChelseapre 1912#
Waterloo placePatrol place Lewishampre 1912
Waterloo placeArcot placeNewingtonpre 1912
Waterloo placeWatson's streetSt. Paul, Deptfordpre 1912
Waterman's fieldsBrookhill roadWoolwichpre 1912
Wattisfield road (part)Fletching roadHackneypre 1912
Weatherall placeWell walkHampsteadpre 1912
Webb street Wooler streetNewingtonpre 1912
Weedington streetWeedington roadSt. Pancraspre 1912
Weigall road (part)Kidbrook park roadCharlton & Kidbrooke1920-29
Welham streetWelham road Wandsworth Boroughpre 1912
Well Hall laneWellhall road Eltham, etc.pre 1912
Well Hall road (part)Sherard road Elthampre 1912
Well streetHanbury streetStepneypre 1912
Weller street Ladbroke roadKensingtonpre 1912
Welleslev terraceWaterloo terraceIslingtonpre 1912
Wellington groveBurgos grove Greenwichpre 1912
Wellington mewsDenman placeCity of Westminster1912-17
Wellington placeCaradoc streetGreenwichpre 1912
Wellington placeEpping place Islingtonpre 1912
Wellington placeAssaye street Lambethpre 1912
Wellington placeBoyfield streetSt. George, Southwarkpre 1912
Wellington placeProspect terraceSt. Pa