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Old to New Street names 1929 - 1945

New to Old
Almost all these changes took place between 1st January 1936 and 1st July 1939
but a few were made at other times during 1929-45

The symbol # indicates that the old name has been abolished and the street incorporated into an existing place name.

Don't forget to check with the 1857 - 1929 list of changes as well as this one.

I have no plans to join my ancestors anytime soon, but when I do the information on this website may disappear. In order that it does not get lost to posterity I have turned all four lists of Street Name Changes into an eBook, which you can download and keep. It contains more entries and the exact year of each change. This and 3 other resources to help find places that disappeared for other reasons are described on the Lost London Streets page.

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Old name District New name
Abbey RoadW.11Stoneleigh Place
Abbey StreetE.2Buckfast Street
Abbot's RoadN.W.6Abbot's Place
Abbotswell StreetS.E.4Abbotswell Road
Abingdon StreetE.2Herald Street
Acacia RoadS.E.26Hazel Grove
Acorn StreetS.E.19Corn Street
Acorn StreetS.E.5Benhill Road #
Acton StreetE.8Arbutus Street
Adam StreetS.E.1County Street (part)
Adam StreetW.1Robert Adam Street
Adams MewsW.1Adams Row
Adelaide PlaceN.1Orsman Place
Adelaide PlaceN.W.3Adelaide Close (part)
Adelaide RoadS.E.4Adelaide Avenue
Adelaide RoadW.12Adelaide Grove
Admiral StreetS.W.18Seymour Street
Agnes StreetS.E.1Whichcote Street
Albany StreetE.1Chudleigh Street
Albany StreetS.E.5Keesey Street
Albemarle StreetE.C.1Albemarle Way
Albert CottagesS.E.1Marlborough Grove #
Albert CottagesS.E.18Kidd Cottages
Albert CottagesS.W.11Alberta Cottages
Albert CottagesS.W.3Hoadly Cottages (or Hoadley)
Albert MewsE.3Haven Mews (part)
Albert MewsN.1Bright Mews
Albert MewsN.W.1Albert Terrace Mews
Albert MewsN.W.6Abbey Mews
Albert MewsW.11Bulmer Mews
Albert RoadE.8Middleton Road #
Albert RoadS.E.15Consort Road
Albert RoadS.E.4Darling Road
Albert RoadS.W.19Albert Drive
Albert Road (part)N.W.1Prince Albert Road (part)
Albert Road (part)N.W.8Prince Albert Road (part)
Albert SquareE.1Albert Gardens
Albert StreetE.1Deal Street #
Albert StreetE.14Drew Street
Albert StreetN.1Culpeper Street
Albert StreetW.2Consort Street
Albion MewsE.3Haven Mews (part)
Albion Mews (E. part)W.2Albion Mews
Albion Mews (N. part)W.2Connaught Close
Albion Mews (W. part)W.2Albion Close
Albion PlaceE.2Ducal Place
Albion PlaceW.11Alba Place
Albion RoadN.W.6Harben Road
Albion RoadS.E.13Albion Way
Albion RoadS.E.18Woolwich Church Street (part)
Albion RoadS.W.8Albion Avenue
Albion StreetE.3English Street
Albion StreetN.1Balfe Street
Aldred RoadS.E.17Aldred Street
Alexander StreetS.E.15Murdoch Street
Alexandra RoadN.4Alexandra Grove
Alexandra RoadS.E.19Alexandra Drive
Alexandra RoadW.14Milson Road #
Alexandra VillasN.4Seven Sisters Road #
Alfred CottagesS.W.7Montpelier Place #
Alfred MewsW.11Ladbroke Mews
Alfred PlaceE.2Russia Place
Alfred PlaceS.W.7Thurloe Street
Alfred StreetN.1Elia Street
Alfred StreetS.E.1Keyse Road
Alfred StreetS.W.1Udall Street
Alfred StreetS.W.11Alfreda Street
Alfred's Place (Paul's Alley)E.C.1Alfred's Close
Allen StreetE.C.1Dallington Street
Allen StreetN.1Hawes Street
Allington StreetS.W.2Allington Road
Alma RoadE.2Doric Road
Alma RoadE.3Portia Road
Alma RoadN.1Harecourt Road
Alma RoadS.E.1Alma Grove
Alma StreetN.1Cherbury Street
Alma TerraceN.1Brayfield Terrace
Alpha PlaceN.1Omega Place
Alpha PlaceN.W.5Raglan Street #
Alpha RoadE.14Alpha Grove
Alpha RoadN.W.1Alpha Close
Amberley RoadS.E.26Amberley Grove
Anchor AlleyE.C.4Vintners Place
Anchor StreetE.14Lanyard Street
Ancona RoadN.5Aubert Road
Angel CourtW.C.2Penley Court
Angel RoadW.6Angel Walk
Ann StreetE.14Oceana Close
Ann's PlaceE.1Peace Terrace (part)
Ann's PlaceE.15Ann's Cottages
Ann's PlaceS.W.1Ann's Close
Ann's PlaceS.W.10Moravian Place
Ann's PlaceS.W.9Robsart Place
Anstey RoadS.E.5Bicknell Road
Approach RoadS.E.27Station Rise
Approach RoadW.C.2Temple Place
Arcade, TheS.E.1Bridge Arcade
Arcade, TheS.W.6Walham Green Arcade
Arcade, TheS.W.7Kensington (South) Station Arcade
Archer StreetN.W.1Curnock Street
Archer StreetS.W.8Parry Street
Archer StreetW.11Westbourne Grove #
Argyle PlaceW.C.1Argyle Walk
Arlington StreetE.C.1Arlington Way
Arlington StreetN.1Arlington Avenue
Army StreetS.W.14Littlebury Road
Arthur MewsN.7Arthur Place
Arthur MewsW.2Winsland Mews
Arthur RoadN.16Gunstor Road
Arthur RoadS.W.9Fairbairn Road
Arthur StreetE.14Lawless Street
Arthur StreetE.2Cyprus Place
Arthur StreetE.9Brooksbank Street
Arthur StreetS.E.15Camelot Street
Arthur StreetS.E.18Arthur Grove
Arthur StreetS.W.11Rawson Street
Arthur StreetS.W.3Dovehouse Street
Arthur StreetW.C.2Earnshaw Street
Artillery LaneS.E.1St. Olaves Terrace
Artillery StreetE.1Peace Street
Arundel PlaceS.W.1Shavers Place
Arundel StreetN.16Arundel Grove #
Ashburnham RoadS.E.10Ashburnham Place
Ashby RoadN.1Ashby Grove
Athelstane RoadE.C.3Athelstane Grove
Atherstone TerraceS.W.7Gloucester Road #
Auckland RoadE.3Zealand Road
Augustus RoadW.6Brackenbury Gardens
Avenue CottagesS.E.5Bethwin Cottages
Avenue RoadE.3Kitcat Terrace
Avenue RoadE.5Midhurst Road
Avenue RoadS.E.13Romer Avenue
Avenue RoadS.E.5Bethwin Road
Avenue RoadW.6Sycamore Gardens
Avenue, TheE.5Warwick Retreat
Avenue, TheN.W.3North End Avenue
Avenue, TheS.E.12Somertrees Avenue
Avenue, TheS.E.18Sandy Hill Avenue
Avenue, TheS.E.19Dulwich Wood Avenue
Avenue, TheS.E.22Dunstan's Road #
Avenue, The, Rojack RoadS.E.23Rojack Place
Avenue, TheS.E.3Vicarage Avenue
Avenue, TheS.W.2Jebb Avenue
Avenue, TheS.W.3Sydney Close
Avenue, The (Blackheath)S.E.3Blackheath Grove
Avery Hill Road (part)S.E.9Halfway Street #
Avondale RoadS.E.15Avondale Rise
Babmaes MewsS.W.1Babmaes Street (part)
Back AlleyE.3Botolph Passage
Back AlleyS.E.15Rye Passage
Back Alley (Bromley)E.3Stewart's Court
Back LaneS.E.10Morden Lane
Back LaneS.E.15Drover Lane
Back LaneS.E.18Dairy Lane
Back LaneS.E.9Philipot Path
Baker StreetE.1Damien Street
Baker StreetE.2Bacton Street
Baker StreetS.W.9Blackwell Street
Baker StreetW.C.1Lloyd Baker Street (part)
Balchier Road (S. part)S.E.22Ryedale # or Rye Dale
Ball CourtE.C.1Alders Court
Bank BuildingsS.W.7Gloucester Road #
Barnfield RoadS.E.19Bristow Road
Bartletts BuildingsE.C.2Bartletts Place
Bartley StreetS.W.2Bartley Road (part)
Barton StreetW.14Barton Road
Basing PlaceS.E.15Basing Court
Basing RoadS.E.15Bellenden Road
Basing RoadW.11Basing Street
Bath CourtE.C.1Baynes Court
Bath PlaceN.W.1Bath Row #
Bath PlaceS.E.23Beechen Place
Bath PlaceS.E.3Wemyss Place
Bath StreetE.1Darling Row #
Bath StreetE.14Poplar Bath Street
Bath StreetS.E.1Conquest Street
Batson StreetE.14Bate Street
Bayswater HillW.2Bayswater Road #
Bayswater TerraceW.2Bayswater Road #
Beaconsfield RoadS.W.6Beaconsfield Walk
Beaulieu VillasN.4Seven Sister's Road #
Beaumont RoadW.14Beaumont Avenue
Beaumont StreetE.1Beaumont Grove (part)
Beckenham Hill (Bromley)S.E.6Beckenham Hill Road (part)
Beckenham LaneS.E.6Beckenham Hill Road (part)
Becklow PlaceW.12Becklow Gardens
Bedford CourtS.W.9Fenwick Court
Bedford StreetE.1Cavell Street
Bedford StreetE.14Ditchburn Street
Bedford TerraceS.W.3Hemus Place
Beech StreetS.W.8Banks Street
Belgrave RoadN.W.8Belgrave Gardens
Belgrave StreetW.C.1Belgrove Street
Belgrave TerraceE.8Angrave Terrace
Bell CourtE.C.1Brooke's Court #
Bell CourtE.C.3Blue Anchor Court
Bell CourtS.E.1Leake Court
Bell CourtS.E.1Bermondsey Street #
Bell YardE.C.1Edison Square
Bell Yard (Gracechurch Street)E.C.3Bell Inn Yard
Belmont RoadS.E.13Lockmead Road
Bendall StreetN.W.1Bell Street #
Bendmore RoadS.E.2Bendmore Avenue
Bennett StreetS.E.1Rennie Street
Bennett StreetS.E.13Bennett Grove
Bennett StreetW.1Rathbone Street (part)
Bentinck StreetS.W.1Hatherley Street
Beresford StreetS.E.5John Ruskin Street
Berkley StreetE.C.1Briset Street
Berkley StreetS.E.11Sowerby Street
Berkley StreetS.W.11Wilditch Street
Berwick StreetS.W.1Guildhouse Street
Bird in Hand Court (Burman Street)S.E.1Burman Court
Birdcage WalkN.16Windus Walk
Birkbeck RoadS.E.21Birkbeck Hill
Bishop's MewsS.W.6Coomer Mews
Bishop's RoadE.2Bishop's Way
Bishop's RoadW.2Bishop's Bridge Road
Black Horse YardW.1Evelyn Yard
Black Lion CourtW.1Blore Court
Black Swan AlleyE.C.4Black Swan Court
Blackheath Park (part)S.E.3Foxes Dale (part)
Blake RoadS.W.6Blake Gardens
Blendon RoadS.E.18Blendon Terrace
Blenheim StreetS.W.3Astell Street
Blind LaneS.E.18Camdale Road
Blomfield StreetW.2Blomfield Villas
Bloomfield RoadE.3Bede Road
Bloomsbury StreetE.14Hilditch Street
Blue Anchor LaneS.E.15Mission Place
Bolingbroke RoadS.W.11Bolingbroke Walk
Bolton MewsW.11Portobello Place
Bolton RoadW.11Portobello Street
Bolton StreetS.E.5Bolton Crescent
Bond StreetS.W.8Bondway
Bond StreetW.C.1Cruikshank Street
Bonneville RoadS.W.4Bonneville Gardens
Boston StreetN.W.1Taunton Place
Boundary MewsW.11Powis Mews
Boundary RoadW.11Swanscombe Road
Bourdon StreetW.1Bourdon Place
Bouverie StreetW.2Bouverie Place
Bow LaneE.14Bazely Street
Bramcote RoadS.E.6Bramcote Grove
Brampton RoadE.9Bramshaw Road
Brand StreetN.W.1Lascelles Street
Brandon RoadS.W.2Bartley Road (part)
Brewer StreetE.C.1Paget Street
Brewer StreetS.E.18John Wilson Street
Brewer StreetS.W.1Allington Street
Brewer Street North.E.C.1Friend Street
Brewer's LaneW.C.2Hungerford Lane
Brewer's YardN.1Collin's Yard
Brewer's YardN.W.3Carlisle Yard
Brewhouse LaneS.E.10Brewhouse End
Brewhouse LaneS.W.15Brewhouse Street
Bridge RoadE.14Westferry Road #
Bridge RoadN.W.1Bridge Approach
Bridge Road WestS.W.11Westbridge Road
Bridge StreetE.9Ponsford Street
Bridge StreetS.E.10Creek Road #
Bridge Street (part)E.1Solebay Street (part)
Bridge Street (part)E.3Solebay Street (part)
Bridgewater StreetN.W.1Bridgeway Street
Brighton TerraceS.W.8Patcham Terrace
Brind TerraceS.W.6Rigault Road #
Brindley StreetW.2Brindley Road
Britannia StreetN.1Britannia Walk
Broad StreetE.1Highway, The (part)
Broad StreetS.E.11Black Prince Road (part)
Broad StreetW.1Broadwick Street (part)
Broad StreetW.C.2High Holborn #
Broad YardN.1Quick Place
Broadwall (part)S.E.1Hatfields
BroadwayW.6Hammersmith Broadway
Broadway, DeptfordS.E.8Deptford Broadway
Broadway, TheE.8Broadway Market
Broadway, TheE.C.4Ludgate Broadway
Broadway, The, Walham GreenS.W.6Fulham Broadway
Brokers AlleyW.C.2Shelton Street #
Bromley StreetE.14Brushwood Street
Brook StreetE.1Cable Street #
Brook StreetS.E.11Brook Drive
Brooklands RoadS.E.3Brooklands Park
Broomhouse Road (S. part)S.W.6Broomhouse Lane
Broughton RoadN.16Barbauld Road
Brown StreetW.1Brown Hart Gardens (part)
Brownspring RoadS.E.9Brownspring Drive
Brunswick MewsW.11Westbourne Grove Mews
Brunswick PlaceE.1Bardsey Place
Brunswick RoadN.19Macdonald Road
Brunswick RoadS.E.5Brunswick Villas
Brunswick SquareE.2Godwin Street
Brunswick Square (E. part)S.E.5St. Giles Road (part)
Brunswick Square (S. part)S.E.5Brunswick Park
Brunswick Square (W. part)S.E.5Benhill Road #
Brunswick StreetE.1Brunehild Street
Brunswick StreetE.14Blackwall Way
Brunswick StreetE.9Cresset Road
Brunswick StreetN.1Reid Street
Brunswick Street (part)E.8Haggerston Road #
Buckingham MewsN.1Railway Street #
Buckingham MewsW.11Portobello Road #
Buckingham StreetN.1Boadicea Street
Buckingham StreetS.W.1Buckingham Place
Buckingham StreetW.1Greenwell Street
Buckingham TerraceW.11Lonsdale Road #
Bull CourtE.C.1Memel Court
Bull's Head PassageE.C.2Oat Lane
Bulstrode MewsW.1Bulstrode Place
Burdett StreetE.3Purdy Street
Burgoyne RoadE.3Lanfranc Road (part)
Burlington RoadW.2St. Stephen's Gardens (part)
Burton StreetS.E.17Burton Grove
Bury CourtE.C.2Love Lane #
Bury PlaceN.W.1Bell Street #
Bury StreetW.C.1Bury Place
Butcher RowS.E.8Borthwick Street
Butler StreetE.1Brune Street
Buxton StreetE.C.1Hermit Street
Byron StreetN.W.1Elgood Street
Cadogan TerraceS.W.1Cadogan Gardens
Calverley StreetE.1Calverley Walk
Cambridge CircusE.2Cambridge Crescent
Cambridge PlaceW.2Norfolk Place
Cambridge Place (part)S.E.18Cambridge Row
Cambridge RoadE.1Cambridge Heath Road (part)
Cambridge RoadE.2Cambridge Heath Road (part)
Cambridge RoadS.E.12Cambridge Drive
Cambridge RoadW.6Cambridge Grove
Cambridge StreetE.2Jersey Terrace
Cambridge StreetN.W.1Camley Street
Cambridge StreetS.E.5Tamerton Street
Cambridge StreetW.2Kendal Street
Cambridge TerraceW.2Sussex Gardens #
Camden GardensW.12Shepherd's Gardens
Camden SquareS.E.15Rosemary Gardens
Camden StreetE.2Ellsworth Street
Camden StreetN.1Camden Walk
Camden StreetS.E.15Gatonby Street
Campbell RoadN.4Whadcoat Street
Canal BankS.E.1Rodsley Place
Canal BankS.E.8Canal Approach
Canal RoadN.1Orsman Road
Canal TerraceN.W.1Canal View
Canning PlaceS.E.5Canning Cross
Cannon PlaceE.1Maples Place
Canterbury MewsS.E.17Penton Mews
Canterbury RoadN.1Wright Road
Canterbury RoadS.E.16Ilderton Road
Canterbury TerraceN.1Kingsbury Terrace
Canterbury TerraceW.9Lanark Road #
Capener's YardS.W.1Capener's Close
Cardigan StreetN.1Bagford Street
Carey StreetS.W.1Rutherford Street
Carlisle StreetE.2Stenhouse Street
Carlisle StreetS.E.1Carlisle Lane #
Carlisle Street (part)N.W.1Penfold Street (part)
Carlisle Street (part)N.W.8Penfold Street (part)
Carlton MewsW.9Western Mews
Carlton Mews S.W.11Battersea Bridge Road #
Carlton Mews W.14Gorleston Mews
Carlton RoadE.1Portelet Road
Carlton RoadN.W.5Grafton Road
Carlton RoadS.E.4Drake Road
Carlton RoadS.W.15Carlton Drive
Carlton SquareS.E.14Pomeroy Square
Carlton StreetN.W.5Carltoun Street
Caroline PlaceE.C.1Sally Place
Caroline PlaceS.E.18Carolina Place
Caroline PlaceS.W.3Donne Place
Caroline PlaceW.6Caroline Walk
Caroline PlaceW.C.1Mecklenburgh Place
Caroline StreetE.5Charnwood Street
Caroline StreetN.W.1Carol Street
Caroline StreetS.W.1Caroline Terrace
Caroline StreetW.C.1Adeline Place
Castlands Road (part)S.E.6Burford Road #
Castlands Road (part)S.E.6Winsford Road #
Castle CourtE.1Chess Court
Castle PlaceE.C.2Epworth Place
Castle StreetE.C.1Saffron Street
Castle StreetE.C.2Epworth Street
Castle StreetE.C.4Florio Court
Castle StreetS.E.1Thrale Street
Castle StreetS.W.11Shuttleworth Road
Castle StreetW.C.2Shelton Street #
Castle YardE.C.4Castle Yard Court or Lane
Catherine StreetE.2Winkley Street
Catherine StreetE.C.1Cranwood Street
Catherine StreetS.E.11Worgan Street
Catherine StreetS.W.1Catherine Place
Cavendish RoadN.W.8Cavendish Avenue
Cavendish Road WestN.W.8Cavendish Close
Caxton StreetE.3Caxton Grove
Cedar RoadS.W.6Cedarne Road
Champion ParkS.E.26Champion Road
Chancellor RoadS.E.21Chancellor Grove
Chandos Street (N. part)W.C.2Chandos Place
Chandos Street (S. part)W.C.2William IV Street (part)
Chapel CourtN.16Slindon Court
Chapel CourtW.1Tenison Court
Chapel RoadW.11St. Mark's Place
Chapel StreetE.1Drant Street #
Chapel StreetE.2Arline Terrace
Chapel StreetE.C.2Chapel Lane
Chapel StreetN.1Chapel Market
Chapel StreetS.E.18Chapel Hill
Chapel StreetS.W.10Camera Place
Chapel StreetS.W.9Mowll Street
Chapel StreetW.6School Street
Chapel StreetW.C.1Rugby Street
Chapel YardE.1Kerwin Place
Chapel YardS.E.13Frant Place #
Chapel Yard, Camden High StreetN.W.1Camden High Street (part)
Charles PlaceE.1Glamis Place
Charles StreetE.1Aylward Street
Charles StreetE.14Scurr Street
Charles StreetE.8Martel Place
Charles StreetE.C.1Greville Street #
Charles StreetE.C.1Viscount Street
Charles StreetN.1Yeate Street
Charles StreetS.E.1Nicholson Street
Charles StreetS.W.7Trevor Street
Charles StreetW.11Queensdale Place
Charles Street (part)N.W.1Phoenix Road (part)
Charles Street, Holingsworth StreetN.7Corrall Road
Charlotte CottagesS.E.27Charlotte Villas (part)
Charlotte MewsW.C.1Stedham Place
Charlotte PlaceN.1Baron Close
Charlotte PlaceS.E.18Evins Place
Charlotte PlaceS.E.27Charlotte Villas (part)
Charlotte PlaceS.W.4Charlotte Row
Charlotte StreetE.2Helston Street
Charlotte StreetE.C.2Charlotte Road
Charlotte StreetN.1Carnegie Street
Charlotte StreetS.E.1Rowcross Street
Charlotte StreetS.E.18Perrott Street
Charlotte StreetS.W.3Rysbrack Street
Charlton StreetW.1Hanson Street (part)
Chartham RoadS.E.27Chartham Grove
Chatham PlaceS.E.17Balfour Street (part)
Chatham StreetS.W.11Dagnall Street
Chatsworth RoadS.E.27Chatsworth Way
Chelsea GroveS.W.10Cavaye Place
Cheney StreetN.W.1Cheney Road
Cheniston Gardens (N. Part)W.8Wright's Lane
Chesnut RoadS.E.18Chestnut Rise
Chester CottagesS.E.9Merchland Cottages
Chester MewsN.W.1Chester Terrace Mews
Chester MewsW.2Clarendon Close
Chester Mews NorthS.W.1Chester Mews. #
Chester PlaceS.E.18Chester Grove
Chester PlaceW.2Strathearn Place
Chester Place MewsS.W.1Chester Square Mews
Chester StreetE.2Burnham Street
Chester StreetS.E.11Chester Way
Chester TerraceW.6Rowan Terrace
Chesterfield StreetW.C.1Crestfield Street
Chichester StreetW.2Kinnaird Street
Chilton StreetS.E.8Chilton Grove
Chislett RoadN.W.6Compayne Gardens #
Chiswell StreetS.E.5Hopewell Street
Christchurch RoadN.W.3Christchurch Hill
Christchurch StreetS.E.10Christchurch Way
Church CourtE.1Amos Court
Church CourtE.C.2St. Clement's Court
Church CourtE.C.2St. Olave's Court
Church CourtW.8Kensington Church Court
Church LaneE.1White Church Lane
Church LaneN.1St. Mary's Path
Church LaneN.W.3Perrin's Lane
Church LaneS.W.11Sunbury Lane
Church PassageE.1Nantes Passage
Church PassageE.C.3All Hallows Court
Church PassageE.C.3Church Cloisters
Church PassageE.C.3St. James's Passage
Church PassageN.1Dagmar Passage
Church PassageS.E.1Peter Hills Walk
Church PassageS.E.10St. Alfege Passage
Church PassageS.E.18Church Hill
Church PassageS.E.18St. Margaret's Path
Church PassageS.E.5Camberwell Passage
Church PassageS.E.5Churchyard Passage
Church PassageW.C.2St. Giles Passage
Church PathE.14Morant Path
Church PathW.6Lillie Walk
Church PlaceW.10St. John's Terrace #
Church Place, Covent GardenW.C.2Inigo Place
Church Place, North Wharf RoadW.2Unwin Place
Church RoadE.9Barnabas Road
Church RoadN.1Northchurch Road
Church RoadN.W.3Tasker Road
Church RoadS.E.23Church Rise
Church RoadS.W.11Battersea Church Road
Church RoadS.W.2St. Matthew's Road
Church RoadW.6Atwood Road
Church RowE.14Newell Street
Church RowE.2St. Matthew's Row
Church RowE.C.1St. Luke's Row
Church RowE.C.3St. Katherine's Row
Church RowE.C.4St. Steven's Row
Church RowS.W.6Church Gate
Church RowW.C.2Savoy Row
Church StreetE.2Redchurch Street
Church StreetN.1Gaskin Street
Church StreetN.16Stoke Newington Church Street #
Church StreetN.W.8Lilestone Street
Church StreetS.E.1Roper Lane
Church StreetS.E.10Greenwich Church Street
Church StreetS.E.13Lee Church Street
Church StreetS.E.18Woolwich Church Street (part)
Church StreetS.E.5Camberwell Church Street
Church StreetS.W.3Old Church Street
Church StreetS.W.8Ashmole Street
Church StreetW.1Romilly Street
Church StreetW.8Kensington Church Street
Church Street DeptfordS.E.8Deptford Church Street
Church TerraceE.9St. Barnabas Terrace
Church TerraceS.E.18St. James's Villas
Church TerraceS.W.8Christchurch Place
Church WalkN.W.3Perrins Walk
Church WalkS.E.21Low Cross Wood Lane
Church WalkS.W.18Jew's Row
Church WalkW.8Kensington Church Walk
Churchill RoadE.9Churchill Walk
Circular RoadS.E.18Circular Way
Circus StreetW.1Enford Street
Circus, TheS.E.10Gloucester Circus (part)
Claremont PlaceE.1Cherry Place
Claremont StreetE.2Claredale Street
Claremont TerraceS.E.17Clare Terrace
Clarence CottagesS.W.9Fenwick Cottages
Clarence LaneN.1Clare Lane
Clarence MewsN.W.1Clarence Terrace Mews
Clarence MewsW.8Old Court Place
Clarence RoadN.W.1Clarence Way
Clarence RoadS.W.4Clarence Avenue
Clarence StreetE.1Cranberry Street
Clarence StreetE.C.1Exchange Street
Clarence StreetN.1Burgh Street
Clarence StreetS.E.10College Approach
Clarence StreetS.E.16Canon Beck Road
Clarence StreetS.W.4Clarence Walk
Clarence TerraceE.5Clarence Close
Clarence TerraceE.8Denne Terrace
Clarence TerraceN.16Stoke Newington Church Street #
Clarence YardN.7Tollington Road #
Clarendon PlaceW.11Clarendon Cross
Clarendon RoadS.E.13Clarendon Rise
Clarendon RoadS.W.15Clarendon Drive
Clarendon Square (E. side)N.W.1Chalton Street #
Clarendon Square (N. side)N.W.1Polygon Road (part)
Clarendon Square (S. side)N.W.1Phoenix Road (part)
Clarendon Square (W. side)N.W.1Werrington Street #
Clarendon StreetN.W.1Werrington Street #
Clarendon StreetW.2Clarendon Crescent
Clark StreetE.C.1Pardon Street
Clarks MewsW.C.2Dyott Mews
Clark's PlaceE.3St. Stephen's Road #
Clark's PlaceS.W.8Clark's Passage
Clay LaneS.E.18Erindale
Clayton StreetN.1Tilloch Street
Clements LaneW.C.2St. Clements Lane (part)
Cleveland StreetE.1Cleveland Way
Cleveland StreetS.W.1Cleveland Row #
Clifton HillS.E.14Clifton Rise
Clifton PlaceS.W.10Cavaye Place
Clifton RoadN.W.1Cliff Road
Clifton RoadS.E.15Clifton Way
Clifton RoadS.E.4Avon Road
Clifton RoadW.12Clifton Avenue
Clifton StreetE.14Lax Street
Clifton StreetS.W.8Courland Street
Clifton StreetW.11Poynter Street
Clifton VillasN.W.1Cliff Villas
Clissold Park VillasN.16Stoke Newington Church Street #
Clovelly GardensS.W.2Upper Tulse Hill #
Clyde StreetS.W.10Redcliffe Place
Coach & Horses YardE.C.1Bartholomew Close
Cobden StreetS.E.15Cobden Place
Coburg PlaceW.2Bayswater Road #
Cock YardS.E.18Ferry Place
Cock Yard (Davis Street)W.1St. Anselm's Place
Colchester StreetE.C.3Pepys Street #
Coleherne Court (part)S.W.5Old Brompton Road #
Coleman StreetN.1Coleman Fields
Coleman Street (E. part)E.1Monza Place
Coleman Street (W. part)E.1Coleman Close
Coleman's BuildingsW.12Askew Buildings
College LaneE.9College Row
College MewsN.W.5College Yard
College PlaceE.9Christie Place
College PlaceS.W.3Elystan Place
College RoadN.W.3Eton College Road
College StreetE.3College Terrace
College StreetE.9Priestley Street
College StreetN.1College Cross
College StreetS.E.1Jenkins Street
College StreetS.W.15Wadham Road
Collingwood StreetS.E.1Colombo Street
Collingwood StreetS.E.18Collingwood Place
Commercial RoadS.E.1Upper Ground (part)
Commercial RoadS.E.15Commercial Way
Commercial Road East (part)E.1Commercial Road
Commercial Road East (part)E.14Commercial Road
Compton StreetN.1Bingham Street
Compton StreetW.C.1Tavistock Place #
Conduit StreetE.5Rossendale Street
Connaught Square MewsW.2Archery Close
Constitution HillS.E.18Constitution Rise
Cook's CottagesS.E.17Kinglake Place
Coopers MewsS.E.1Mawbey Place (part)
Cooper's RowE.1Minting Row
Cordelia StreetE.3Lear Street
Cork StreetS.E.5Bantry Street
Cornwall Gardens (part)S.W.7Gloucester Road #
Cornwall RoadE.2Cornwall Avenue
Cornwall RoadE.9Redruth Road
Cornwall Road (E. of Ladbroke Grove)W.11Westbourne Park Road
Cornwall Road (part)S.W.2Blenheim Gardens #
Cornwall Road (part)S.W.2Crescent Lane #
Cornwall Road (W. of Ladbroke Grove)W.11Cornwall Crescent
Cornwall StreetS.W.6Rumbold Road
Cornwell RoadS.E.15Furley Road (part)
Cotswold CottagesN.W.8Holly Mount #
Cottage GroveE.3Rhondda Grove
Cottage GroveS.E.17Penrose Grove
Cottage PlaceE.1Adelina Grove #
Cottage PlaceE.2Darsham Place
Cottage PlaceS.W.3Cottage Walk
Cottages, TheE.14Chivers Cottages
Cottenham RoadN.19Sussex Way (part)
Cotton StreetE.C.1Milliner Street
County Terrace StreetS.E.1County Street (part)
Coventry Street (part)E.1Coventry Road
Coventry Street (part)E.2Coventry Road
Cowley StreetE.1Cowley Gardens
Cranbrook RoadE.2Cranbrook Terrace
Craven StreetN.1Corsham Street
Crawford StreetS.E.5Crawford Road
Creasy's CottagesS.W.2Sulina Road #
Creek StreetS.E.8Creekside (part)
Crescent PlaceW.C.2Burton Place
Crescent Place (part)E.2Angela Street
Crescent Place (part)E.2Cuff Place
Crescent StreetW.11Becher Place
Cromwell Crescent (part)S.W.5Nevern Road #
Cromwell Crescent (part)S.W.5West Cromwell Road #
Cromwell RoadN.19Ireton Road
Cross CourtN.1Graham Court
Cross CourtW.C.2Crown Court #
Cross Keys MewsW.1Cross Keys Close
Cross LaneE.C.4Gophir Lane
Cross RoadE.5Rogate Road
Cross RoadS.E.15East Dulwich Road
Cross RoadS.E.5Guildford Place
Cross StreetE.2Bempton Street
Cross StreetE.C.1St. Cross Street #
Cross StreetE.C.2Lackington Street
Cross StreetS.E.1Creasy Street
Cross StreetS.E.7Eastmoor Place
Cross StreetS.E.8Gonson Street
Cross StreetS.W.3Stackhouse Street
Cross StreetS.W.4Cresset Street
Cross StreetW.C.1Swinton Place
Crossley TerraceN.7Liverpool Road #
Crown CourtE.C.1Charterhouse Street #
Crown CourtE.C.3Three Crown Court
Crown CourtE.C.4Hood Court
Crown CourtS.W.6Chestnut Court
Crown Court, Chancery LaneW.C.2Andrews Crosse
Crown Court, Milton StreetE.C.2Milton Court
Crown Court, Old Broad StreetE.C.3Old Broad Street #
Crown HillS.E.19Crown Dale #
Crown PlaceS.W.11Leitrim Passage
Crown YardE.2Crown Works
Culmore RoadS.W.12Culmore Cross
Cumberland MewsN.W.1Cumberland Terrace Mews
Cumberland StreetN.7Ponder Street
Cumberland StreetN.W.1Nash Street
Cumberland TerraceW.C.1Cumberland Gardens
Curzon StreetN.1Charmouth Street
Dacre StreetS.E.13Fludyer Street
Dagmar RoadE.9Danesdale Road
Dane AvenueS.E.5Finsen Road
Daniel StreetS.E.15Daniel Gardens
Darnley RoadW.11St. Anne's Villas #
Dartmouth PlaceS.E.10Dartmouth Hill
Dartmouth PlaceS.E.7Harden's Manorway #
Davis PlaceS.W.10Apollo Place
Dawson StreetW.6Aviland Street
Dean StreetE.1Deancross Street
Dean StreetE.C.4Dean Lane
Dean StreetN.1Bishop Street
Dean YardW.1Chapone Place
Dean's CourtE.C.4Bales Court
Deauville RoadS.W.4Elms Crescent (part)
Defoe RoadS.W.17Garratt Lane
Denbigh MewsW.11Denbigh Close
Denbigh Road (part)E.3Hartfield Terrace
Denbigh Road (part)E.3Paton Close
Denman StreetS.E.1London Bridge Street
Denmark PlaceS.E.27Denmark Walk
Denmark RoadN.1Dewey Road
Denmark StreetE.1Crowder Street
Denmark StreetN.1Dignum Street
Derby StreetS.W.1Derby Gate
Derby StreetW.C.1St. Chad's Street
Devonport MewsW.2Radnor Mews
Devonport StreetW.2Sussex Place #
Devonshire RoadE.9Brenthouse Road
Devonshire RoadN.7Axminster Road
Devonshire RoadS.E.10Devonshire Drive
Devonshire RoadS.W.8Allen Edwards Road
Devonshire StreetE.1Bancroft Road #
Devonshire StreetN.1Devonia Road
Devonshire StreetS.E.15Devon Street
Devonshire StreetW.C.1Boswell Street
Devonshire TerraceE.14Mast House Terrace
Digby RoadN.4Digby Crescent
Doby CourtE.C.2Dobins Court
Dock Yard RailsS.E.18Woolwich Church Street (part)
Doddington GroveS.W.11Doddington Road
Dorset MewsN.1Dorset Works
Dorset MewsS.W.8Dorset Walk
Dorset StreetE.1Pitsea Street
Dorset StreetE.C.4Dorset Rise
Dorset StreetN.1Dove Road
Dorville RoadW.6Dorville Crescent
Douglas PlaceE.C.1Pickburn Place
Douglas PlaceW.2Redan Place
Douglas RoadS.E.13Marischal Road
Douglas StreetE.14Douglas Place
Down PlaceS.E.18Foreland Street (part)
Down StreetS.E.18Foreland Street (part)
Downsbury RoadS.W.18Sispara Gardens
Drayton TerraceS.W.5Old Brompton Road #
Drive, TheS.E.26Hall Drive
Dudley TerraceE.1Beaumont Grove (part)
Duke StreetE.1Fort Street #
Duke StreetE.C.3Duke's Place
Duke StreetN.W.8Boldero Street
Duke Street (part)S.E.1Duchy Street
Duke Street (part)S.E.1Duke Street Hill
Durham RoadS.E.18Durham Rise
Durham VillasW.8Phillimore Place
Eagle PlaceE.1Eaglet Place
Eagle PlaceS.E.17Kinglake Place
Earl StreetN.W.8Broadley Street
Earl StreetS.E.1Thomas Doyle Street
Earl StreetS.E.18Earl Rise
Earlstoke VillasS.W.8Lansdown Way
East PlaceN.1Northeast Place
East StreetE.3Coborn Street #
East StreetE.8Bros Street
East StreetN.1Gifford Street #
East StreetS.E.18Troy Street
East StreetS.E.27Waring Street
East StreetS.E.7Eastmoor Street
East StreetW.1Chiltern Street
East StreetW.C.1Dombey Street
Eastbrook RoadS.E.3Woolacombe Road
Eaton CottagesS.W.1Eaton Close (part)
Eaton PlaceE.1Shiloh Place
Eaton PlaceE.9Purcell Place
Eaton StreetS.E.1Greet Street
Eaton TerraceN.W.8Kingsmill Terrace
Ebenezer CottagesW.14Ebenezer Court
Ebenezer PlaceE.14Elsmere Place
Eccleston Street (E. part)S.W.1Eccleston Place #
Edith RoadS.E.15Gautrey Road
Edmond's PlaceN.1Alford Place
Edmond's PlaceS.E.1Lockyer Place
Edmund StreetN.W.1Cheney Road
Edward StreetE.1Edwin Street
Edward StreetN.1Micawber Street
Edward StreetN.W.1Varndell Street
Edward StreetS.E.1Treveris Street
Edward StreetS.W.1Osbert Street
Edward StreetW.1Broadwick Street (part)
Edward TerraceN.1Drysdale Street #
Edward TerraceN.W.6Kilburn Place (part)
Edwardes TerraceW.8Kensington High Street #
Edwin CottagesW.6Shortlands #
Egerton RoadS.E.10Egerton Drive
Eglinton RoadE.3Saxon Road #
Eldon RoadN.W.3Eldon Grove
Eleanor RoadS.E.18Castile Road
Elgin TerraceW.9Lanark Road (part)
Elizabeth CottagesE.1Cowley Gardens #
Elizabeth CottagesE.16Boleyn Cottages
Elizabeth CottagesS.E.15Livesey Place #
Elizabeth PlaceE.2Betton Place
Elizabeth PlaceE.C.1Whitecross Street #
Elizabeth PlaceS.W.1Cliffords Row
Elizabeth PlaceS.W.15Oakhill Place
Elizabeth PlaceW.2Poplar Place #
Elizabeth Place, Great Peter StreetS.W.1Elizabeth Court
Elizabeth Place, Rivingston StreetE.C.2Standard Place
Elizabeth StreetS.E.17Lytham Street
Elizabeth Street, North WoolwichE.16Woodman Street
Ellerslie RoadS.W.4Ellerslie Square
Elm GardensW.6Bute Gardens (part)
Elm GroveW.6Bute Gardens (part)
Elm Park Gardens (or Mews)S.W.3Elm Park Lane
Elm Place EastS.W.3Lecky Street (part)
Elm RowE.1Elf Row
Elm StreetS.E.18Elmley Street
Elm TerraceS.E.8Elm Walk
Elms Road (E. part)S.E.21Gilkes Crescent #
Elms Road (part)S.W.4Elms Crescent (part)
Elms Road (W. part)S.E.21Gilkes Place
Ely PlaceS.E.11Geraldine Street
Ely PlaceS.W.8Ely Cottages
Emden RoadS.W.6Emden Street
Emily PlaceS.W.18Emily Villas
Emma StreetS.W.11Hope Street #
Ernest PlaceS.E.27Charlotte Villas (part)
Ernest StreetS.E.1Canon Murnane Road
Ernest StreetS.E.27Ernest Avenue
Ernest StreetW.8Farm Place
Esher StreetS.E.11Aveline Street
Essex StreetE.2Wessex Street
Essex StreetE.8Bocking Street
Essex StreetN.1Shenfield Street
Eton RoadS.E.18Vincent Road
Eton StablesN.W.3Eton Garages
Eton StreetN.W.1Edis Street
Eton StreetS.E.18Rudd Street
Evelyn StreetN.1Evelyn Walk
Exchange, TheS.W.2Upper Tulse Hill #
Exeter StreetN.W.8Ashbridge Street
Exmouth StreetE.C.1Exmouth Market
Exmouth StreetN.W.1Starcross Street
Fair StreetE.1Dunelm Street
Fairfield RoadS.E.12Luffman Road
Fairfield RoadS.E.7Fairfield Grove
Falcon CourtS.E.1Little Dorrit Court
Farm Street (part)W.1South Street
Feathers CourtE.C.1Fox Court #
Felix StreetS.E.1Etty Street
Fenton StreetS.E.10Peacham Street
Ferry StreetS.E.1Lambeth High Street #
Field PlaceS.W.11Play Place
Field PlaceS.W.8Pulham Place
Finch StreetE.1Hopetown Street
Finchley RoadS.E.16Forsyth Road
Fleur De Lis CourtE.C.3Houndsditch #
Flint StreetE.14Hobday Street
Florence StreetS.E.14Florence Terrace
Florence Street EastS.E.14Omega Street
Forster CloseS.W.2Tilson Gardens
Fountain CourtE.C.2Fountaine Court
Fountain CourtE.C.2St. Matthew's Court
Fountain RoadS.E.19Fountain Drive
Foxes LaneS.E.3Foxes Dale (part)
Fox's BuildingsE.2Fox's Yard
Frances StreetS.E.1Buckley Street
Frances StreetS.W.11Condray Street
Francis StreetE.2Weymouth Place
Francis StreetN.1Charlotte Terrace
Francis StreetS.W.3Petyward
Francis StreetW.2Winsland Street (part)
Francis StreetW.6Dewport Street
Francis StreetW.C.1Torrington Place #
Franklin StreetN.W.5Arctic Street
Frederick PlaceE.3Aberavon Road
Frederick PlaceE.8Frederick Terrace
Frederick PlaceW.C.1Ampton Place
Frederick StreetN.7Frederica Street
Frederick StreetN.W.8Mackennal Street
Frederick StreetS.W.1Esterbrooke Street
Friar StreetS.E.1Webber Street #
Furley StreetS.E.15Furley Road (part)
Gainsborough RoadE.3Alloway Road
Gainsborough RoadE.9Eastway
Garden RowS.E.13Gentian Row
Garden RowS.W.6Wansdown Place
Garden RowS.W.9Garden Close
Garden StreetS.E.1Mawbey Place (part)
Garden StreetS.W.1Garden Terrace
Garratt Lane (S.E. branch part)S.W.18Garratt Terrace
Gaspar MewsS.W.5Gaspar Close
Gee StreetN.W.1Polygon Road (part)
George StreetN.W.1Gower Street #
George StreetS.E.18Woolwich Church Street (part)
George Street, Hanover SquareW.1St. George Street
George YardN.1Islington High Street #
George YardW.C.2Goslett Yard
Gerrard StreetN.1Gerrard Road
Gibson CottagesW.6Theresa Street
Gibson Square (South part)N.1Theberton Street #
Gifford StreetN.1Stanway Street
Gladstone StreetN.19Christie Street
Gladstone Street, Battersea Park RoadS.W.8St. Joseph's Street
Gladstone Street, Wyvil RoadS.W.8Trenchold Street
Glasshill StreetS.E.1Hill Street
Glasshouse StreetE.1John Fisher Street
Glasshouse StreetS.E.11Glasshouse Walk
Glasshouse YardE.C.4Playhouse Yard
Glebe RoadE.3Glebe Terrace
Glebe RoadS.E.16Glebe Street
Glebe RoadS.E.5St. Giles Road (part)
Gledhow TerraceS.W.5Old Brompton Road #
Glengall RoadE.14Glengall Grove
Glenview RoadS.E.13Nightingale Grove #
Globe CourtE.1Globular Court
Globe CourtS.E.11Wake Court
Globe StreetE.1Sampson Street (part)
Gloucester PlaceS.E.10Gloucester Circus (part)
Gloucester RoadN.4Gloucester Drive
Gloucester RoadS.E.15Gloucester Grove
Gloucester StreetE.C.1Gloucester Way
Gloucester TerraceS.W.7Old Brompton Road #
Godfrey StreetS.E.18Godfrey Road (part)
Golden SquareN.W.3Mount Square, The
Goldsmith SquareN.16St. Mattias Square
Goldsmith StreetE.C.4Pemberton Row #
Goldsmith StreetW.C.2Stukeley Street
Goldsmiths PlaceN.W.6Springfield Lane
Gordon PlaceW.C.1Endsleigh Place
Gordon RoadN.16Beatty Road
Gordon StreetN.1Quick Street
Gough StreetE.14Gough Grove
Gough StreetS.E.18Hough Street
Grace StreetN.1Shirley Street
Grafton MewsN.W.5Grafton Yard
Grafton RoadN.7Eburne Road
Grafton StreetE.1Grantley Street
Grafton StreetW.1Grafton Way
Grafton StreetW.C.1Grafton Way
Graham StreetS.W.1Graham Terrace
Granby StreetN.W.1Granby Terrace
Grand Junction RoadW.2Sussex Gardens #
Grange Hill Road (part)S.E.9Grangehill Place
Grange RoadN.1Grange Grove
Grange RoadN.W.1Castlehaven Road (part)
Grange RoadS.W.4Hannington Road
Grange StreetN.W.1Haven Street
Grange, TheN.W.3Parkhill Place
Granville PlaceW.C.1Gwynne Place
Granville RoadS.E.13Granville Grove
Gray StreetE.1Dorian Street
Gray StreetE.14Adderley Street
Gray StreetW.1Picton Place
Grays Inn PlaceS.W.1Osier Place
Great Alie StreetE.1Alie Street (part)
Great Barlow StreetW.1Cramer Street
Great Bath StreetE.C.1Topham Street
Great Bland StreetS.E.1Burge Street
Great Cambridge StreetE.2Queensbridge Road (part)
Great Charlotte Street S.E.1Cut, The (part)
Great Chart StreetN.1Chart Street
Great Chesterfield StreetW.1Wheatley Street
Great College StreetN.W.1Royal College Street
Great Earl Street (and Little)W.C.2Earlham Street (part)
Great Garden StreetE.1Greatorex Street #
Great Hermitage StreetE.1Hermitage Wall
Great James StreetN.1Purcell Street
Great Pearl StreetE.1Calvin Street
Great Prescot StreetE.1Prescot Street
Great Quebec StreetW.1Upper Montagu Street #
Great Queen Street (E. part)W.C.2Remnant Street
Great Saffron HillE.C.1Saffron Hill
Great St. Andrew StreetW.C.2Monmouth Street (part)
Great Stanhope StreetW.1Stanhope Gate
Great Tongue YardE.1Tongue Alley
Great Tower HillE.C.3Tower Hill
Great White Lion StreetW.C.2Mercer Street #
Great Woodstock StreetW.1Nottingham Place #
Green BankS.E.1Braidwood Street
Green Dragon YardW.C.1Dragon Yard
Green LaneE.16Factory Road
Green LaneS.E.22Green Dale
Green LaneS.E.5Green Dale
Green LaneS.W.11Vicarage Crescent (part)
Green StreetE.2Roman Road (part)
Green StreetS.W.3Mossop Street
Green StreetW.2North Wharf Road #
Green StreetW.C.2Irving Street
Greenfield StreetE.1Greenfield Road
Greenfield StreetE.14Brownfield Street
Greenwich RoadS.E.10Greenwich High Road (part)
Grosvenor MewsW.1Bourdon Street
Grosvenor RoadN.5Grosvenor Avenue
Grosvenor StreetE.1Mountmorres Road
Grosvenor StreetS.E.5Urlwin Street
GroveS.E.1Southwark Grove
Grove CottagesS.E.5Chamberlain Cottages
Grove LaneN.16Lampard Grove
Grove MewsN.W.1Bendall Mews
Grove MewsW.11Portobello Road #
Grove RoadN.7Tollington Way
Grove RoadN.W.8Lisson Grove #
Grove RoadS.E.2Abbey Terrace
Grove RoadS.W.12Weir Road
Grove RoadS.W.9Grove Way
Grove StreetE.1Golding Street
Grove Vale Depot CottagesS.E.22Vale End
Grove, TheN.W.3Hampstead Grove
Grove, TheN.W.5Highgate Road #
Grove, TheS.E.10West Grove
Grove, TheS.E.18Rail Place
Grove, TheS.E.9Court Grove
Grove, TheS.W.18St. Ann's Hill #
Grove, TheS.W.8Vauxhall Grove
Grove, TheW.6Hammersmith Grove
Guildford RoadE.14Godalming Road
Guildford RoadS.E.10Guildford Grove
Hackney Grove (N. part)E.8Sylvester Path
Hackney Grove (S.E. part)E.8Wilton Road #
Hale StreetN.1Rees Street
Half Moon PassageE.C.1Half Moon Court
Halkin Mews NorthS.W.1Halkin Mews
Hall RoadS.E.15Cheltenham Road
Hall StreetE.3Hedworth Street
Hamilton MewsN.W.8Hamilton Close
Hamilton PlaceN.16Ormsby Place
Hamilton RoadE.3Haverfield Road
Hamilton RoadN.5Hamilton Park
Hamilton RoadS.E.24Mumford Road
Hamilton StreetN.W.1Greenland Road
Hamilton TerraceS.E.24Shakespeare Road #
Hampden StreetN.W.1Polygon Road (part)
Hampden StreetW.2Hampden Crescent
Hampshire StreetS.E.11Hampshire Place
Handel StreetS.W.18Tonsley Street
Hanover CourtE.C.3Carpenter's Yard
Hanover CourtW.C.2Hanover Place
Hanover StreetN.1Noel Road (part)
Hanover StreetN.W.5Gilden Road
Hanover StreetS.E.15Highshore Road
Hanover TerraceW.11Lansdowne Walk
Hardinge StreetN.1Battishill Street
Hare CourtE.C.1Lauderdale Court
Hare StreetE.1Harry Street
Hare StreetE.2Cheshire Street #
Harley Mews SouthS.W.1Wigmore Place
Harley StreetE.3Harley Grove
Harley StreetS.W.11Harleton Street
Harper StreetS.E.1Harper Road (part)
Harrington RoadS.E.18Harrington Way
Harrow Street (N. part)S.E.1Disney Place
Harrow Street (S. part)S.E.1Sanctuary Street
Hart StreetS.W.11Scholey Street
Hart StreetW.1Brown Hart Gardens (part)
Hart StreetW.C.1Bloomsbury Way
Hasted Road (part)S.E.7Coxmount Road
Hatfield StreetS.E.1Hatfields
Havelock PlaceE.2Gathorne Street
Havelock RoadW.14Irving Road
Havelock StreetS.E.23Havelock Walk
Haverstock StreetN.W.1Ferdinand Close
Hawes BuildingsS.W.6Rigault Road #
Heath StreetE.1Head Street
Heath Terrace (E. part)S.E.10Maidenstone Hill #
Heath Terrace (W. part)S.E.10Dutton Street
Henrietta StreetE.2Allgood Street
Henrietta StreetW.1Henrietta Place
Henry StreetE.14Stainsby Place
Henry StreetE.C.1Steadman Street
Henry StreetN.W.8Allitsen Road
Henry StreetS.E.1Holyrood Street (part)
Henry StreetS.E.11Oval Way
Henry StreetS.E.18Frances Street #
Henry StreetS.W.11Winders Road #
Henry StreetW.C.1Roger Street
Henstridge VillasN.W.8Henstridge Place
Herbert RoadS.W.15Bective Place
Herbert RoadS.W.9Manor House Road
Herbert StreetN.1Herbert Grove
Hercules RoadN.7Hercules Street
Hereford BuildingsE.2Cheshire Buildings
Hereford StreetN.W.1Sheringham Street
Herne GroveS.E.22Dunstans Grove
Hertford PlaceE.1Globe Road #
High RoadS.E.9Mottingham Road
High Road KilburnN.W.6Kilburn High Road
High Road LeeS.E.12Lee High Road
High Road Mottingham (part)S.E.9White Horse Hill #
High StreetS.E.13Lewisham High Street
High Street, Camden TownN.W.1Camden High Street
High Street, ClaphamS.W.4Clapham High Street
High Street, DeptfordS.E.8Deptford High Street
High Street, FulhamS.W.6Fulham High Street
High Street, HampsteadN.W.3Hampstead High Street
High Street, HighgateN.6Highgate High Street
High Street, HomertonE.9Homerton High Street
High Street, IslingtonN.1Islington High Street
High Street, Lambeth (part)S.E.1Lambeth High Street (part)
High Street, MaryleboneW.1Marylebone High Street
High Street, Notting HillW.11Notting Hill Gate
High Street, PeckhamS.E.15Peckham High Street
High Street, PoplarE.14Bromley High Street
High Street, PutneyS.W.15Putney High Street
High Street, RoehamptonS.W.15Roehampton High Street
High Street, Shadwell (part)E.1Highway, The (part)
High Street, St. GilesW.C.2St. Giles High Street
High Street, St. John's WoodN.W.8St. John's Wood High Street
High Street, Sydenham (N.E. part)S.E.23Dartmouth Road #
High Street, Sydenham (N.E. part)S.E.26Dartmouth Road #
High Street, Sydenham (S.W. part)S.E.26Kirkdale #
High Street, WandsworthS.W.18Wandsworth High Street
High Street, WappingE.1Wapping High Street
High Street, West NorwoodS.E.27Norwood High Street
Hill StreetE.C.2Bonhill Street
Hill StreetS.E.1Glasshill Street
Hill StreetS.E.15Peckham Hill Street
Hill StreetS.E.18Hillreach
Hill StreetS.W.7Trevor Place
Hills PlaceW.C.1Chenies Mews #
Hind StreetE.14Hind Grove
Holford StreetE.1Holton Street
Holland RoadN.19Spears Road
Holland Road (E. part)S.W.9Minet Road
Holland Road (N.W. part)S.W.9Lilford Road #
Holland StreetS.E.1Hopton Street
Holland StreetS.W.9Caldwell Street
Holmdale RoadN.15Holmdale Terrace
Homer StreetS.E.1Virgil Street
Hope CottagesS.E.13Hurst Cottages #
Hope PlaceN.7Caroline Court #
Hope StreetE.1Monthope Street
Hope StreetN.7Geary Street
Horace StreetS.W.8Luscombe Street #
Horace StreetW.1Cato Street
Horse and Groom YardS.E.1Horse and Groom Court
Horseferry RoadE.14Highway, The (part)
Horseferry RoadS.E.10Horseferry Place
Howard StreetE.14March Street
Howard StreetS.W.8Bridport Terrace
Howley PlaceS.E.1Howley Terrace
Hyde Park Terrace (part)W.2Hyde Park Place #
Hyde Park Terrace (part)W.2Hyde Park Street #
Hyde StreetW.C.1West Central Street
Hydes Place EastN.1Hydes Place
Hydes Place WestN.1Edwards Cottages
Inverness PlaceS.E.18Invermore Place
Irwin StreetS.E.18Irwin Avenue
Iverna GardensW.8Iverna Court
Ivy LaneN.1Ivy Walk
Ivy LaneS.E.4Ivy Road
James PlaceE.1Devonport Passage
James PlaceE.8Byland Place
James Place, Murphy StreetS.E.1Murphy Place
James StreetE.2Sceptre Road (N. part)
James StreetN.W.1Jamestown Road
James StreetW.2Cleveland Terrace #
Jane StreetS.E.1Joan Street
John StreetE.C.3Crosswall #
John StreetS.W.11Petergate
John StreetW.1Chesterfield Hill
John StreetW.C.2John Adam Street
John's CourtS.E.17Heiron Cottages
Johnson StreetE.14Ferry Street #
Johnson StreetN.W.1Cranleigh Street
Johnson StreetW.8Hillgate Street
Joseph StreetS.E.18Glenalvon Place
Keen's MewsN.1Keen's Yard
Kennard StreetS.W.11Astle Street
Kensington Road (W. part)W.8Kensington High Street #
Kent House LaneS.E.26Bell Green Lane
Keppel StreetS.E.1Keppel Row
Keppel StreetW.C.1Store Street #
Kidbrooke LaneS.E.3Brook Lane
Kidd StreetS.E.18Woodhill (part)
Kimberley RoadS.E.15Kimberley Avenue
King Edward StreetE.1Kingward Street
King Edward StreetN.1Bromfield Street
King Edward StreetS.E.1King Edward Walk
King StreetE.1Eastminster
King StreetE.14Ming Street
King StreetN.W.1Plender Street
King StreetS.W.3St. Luke's Street
King StreetW.1Blandford Street #
King StreetW.8Derry Street
King Street, Snow HillE.C.1Smithfield Street
King William StreetS.E.10King William Walk
King William StreetW.C.2William IV Street (part)
King's Bench WalkS.E.1King's Bench Street
King's Head YardS.W.4King's Head Passage
King's Head YardW.C.2Mathews Yard
King's PlaceN.W.1Plender Place
King's PlaceW.1Blandford Place
King's RoadN.4King's Crescent
King's RoadN.W.1St. Pancras Way
King's RoadS.E.15King's Grove
Kingsway (part)N.16Stoke Newington Church Street #
Kingswood RoadS.E.21Kingswood Drive
Kinver Road NorthS.E.26Kinver Road (part)
Kinver Road SouthS.E.26Kinver Road (part)
Kirby StreetS.E.1Kirby Grove
Kirkwood RoadN.W.1Kirkwood Place
Knott StreetS.E.8Creekside (part)
Lamb LaneS.E.10Bardsley Lane (part)
Lambeth MewsW.1Clarges Mews
Lanark VillasW.9Lanark Road (part)
Lancaster MewsN.W.8St. Edmunds Close
Lancaster MewsW.11St. Luke's Mews
Lancaster PlaceN.W.3Lancaster Drive
Lancaster RoadN.W.3Lancaster Grove
Lancaster RoadS.E.27Lancaster Avenue
Lancaster StreetW.2Barrie Street
Landor RoadW.12Landor Walk
Landseer RoadE.3Lawrence Road #
Langdon RoadN.19Bredgar Road
Langford MewsN.W.5Allcroft Passage
Langford MewsN.W.8Langford Close
Langton AvenueE.C.1Langton Gate (part)
Langton RoadS.E.23Langton Rise
Langton StreetE.14Langstone Street
Langton StreetE.C.1Langton Gate (part)
Lansdown RoadS.E.13Belmont Park
Lansdowne MewsW.C.1Ormond Mews
Lansdowne Mews, Shakespeare WalkN.16Shakespear Mews
Lansdowne PlaceW.C.1Lansdowne Terrace
Lansdowne Place (part)S.E.10Blackheath Hill #
Lansdowne Place (part)S.E.10Dartmouth Terrace
Lansdowne RoadE.8Lansdowne Drive
Lansdowne RoadS.E.7Lansdowne Lane
Lansdowne RoadS.W.8Lansdowne Way (part)
Laurel CottagesS.W.18Bush Cottages
Laverton MewsS.W.5Laverton Place #
Lawfranc RoadE.3Lanfranc Road (part)
Lawrence StreetW.C.2Lawrence Place (part)
Lee StreetE.14Kilner Street
Lee StreetS.E.18St. Margaret's Terrace
Leicester PlaceE.C.1Herbal Place
Leicester StreetE.14Duthie Street
Leopold StreetS.E.11Leopold Walk
Lewis Road (E.)S.E.5Southwell Road (part)
Lewis StreetS.E.5Padfield Road
Lewisham RoadN.W.5Laurier Road
Lincoln StreetE.3Brokesley Street
Linton StreetN.W.1Penfold Place
Lion StreetE.14Farnfield Street
Litcham StreetN.W.5Athlone Street
Little Alie StreetE.1Alie Street (part)
Little Ann StreetE.1Pace Place
Little Baltic StreetE.C.1Baltic Passage
Little Barlow StreetW.1St. Vincent Street
Little Bath StreetE.C.1Eyre Street Hill #
Little Blenheim StreetS.W.3Danube Street
Little Bridge StreetE.1Solebay Place
Little Cadogan PlaceS.W.1Cadogan Lane
Little Cambridge PlaceE.2Dunloe Place
Little Camden StreetN.W.1Selous Street
Little Carlisle StreetN.W.8Whitehaven Street (part)
Little Chapel StreetW.1Sheraton Street
Little Charles PlaceN.W.1Charles Close
Little Chatham PlaceS.E.17Balfour Street (part)
Little Clayton StreetS.E.11Pegasus Place
Little Cross StreetN.1Shillingford Street (part)
Little Crown CourtW.1Tisbury Court
Little Cumming StreetN.1Fife Terrace #
Little Dean StreetW.1Bourchier Street
Little Denmark StreetW.C.2Flitcroft Street
Little Drummond StreetN.W.1Crace Street
Little Duke StreetS.E.1Duchy Place
Little Durweston StreetW.1Durweston Street
Little Earl StreetN.W.8Miles Place
Little Earl StreetW.C.2Earlham Street (part)
Little East PlaceS.E.11Lollard Place
Little Ebury StreetS.W.1Cundy Street
Little Elm PlaceS.W.3Lecky Street (part)
Little Essex StreetN.W.1Tiptree Street
Little Europa StreetS.W.11Morgan's Walk
Little Exeter StreetN.W.8Whitehaven Street (part)
Little Goodge StreetW.1Goodge Place
Little Gower PlaceW.C.1Gower Court
Little Gray's Inn LaneE.C.1Mount Pleasant #
Little Grosvenor MewsW.1Grosvenor Mews #
Little Grosvenor StreetW.1Broadbent Street
Little Grove StreetN.W.8Plympton Street
Little Halifax StreetE.1Tailworth Street
Little Harcourt StreetW.1Shillibeer Place
Little Hermitage StreetE.1Orton Street
Little Holloway StreetE.1Holloway Passage
Little Howland StreetW.1Cypress Place
Little Hunter StreetS.E.1Potier Street
Little James StreetN.1Tarlton Street
Little James StreetW.C.1Northington Street
Little King StreetN.W.1King's Terrace
Little Lant Street (N. part)S.E.1Trundle Street
Little Lant Street (S. part)S.E.1Weller Street
Little Leonard StreetE.C.2Blackall Street
Little Manor StreetS.W.4Prescott Place
Little Marlborough PlaceS.E.1Penry Place
Little Mason StreetS.E.17Gavel Street
Little Northampton StreetE.C.1Little Street
Little Orford StreetS.W.3Rosemoor Street
Little Paris StreetS.E.1Paris Street
Little Pearl StreetE.1Jerome Street
Little Pierrepont RowN.1Pierrepont Row
Little Pulteney StreetW.1Brewer Street #
Little Randolph StreetN.W.1Rousden Street
Little Saffron HillE.C.1Herbal Hill
Little South StreetS.E.5Dalwood Place
Little St. Andrew StreetW.C.2Monmouth Street (part)
Little Stamford StreetS.W.6Sandford Street
Little Stanhope StreetW.1Stanhope Row
Little Suffolk StreetS.E.1Sudrey Street
Little Surrey StreetS.E.1Davidge Street
Little Sussex PlaceW.2Sussex Place #
Little Sutton StreetE.C.1Northburgh Street
Little Thames StreetS.E.10Clavell Street
Little Tongue YardE.1Tongue Court
Little Trafalgar PlaceS.E.17Elba Place
Little Turner StreetE.1Rampart Street
Little Union PlaceE.1Cressy Court
Little Union PlaceN.W.8Golford Place
Little Welbeck StreetW.1Welbeck Way
Little White Lion StreetW.C.2Mercer Street #
Little Winchester StreetS.E.1Winchester Square
Little Windmill StreetS.E.1Cons Street
Little Woodstock MewsW.1Woodstock Mews
Liverpool StreetN.1Layton Road
Liverpool StreetS.E.17Liverpool Grove
Liverpool StreetW.C.1Birkenhead Street
Lloyd's PlaceS.W.3Brompton Place
Lodge PlaceN.W.8Lodge Road #
Lombard RoadS.E.7Lombard Wall
Lombard StreetE.1Daplyn Street
Lombard StreetS.E.1Leigh Hunt Street
London RoadE.5Clapton Way
London StreetE.2Dunbridge Street (part)
London StreetN.1Treaty Street
London StreetS.E.10Greenwich High Road (part)
London Street (N. part)E.14Bekesbourne Street
London Street (S. part)E.14Spert Street
Long LaneS.E.2Longleigh Lane
Lorne GardensN.W.8Lorne Close
Lorrimore StreetS.E.17Olney Road (part)
Love CourtE.1Brodlove Court
Love LaneE.1Brodlove Lane
Love LaneE.5Downs Lane
Love LaneS.E.1Fletcher Lane
Love LaneS.E.18Mayplace Lane
Love LaneS.E.3Heath Lane
Love LaneS.W.9Stockwell Lane
Lower Ashby StreetE.C.1Wyclif Street
Lower Berkeley StreetW.1Fitzhardinge Street
Lower Bland StreetS.E.1Cardinal Bourne Street
Lower Cedars MewsS.W.4Turnchapel Mews
Lower Charles StreetE.C.1Walmsley Street
Lower Common (N. Part)S.W.15Commondale
Lower Conduit MewsW.2Smallbrook Mews
Lower Fenton StreetE.1Mariner Street
Lower Harden StreetS.E.18Harden Street
Lower John StreetN.1Bradlaugh Street
Lower Kennington LaneS.E.11Kennington Lane (part)
Lower Market StreetS.E.18Polytechnic Street
Lower North StreetE.14Saltwell Street
Lower Park RoadS.E.15Friary Road
Lower ParkfieldsS.W.15Parkfields
Lower Pellipar RoadS.E.18Godfrey Road (part)
Lower William StreetN.W.8Greenbury Street
Lower Wood StreetS.E.18Woodrow
Lowndes Mews S.W.1Lowndes Close
Lucas StreetE.1Lukin Street
Lumber CourtW.C.2Tower Court
Lyndhurst RoadS.E.15Lyndhurst Way
Macclesfield StreetE.C.1Macclesfield Road
Maida Hill WestW.2Maida Avenue
Mall, TheN.W.3Mall Studios
Mall, The (N.)N.W.3Kensington Mall
Mall, The (S.W.)W.8Palace Gardens Terrace #
Malvern TerraceW.9Malvern Place
Manchester BuildingsE.2Menotti Buildings
Manchester MewsN.W.6Greville Mews
Manchester MewsW.10Walmer Mews
Manchester Mews SouthW.1Manchester Mews
Manchester RoadW.10Oldham Road
Manchester Street (N.W. part)W.C.1Argyle Street #
Manchester Street (S. part)W.C.1Whidborne Street #
Manning PlaceE.14Manning Street #
Manning PlaceN.W.1Crockford Place
Manor GardensS.W.3Chelsea Manor Gardens
Manor PlaceE.8Marcon Place
Manor PlaceW.2St. Philip's Place
Manor RoadS.E.4Manor Avenue
Manor StreetS.E.18Kempt Street
Manor StreetS.W.3Chelsea Manor Street
Manor StreetS.W.4Clapham Manor Street
Mansell PassageE.1Haydon Walk
Mansfield StreetE.2Whiston Road (part)
Mansfield StreetS.E.1Rotary Street
Margaret PlaceS.E.1Margaret Gardens
Margaret StreetE.9Collent Street
Margaret StreetW.C.1Margery Street
Maria StreetE.2Geffrye Street
Market RowE.8Tyssen Passage #
Market RowS.E.1St. George's Market
Market StreetE.1Trader Street
Market StreetE.14Cordelia Street
Market StreetE.C.2Snowden Street
Market StreetN.7Wheelwright Street
Market StreetS.E.1Leathermarket Street
Market StreetS.W.1St. Alban's Street #
Market StreetW.1Shepherd Market #
Market StreetW.2St. Michael's Street
Marlborough GateW.2Bayswater Road #
Marlborough RoadE.8Marlborough Avenue
Marlborough RoadN.W.8Marlborough Place #
Marlborough RoadS.E.1Marlborough Grove #
Marlborough RoadS.E.13Mercator Road
Marshall StreetS.E.1Marshall Gardens
Martha's BuildingsE.C.1Old Street #
Martin StreetS.E.16Martin Crescent
Martin's BuildingsS.E.1Martin's Yard
Mary Ann PlaceE.C.2Goddard Place
Mary Ann StreetE.16Mary Rose Street
Mary PlaceS.E.18Marybank (part)
Mary StreetE.1Bigland Place
Masons AvenueS.E.18Ashlar Place
Mason's CourtS.E.14Besson Cottages
Mason's Court N.16Manley Court (part)
Mason's PlaceN.16Manley Court (part)
Matilda CottagesS.E.10Bardsley Lane (part)
Matilda StreetE.1Christian Place
Maynard StreetW.C.2Lawrence Place (part)
May's BuildingsE.1June Buildings
Medland StreetE.14Highway, The (part)
Meeting House LaneS.E.18Ship & Half Moon Passage
Mercer StreetE.1Shadwell Street
Merton RoadN.W.3Merton Rise
Merton RoadW.8Kelso Place
Middle RowE.C.1Crescent Row
Middle StreetS.E.15Jowett Street
Middle StreetS.W.7Fairholt Street
Middlesex StreetN.7Alsen Place
Middleton RoadN.7Middleton Grove
Middleton RoadS.E.13Middleton Way
Middleton RoadS.W.11Buckmaster Road
Miles StreetS.E.10Mell Street
Miles StreetW.6Theresa Road
Mill LaneS.E.26Mill Gardens
Mill LaneS.W.2Morrish Road
Milner StreetN.1Milner Place
Milton PlaceS.W.8Belmore Place
Milton RoadE.3McCullum Road
Milton RoadN.16Milton Grove
Milton StreetS.W.8Minshull Street
Mitre CourtE.C.3Mitre Passage
Mitre CourtE.C.4Old Mitre Court
Mitre CourtN.1Upper Street #
Mitre Court, Hatton GardenE.C.1Ely Court
Mitre Court, St. John StreetE.C.1Crozier Court
Mitre StreetS.E.1Mitre Road
Montagu MewsW.6Shortlands Mews
Montague PlaceE.1Mordecai Place
Montague PlaceE.14Osborne Close
Montague StreetS.E.1Stones End Street
Montague StreetW.6Shortlands #
Montpelier RoadN.19Rickthorne Road
Montpelier RoadN.W.5Montpelier Grove
Montpelier RoadW.11Lansdowne Rise
Montpelier RoadW.6Worlidge Street #
Montpelier Row W.6Worlidge Street #
Montpelier StreetS.E.17Pelier Street
Moore StreetW.1Castlereagh Street
Moreland StreetN.4Woodfall Road
Moreton GardensS.W.5Old Brompton Road #
Moreton TerraceS.E.16Truman Street
Moreton TerraceS.W.5Old Brompton Road #
Mornington RoadE.3Mornington Grove
Mornington RoadN.W.1Mornington Terrace
Morris StreetS.E.18Morris Walk
Mortimer RoadW.11Mortimer Square
Mostyn RoadE.3Mostyn Grove
Mostyn TerraceS.W.9Lothian Road #
Motley StreetE.C.2Christina Street
Mount Adon LodgeS.E.2Overhill Road #
Mount PleasantN.1Silbury Street
Mount PleasantS.E.13Dunsley Place
Mount PleasantS.E.18Mason's Hill
Mount RowN.1Mount Place
Mount StreetE.1Mount Terrace
Mount StreetE.2Swanfield Street
Mount StreetS.E.7Maryon Road #
Mount, TheS.E.26Mount Gardens
Mulberry PlaceE.C.1Berry Place
Munden CottagesN.W.6Kilburn Place (part)
Munton Road (E. part)S.E.17Balfour Street (part)
Murray StreetN.1Murray Grove
Myrtle CottagesS.W.15Glegg Place
Myrtle StreetS.E.18Bunton Street
Nags Head YardS.E.1Nags Head Depot
Napier RoadS.E.14Walpole Road
Napier StreetN.1Napier Grove
Naylor's YardW.1Kingly Court
Nelson PlaceE.1Winthrop Place
Nelson PlaceE.2Moye Place
Nelson PlaceS.E.1Peggotty Place
Nelson Place, Gravel LaneS.E.1Nelson Court
Nelson SquareS.E.15Furley Road (part)
Nelson StreetE.2Nelson Gardens
Nelson StreetE.C.1Mora Street
Nelson StreetN.W.1Beatty Street
Nelson StreetS.E.10Nelson Road
Neptune StreetE.1Wellclose Street
Netley StreetW.9Abourne Street
Neville StreetS.E.11Neville Place
New Castle PlaceE.1Tyne Place
New Castle StreetE.1Tyne Street
New Chesterfield StreetW.1De Walden Street
New Church StreetE.1Shuttle Street
New Church StreetS.E.16Llewellyn Street
New Court, Cloth FairE.C.1Cloth Court
New Court, Farringdon StreetE.C.1Modern Court
New CutS.E.1Cut, The (part)
New Gravel LaneE.1Garnet Street
New Inn YardW.1Inn Yard
New RoadS.E.18Woolwich New Road
New RoadS.W.8Thessaly Road
New StreetE.8Blanchard Place
New StreetE.C.1Caslon Street
New StreetS.E.17Braganza Street
New StreetW.6Hampshire Hog Lane #
Newcastle PlaceE.C.1Clerkenwell Close #
Newcastle StreetE.14Glengarnock Avenue
Newcastle StreetE.C.4Newcastle Close
Newcastle StreetS.E.10Enderby Street
Newington Hall VillasN.16Stoke Newington Church Street #
Newman StreetS.W.11Fownes Street
Newton StreetN.1Newton Grove
Nicholas StreetE.1Nicholas Road
Nightingale LaneE.1Thomas More Street
Nightingale LaneS.E.10Westgrove Lane (part)
Nightingale Park CrescentS.W.11Blenkarne Road
Nile StreetS.E.18Ferry Approach
Noah's Ark AlleyS.E.1Henslowe Passage (part)
Noel StreetN.1Noel Road (part)
Noel StreetS.E.1Christmas Street
Norfolk BuildingsE.1Crellin Buildings
Norfolk Mews EastW.2Praed Mews
Norfolk Mews WestW.2London Mews
Norfolk RoadE.8Cecilia Road
Norfolk RoadW.11Needham Road (part)
Norfolk Road VillasW.11Needham Road (part)
Norfolk StreetE.1Massingham Street
Norfolk StreetE.14St. Lawrence Street
Norfolk StreetN.1Melville Street
Norfolk StreetW.1Dunraven Street
Norland Road NorthW.11Norland Road #
Norland StablesW.11Norland Place
Norman BuildingsE.1Norman Court
Norman RoadE.3Norman Grove
Norman StreetS.W.3Sprimont Place
Norris StreetN.1Upwey Street
North CottagesN.1Compton Square #
North CourtS.E.1Cosser Court
North End Road (part)W.14North End Crescent #
North End RoadN.W.3North End Way
North PlaceS.W.18North Passage
North Place, Hatton StreetN.W.8Hatton Row
North RoadS.W.4Northbourne Road
North StreetE.8Northiam Street
North StreetN.W.8Frampton Street
North StreetS.E.1Cosser Street
North StreetS.E.7Herringham Road
North StreetS.W.1Lord North Street
North StreetS.W.10Billing Place
Northampton PlaceS.W.6Burlington Place
Northampton StreetE.1Headlam Street
Northampton StreetS.E.1Penry Street
Northumberland StreetE.14Northumbria Street
Northumberland StreetW.1Luxborough Street
Norway StreetE.C.1Timber Street
Nottingham PlaceE.1Parfett Street #
Oakley CrescentS.W.3Oakley Gardens
Oakley StreetS.E.1Baylis Road
Occupation RoadS.E.18Occupation Lane
Old Barge House StreetS.E.1Upper Ground (part)
Old Dorset MewsS.W.8Dorset Walk
Old Gravel LaneE.1Wapping Lane
Oldfield RoadS.E.16Oldfield Grove
Olney StreetS.E.17Olney Road (part)
Onslow PlaceS.W.7Old Brompton Road #
Orange StreetE.2Satchwell Road (part)
Orange StreetS.E.1Copperfield Street
Ordnance RoadN.W.8Ordnance Hill
Ordnance RoadS.E.10Ordnance Crescent
Ormiston RoadW.12Ormiston Grove
Ormond YardW.C.1Ormond Close
Osborne PlaceE.1Chicksand Street #
Osborne TerraceS.W.8Richborne Terrace (S. part)
Overhill GardensS.E.22Overhill Road #
Oxford MewsW.10Malton Mews
Oxford RoadN.1Elizabeth Avenue
Oxford StreetE.1Stepney Way (part)
Oxford TerraceW.2Sussex Gardens #
Paddington StreetN.4Biggerstaff Street
Padfield StreetS.E.24Padfield Road
Paget RoadS.E.18Paget Rise
Palace StreetN.W.5St. Silas Place
Palmer StreetS.E.1Theed Street #
Palmerston RoadS.E.18Palmerston Crescent
Palmerston RoadS.W.18Avening Road
Palmerston StreetS.W.11Newtown Street
Paradise PassageE.9Cambridge Passage
Paradise PlaceE.C.2Clere Place
Paradise PlaceS.E.16Myddleton Place
Paradise PlaceW.1Garbutt Place
Paradise RoadN.5Collins Road
Paradise RowN.16Stoke Newington Church Street #
Paradise RowW.6Eden Row
Paradise StreetE.C.2Clere Street
Paradise StreetW.1Moxon Street
Park CottagesS.E.10Straightsmouth #
Park CrescentN.16Stoke Newington Church Street #
Park CrescentS.W.4Clapham Crescent
Park LaneN.16Clissold Crescent
Park LaneN.W.1Siddons Lane
Park LaneS.E.7Charlton Park Lane
Park PlaceE.2Yerwood Place
Park PlaceE.9Ram Place
Park PlaceS.E.1Carlisle Lane #
Park PlaceS.E.10Park Vista
Park PlaceS.E.9Passey Place
Park PlaceS.W.1Park Close
Park Place (part)S.W.4Holwood Place #
Park Place (part)S.W.4St. Alphonsus Road #
Park Place, Park StreetE.14Milligan Place
Park RoadE.3Leith Road
Park RoadS.E.14Parkfield Road
Park RoadS.E.21Park Hall Road
Park RoadS.E.23Waldram Park Road
Park RoadS.W.11Parkgate Road
Park RoadS.W.18Elsynge Road
Park Road (N. part to Durham Road)S.E.18Waverley Road #
Park Road (S. part)S.E.18Waverley Crescent
Park StreetE.14Milligan Street
Park StreetE.2Welwyn Street
Park StreetN.1Islington Park Street
Park StreetN.16Yoakley Road
Park StreetN.W.1Parkway (part)
Park StreetS.E.10Greenwich Park Street
Park StreetS.E.13Legge Street
Park StreetW.10Latimer Place
Parliament StreetE.2Witan Street
Parliament StreetS.E.1Speech Street
Paul's AlleyE.C.4St. Paul's Alley
Payne StreetN.1Cave Street
Pear Tree Street (E. Part)S.E.1Pear Street
Pear Tree Street (W. Part)S.E.1Pear Place
Pearson StreetS.E.10Haddo Terrace
Pearson StreetS.W.11Batten Street
Pelham StreetE.1Woodseer Street
Pembroke Mews NorthS.W.1Pembroke Close
Penton PlaceW.C.1Penton Rise
Percy CottagesS.W.1Old Barrack Yard #
Percy Street or RoadE.9Kingshold Road
Peter StreetE.2Rhoda Street #
Petersham TerraceS.W.7Gloucester Road #
Philip StreetE.1Philchurch Street
Phillimore MewsW.8Phillimore Walk
Phillip's TerraceS.W.1Old Barrack Yard #
Phipps Mews (part)S.W.1Eccleston Place #
Phoenix CourtE.C.1Shorter Court
Phoenix PlaceS.E.1Holyrood Street (part)
Phoenix PlaceW.11Addison Place
Phoenix StreetN.W.1Phoenix Road #
Pitt StreetS.E.15East Surrey Grove #
Pitt StreetW.1Scala Street
Platt's Lane (part)N.W.3Telegraph Hill
Playhouse YardE.C.1Fortune Street
Pleasant PassageN.W.1Underhill Passage
Pleasant PlaceS.W.4Triangle Place #
Plough CourtE.C.1Barbican #
Plough CourtE.C.4Plough Place
Plough LaneE.9Furrow Lane
Plough RoadS.E.16Plough Way
Plough YardE.C.3Seething Lane #
Porson StreetS.W.8Ebson Street
Portland Place (N. part)S.W.8Portland Grove
Portland Place (S. part)S.W.8Mursell Road
Portland RoadN.4Portland Rise
Portland StreetE.1Westport Street
Portman Mews NorthW.1Portman Close
Portsdown RoadW.9Randolf Avenue
Powis RoadE.3Cyclops Place
Pownall RoadS.W.6Pownall Place
Pratt StreetS.E.11Pratt Walk
Prebend StreetN.W.1Baynes Street
Primrose StreetE.2Allenbury Street
Prince of Wales RoadS.W.11Prince of Wales Drive
Prince's CourtE.2Padbury Court
Prince's CourtW.C.2Excel Court
Princes PlaceE.2Fountain Street
Princes RoadS.E.11Black Prince Road (part)
Princes RoadS.E.18Herbert Place
Princes RoadS.W.19Princes Way
Princes RoadW.11Princedale Road
Prince's SquareE.1Swedenborg Square
Prince's SquareS.E.11Cleaver Square
Prince's StreetS.E.16Mayflower Street
Prince's Terrace, Troy TownS.E.15Dewar Street #
Princes YardW.2Ilchester Gardens
Prince's YardS.E.15Dewar Yard
Princess MewsS.E.1Princess Place #
Princess RoadN.4Princess Crescent
Princess StreetN.W.8Boscobel Street
Priory GroveS.W.10Priory Walk
Priory LaneS.E.3Priory Park
Priory PlaceS.W.8Priory Court
Priory Place N.W.1Prowse Place
Priory RoadS.W.8Lansdowne Way (part)
Priory StreetN.W.1Ivor Street
Prospect PlaceE.14Mariner Place
Prospect PlaceN.1Lonsdale Place
Prospect PlaceS.E.13Railway Terrace
Prospect PlaceS.E.14Rural Place
Prospect PlaceS.E.18Prospect Vale (part)
Prospect RowN.1Donegal Row
Prospect RowS.E.18Prospect Vale (part)
Prospect TerraceE.2Prospect Walk
Providence PlaceE.2Poulton Street
Providence PlaceN.W.6Kilburn Place (part)
Providence PlaceS.E.1Keyworth Place
Providence PlaceS.E.1Pearman Place
Providence PlaceS.E.8Comet House Place
Providence PlaceS.W.18Ram Cottages
Providence PlaceW.12Shepherds Bush Place
Providence StreetS.E.17Keesey Street
Queen StreetE.1Rowland Street
Queen StreetN.7Queensland Road
Queen StreetN.W.1Regina Street
Queen StreetW.6Queen Caroline Street
Queen's BuildingsW.1Tottenham Court Road #
Queen's CourtS.E.1Grotto Court
Queen's MewsN.W.1Regal Lane
Queen's PlaceE.1Stutfield Place
Queen's PlaceS.W.8Bramwell Place
Queen's PlaceW.11Queensdale Walk
Queen's Place (part)N.W.1Queensbury Path #
Queen's Place (part)N.W.1Raynor Place #
Queen's RoadE.8Queensbridge Road (part)
Queen's RoadN.4Queen's Drive
Queen's RoadN.W.8Queen's Grove
Queen's RoadS.E.23Taymount Rise
Queen's RoadS.W.8Queenstown Road
Queen's RoadW.2Queensway
Queen's SquareE.C.2Finsbury Avenue #
Queen's SquareS.W.8St. Philip Square
Queen's TerraceW.1Forset Close
Queen's YardW.1Tottenham Court Road #
Queensberry Mews EastS.W.7Queensberry Way
Radnor StreetS.E.15Radnor Road
Radnor StreetS.W.3Radnor Walk
Raglan PlaceN.W.5Raglan Street #
Raglan StreetS.E.23Clyde Vale
Railway ApproachS.E.13Junction Approach
Railway ApproachS.E.23Lapse Wood Walk
Railway ApproachS.E.4Coulgate Street
Railway ApproachS.W.6Station Path
Railway ApproachS.W.9Railway Arcade
Railway CottagesS.E.18Railway Court
Railway PlaceE.14Yorkshire Place
Railway PlaceE.2Malcolm Place
Railway PlaceS.E.18Walmer Terrace (part)
Railway StreetE.14Hay Currie Street
Ralph StreetN.7Kinloch Street #
Ranelagh RoadW.2Lord Hills Road
Ranger RoadS.E.19Jaspar Road #
Rectory GroveS.E.18Escreet Grove
Rectory RoadS.W.6St. Dionis Road
Red Lion CourtE.C.2Dudley Court
Red Lion PassageE.C.1Bartholomew Passage
Red Lion PassageE.C.1Lion Passage
Red Lion PassageN.W.1Stanley Passage
Red Lion StreetE.C.1Britton Street
Red Lion StreetS.E.18Leon Street
Red Lion Street (part)E.1Reardon Street (part)
Red Lion Street (part)E.1Reardon Path
Red Lion YardE.C.1Leo Yard
Red Lion YardE.C.1Warner Yard
Red Lion YardS.W.1Cockspur Court
Redcross StreetS.E.1Redcross Way
Regent PlaceW.1Regency Place
Regent StreetN.1Thoresby Street
Regent StreetS.E.10Sparta Place
Retreat, TheS.E.13Campshill Place
Retreat, TheS.E.22Overhill Road #
Retreat, TheS.W.8Cavendish Retreat
Richard StreetN.1Ritchie Street
Richards PlaceE.C.1Old Street #
Richmond MewsS.W.1Richmond Terrace Mews
Richmond Mews WestW.2Shrewsbury Mews
Richmond Mews, Richmond Road W.2St. Stephen's Mews
Richmond PlaceS.W.6Empress Place
Richmond PlaceS.W.8Birkin Street
Richmond RoadN.1Richmond Avenue
Richmond RoadW.2Chepstow Road
Richmond Road (part)W.12Richmond Way (part)
Richmond Road (part)W.14Richmond Way (part)
Richmond StreetE.C.1Shene Street
Richmond StreetN.1Matilda Street #
Richmond StreetN.W.8Orchardson Street
Richmond TerraceS.W.8Richborne Terrace (N. part)
Ridgmount Street (part)W.C.1Ridgmount Place
Riley StreetS.E.1Riley Road
River StreetE.3Maddams Street
River StreetN.1River Place
River StreetS.W.15Waterman Street
Robert StreetE.14Mandarin Street
Robert StreetE.2Roberta Street
Robert StreetN.1Prestwood Street
Robert StreetW.1Weighhouse Street
Robert StreetW.C.1Kirk Street
Robert Street (N. part)S.E.18Polthorne Street
Robin Hood YardN.1Lyon Street #
Rochester PlaceN.16Stoke Newington High Street (part)
Rochester StreetS.E.1Rochester Walk
Rock TerraceS.E.18Blendon Terrace
Rodney PlaceN.1Wynford Place
Rodney StreetS.E.1Pickwick Street
Roland Houses (part)S.W.7Old Brompton Road #
Roland Mans.S.W.7Old Brompton Road #
Roland MewsS.W.10Roland Way
Roman RoadN.7Roman Way
Roman RoadS.E.19Roman Rise
Rose CottagesW.6Shortlands #
Rose CourtE.C.1Rose Passage
Rose CourtS.E.1Rose Walk
Rosoman Street (N. part)E.C.1Amwell Street #
Royal Oak PlaceN.1Wishford Place
Royal Oak PlaceS.E.13St. Margarets Passage
Royal Oak PlaceS.W.1Boscobel Place
Roydene Villas (part)S.E.18Roydene Road #
Rupert StreetE.1Goodman Street
Russell PlaceS.E.3Reynolds Place
Russell RoadN.7Berriman Road
Russell RoadS.E.15Blackpool Road
Russell StreetE.1Halcrow Street
Russell StreetS.E.26Cheseman Street
Russell StreetS.W.11Ravenet Street
Russell StreetS.W.9Hillyard Street
Rutland CourtE.C.1Glasshouse Yard (part ) #
Rutland RoadS.E.6Rutland Walk
Rutland RoadW.6Rutland Grove
Rutland StreetE.1Ashfield Street
Rutland StreetN.W.1Mackworth Street
Rutland StreetS.W.1Antrobus Street
Rutland StreetS.W.8Brough Street
Ryders CourtW.C.2Leicester Court
Rye DaleS.E.22Ryedale
Sadler's BuildingsE.C.1Fann Street #
St. Alban's PlaceS.W.1St. Alban's Street #
St. Alban's Road (E. of Victoria Road)W.8Victoria Grove #
St. Alban's Road (W. part)W.8St. Alban's Grove
St. Alban's Road NorthW.8Andsell Terrace
St. Andrew's RoadN.16St. Andrew's Grove
St. Andrew's StreetE.2St. Andrew's Walk
St. Andrew's StreetS.W.8St. Rule Street
St. Ann's Hill (part)S.W.18St. Ann's Crescent
St. Ann's RoadE.3Midlothian Road
St. Ann's RoadS.W.18Marcilly Road
St. Ann's RoadS.W.9Southey Road
St. Dunstan's RoadE.3Timothy Road
St. George StreetE.1Highway, The (part)
St. George's RoadN.W.1Chalcot Road
St. George's RoadN.W.6Priory Terrace
St. George's RoadS.E.15St. George's Way
St. George's RoadS.W.1St. Georges Drive
St. George's SquareN.W.1Chalcot Square
St. James's GardensN.W.5Modbury Gardens
St. James's PlaceE.C.2St. James's Approach
St. James's PlaceS.E.18Burrage Place
St. James's PlaceW.11Penzance Street
St. James's RoadE.2St. James's Avenue
St. James's RoadN.7Mackenzie Road
St. James's RoadS.W.9St. James's Crescent
St. James's SquareW.11St. James's Gardens
St. James's StreetN.1Chantry Street
St. James's TerraceW.11Darnley Terrace
St. James's Walk (lower part)E.C.1Sekforde Street #
St. John's GardensN.W.5Baptist Gardens
St. John's MewsS.W.11Plough Mews
St. John's ParkN.19St. John's Grove
St. John's Park RoadS.E.3Stratheden Road
St. John's RoadN.1Pitfield Street #
St. John's RoadN.19St. John's Way
St. John's RoadS.E.18St. John's Terrace
St. John's RoadS.E.8Albyn Road #
St. John's RoadS.W.15St. John's Avenue
St. John's RoadS.W.9St. John's Crescent
St. Jude's StreetE.2St. Jude's Road
St. Lawrence RoadW.10St. Lawrence Terrace
St. Leonard StreetS.W.1Longmoore Street
St. Luke's RoadS.W.4St. Luke's Avenue
St. Margaret's RoadS.E.18St. Margaret's Grove
St. Marks RoadS.E.5Hillingdon Street
St. Mark's RoadE.8St. Mark's Rise
St. Mark's RoadS.W.10Billing Road
St. Martin's PlaceN.W.1St. Martin's Close
St. Mary Abbot's Terrace (part)W.8Kensington High Street #
St. Mary's RoadN.1St. Mary's Grove
St. Mary's SquareS.E.11St. Mary's Gardens
St. Mary's StreetE.1Davenant Street
St. Mary's StreetS.E.11St. Mary's Walk
St. Nicholas RoadS.W.17Trinity Crescent
St. Paul's MewsN.7St. Paul's Yard
St. Paul's MewsS.E.17Paul Mews
St. Paul's RoadE.3St. Paul's Way
St. Paul's RoadN.W.1Agar Grove
St. Pauls Road (N.W. part)S.E.17Westcott Road
St. Pauls Road (S.E. part)S.E.17St. Paul's Terrace
St. Peter StreetE.2St. Peter's Avenue
St. Peter's RoadE.1Cephas Avenue
St. Peter's RoadN.1St. Peter's Way
St. Peter's RoadN.7Chambers Road
St. Peter's SquareE.2St. Peter's Close
St. Philip StreetN.1St. Philip's Way
St. Stephen's RoadS.E.13St. Stephen's Grove
St. Stephen's RoadW.2St. Stephen's Gardens (part)
St. Stephen's SquareS.E.1St. Stephen's Close
St. Stephen's SquareW.2St. Stephen's Gardens (part)
St. Thomas's RoadE.3Apostle Road
St. Thomas's RoadE.9Ainsworth Road
St. Thomas's RoadS.W.6St. Thomas's Way
Sale StreetW.2Sale Place
Salisbury RoadE.8Elrington Road
Salisbury StreetE.3Sarum Street
Salisbury StreetN.1Grange Street #
Salisbury StreetS.E.16Wilson Grove
Sampson's GardensE.1Sampson Street (part)
Samuel StreetE.14Camdenhurst Street
Sarah PlaceS.E.18Marybank (part)
Sarah StreetE.14Gravel Street
Satchwell RentsE.2Satchwell Road (part)
Saunders RoadW.11Saunders Grove
Saville StreetW.1Hanson Street (part)
Sceptre StreetE.2Sceptre Road (S. part)
Seamore Place (part)W.1Curzon Street #
Seaton StreetN.W.1Seaton Place
Sewell RoadS.W.11Chatfield Road
Seymour PlaceE.C.1Seymour Close
Seymour PlaceS.W.10Seymour Walk
Seymour RowN.W.1Eversholt Row
Seymour StreetN.W.1Eversholt Street #
Seymour StreetS.E.8Admiral Street (part)
Seymour StreetS.W.8Driver Street
Shaftsbury RoadW.14Fenelon Place
Shaftsbury RoadW.6Ravenscourt Road
Shaftsbury Road EastW.6Ravenscourt Place
Shakspeare RoadN.16Shakespeare Walk
Shepherd StreetE.1Toynbee Street
Shepherd's PlaceS.E.11Harold Place
Sherwood Park RoadS.W.16Sherwood Avenue
Sherwood StreetE.3Lawes Street
Ship AlleyW.1Flaxman Court #
Ship LaneS.E.11Bishop's Terrace
Ship StreetE.14Schooner Street
Ship YardW.1Flaxman Court #
Short StreetE.C.2Silk Place
Short StreetN.1Aske Street #
Short StreetS.E.18Short Place
Short StreetS.E.18Sunbury Street (part)
Shorter Street, Cable StreetE.1Fletcher Street
Shrubbery RoadS.E.13Sundermead Road
Sidney PlaceE.C.1Philip Place
Sidney RoadE.9Kenworthy Road
Sidney StreetE.2Longman Street
Sidney StreetE.C.1Wakley Street
Silver StreetE.1Apsley Street #
Silver StreetN.W.3Mount, The #
Silver StreetS.E.16Silver Walk
Silver StreetW.C.1Barter Street #
Simpson StreetS.W.8Blean Street
Skinner StreetS.W.1Skinner Place #
Smarts BuildingsW.C.2Smarts Place
Smith StreetE.1Smithy Street
Smith StreetE.C.1Tompion Street
Smith StreetS.E.5Lucas Road
Smith's CottagesN.7Alsen Cottages
Smith's CottagesS.E.13Dunsley Place
Somers PlaceW.2Somers Crescent
Somerset StreetS.W.1Handley Street
Somerset StreetW.C.2Savoy Way
South CrescentS.E.13Bliss Crescent
South GroveE.3Southern Grove
South GroveS.E.15Holly Grove
South Grove (part)N.6St. Michael's Grove
South RowW.10Southern Row
South StreetE.C.2Dominion Street
South StreetN.1Basire Street
South StreetS.E.10Greenwich South Street
South StreetS.E.17Dawes Street
South StreetS.W.10Billing Street
South StreetS.W.7South Terrace
South StreetW.6Riverside Gardens
Southampton StreetN.1Calshot Street
Southampton StreetS.E.5Southampton Way
Southampton StreetW.1Conway Street
Southampton StreetW.C.1Southampton Place
Southend Road, ElthamS.E.9Southend Crescent
Southwell Gardens (part)S.W.7Gloucester Road #
Southwell TerraceS.E.5Padfield Road
Southwick CrescentW.2Hyde Park Crescent
Spectacle AlleyE.1White Church Passage
Spencer PlaceE.C.1Goswell Road
Spencer RoadN.7Caedmon Road
Spencer RoadN.W.5Spencer Rise
Spencer RoadS.W.15Spencer Walk
Spencer StreetE.1Brinsley Street
Spencer StreetN.1Shillingford Street (part)
Spencer StreetS.W.11Searle Street
Spenser RoadN.16Spenser Grove
Spring Garden PlaceE.1Stepney Way (part)
Spring GardensE.1Spring Walk
Spring GardensS.W.15Spring Passage
Spring GardensS.W.8Seaham Street
Spring RowN.W.5Raglan Street #
Spring StreetE.3Spring Grove
Spring StreetN.1Braes Street
Springfield RoadS.E.26Springfield Rise
Stafford RoadS.W.9Wynne Terrace
Stafford StreetS.E.15Staffordshire Street
Stamford PlaceN.W.3Stamford Close
Stamford RoadS.W.6Holmead Road
Stanhope StreetW.2Stanhope Terrace
Stanhope TerraceN.W.1Parkway (part)
Stanhope Terrace (part)W.2Bayswater Road #
Stanley GardensN.W.3Primrose Gardens
Stanley PlaceS.W.8Stanley Close
Stanley RoadN.1Burder Road
Stanley RoadS.W.6Michael Road
Stanley StreetS.W.8Stanley Grove
Stanley StreetW.2Winsland Street (part)
Star and Garter YardE.1Garter Yard
Star CourtW.1Greek Court
Star PlaceE.1White's Gardens #
Station ApproachS.E.15Station Passage
Station ApproachS.E.16Priter Way
Station ApproachS.E.9Mottingham Station Approach
Station BuildingsS.W.7Gloucester Road #
Station RoadN.7Highbury Station Road
Station RoadS.E.22Railway Rise
Station RoadS.E.3Station Crescent (part)
Station RoadS.E.6Adenmore Road
Station RoadS.W.9Brixton Station Road
Station RoadW.12Starfield Road
Station Road, BalhamS.W.12Balham Station Road
Station TerraceS.E.3Station Crescent (part)
Station YardN.W.5Kentish Town Road #
Stephen's MewsN.1Dormer Mews
Sterndale RoadS.W.8Condell Road
Stibbington StreetN.W.1Chalton Street #
Stone's BuildingsS.E.11Hocking Buildings
Stoney LaneS.E.1Abbots Lane
Straightsmouth (N. part)S.E.10Churchfields
Stratford PlaceN.1Stortford Place
Stratford PlaceN.W.1Stratford Villas #
Streets MewsW.1Rex Place
Suffolk PlaceN.W.1Boyton Place
Suffolk StreetE.14Ellerman Street
Suffolk StreetS.E.16Suffolk Grove
Sugar Loaf CourtE.1Loaf Court
Sugar Loaf CourtE.C.3Fenchurch Buildings #
Summer StreetE.3Summer Grove
Sun Court, Great Swan AlleyE.C.2Cross Keys Court #
Sun Court, Milton StreetE.C.2Sun Alley
Sun StreetS.E.1Pope Street
Sun StreetS.E.18Sunbury Street (part)
Surrey PlaceW.C.2Surrey Steps
Sussex PlaceE.C.3Cunard Place
Sussex PlaceS.W.7Old Brompton Road #
Sussex RoadN.7Sussex Way (part)
Sussex StreetE.14Lindfield Street
Sutherland PlaceS.E.17Macleod Street
Sutherland PlaceS.W.1Sutherland Row
Sutherland StreetS.E.17Sutherland Walk
Sutton PlaceW.1Falconberg Mews
Sutton StreetS.E.1Sutton Walk
Sutton StreetW.1Sutton Row
Sutton Street EastE.1Sutton Street
Swan LaneS.E.16Swan Road
Swan StreetE.1Portsoken Street
Swan YardE.8London Lane #
Sydenham Hill RoadS.E.26Kirkdale #
Sydney StreetE.14Ligett Street
Tamar StreetE.3Lefevre Grove
Tavistock StreetE.2Saltash Street
Taylor's BuildingsW.C.2Brydges Place
Temple StreetE.8Myrtleberry Street
Temple StreetS.E.11Pastor Street
Tennis CourtS.E.1Tennis Street
Tenter StreetE.1Tenter Ground
Thackeray StreetS.W.8Thackeray Road
Theberton Street WestN.1Theberton Street #
Theresa CottagesW.6Theresa Street (part)
Theresa MewsW.6Theresa Street (part)
Thomas StreetE.14Thomas Road
Thornhill CottagesN.1Wynford Cottages
Thornhill SquareS.E.5Westmacott Gardens
Three Tuns PassageS.E.1Three Tuns Court
Thurlow PlaceE.2Globe Terrace
Thurlow StreetS.W.8Pensbury Place
Tiliae RoadS.E.18Erindale Terrace
Tottenham StreetW.10Kensal Place
Tower StreetE.8Martello Street
Tower StreetS.E.1Morley Street
Town Hall BuildingsE.8Mare Street #
Trafalgar RoadE.8Hilborough Road
Trafalgar RoadS.E.15Trafalgar Avenue
Trafalgar SquareE.1Trafalgar Gardens
Trafalgar SquareS.E.15Buller Square
Trafalgar SquareS.W.3Chelsea Square
Trebeck StreetW.1East Chapel Street
Triangle, TheS.E.5Ruby Triangle
Triangle, TheW.10St. Quintin Gardens
Trinity MewsS.E.1Trinity Garage
Trinity PlaceN.1Bletchley Street
Trinity PlaceS.E.1Trio Place
Trinity RoadS.E.16Bryan Road
Trinity SquareS.E.1Trinity Church Square
Trinity SquareS.W.9Trinity Gardens
Trinity StreetN.1Batchelor Street
Trinity StreetS.E.18Warspite Road
Troy Town (part)S.E.15Dewar Street #
Turner RoadS.E.13Dacre Park
Twining StreetW.C.2St. Clements Lane (part)
Tyers GatewayS.E.1Tyers Gate
Underwood StreetE.1Underwood Road
Union BuildingsE.2Union Walk
Union MewsN.7Orleston Mews
Union MewsW.1Bourlet Close
Union PlaceE.1Whitehead Place
Union PlaceE.C.1Glasshouse Yard (part ) #
Union PlaceE.C.2Curtain Place
Union PlaceS.E.1Ayliffe Place
Union PlaceW.1Courtnauld Place
Union PlaceW.6Foreman Court
Union RoadE.14Mellish Street
Union RoadN.16Hollar Road
Union RoadN.7Pleshey Road
Union RoadS.E.1Harper Road (part)
Union RoadS.E.16Jamaica Road #
Union RoadS.E.21Hunts Slip Road
Union SquareS.E.1Dickens Square
Union StreetE.14Bullivant Street
Union StreetE.C.4Apothecary Street
Union StreetN.1Rector Street
Union StreetS.E.18Macbean Street
Union StreetS.W.1Passmore Street #
Union StreetW.1Riding House Street #
Union TerraceS.W.11Usk Terrace
Upper Ashby StreetE.C.1Ashby Street
Upper Avenue Road MewsN.W.3Adelaide Close (part)
Upper Baker StreetW.C.1Lloyd Baker Street (part)
Upper Bedford PlaceW.C.1Bedford Way
Upper Bland StreetS.E.1Spurgeon Street
Upper Chadwell StreetE.C.1Inglebert Street
Upper Charles StreetE.C.1Sebastian Street
Upper Charlton StreetW.1Hanson Street (part)
Upper Colfe RoadS.E.23Farren Road
Upper Garden StreetS.W.1Thorndike Street
Upper George StreetW.1George Street #
Upper Gloucester PlaceN.W.1Gloucester Place
Upper Grange RoadS.E.1Dunton Road
Upper Ground Street (part)S.E.1Upper Ground (part)
Upper Ground Street (part)S.E.1Barge House Street
Upper Hamilton TerraceN.W.8Hamilton Terrace
Upper Hornsey RiseN.19Hillrise Road
Upper Kennington Lane (E. of Vauxhall Cross)S.E.11Kennington Lane (part)
Upper Kennington Lane (W. of Vauxhall Cross)S.E.11Bridgefoot
Upper Market StreetS.E.18Market Street
Upper Marylebone StreetW.1New Cavendish Street
Upper Park FieldsS.W.15Coalecroft Road
Upper Park PlaceN.W.1Ivor Place
Upper Rathbone PlaceW.1Rathbone Street (part)
Upper Rupert StreetW.1Winnett Street
Upper Russell StreetS.E.1Morocco Street
Upper Rutland Gate MewsS.W.7Gate Mews
Upper Smith StreetE.C.1Earlstoke Street
Upper Vernon StreetW.C.1Prideaux Place
Upper Westbourne TerraceW.2Westbourne Terrace
Upper William StreetN.W.8Bridgeman Street
Upper Wimpole MewsW.1Dunstable Mews
Upper Yardley StreetE.C.1Yardley Street
Urswicke RoadS.W.11Badric Road
Vaughan RoadS.E.5Southwell Road (part)
Vernon StreetW.C.1Vernon Rise
Vicarage RoadS.E.5Vicarage Grove
Vicarage RoadS.W.11Vicarage Crescent (part)
Vicarage TerraceS.W.18St. Ann's Hill #
Victoria CottagesS.W.1Scholey Cottages
Victoria GroveN.16Victorian Grove
Victoria Grove WestN.16Yorkshire Grove
Victoria MewsE.2Elsden Mews
Victoria MewsN.7Queensland Mews
Victoria MewsN.W.6Boundary Road #
Victoria MewsS.E.13Dacre Place
Victoria MewsS.E.7Ellis Mews
Victoria Mews S.W.11Crombie Mews
Victoria PlaceN.7Queensland Place
Victoria PlaceS.E.15Furley Place
Victoria PlaceS.E.27Weaver Walk
Victoria PlaceS.W.8Marina Place
Victoria PlaceW.2Bridstow Place
Victoria Place (Union Street)S.E.1All Hallows Place
Victoria RoadN.16Victorian Road
Victoria RoadN.7Chillingworth Road
Victoria RoadN.W.1Castlehaven Road (part)
Victoria RoadS.E.15Bellenden Road #
Victoria RoadS.E.19Victoria Crescent
Victoria RoadS.E.7Victoria Way
Victoria RoadS.W.19Victoria Drive
Victoria RoadS.W.4Victoria Rise
Victoria StreetW.2Sovereign Street
Victoria YardN.W.6Boundary Road #
Victory PlaceS.E.15Waite Place
Vine CottagesW.6Shortlands #
Vine CourtS.E.10Durnford Court
Vine PlaceN.1Hoxton Street #
Vine StreetE.C.4Vine Hill
Vine StreetS.E.1Vine Lane
Vine YardE.C.1Aldersgate Street #
Vivian RoadS.E.15Vivian Grove
Wades PlaceE.1Walk Place
Waldram RoadS.E.23Waldram Crescent
Waldram Road SouthS.E.23Waldram Place
Walmer RoadS.E.18Walmer Terrace (part)
Walter StreetE.1Walter Terrace
Warner StreetN.17Oldershaw Road
Warner StreetS.E.1Bartholomew Street
Warren AvenueS.E.7Warren Walk
Warren MewsN.1Warren Court
Warren StreetN.1Grant Street
Warwick Gardens (part)W.8Kensington High Street #
Warwick PlaceW.6Warwick Cottages
Warwick Place West MewsS.W.1West Mews
Warwick RoadE.5Warwick Grove
Warwick StreetS.E.8Warwickshire Street
Warwick StreetS.W.1Warwick Way
Water LaneE.C.4Black Friar's Lane
Water LaneS.W.2Brixton Water Lane
Water StreetE.C.4Watergate (part)
Waterloo RoadE.2Waterloo Gardens
Waterloo StreetE.14Waterloo Row
Waterloo StreetS.E.5Elmington Road #
Waterloo StreetW.6Macbeth Street
Waterloo TerraceE.1Peace Terrace (part)
Waterworks RoadE.5Waterworks Lane
Waverley RoadW.2Waverley Walk
Well StreetE.1Ensign Street
Well StreetE.C.1City Well Street
Wellesley StreetN.1Wellesley Terrace
Wellesley StreetN.W.1Eversholt Street #
Wellington MewsS.W.1Oranmore Mews
Wellington PlaceS.E.7Wellington Gardens (part)
Wellington RoadE.3Wellington Way
Wellington RoadN.16Shacklewell Road
Wellington RoadN.7Lough Road
Wellington RoadS.E.15Belfort Road
Wellington RoadS.E.7Wellington Gardens (part)
Wellington RoadS.E.9Wythfield Road
Wellington RoadS.W.11Hester Road
Wellington RoadW.6Wellington Walk
Wellington StreetE.14Woodin Street
Wellington StreetN.W.1Inverness Street
Wellington StreetS.E.8McMillan Street
Wellington StreetS.W.3Flood Walk
Wells MewsW.12Wells Road #
Wells RoadN.W.8Wells Rise
Wells RoadS.E.26Wells Park Road
Wells StreetS.E.5Wells Way
Wells StreetS.W.1Babmaes Street (part)
Wells StreetW.C.1Wren Street
West Bolton GardensS.W.5Old Brompton Road #
West Chapel StreetW.1Hertford Street #
West Grove TerraceS.E.10Westgrove Lane (part)
West PlaceN.1Northwest Place
West PlaceS.W.15Glegg Place
West StreetS.E.7Westmoor Street
West StreetW.1Newburgh Street
Westbourne StreetS.W.1Bourne Street
Westbourne Terrace NorthW.2Bourne Terrace
Western TerraceW.11Lonsdale Road #
Westhorpe StreetS.W.15Westhorpe Road
Westmoreland MewsW.1Browning Mews
Westmoreland PlaceN.1Westland Place
Westmoreland RoadW.2Moorhouse Road
Westmoreland StreetS.W.1Westmoreland Terrace
Westmoreland StreetW.1Beaumont Street
Westmount Road (N.W. part)S.E.9Westmount Place
Weston PlaceE.8Weston Walk
Weston StreetE.3Watts Grove
Weston StreetW.C.1Weston Rise
Wetherby Terrace (part)S.W.5Earl's Court Road #
Wetherby Terrace (part)S.W.5Old Brompton Road #
Weymouth MewsE.2Weymouth Terrace
Wharf RoadE.2Wharf Place
Wharf RoadS.W.18Raft Road
Wharf RoadW.10Bard Road
Wharf RoadW.12Coal Wharf Road
Wharf Road (E. part)E.14Saunders Ness Road
Wharf Road (W. part)E.14Ferry Street #
Whiston StreetE.2Whiston Road (part)
White Hart CourtE.C.3Grass Court
White Hart CourtN.16Stoke Newington High Street (part)
White Hart StreetS.E.11Kennings Way
White Hart YardE.C.1Hart Yard
White Hind AlleyS.E.1Henslowe Passage (part)
White Horse BuildingsN.1Boot Buildings
White Horse Street (N. part)E.1White Horse Road
White Horse Street (S. part)E.1Cable Street #
White Horse YardN.1Horse Yard
White Horse YardS.E.1Westminster Bridge Road #
White Lion StreetE.1Folgate Street
Whitecross StreetS.E.1Ayres Street
Whitefoot Lane (S.E. branch)S.E.6Whitefoot Terrace
Whitfield StreetE.C.2Kiffen Street
Why's YardS.W.1Eaton Close (part)
Wickham StreetN.1Imber Street
William MewsN.W.1Everton Buildings
William StreetE.1Ponler Street
William StreetE.C.4Watergate (part)
William StreetN.W.1William Road
William StreetS.E.18Calderwood Street
William StreetS.W.8Parvin Street
William StreetW.14Earsby Street
William StreetW.8Callcott Street
William Street, Maygood StreetN.1Eckford Street
William Street, St. Peter's StreetN.1Allingham Street
William TerraceN.W.6Kilburn Place (part)
Williams PlaceN.W.8Plympton Place
Willoughby Road (Hammersmith part)W.12Jeddo Road #
Willow StreetE.1Osier Street
Willow StreetS.E.1Curtis Street
Willow StreetS.W.1Willow Place
Willow WalkN.W.5Fortress Walk
Willow WalkS.E.26Willow Way
Willow WalkS.E.6Milford Road
Wilson StreetE.14Mills Grove
Wilson StreetE.3Wager Street
Wilson StreetS.E.14Willshaw Street
Wilson StreetS.W.11Wynter Street
Wilson StreetW.C.1Coley Street
Wilson StreetW.C.2Dryden Street
Wilton Crescent MewsS.W.1Wilton Row
Wilton MewsW.10Wilton Yard
Wilton StreetN.1Wilton Villas
Winchester CottagesN.1Killick Cottages
Winchester PlaceE.2Dunbridge Place
Winchester StreetE.2Dunbridge Street (part)
Winchester StreetN.1Killick Street
Winchester StreetS.E.1Winchester Walk
Windmill PlaceS.W.4Windmill Drive
Windmill RoadS.W.4Windmill Drive
Windmill StreetS.E.1Windmill Walk
Windsor PlaceW.9Edensor Place
Windsor RoadS.E.17Windsor Grove
Windsor RoadS.E.5Windsor Walk
Windsor StreetW.9Edensor Gardens
Windsor TerraceN.W.3Lyndhurst Terrace
Wood StreetE.2Wood Close
Wood StreetS.E.11Brittany Street
Wood StreetS.E.18Woodhill (part)
Wood StreetS.E.27Dunbar Place
Wood StreetS.W.3Smollett Street
Wood StreetW.10Pring Street
Woodland PlaceS.E.10Woodland Crescent
Woodland RoadN.16Sandbrook Road #
Woodland StreetS.E.10Woodland Walk
Woodlands PlaceS.E.1Bacon Grove
Woodlands RoadS.W.15Woodlands Way
Woodmansterne CrescentS.W.16Runnymede Crescent
Wood's CloseE.2Wood Close
Wood's CottagesS.E.17Barlow Cottages
Wood's CottagesS.E.18Bloomfield Road
Woodstock RoadE.14Woodstock Terrace
Woodstock RoadW.12Woodstock Grove
Worcester StreetE.1Reardon Street (part)
Worcester StreetS.E.1O'Meara Street
Wright's BuildingsE.14Salmon Buildings
Wright's BuildingsE.C.2Rivington Buildings
Wythburn MewsW.1Wythburn Place
Yardley Street (part)E.C.1Spafield Street
York MewsS.W.3Dunmaston Mews
York Mews NorthW.1David Mews
York Mews SouthW.1Sherlock Mews
York PlaceE.C.1Central Place
York PlaceS.E.17Darwin Place
York PlaceS.W.11York Road
York PlaceW.6Fulham Palace Road #
York RoadE.14Yorkshire Road
York RoadS.E.27York Hill
York Road (part)N.1York Way
York Road (part)N.7York Way
York Road By-passS.W.18Armory Way
York StreetS.W.1Duke of York Street
York Street, Wellington StreetW.C.2Tavistock Street #
York TerraceS.W.4Lendal Terrace
York TerraceW.C.2Watergate Walk


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