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The Lighter Side of School Life

The Lighter Side of School Life - Cover Published in 1914 this is a (usually) sympathetic and (somewhat) humorous look at the process and product of the English public school system. If the Battle of Waterloo really was won on the playing-fields of Eton and if admission is the easiest way to become Prime Minister, this book might help explain why. Here is the closing paragraph.

"But he (the public schoolboy) serves his purpose. Like most things British, he is essentially a compromise. He is a type, not an individual; and when the daily, hourly business of a nation is to govern hundreds of other nations, perhaps it is as well to do so through the medium of men who, by merging their own individuality in a common stock, have evolved a standard of Character and Manners which, while never meteoric, seldom brilliant, too often hopelessly dull, is always conscientious, generally efficient, and never, never tyrannical or corrupt. If this be mediocrity, who would soar?"

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There is an astonishing amount of 'casual racism' in many books of this period. I am trying to reproduce exact copies of old books, not air-brush history, so I do not usually edit anything. There is one use of the n-word in this book.


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