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This is London

This is London - Cover Published in 1944 this small, copiously illustrated book purports to be the reminiscences of 'Jimmy', a soldier on leave in London during WW2, as told to Jack Russell. In reality it is a guide book and a morale-boosting celebration of London and Londoners.

Reading it makes you want to visit the fascinating places and meet the eccentric characters described by Jimmy. If it doesn't make you nostalgic for a time and place that may never have existed I will be surprised.

There are 40 black and white photographs of wartime London views, buildings, people and events. Were there really sheep grazing in Green Park? Have a look.

To download a free version for your eBook reader click here.


The text is presented verbatim. Jimmy's thoughts on a few of the people he meets and one phrase he uses may offend the modern reader. This is not included gratuitously, but to preserve the integrity of the original. He is a product of his time, using the language of that time.

Published by M. I. Kolin (Publishers) Ltd., for the Alliance Press Ltd., both companies seem only to have existed during the war and I can't find out anything about Jack Russell, but someone may own the copyright to this work. If you are that person and want me to withdraw this book please contact me.


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