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Lockie's Topography of London  —  £ 4.99

Go to the eBook Shop John Lockie spent seven years compiling this list 'giving a concise local description of and accurate direction to every square, street, lane, court, dock, wharf, inn, public office, etc. in the metropolis and its environs' - and thank goodness he did.

So concise are the directions, that you can can read an entry and imagine you are walking in his footsteps.

It covers a wider area than just the Cities of London and Westminster; including Stepney, Whitechapel, Mile End, Ratcliffe, Rotherhithe, Southwark etc. and gives a unique and perfect description of London in 1810. An alphabetical list of 8,306 places, including what they are called, how to find them and sometimes what went on there, even those not shown on any maps, before or since.

This eBook version contains the entire text. Please read the notes and see the extract below.

If you do not have an eBook reader but need this book for your family or local history research there are free programs that you can use to read eBooks on your computer, iPad and most tablets. This is far from ideal for a novel, but works very well for searching a book like this.
Follow these instructions and you can't go wrong.

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This book is unlike my other eBooks. Normally I make them look as much like the actual book as possible, here I have done the opposite. The original is small, badly printed in two columns and very hard to decipher. It uses contemporary conventions such as printing Westminster as Weftminfter and hyphenating every place name. I have turned it into text, expanded most abbreviations and reformatted the archaic and inconsistent presentation. It is now easy to read and can be searched.

This is a fascinating research tool and important historic document, not a work of art. Few will read it cover-to-cover, I may be the only person ever to do so, but if you have London ancestors you need this book. It lists more places than the number of entries suggests because, for example, most Public Houses do not have a separate entry, but are used in the book as reference points for other places.

If you want a list of older street names see Remarks on London from 1722.


The text below is identical to the eBook; however, depending on the typeface, etc., that you select it may not display here exactly as it will on your eReader. Also, pages turn as normal, rather than the scrolling effect seen here.
It contains a random selection of entries to demonstrate the detail and wide range of the book.


Lockie's Topography of London


Adam and Eve Court, Oxford Street, at 67, the N. side, nearly opposite the Pantheon, leading to 61 Castle Street.

Adam and Eve Court, Whitecross Street, St. Luke's, at 106, about the middle of the E. side, nearly opposite Playhouse Yard.

Adam and Eve Court, Old Broad Street, at 11, opposite Throgmorton Street, 11 doors on the right from Threadneedle Street.

Adam and Eve Court, Angel Alley, Bishopsgate Without, a few yards in ditto from 137, Bishopsgate, towards Angel Passage, and 43, Skinner Street.

Adam and Eve Court, Duke's Place, the first on the left in Mitre Court from 29, Aldgate, is continued by New Court to King Street and Bury Street.

Adam-a-Digging Yard, Great Peter Street, Westminster, about the middle of the S. side, nearly opposite Little St. Ann's Lane.

African and Senegal Coffee House, Cornhill, about the middle of the S. side, between 41 and 42.

Aggat's Passage, Cutler Street, Houndsditch, the first on the left in Cutler Street from 114, Houndsditch, leading to Devonshire Square and Bishopsgate.

St. Agnes le Clair, Old Street Road, between the end of Paul Street, Finsbury, and Pump Row.

St. Agnes Crescent, Old Street Road, is part of the S. side of it, extending from the end of Paul Street to Wood Street.

Air's Alms Houses, White's Alley, Coleman Street, the second on the left from 61, Coleman Street.

Aldersgate School, is behind 77, Little Britain, a few doors on the left from Aldersgate Street.

Aldersgate Street, the N. continuation of St. Martin's le Grand, from 66, Newgate Street, Nos. 1 and 180 are at St. Martin's le Grand, it is about ¼ of a mile in length.

Aldersgate Workhouse, at 129, Aldersgate Street, the S.E. end of New Street, Cloth Fair.

Aldolis Court, John Street, Leonard Street, Shoreditch, is on the W. side, nearly facing Charles Street from the Curtain Road.

Angel Court, High Street, Borough, at 247, by St. Margaret's Hill, leading to 82, Red Cross Street. Note; the end next the Borough is a Stable Yard and sometimes shut.

Angel Inn, Islington, at the point where the City Road, Pentonville High Street and St. John's Street Road all meet.

Angel Inn, Blackman Street, Borough, at 80, about seventeen doors on the left from the King's Bench.

Angel Livery Stables, Earl Street, Blackfriars, three doors on the left from Bridge Street.

Angel Passage, Upper Thames Street, at 95, opposite Ducks Foot Lane, about twenty four doors on the left from London Bridge, leading to Dyers Hall Wharf.

Antigallican Passage, Temple Bar, is on the N. side of Fleet Street by Temple Bar and Great Shire Lane.

St. Antholin's Church, Size Lane, is opposite 50, Watling Street the corner of Budge Row.

Apollo Buildings, St. George's Fields, the first on the left in Tower Street from the Asylum, Westminster Bridge Road.

Back Walk, Lambeth, the first S. parallel to Narrow Wall, near Upper Ground and Broad Wall, Christ Church.

Bacon Street (Great), Bethnal Green, the first S. parallel to Church Street near Shoreditch, extending from the middle of Club Row to 140, Brick Lane.

Bacon Street (Little), Bethnal Green, is N. parallel to Great Bacon Street extending from 141, Brick Lane to Swan Street.

Badger Court, Shoreditch, at 43, ditto, near Webb Square and about ¼ of a mile on the left from Shoreditch Church towards Bishopsgate.

Badger Yard, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, at 55, leading to the middle of St. John's Square.

Baker's Lane, Neat Houses, Chelsea, is between Turpentine Lane and Willow Walk, leading from the Public House, called the Monster, to the Thames.

Baker's Mews, Baker Street, Portman Square, is five doors on the right from the N.E. corner of the Square.

Baker's Row, Whitechapel Road, at 94, opposite Cannon Street New Road, leading to Mile End New Town and Spitalfields.

Bowling Green Row, Kennington Common, is the first on the left from the Horns towards the Green, leading towards the Oval.

Cabbage Alley, Long Lane, Bermondsey, is near the middle of the N. side, a few doors W. from the King's Head.

Camomile Street, Bishopsgate, the first on the right near ¼ of a mile N. from Cornhill, or a few doors S. from Houndsditch, it leads into St. Mary Axe.

Camomile Mews, Camomile Street, Bishopsgate, at 15, that number of doors on the right from Bishopsgate Street.

Camperdown Place, Snow's Fields, the fourth on the left from 238, Bermondsey Street, by the Ship and Mermaid Public House.

City Gardens, City Road, on the N. side, behind Anderson's Buildings by the Turnpike, about seven eighths of a mile on the right from Finsbury Square and one third on the left from the Angel, Islington.

City Garden Row, City Gardens, extends from the City Road by the Turnpike to the Gardens. See the last.

City Lying-in Hospital, City Road, is a little more than ¼ of a mile on the left from Finsbury Square, at the corner of Old Street and E. end of St. Luke's Hospital.

Cobbett's Register Office, Bridges Street, Covent Garden, at 10, three doors from York Street nearly opposite Drury Lane Theatre.

Corbets Court, Gracechurch Street, about seven doors on the right from Cornhill, towards London Bridge.

Corbets Court, Brown's Lane, Spitalfields, at 36, the third on the right from opposite 55, Brick Lane, it is continued by Grey Eagle Street.

Corbets Court, Vine Street, Spitalfields, at 11, leading into the last described.

Daffey's Rents, Glean Alley, St. Olave's, Borough, is the continuation of Glean Alley, from Brown's Buildings, entering by 218, Tooley Street.

Dagger Court, Fore Street, Cripplegate, at 110, nearly opposite the N. termination of Wood Street from 122, Cheapside.

Dagget's Court, Moorfields, at the N.E. corner, between Long Alley and Broad Street Buildings.

Dangle Lane, Poplar High Street or Road, is nearly opposite North Street about one eighth of a mile on the right from the Commercial Road, it leads towards the West India Docks.

Dark Entry, Lower East Smithfield, at 59, facing Butcher Row, leading to Sun Yard and 27, Nightingale Lane.

East India Dock, Blackwall, at the E. end of Poplar High Street or Road, and on the N. side of Perry's Dock, about a mile E. from Lime House Church and 3½ miles from the Royal Exchange.

East India Dock Road, Limehouse, branches off to the left from the Commercial Road, opposite Gill Street a few doors E. from Limehouse Church, and extends to the Dock Gate, is near a mile in length.

Ebenezer Place, Kennington Lane, part of the N. side, about one eighth of a mile on the right from the Plough and Harrow or from Church Row, Newington, towards Kennington Cross.

Fair Street, Horselydown, the eastern continuation of Tooley Street on the right extending from Parish Street to New Street, Dock Head.

Faircloth Court, High Street, Lambeth, the first on the left about six doors from Broad Street towards Lambeth Church, and opposite Stonard and Watson's Starch Manufactory.

Farmer's Rents, Crown Street, Soho, or St. Giles's, the first on the left a few yards from the E. end of Oxford Street nearly opposite Sutton Street.

Farmer's Row, Salmon Lane, Limehouse, forms a part of the E. side, about one eighth of a mile on the right from the Commercial Road towards Stepney.

Farmer Street, High Street, Shadwell, at 38, under the archway, about seventeen or eighteen doors W. from Shadwell Church, extending towards Shadwell Dock.

Farthing Street, Phoenix Street, Spitalfields, the first on the left about sixteen doors from 39, Wheeler Street or the third on the right from 163, Brick Lane.

Fashion Street, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, at 194, the fourth on the left about one fifth of a mile from Whitechapel, it leads into White's Row, Widegate Street, and Bishopsgate Without.

Green Lettuce Lane, Cannon Street, at 30, nearly opposite Abchurch Lane, it leads to Lawrence Pountney Hill, Duck's Foot Lane, and 145, Upper Thames Street.

Haglins or Eglin's Gateway, Tooley Street, at 44, being that number of Houses on the left from London Bridge and opposite Dean Street it leads to Hays's Wharf.

Hairbrain Street or Court, Blue Anchor Yard, Rosemary Lane, the second on the right four or five doors from 48, in the said Lane, towards 110, Upper East Smithfield.

Half Farthing Alley, Jacob Street, Dock Head, Bermondsey, the third on the right from Dock Head towards Rotherhithe.

Hay's Court, White's Yard, Rosemary Lane, the first on the left a few doors from 58, Rosemary Lane, or the last on the right from 97, Upper East Smithfield.

Idol Lane, Tower Street, the fifth on the right about one eighth of a mile from Fish Street Hill, along Little Eastcheap, it extends to St. Dunstan's Hill, and 84, Lower Thames Street.

Imperial Gazette Office, at 45, Old Bailey, the corner of Fleet Lane, opposite Newgate Prison.

Imperial Insurance Office, at 6, St. James's Street that number of doors on the right from the Palace towards Piccadilly, also in Cornhill, entrance seven doors on the right from Bishopsgate Street.

Mile End Green, the first S. parallel to part of Whitechapel Road, commencing near the S.E. corner of the London Hospital and extending to Grove Place.

Mile End New Town, a large district on the N. side of Whitechapel Road, bounded on the N. by Bethnal Green and on the W. by Spitalfields Parishes.

Mile End Old Town, a large district on the N. side the Commercial Road, extending W. to Whitechapel Church Yard.

Mile End Road, the continuation of Whitechapel Road, commencing at the Turnpike, about a mile from Aldgate, and extending to Bow.

Mile End Workhouse, Bencroft's Place, Mile End Road, a few yards on the right from opposite Bencroft's Alms Houses, about 1¾ mile from Aldgate.

Nursery Row, St. George's Road, St. George's Fields, forms part of the S. side, extending from Nursery Place towards the Indigent Blind School.

Nutkin's Corner, Bermondsey on the Rotherhithe Wall, the first on the right below Mill Street, St. Saviour's Dock, it leads to George's Row and the Neckinger Turnpike.

School for Female Orphans of the Clergy, next door to the Chapel in Chapel Street, Lisson Green or Paddington.

School for the Indigent Blind, St. George's Fields, about one sixth of a mile on the left from West Square, towards Lambeth.

School for Licensed Victuallers Friendly Society, Upper Kennington Lane, a few doors W. of the Windmill Tavern.

School for Debtors Children, Newington Road, two or three doors on the right from the King's Bench.

Temple, a number of Buildings, Law Offices, &c. situate between the W. end of Fleet Street and the Thames.

Temple Bar, the Gate which divides the W. end of Fleet Street from the Strand.

Temple Court, Inner Temple Lane, a few yards on the left from 6, Fleet Street.

Temple Gardens, Temple, upon the bank of the Thames, on the S. side the Temple.

Temple Lane, Temple Street, the first on the left E. from King's Bench Walk, leading to Lombard Street and 56, Fleet Street.

Valiant Soldier Alley, Bermondsey Street, at 26, being that number on the left from Tooley Street.

Vauxhall, Lambeth, at the W. and S. of Upper Kennington Lane, by the Turnpike.

Vauxhall Gardens, entrance about one third of a mile on the right in Upper Kennington Lane from Kennington Cross.

Water Lane, Fleet Street, at 67, the third on the left from Fleet Market.

Water Lane, Blackfriars, the first on the left in Earl Street, from the Bridge.

Water Lane, Great Tower Street, at 28, opposite Mark Lane, extending to 61, Lower Thames Street.

Water Lane, Jacob Street, Dock Head, the first S. parallel to it, and the first N. to London Street.

Well Alley, Tooley Street, behind 223, entering by Sherrards Court, near London Bridge.

Well and Bucket Court, Old Street, St. Luke's. See Drapers Buildings.

Well Court, Queen Street, Cheapside, ten doors on the right from 69, Cheapside.

Well Court, Minories, at 22, being that number on the left from Aldgate.

Well Court, Hackney Road, about ¼ of a mile on the right from Shoreditch Church and opposite Middlesex Place.

Well Court, Well Street, Mile End New Town, the first on the left from High Street towards Spitalfields.

Finally, here is a graph of the number of places in the book for each letter of the alphabet - because I enjoy that sort of thing. It is almost exactly the same 'shape' as one I made of a London street index from over 100 years later with twice as many entries.



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