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Instructions are included with every map, but here are some answers to frequently asked questions about maps, eBooks, prints and general.

There are also pages of specific help

How to open zip files
How to choose an eReader
How to load books onto your eReader
How to read eBooks on your computer or tablet


Q. I can't open the .zip file

A. Visit the how to open zip files page.

Q. Can I pay for maps by Cheque?

A. No. To keep the cost, and therefore the price so low, the payment and delivery systems are completely automated.

Q. Internet Explorer says there is active content. Is this dangerous?

A. No. There is no active content, IE confuses some links with scripts (no other browser does this).

Q. Will there be any more maps?

A. Yes there will, but they take a long time to make and even longer to test.

Q. Can I use the maps in a project or commercial product?

A. Not without my permission. The copyright belongs to me. Please see the Licence Agreement, which expressly grants permission for your own personal use, and expressly denies commercial reproduction etc., of these images and information.
However, I may look favourably on requests for educational or charitable projects, and am very happy to discuss a separate licence for commercial re-use, just contact me.


Q. Can I pay for eBooks by Cheque?

A. No. To keep the cost, and therefore the price so low, the payment and delivery systems are completely automated.

Q. Why are there two files?

A. In case you buy a different eReader or computer in the future, or one of the formats becomes obsolete (unlikely, but you never know).

Q. I bought a copy of the epub version and now have a Kindle, will I have to pay for another copy?

A. Not if you bought it before 1st October 2016. Contact me and I will send you the other version. Also applies the other way round.

Q. Are they the same book?

A. Yes. The content of the two types of file is identical.

Q. Will the eBooks work on my reader?

A. Yes. I cannot find any that do not use either .mobi or .epub files.

Q. How do I put books on my reader or iPad?

A. Follow the instructions on this page.
For the iPad you must use Safari. Apple do not allow other browsers to download files.

Q. I have a Kindle Fire and cannot see the book in my library?

A. Follow the instructions on this page.

Q. Can I read eBooks on my Android tablet?

A. Yes, but some tablets are better than others and some Android eReader apps lack functionality. There is some help here.

Q. Are there printed versions of the eBooks?

A. Yes, most of them, but not for sale here - try eBay or Abe Books. My own eBooks are too big to print and the major advantage of the search facility would be lost.

Q. Why have you discontinued the Gift Shop?

A. It was not as popular as I expected and the gift form was subject to relentless abuse by spammers.

Q. Why are there some blank pages in an eBook?

A. There are no blank pages in any of my books but some readers automatically insert one at the end of a chapter. If you don't like this, or are unhappy with your machine's formatting options, experiment with different reader software.

Q. I use Firefox and cannot save the .epub file.

A. If you have the EPUBReader add-on installed you must disable it before you can save .epub files. Simply re-enable it afterwards.

Q. I use Internet Explorer and eBooks from other sites arrive as a .zip file, why?

A. This will not happen here because I have a fix in place. Install any other browser and try again.

Q. Will there be any more eBooks?

A. Yes there will, as quickly as I can make them. I have an inexhaustible collection of suitable, interesting, relevant or peculiar books and will spend the rest of my life producing them.

Q. A few of these books contain 'casual racism'. Why don't you remove it?

A. I know, and some have anti-Semitic or derogatory remarks about Johnny foreigner in general. Thankfully, we live in more enlightened times. What you see is exactly what was written at the time. Editing history leads to tyranny.

Q. Why are epub books slower than mobi books?

A. When a mobi file is created, the software inserts 'location markers' into the code that makes up the file. This makes it a much larger file than the same book in epub format; in some cases 10 times as big. The markers are used by .mobi readers to navigate around the book. There are no such markers in an epub so before you begin to read one the device loads the whole file into its memory and allocates pretend page numbers to navigate with. This is why epubs take much longer to open. It also means that some memory is already being used; the larger the book, the more is used. Long books are sometimes painfully slow to search. This is not a problem for Computers and iPads which have plenty of memory and processing power to cope with large epub files.


Q. I can't open the .zip file.

A. Visit the how to open zip files page.

Q. Can I pay for prints by Cheque?

A. No. To keep the cost, and therefore the price so low, the payment and delivery systems are completely automated.

Q. The copyright of these files belongs to you, can I print them?

A. Yes, but only for your own personal use. See the Licence page for exact details.
If you require a commercial licence, please contact me.

Q. Can I share these files or put them on my website?

A. No. See the Licence page for exact details.


Q. What about my privacy?

A. I take your privacy very seriously and so do PayPal, you can view their privacy policy here They tell me your name, address and email, they do not give me your Bank or Credit card details.
I will not use your details for marketing purposes nor will I pass any information about you to any third party. The only circumstance under which I might contact you in the future is to offer a free update, in the unlikely event that this proves necessary. See also the Terms & Conditions and the next question.

Q. Does this site use cookies?

A. Yes, please read the cookie policy.

Q. Is the same as

A. Yes, is now the domain name of what was, before 2012, the dot net site. and .com are also part of maps.thehunthouse and exist for technical reasons.

If your question has not been answered above, please contact me.


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