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How to open zip files

Zip files are simply a way of sending multiple files in one folder (directory), taking up less space than the original. They are sometimes called compressed or archive files. Most computers and most operating systems can 'unzip' or 'extract' these files very easily.

After you download a zip file, you will find an icon that looks similar to one of these:-

Zip Icons

Double-click on the icon and it may just do it for you. If not, right-click on the icon and choose 'unzip', 'decompress', 'expand', 'unpack' or 'extract', depending on what you see.

If you are not offered such a choice, the icon probably looks blank or is a question mark. This means you need to install unzipping software. There are a number of free ones available, including PeaZip, WinZip, 7-Zip and Stuffit. Download and install one, then follow the instructions provided.

As an aside, eBooks are another variety of zip file, but the eReader automatically takes care of the unzipping and the display order process so the user is unaware of this happening.

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